Thursday, December 31, 2020

Stop Believing

So how is 'Phase One", of what is most likely to be a decade long 'operation', treating you so far? Myself, I go from 'losing my shit' to finding some clarity.

I harbor a lot of disappointment in my species at this time; no wait, I am angry. I don't want to be and try not to be but I fail miserably, at times. For I cannot believe, that what I am forced to endure (loss of freedoms, uncertainty of survival), is based in stupidity. I seem to use that word often, for I am at a lack of a better choice for my observations and realizations about the roots of our collective dilemma. What can I do but be honest in my presentation?

I am going to take this time to recap the year 2020 through my observations and perceptions, along with some fairly obvious 'predictions' for 2021.

Firstly, there was the 'introductory' phase, which was delivered by the media conglomerates and facilitated by the tech giants. It was their duty to introduce the 'crisis' in 'blitz' form to create the effect of 'shock and awe' mixed thoroughly with confusion on the populace mind, which they know through decades of examining people's habits, that they would be 'paying attention'. My first thought, was that this was a marketing campaign to 'sell' the public an 'idea'; this one being fear and control into a 'New Normal'.

2020 seemed to be about 'rules' and 'following' them, even if they continually changed and were void of logic; for our 'safety', of course, in order to 'protect' those which are most 'vulnerable' in 'society'. These new 'rules' were dictated to us by appointed, not elected officials which run our 'health' ministries or have computer companies.

It was about pitting people against each other in a 'believer' or non sort of way; creating a division based on health fears and 'invisible enemies'. All of a sudden, this magical 'virus' appears and no one seems to die of anything else anymore. Sure glad it is there though, to be a central point of blame (P.O.B.) for the frightened masses.

All the while, who is talking about the decades of diets based on dead or processed food and genetically modified organisms; not to leave out sugar, of course, for where would we be without a coke and a smile or that delicious high fructose corn syrup? Not many are talking about how the industrialization of food has devastated nutrition.

It was about using these divisions to create animosity throughout the population without their knowing where to direct it but at each other. It was the growth of the virtuous snitch mentality with people taking action against each other on both sides. It was about validating the punishment of innocent people which simply want to 'live' and breathe (remember dancing with a woman you've never met after noting her smile across a crowded space?). 

It was about the destruction of the current economic system and people's  livelihoods, with the promise of 'payment' for such. In turn creating dependencies and 'loyalty' to the 'New Normal Cult'. And like all good cult members, they must recruit you into 'believing' for to not is sacrilege.

It was about the entrainment of the 'enforcers' (police) that "no one is innocent" along with the solidifying of the 'zero tolerance' mind set. "Zero Tolerance", sure sounds like "Protect and Serve"; ah this new lingo, I don't know if I'll ever keep up.

It was about the conditioning of the future generations early through processes such as mask adoption. Ensuring a compliant mind to begin their online indoctrination, oops education. It was about the younger generation following the examples set by their obedient elders, idols, 'authorities' etc. and even reaching points of fearing those without masks.

It was about convincing the aggregate of the population, that fearing death meant one had to stop living and expect others to follow suit. It only works if everyone is 'on-board'. Ironic really because our freedom depends on the same thing.

It was about eviscerating the memory of 'knowledge' gained through a lifetime of education and experiences with 'modern' oddities such as evidence of antibodies no longer meaning immunity but now rather, infected and referred to as a 'case'. The changing of the language itself and the confusing of the population. Science has no place here as the lies are claimed within it.

It was about the introduction of an 'opportunity' to effectuate 'change' in the form of a "Great Reset". The selling of an idea which will enslave us all, if not worst. 

It was about the garnering of data on each and every person which watches TV, uses a digital assistant, lives on their smart phone and so much more. The data provided through this introductory stage must have been bountiful as well as practical for the further advancement into 2021.

For 2021, I expect more of the same with an emphasis on 'punishment' applied to people who need to live and sold to the rest with zeal as virtuous punishment, with perhaps even rewards being offered for snitches. Earn cash (digital) for turning in your neighbors. A lot of 'opportunities' for the low vibrational self.

I foresee a year of 'setting examples' as those affected begin minor 'revolts' which are easily quashed while presenting a show of 'force' for the others to remain timid and accepting. I foresee a widening of the divisions with anger and violence reaching a boiling point.

I foresee many more 'distractions' as irrefutable evidence is release over time. More weapons being deployed for various purposes. More despair at the bottom of the global pyramid of 'wealth'.

It doesn't have to BE.

There is a way out of this, simply STOP BELIEVING.

Stop believing that the government holds any power over you.

Stop believing that the police and military out number the mass of the human population.

Stop paying your taxes and thus for your enslavement.

Stop believing money has any value and go out and learn how to handy.

Stop believing that you have no POWER.

It is about realizing how many of my choices through life helped to perpetuate forward and validate the 'powers' which are being currently abused by those with which we held 'trust'. All is choice really on the whole. Money exists solely because of collective belief and a choosing to continually validate its 'value'. 

It is about an honest look in the mirror and a willingness to do BETTER.

Power exists with those of 'means' solely because the whole abdicates theirs.

It is time to realize that the 'need' for protection is a self delusion and to take that power back. It is time to stand up and free ourselves while there is still a chance.

For who knows what 'changes' await the human species in a post vaccine era.

Don't lie down and die, stand up and live, for that is all it would take. If the majority of the population suddenly didn't believe that this is the best we can achieve, there is nothing that the so called 'authorities' could do about it. If the aggregate population stopped watching television and actually talked amongst each other honestly, what do yo think we could achieve?

We don't have to accept the 'future' presented to us at this moment, we can CREATE our own. STAND and be STRONG!

Stop believing in your own slavery.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Temporary Existence

Ever get the feeling that there is more to everything which is happening than we realize?

Do you ponder as to how the greatest lie in human history will end? 

Do you ever realize the nature and totality of the lie which we call 'life'?

Are you aware of the temporary nature of our lives as we know them?

Have you thought about lost civilizations and their 'discovery' through coinage, texts, works of art, tools, etc; what most would call "artifacts"; the very essence of our 'history' and knowledge of who we are?

Ever wonder what the digitizing of our lives will lead to? Where the move to a digital currency will lead us? How the digitizing of texts and the multitude of online works (including mine) will fare in five hundred or even a thousand years? Do you see how our collective knowledge and facts can now easily be erased?

It would seem, that even the perception of facts can be temporary, as one young individual tried to convince me that 'facts' change over the years; little does he realize that if that were true, then they were never FACTS to begin with. 

What is 'truth' for the generations which seem to be gleefully leading us into the abyss? 

Don't believe for a second, that I am singling out any one generation, for the program has been ongoing for many, and I have met some in their 70's which adhere to a 'lifestyle' of reaction generated by fear or other emotion, based upon ignorance. 

Which begs the question: Do we actually learn how to learn or simply memorize and regurgitate 'factoids' which are neither useful nor, often times, correct while 'feeling' our way through life?

What do we 'learn' in a lifetime? 

Do we learn to see ourselves honestly in order to accept and evolve into better human beings? To view our flaws as not weaknesses but rather a platform from which to better ourselves from, without falling 'victim' to the 'negativity' it may seem to create within our programmed ego?  

One of the things which I have learned is to disconnect from the mainstream media, food, health, government and banking industries. It is amazing how good one can feel when one eats sensibly, drinks solely water or fresh squeezed fruit juices and simply walks about and explores rather than being shackled to a device which constantly demands your attention and controls your thoughts and emotions; you guessed it, no cell phone either. 

But don't think I don't know the sentiment though, having worked in I.T. for 2 decades at various levels. I also remember the sentiment felt as a young adult when I had a huge clunky cell phone (prior to the 'brick), as there were not many about; makes one feel sort of 'special'. As Kenny Rogers said: "Know when to walk away, know when to run".

Another lesson is how money (Life Credits) have taken grip of the collective belief of what human life is. I've said it before and I shall keep saying it: Life = Money is this temporary existence. 

And when you can come to grips with that and how each and every one of us is culpable in strengthening that belief through the course of our lives, then you can begin your journey through the realms of discovering the ME that never had a chance; buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Perhaps that was the 'spark' which ignited my 'awakening' (single quotes used for sarcasm here). It never sat well with me having to participate in a system of which I wanted no part of; one seemingly based on getting money from one pocket into mine, somehow. 

I could see the increasing intrusion and wanton disregard for the phrase "public servant", which the lapdogs of the rich always claimed as they laid forth the pathways for the control of society (unbeknownst, of course) to this point; they were the 'grassroots' or 'front line' for the New World Order. They helped 'nudge' the sociological mindset of obedience through rewards and punishment based upon obedience and defiance (the media sure like to use the term "defiant") while telling us it is for our own 'good'.

I could not line up at the 'trough of hope' waiting for that 'trickle down', which was supposedly coming my way (what exactly is trickling down?). I could not labor till death awaiting my 'success'. I could not simply be ignorant and obedient to feel protected. I guess that makes me 'different' because I believe that we are capable of far better.

Why can't the 'many' see this?

The 'Digital Age' (aka, Age of Stupidity), has wrought havoc on the collective consciousness of the human species. It has rendered conversation into a 'Trivial Pursuit' parrot fest based in competition and the feeling of 'winning'. It leaves me dumbfounded to see people have so much access to information yet know so little (but can sure google it quickly) and swear instead, on feelings based in beliefs or rumor while arguing their 'point' to death ("this resonates with me"). 

The child mind will continually try to excuse and justify the inexcusable.

This is how an idea can be 'marketed' to the point of becoming a 'truth'. We used to laugh at the idea of the "Jedi Mind Trick" but it seems all too real these days and works all too well. 

Our 'masters' tell us: "Back to 'normal' once every human being is 'vaccinated'"; sounds more honest to say "once all are injected". And with what, exactly is anyone's guess.

As for their choice in 'priorities' for this task: to inject firstly the health care workers and then the elderly.

What happens when you lose the 'front line workers'? You lose the knowledge gained through 'education' and experience on how to observe and diagnose symptoms along with 'medical' treatments for such. You lose the ability to 'patch' things up in a war or survival situation (we have been at war all of our lives without realizing it).

What happens when you lose the 'elderly'? You lose with them the history through stories of experiences. You lose knowledge which is passed from generation to generation. Knowledge such as natural remedies for ailments which may occur which have been passed through the years. Natural remedies which may be useful with what may be coming our way. You lose some which were not indoctrinated as fiercely as the more recent generations.

And the list goes on until all are injected.

Once again I ask: WHY? 

Why the need to induce vaccine madness within the psyche of the populace mind (all those decades of 'virus' mania)? Why the seeming 'urgency' in this occurring at this time (really pushed the measles angle lately)? Why the 'need' to inject every person with something they were not born with?

Here is what I think (no knowledge because I could not possibly know) is going on:

I believe we are being set up to be forgotten, erased, deleted, expelled from the annals of history. I believe that we have been 'lured' into a temporary existence in order to effectuate a 'Delete' on a mass scale. Things which don't last won't be remembered.

I believe that this is a plan which has been ongoing for centuries. That the attempt to kill off as many of the population as possible has been attempted before and that lessons were learned at each instance. 

I believe that this is do or die for the human race.

For those of a religious faith, ask yourself this: 

Is GOD a fool? 

Has God created me in 'his' image? If this is so, is God fragile and fearful as I am?

Do I believe that the very planet which births us is poorly planned and contains 'invisible enemies' which only the wit of MAN can save exposure of this folly through the invention of something to inject into himself to stave off those dastardly 'invisible enemy'? Did we misplace the instruction manual at one point?

I written about it before and will continue to state the obvious:

The 'rulers' have no power without our collective belief. The power has always been with free, sane individuals living symbiotically. The programmed ego is not who any of us really are. Honesty of self is the only way out of the mess we have created ourselves and continue to do so. Belief is the antithesis of knowledge.

Take it as you wish but GET OVER YOURSELF and demand better at an individual level in order to effectuate a better world. 

You can't change the world but you can change yourself and watch it go full circle.  

Saturday, September 05, 2020

So Who Do You Want To Be?

The question of the ages, is it not? And not in the "What do you want to be when you grow up?" way, which has the sole requirement of becoming like someone else as a marker for being 'grown up' (I can be like a fireman, CEO, metalworker, scientist... but most of all, a taxpayer). As long as you appear to be 'tending' for yourself, following the rules and being a productive member of society, it's easier to believe in the 'normal' since there seem to be 'rewards' for going along.

But who do you turn into? What do you sacrifice? What are you willing to give away? The remnants of what we 'could have been', are but a distant memory (fantasy); lost amongst the high definition projections which have helped to guide us, to the point we now face (mask).

So who do you want to be? Well, perhaps we should define who 'we' have become first. It sure is easy these days to come up with lists of things to point out about my species which would lead to a 'negative' view but I shall spare you this time and simply point out that there are plenty of prior articles which, you may find, elaborates my point.

What have we become but xenophobes which live in fear of our death to the point of not living; self loathing to the point of accepting our own destruction? People so afraid of 'standing out' that they go along, to live in the shadows, even when they feel that it isn't right. Too afraid to speak, so as not to offend and be judged as 'one of those'. What does that make us? Are we simply lying hypocrites? Are we the definition of cowards, which is threatened mainly by what we perceive others perceive of us?

Are we continually creating our own 'demons' to fear in order to feel anything which may resemble 'life'? Do we grasp at any 'emotion' in our deadened world in order to feel alive? Will we follow any 'authority' blindly simply to feel part of something; anything? Look around at where we are today and tell me that our world mindset has not deadened from life. Look into the eyes of your masked compatriots and tell me that they are not defeated within their very soul. Where is the LIFE, JOY, LOVE and FORTITUDE of my species?

I believe that a part of the causation of that defeat can be attributed to an inability to define one's self honestly. The constant belief in external 'protections' rather than self reflection and amelioration, have made it simple for the 'solutions' offered, to find broad 'acceptance' along with 'belonging' and apathy.

The fears 'presented' are simply 'definitions' of what one will accept of their ignorance. "Fight or Flight" is not solely about its literal meaning, in this case it can represent the apathetic laziness of mind which 'blocks' the basics of questioning and therefore knowledge.

I said the following last week in a discussion:
Intelligence begins with the simplicity of questions.
Too bad most believe that they simply need 'answers'.
In looking for those external answers, one simply continues to chase the tales of others which produce 'names' and 'deeds' but does not reveal the how and why of the matter; for those are 'choices' made along the way. What sort of 'people' made the choices that have us in the 'predicament' which involves us all at this moment? No matter where you are in the the world, you are 'involved' in this global 'operation' on one scale or another; willingly or forcibly. There are 'Players' and there are 'Pawns'; guess which we are.

Without an honest 'definition' (careful not to constrain) of ME, how can I know the power 'I' holds? The I's of the world are the ones which know the power and balance of the 'ME' and the 'WE'; they also comprehend the power of "NO". "No! We will not live like this" said in unison is all which would be needed to change the 'course' of our current 'fate'.

The I knows not to be frivolous, wanton or childlike with their No's. They know the need to comprehend the basis and morality of their No and do not base it in selfishness, but rather of fortitude.
Fortitude - strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage - Merriam-Webster

One may consider that the opposite can be witnessed in today's short attention span 'theater'. The short attention span, which was developed, throughout life, to never be satisfied and therefore easily 'baited' into behaviors and thought patterns centered around wants and desires. This can leave one never being satisfied with what one 'knows', which can lead to chasing many tales as well as the easier 'acceptance' of 'new norms'. Forever 'distracted' from acquiring real knowledge.

The 'Great Awakening' and 'Alternative Media' are great examples of distractions for the 'thinker'. For one can keep up with the programmed desires which feed the short attention span; what's new, what's the latest, what's trending, what's viral? As long as they can convince themselves of the 'difference' in 'information', they can feel 'elevated' above the programming of the masses.

So many, are left in different stages of 'awakening'. Seeing beyond the 'mirrored' paradigm which the 'alt' has to offer but scattered across the globe in varying stages of angst, poverty, loneliness and health while trying to maintain a decorum of 'stability' to think clearly enough to try and view what lays beyond the mountains of distractions (dramas). There sure seems to be a lot of things to FIGHT about.

You can't fight the external enemy because you will lose. The external enemy, is simply presented for one to view themselves, to see what they have allowed to become and to willingly break free and lead themselves to being free beings; to become your own 'hero' as communities of Individuals.

The 'choice' has always been ours. Every day which goes by now, is another nail in the coffin of humanity. When will we scream "NO" in unison and refuse to be 'ruled' into oblivion? When will we stop moving our 'Line in the Sand' and stand as FREE INDIVIDUALS?

Italian translation here - Thank you -

Friday, August 28, 2020

The Last American President

"I wouldn't be surprised if Trump turned out to be the Last American President" I had said in chatting with others at the end of 2018. People laughed it off and I repeated it a couple of more times through the year and that was that. Towards the beginning of this year, I had repeated what I had stated with a little more 'certainty' due to my observations of the heading of our 'societies'; now I state it in a mind drop.

And now we are here; almost September in a 'P(l)andemic', voting year. Among lockdowns, demonstrations, economic collapse, riots, police brutality, an 'invisible enemy', mask mandates and the 'scourge' of 'fake news', what will happen this November? (cue suspenseful music)

I suppose that the first thing which I note is that there has not been a single term president since 9/11 (an observation). Second would be that the current man can say something and draw admiration from one group of people while loathing from another; there has never been a more 'polar' president and everyone 'loves' a close race - Oh the Drama. Besides, look around, HATE is 'In' so why change things up?

As the current situation has gotten many people to question their 'authorities' and 'institutions' which have been 'trusted' for the entirety of their lives, HUMANITY has come to a 'crossroads' of sorts. And you can bet that the 'rulers' are going to take every advantage of the current emotional state of things to offer the proper 'choices'.

I've mentioned before how they must get the guns and the 'truthers'; those which know at least enough of what is going on to be reactive and predictable and still vote. There are a lot of armed people out there awaiting a 'sign' for a 'cause' which is yet to be determined. The 'owners' know what a few million armed people can do to their plans, they also know what those same people can do to each other. After all, they have been feeding social media emotional 'triggers' for a while now, as well as having placed 'alternative' media 'personalities' throughout.

The game is afoot and Divide and Conquer rules the day.

This has always been the primary tactic of the 'rulers', for they know that they cannot control us ALL if we are united in morality and thought. So they throw up visions of 'divisions' at every turn for people to 'accept' as their very own. They fuel the fires and even provide the spark so that all you have to do is hop on board and believe. Hate this, love that, mock this, shame that, protest here, riot there; oh they know the ways to get you to react according to plan.

A wee bit ironic though, that the whole time that we the masses are being divided and steered towards fighting amongst ourselves, the CONTROL aspect of life is being completely centralized. Sort of a 'Globalization 2.0', where the centralization of control is paramount. Tagging and tracing everything so as to have a global 'inventory' and be able to track, for safety reasons, the entire lifespan of everything. One has to wonder why and is it really for our safety?

We know about the "New World Order", that nifty little name which the 'rulers' provided for us to echo and chase in 'conspiracy theorist' manner. And the whole time that we 'knew' about it, we researched and built our 'case' while they carried forward with their plans, using psychological means, to formulate the mindset ready for the 'operation' (which we were all waiting for) which we now find ourselves enveloped within.

To look at things in a global perspective, what do you need to topple in order to establish a globalized control over 'fragile' economies? What is the current and long standing economic mark or 'Empire'? The United States of America and their dollar; and they already 'control' that. Now, it seems, is time to tear it down; global order needs global money and preferably something traceable so off we go into the 'Global Reset'. Just what they are 'resetting' is anyone's guess but I don't think it will be to our advantage. 

It is amazing that people chose not to see the 'putting of all the eggs in one basket' which occurred throughout their lives. That they never realized, that all of this central control could turn around and bite them in the ass one day. That it left them dependent on the very thing which wants to enslave them, or worse.

So this current 'operation' is global in scope. It reaches to every 'developed' nation and their surrogates. The orders seem to come from global institutions such as health and finance which are finally starting to 'get some teeth', for those of you which whined about their prior 'impotence' over the years.

As the 'turmoil' in the USA continues to escalate, there will probably be a call to the 'global' community for assistance. I don't know about you, but I have heard the term 'Blue Helmets' a lot in the prior years as well as 'Global solutions for global problems'. Is there validity in the claims? I am certain that we shall find out soon enough.

Let us not forget that there may also be an incoming, cyclical weather event called a GSM, which has been obfuscated throughout the decades or perhaps even centuries. The preparations for such an event should have happened in the decades prior in order to exit unscathed, but apparently our 'rulers' seek to be the sole survivors this time if possible.

Have you noticed the affect to the FOOD systems which this 'operation' has inflicted? The farms which are raided and shut down. The slaughter houses which are also affected and shut down or limited in quantity of processing? The explosions at food stores and fields around the world which have been hit by one weather event or another? Let's just say that we are not going to come out of this resembling anything we are now or have ever experienced.

So back to the title of this tale. Can you see it? The reelection of Trump? Can you see how Biden promises to 'mask' us all and that Trump sent people back to Church? Can you see the running mate whom Biden chose is really just a bad remake called 'Birther 2.0'? Can you see the little hints and clues? Can you imagine how the 'left' will react if what I claim comes to fruition? Can you picture the furthering of the current 'divisions'? Can you see that it has always been a 'game' that you were not even playing; can your ego accept that?

The divisions are made, the game is afoot, there merely remains to witness what will pass. People will take sides in the 'battle' which they are supposed to fight, not the one which they must fight. Every day which passes is another nail in the coffin of humanity as it cowers in its fear and obeisance. All hail the Last American President as he watches it all destroyed until you don't even remember what you have lost.

The Rulers of tomorrow simply require each and every one of you to continue to do your part for any of this to happen; so why do you? Until you are ready to accept that it is the bathwater, the tub and the baby which has to go, you will continue justifying some part of what enslaves you. All it takes to turn this around is a desire to live freely; and really, now it is about a desire to simply LIVE.

Withdraw yourself from their offerings and find out who you really are, it's that simple.

Monday, August 17, 2020

How Is Any Of This Possible?

So I was watching the latest Vernon Coleman video and heard something that I have heard from many others: "How is this all possible?" in reference to the seeming incapacity for the average person to grasp the most basic of logical concepts which would expose the current operation for what it really is - A Fraud.

I will try to explain it as simply as possible but bear in mind that there are many, many levels of programming at play in the average psyche. It all begins with what I call multi-generational programming. I have mentioned it in other articles throughout the years such as here, here, here and here with more hints scattered throughout my mind droppings.

Now I won't get too far into multi-generational programming but simply define it as the automatic transfer of a base program instilled to a child from their parents; something that the parents themselves received from theirs or 'learned' through their life.

Examples of base programs can be things such as money, law, authority, health, science and so on. What I will try to focus on will be the health aspect and how it relates to the fear which we are being held captive by today and why it seems that once one has reached the peak of a fear and it is still being 'validated' on some level, no amount of 'new' information will help to allay that fear.

Have you ever watched people raise their children? How many warnings about causing bodily harm do you think are uttered on an average day? How much fear does the average child have projected towards them in a day?
"Don't rock on your chair, you'll fall and hurt yourself."
"Don't play near the water, you'll fall in and drown."
"Don't run with scissors, you'll poke your eye out, or worst."
"Don't eat that or you'll make yourself sick."
"Don't stand out in the rain, you'll catch a cold."
Basically, don't ever hurt yourself or get sick.

Safety Meeting: Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt.

The child hears a constant barrage of 'don't' with possible consequences and begins to believe in its own fragility and is left frail and afraid of doing the one thing a child needs to do, EXPERIENCE. They don't get to learn the limits of their bodies and the balance required to achieve so many great things such as climbing a tree to see the world from a different perspective. As the child is protected from learning to deal with experiences such as pain and 'bad feelings' they are perpetually held in a childlike mindset based on fear and needing protection.

Every experience, whether deemed good or bad, is needed to grow through childhood and into a mature, evolving species.  The base which is being manipulated now, the retardation of growth, is what the 'operation' is feeding on; the lifetimes of "don't do that or..." being the foundation to build upon. It may be a hard pill to swallow, but at which point did we begin to rob the children of the experiences which would have allowed them to grow to their full potential?

As the child learns to fear, it also learns to 'obey or be punished' until it gets it right. And through life becomes entwined in the sociological 'law' and structure of authority which were encouraged by their parents and those around them; it was 'Normal' to be obedient.

The government capitalizes on this and continues to treat them as 'moron children' (harsh or not, it is the best description I have found) for their entire lives. Make sure you call the fire department and get permission before you start an open fire children. I have also mentioned before about how the treating a populace as such produces such. Sort of a "You are what you eat, mentally".

The moron children seem to have one goal in life: to prove that they are 'grown up' and intelligent; what usually happens is that they 'believe' they are and never really find out what their grown up self could have been. Instead, what tends to happen, is that they treat others around them, the same as they have known all of their lives. How many times do people offer you the most useless 'safety' advice? I used to climb radio towers and my boss used to say to me, "Don't fall" to which I would reply "Don't blow yourself up". "Drive safely", nah I think I shall do some reckless manoeuvres today.

The moron children thrive on their 'virtuous' adherence to 'law' and 'authoritative' advice and feel elevated with a sense of intelligence for said decisions. They become the people who will tell a person which does not have insurance, and which nothing tragic has happened to, that they were "Lucky" and secretly would like the person to learn a 'lesson' in some form.

As we have seen in the last months, they are obedient and believe whatever the narrative feeds them. They also view those which don't abide or reject their complacency and obedience, or the information which they believe, with contempt and will happily drag all of those around them, down to their level; forcibly even, if enabled, for their protection.

This is, what I believe, the base of this 'operation' and one can see it operate on many levels. They haven't only been planning operations like this for 50 years or more, they have been molding the societies through the conditioning of the collective mind; yours and mine. Now, of course there are many more levels to this indoctrination such as education, employment and media, to name a few, but I am simply trying to examine the base which everything else works within; that which is begun soon after birth.

This is why I have said that humans need to get over themselves and grow up. To view themselves honestly and begin to deal with the pain that the mirror provides in order to finally be released of the frailty and retardation and grow into the adulthood which they have missed thus far.

There is a lot more to life than doing as you are told because you are afraid of the 'consequences'. This mob mentality revolving around fear of death which demands that LIFE halts until it is SAFE can only be BELIEVED by what I have described above; moron children. Time to GROW UP and STOP this nonsense.

"Know Thyself" is a fairly well known saying. How many are actually honest enough to do it? How many will see what they have become, in time to turn things around? How many even care to?

Sunday, August 09, 2020

People Are Angry

People are angry:

  • because all their life they have been told their opinions matter while living the opposite
  • because they are told that they are "free to speak their mind" yet restricted by words which are considered 'unacceptable'
  • because they were told that we were 'progressing' and would be working less with more as they hold down two jobs just to make ends meet
  • because they spent their lives building a sense of freedom through entrepreneurial enterprises to have it torn down by a government dictate
  • because they were promised flying cars and what they got was the TSA
  • because they were promised privacy and got the surveillance state
  • because they were promised medical innovation and what they got was a 1 in 2 cancer rate
  • because their old television lasted 30 years and the last one lasted 8
  • because their whole lives, they have been told not to 'lie' but have been living the 'political' opposite
  • because they were promised robot servants and what they get is servitude to technology
  • because they have to work longer hours than their parents did
  • because they are more in debt than their parents were
  • because the state raises their children as both parents working became a necessity
  • because their RIGHTS are being treated as privileges
  • because children can not have lemonade stands
  • because they need permission to fell a tree on their land
  • because of the dictates from the insurance industry
  • because 'life' somehow became all about money
  • because people they love are suddenly 'conspiracy theorists'
  • because it makes ZERO sense to blame all of this on a 'Virus'
  • because the cognitive dissonance is building
  • because they have to believe that the lives that we have been living, have not been based on secrets and therefore built upon lies
  • because they are denied human interaction
  • because the government is forcing them to wear a mask
  • because they sound like Charlie Brown's Teacher
  • because communication is dying
  • because they have been separated from LIVING by being denied everything they 'love'
  • because they all KNOW deep down that this is WRONG
  • because the television tells them to be angry

Now there are many, many, many more reasons why people are angry and a great many 'rabbit holes' to visit on this subject but I think you get my point. Life seems to have been one disappointment after another; taking a step forward to fall back two. It never made sense that with all the 'technology' which has been developed over the last hundred years, that the images of Sally Struthers in Africa are still prevalent and that we couldn't even 'fix' that problem. It also never made sense that a passport could survive a plane crash, but that's another story.

Now it is all turning into a dumpster fire before our very eyes and overwhelming all of our senses. Fear turns to anger when you feel helpless and don't know what to do or even believe; you become that 'deer in the headlights' and despise yourself for it and therefore lash out. That is the type of anger which is easily swayed and steered towards a 'goal'. For that type of anger cares not where it lands, as long as it does not stick long enough to reveal it true 'root'.

So why are you angry? Why are you angry at Bob, which lives down the road, for not wearing a mask? Why are you angry at those children which attended a birthday party? Why are you angry at that family which just wanted to have a nice time at the beach? Why are you angry at those doctors which simply want to give their Professional Opinion? Why are you angry at everything which might make you think outside of your confines?

Righteous anger is what is needed to save humanity. Don't fall for the traps of anger which have no basis and simply rely on a point of blame to exist; they are presented for you to become facilitators to your own demise. Righteous anger cannot be used or 'steered' to an end but rather 'knows' the path to take. Freedom, at this point, shall only be achieved through righteous anger but that means you will have to face yourself with honesty; are you up to the task?

There are but TWO things that we should be angry with in this world: GOVERNMENTS, for having the audacity to attempt to enforce ownership over human beings and their interactions. And OURSELVES for going along to get along and believing that we have no power and letting this get to the stage it is now by not ENGAGING in what controls us because we simply did not want to rock the boat.

The boat is way past being rocked, in fact, it is tipping over. Sink or swim humans, sink or swim. How shall you direct your anger?

Monday, August 03, 2020

The Entirety Of The Moment - On A Limited Scale

I've been trying to wrap my head around the 'entirety' of the moment (on a limited scale); the possible history and naturally occurring events which may help to tie this all together.

I shall begin at Secret Societies, which is told to have existed for as long as 2000 years or more. Imagine the amount of 'data' (experience, knowledge, wisdom, etc.) which can be acquired, cataloged and passed on through generations. Never sharing and ever adding the next available technology and technique to gain 'advantage' over the 'others' and serve one's own selfish desires. Taking control of mechanisms which drive humanity and steering the course of society to the ends of total world domination. Elimination through ignorance, seems to be the chosen way of initiating a 'Reset'.

Does it begin here, with the simplicity of preparedness versus not? Knowledge versus Ignorance? You can bet that some are far more 'prepared' than others, with underground cities and bunkers which are complete with water and sewage treatment along with food production and recreation. The location of such places may never be discovered, but rest assured that they are ready to wait out a century or more to achieve their goals. I know of one place on Earth which is 'protected' by many, Antarctica, and I wonder what is really going on there at times.

Throughout the ages, there has been economic and monetary manipulation. To what end really but to instill a 'control' mechanism within the sociological mind of the 'society'? Controlling the 'life' of the populace through a creation of your own doing is genius unto itself, but one day you know it shall fade. Perhaps you have seen it fail within the forgotten civilizations and hidden history which keeps rearing its ugly head on occasion. There are many ways a 'civilization' can be forgotten, but now, my recollection of the engineers being asked to design for a lifespan of 30 years, makes a lot more sense.

Every 'cycle' they get more powerful, write the history, control the politics and the economics; little by little, controlling it all, from cradle to grave. Reminiscent of the 'Protocols' which I mentioned in a recent writing.

Did you know that we are in the midst of a Grand Solar Minimum? Not only a GSM but potentially one which occurs on a 400 year cycle and, coincidentally, coincides with the fall of Empires. One could argue that we are currently living the fall of an 'Empire' at this moment as the 'crisis' remedies, seem to ensure a crumbling of the 'foundations'. For those which are the 'survivors, and I don't mean the ones which may have to 'rough it' for a decade or more, but those which will have the technology to come out 'ahead' and even perhaps, surveil the planet this time around and see where the rest 'survived' and perhaps even go so far as to 'tag' them first.

The Musky smelling satellites, already launched into low Earth orbit, can be used for what exactly?

So this GSM which we are currently in, is already in the region of the Dalton Minimum (200 years ago), which, incidentally, was the fall of the Qing Dynasty (Northern Chinese Famine) and the "Year Without a Summer" (1816). Now if it is indeed a 400 year cycle (solar cycle 26 should reveal more), then we could be hitting the likes of the Maunder Minimum, or Little Ice Age (50 years), when the Ming Dynasty collapsed. Good thing we didn't put all our eggs into one basket like China and... oh yeah, we did.

We may soon find out that 'Global warming' is a 'hoax', but that there is indeed some 'Climate Change' coming our way. I won't even go into the cosmic rays, magnetosphere distortions or earthquakes and volcanoes as I don't want to come off as a 'fear monger'. HA!

I will admit that I am fairly ignorant on the subject, but what I have seen and looked into, is beginning to sound like the 'glue' which ties many things together. For example, in a GSM/Mini Ice Age, there are 'safe zones' which seem to be between the tropics; wait that sounds familiar.
If Max Igan ever reads this: Remember that wonky video where you told people to "get between the tropics"? Sounds like sage advice now.

There are other theories such as asteroids heading our way which has been known for decades. Planet x / Niburu, which may have had a hand in 'creating' our moon the last time it 'visited', coming round to say "Hi". Who knows really. Whatever happened to the 'Alien Invasion'?

And as the Sahara seems to be 'greening', the Middle East 'takeover' also begins to make more sense and fit within this 'scenario'; as does the rush to purchase 'everything' in Africa. I know that you may want to believe that it is all about the 'Oil', but I believe that was merely a 'song' which was easily 'chorused' throughout life; it's easy to manipulate thought when your 'expenses' are affected.

Some state "It's a money grab" or "They want total control" with quips such as "It's the crime of the century" and "History will tell". But I put to you: Why would anyone want to forcibly 'control' 7 billion people? Why would anyone want a 'history' of this current madness? Do you remember the forgotten civilizations? Well neither will the 'future', as we may just well be one of them.

Do I believe that I am writing 'history' at the moment? I don't. After I take into consideration the digitizing of our entire lives and works. That, no matter how many backups, the information would be lost without the proper equipment to read them. That within our 'progress', obsolescence is inherent and 'acceptable' with things being designed to disintegrate and be replaced. And that the proceeding 'civilization' may not have a desire to 'learn' outside of their confines as per their 'programming'. The 'leaders' may indeed seem like 'magicians' with their knowledge of past and present and control of technologies and 'language' so hence, communication.  Please try to think 50 years into the ahead on this current track.

How did we get to the present, the NOW? How we got here 'mentally' is something which I write about but there are so many 'levels' to our 'enslavement'. There are the countless 'vaccines' which one receives in their life along with the endless array of pharmaceuticals which are dispensed. The nutrient deficient foods which leave our bodies 'craving' something to heal itself. The air and water pollution which includes the deliberate addition of fluoride. And just what are those trails in the sky anyways? And what about all that wireless radiation we bathe in constantly?

We have consensus 'science' which obfuscates any real advancement and knowledge, which seems to be geared towards keeping the populace in a fearful, confused and angry state. 'Mind Control' techniques being used upon the general population which seems to accentuate our 'inherent laziness' and self importance. Pervasive surveillance, enforced through police and military as lockdowns and martial law become the 'New Normal'.

'Experts' deny that weather modification is even possible, yet some insist that HAARP has been actively linked with weather modification through the heating of our ionosphere. Factor in the 'Chemtrails' and admittance of experiments to "dim the sun" and their actions speak otherwise. This is not to mention cloud seeding and other active techniques which are currently and historically documented. There does seem to be active steps in weather modification being effected now and perhaps for decades. Locations with huge population densities are being ravaged by 'natural' forces as I type.

Now why would the 'owners' want to dim the sun within a GSM? At the moment, with the pandemic which isn't, there are engineered food shortages in the works through disruptions of all sorts. Have you noticed where the world's 'breadbaskets' are located? There are floods and droughts, heat and cold; there are 'disruptions' occurring everywhere.

Why would our masters want to accentuate the starvation potential of a GSM? Why would they want to lock down everyone on the planet at this time? Are they using this 'crisis' as a show of power? Are they halting the usual 'migrations' which occur during a GSM? And why have they recently launched all of those satellites? Remember those movies where the rich kidnap people and take them to an island to hunt them? Well, I guess only the perpetrators of this genocide know of their level of evil and depravity. Survivor may not just be a reality show anymore.

It is difficult to come to terms with the realization that humanity must go through whatever is coming, because this is the outcome which we have all 'allowed' on one level or another. When you realize that that is not 'blame', you will comprehend what it is I attempt to convey.

How many out there are 'ready' for a major 'disruption' in their lives? How many are willing to 'let go' of what they thought they knew in order to become what they need to be to survive? How many are capable of 'growing up' with a moments notice?

All of that programmed hatred and division is not going to get you through this, nor are your 'beliefs' about any part of this 'life' which seems to have trained us for this moment; to be unprepared and dependent. It is time to shed the programmed ego before humanity becomes the Genocide which no one Remembers. For those which get it, it may be the last chance to find each other. The years to come are sure to become 'interesting'.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Some 'Positive' Thinking?

So someone asked the following in a chat room:

TEN things YOU don't give a FUCK ABOUT!

So being that I think best, on the fly, I came up with this quick list (no order of importance):

1) I don't give a fuck about money
2) I don't give a fuck about status
3) I don't give a fuck about competition
4) I don't give a fuck about 'success'
5) I don't give a fuck about your 'programmed response'
6) I don't give a fuck about your 'programmed ego'
7) I don't give a fuck about your fear based on ignorance
8) I don't give a fuck about government
9) I don't give a fuck about herd immunity
10) I don't give a fuck about your judgement

As anyone which has read my writings from the last three years knows, I am not being 'rude' about any of those things but simply responding to experiences and observations within the scope of my life.

The speed and ease in which I answered the above was kind of sobering; how do I view the aggregate of the species to which I was born? The people:

  • which turn a blind eye to torture as long as it is for 'our side'
  • which ignore civilian deaths as long as they are called 'collateral damage'
  • which blames the victim
  • Which plays the victim
  • Which agrees with the concept of 'zero tolerance'
  • who are willing to turn in  their neighbors for not obeying the rules
  • which walk by a fellow human in need without a second look
  • which film others in trouble instead of helping them
  • which believe it is OK to 'socially distance' children
  • which are seemingly in agreement with teaching children that their fellow human beings are potentially, filthy disease carriers
  • which are in accordance with 'living' on a permission basis
  • which shoot the messenger before ever hearing the message
  • who would rather 'live' in ignorance
  • which are eager to shame others into compliance
  • which would assault each other over toilet paper
  • which seems to have a perverse need to punish
  • which is self righteous
  • which produces police officers which shoot a 73 year old man because he wanted to go shopping without a mask
  • who are so enraged that they are willing to tear everything down without even really knowing WHY?

I see the rage which is being manipulated and steered; the people which are loyal are going to be enraged with those which are spreading 'misinformation' and not obeying the 'rules' like masks and social distancing.

The 'rage' for the 'protests' is being fueled by itself through the 'damage' inflicted and subsequently aired to the public; this has been used for decades to create an indignation among those which are never even affected by a 'protest'.

How should I view them? As a vile species (of which I am part) which is self loathing to the point of self destruction and which is determined to bring everyone down with them?

Definition of Vile: morally despicable or abhorrent (causing or deserving strong dislike or hatred)

It would be so easy to slip down that slope and think the worst of most of my species.

So here are TEN things I do give a FUCK ABOUT! (no order)

1) I do give a fuck about LIVING - requires the following point and goes with family and community
2) I do give a fuck about FREEDOM - necessary for all
3) I do give a fuck about LOVE - I scold you because I love you
4) I do give a fuck about LEARNING - without that I would never move forward
5) I do give a fuck about COMMUNICATION - to retain not just language, but freedom and clarity of expression through honest rhetoric
6) I do give a fuck about EVOLUTION of THOUGHT - and with it 'process' - on all levels of consciousness
7) I do give a fuck about NATURE - the 'mother' which births and supports us all
8) I do give a fuck about COOPERATION - mutual living amongst sane and moral individuals
9) I do give a fuck about MORALITY - there is no 'relative' flexibility here; there is RIGHT and WRONG
10) I do give a fuck about NATURAL LAW - shouldn't law be natural in the first place?

So there was a list which was easily achieved and I know that every single human being out there, has the capacity for all of these 'positive' traits. A little hopium for me to keep this going through these testing times. To give up on my species is to give up on myself.

If you can give a fuck about the list above, perhaps we can still turn this thing around and not slip back into the "time before", nor accept the "new normal" but really create something more acceptable to a sane a morally conscious individual.

Start by being honest while you go through that list of the vile things that we (as a species) allow ourselves to be. All it takes is an Honest Look in the Mirror to Be BETTER and having fun while we do it instead of the usual 'fight' for 'betterment'.

Friday, July 24, 2020

NWO Manifesto - Revisited

In early 2017 I wrote, NWO Manifest - Condensed Version, which needs a revisit.

It begins like this:

"Now that we have control of everything in the world: economics, agriculture, production, transportation, media, education, governments, alimentation, health-care, technology, water, land, sea, air, space, legal systems (national and international) and we have reached a certain pinnacle of technology."
Now let that sink in for a moment. Perhaps even a moment longer.

I'll try to break it down a little so that one can easily grasp the implications:

Economics - the granddaddy of them all. Within my lifetime, I have witness it 'engulf' every aspect of life. 'They had us at money' (how far back would you suppose?), once we equated life to economics (Life Credits), we were done. As I progress down the list, keep in mind that everything else was bought and paid for by 'owning' economics.

Agriculture - control the food and you control the people. From production to distribution. What is bought and sold as well as what is 'valued' at the moment. Recent 'valued' agriculture includes, corn and soy which you cannot eat and as much rapeseed (Canola) oil, that you can ingest.

Production - control of not simply the production of goods but of also the production of foods. Outsourcing production to the lowest bidder ensured that there would be a knowledge drain as. Examples of this range from people forgetting how to make a kiln and work with metals, to simply never learning to garden. How long has it been now that 'globalization' had taken the jobs away?

Transportation - from how anything 'travels' and is distributed to what you are allowed to drive and where. Controlling the movement of people and 'goods' globally; they can allow flow to move freely, or lock it down.

Media - the worlds largest propaganda empire which controls the majority of what people 'witness' and believe. Also the world's great distraction/obfuscation device, brainwashing tool and all around manipulator of 'reality'. Think about how a group of entities (people, corporations, governments) can control what is perceived as 'real' along with the 'mood' of a narrative. Is that what we call 'Brainwashing'?

Education - get them young and you can make them do anything. I have witnessed that the 'schooling' begins younger these days, what with pre-school and daycare and such to make my child the very best slave they can be. Authoritative conditioning with a sense of 'worth' built on conditioning and lies; the greatest ones being told to ourselves.

Governments - somewhere along the way the 'public servants' took control of the castle. Some of the conditioning from the prior point allows for the 'politicizing' of everything. Everything the 'government' has ever done has been a test: of what you (the public) will put up with and accept; how much you are willing to give away freely of your power until you are left 'powerless' in your own mind.

Alimentation - the quality of foods which are available today are not really that of yesteryear from my experience. When I travel, I mainly go to saner countries (non-western), and when I get back, my digestion takes time to adjust. I have put it down to more 'dead' food here through chemicals, pesticides, irradiation and such; for our safety and cleanliness of course.

From the article, which is worth a ponder, in light of where we currently stand:

"Alimentation - poison their food so that we may learn and prepare for diseases which may affect our longevity as well as ensure short life spans; a good way to induce sterilization methods as well as through pharmaceuticals. Their malnourished bodies will not be capable of dealing with the sicknesses which we unleash."

Health-care - the well established medical industry which seems to always make one sick. Repeat customers? Experimentation? Combined with the education system, and you get is the very same system which defined a 'virus' now pushing said 'virus' with a magical 'vaccine' which was 'developed' using 'rapid' technology and may change one's DNA. Many will beg for this 'solution', with all the agony (government induced) which it is purported to 'relieve'.

Once they get their way (with thunderous applause from the general public), what will happen to the Heirloom Human?

Technology - where would we be without our digital lives? Has it already been about 30 years since our lives have been slowly digitized at every level? What are the odds that someone in the 'future' (if there is one), will dig up a digital archive and plug that in to discover our tragic tale? I don't presume that any of this will be 'remembered' after we are gone, unless someone had the fortitude to inscribe some stone tablets or chronicled the 'End' on leather and such.One of the reasons I write is because videos are difficult to print.

And all of that super-duper technology stuff just gives the above listed an 'advantage'; well that is just the way it is.

Water, Land, Sea, Air, Space - The water, which sustains life, can be held back or released, as the Chinese are now finding out. The land we believe we 'own' is 'auctioned' off for the audacity to be $80 short on your 'taxes'. The seas to be cleared of 'Sea-Steaders' and the global hunt for 'illegal' fishing. The air itself, which can be 'modified' by so many means and travel, which is extremely regulated and about to get even more so (is anyone feeling the liberty to freely travel?). And space, which is really, anybody's guess as to what they are doing up there and  to what ends; the 'framework' may be in place, for a game of global 'search and destroy' (you figure out what they may target).

Legal systems - "Rule By Law" - we are being ruled by laws which have been put in place as a framework for exactly this type of situation. Laws for the 'greater good' are never about protecting YOU and your LIBERTIES. Their past declaration of "Zero tolerance" should have been your first clue.

All of this is built upon a belief - a belief (or is it fear?) that "You need money to live!"; probably right to the end for many. All of this is paid for by the sweat and tears of generation after generation. A little poke here, tiny prod there and the wheels of 'economics' steers humanity to the edge of the cliff. Interesting how they wanted to go to a digital currency and people jumped all over BitCoin willingly, for the 'free' money; to 'mine' what exactly? The best ideas are always the ones which the other believes is theirs.

Has it sunk in yet?

They already had the prior generations 'hooked' on money, job and a sense of being 'productive' to society. That part of the program is readily passed on through the successive generations which allows for other 'programs' to be effectuated, such as the perversion of parenting (the 'protection' of children). The job of a parent, is to tame the little narcissist which comes out and instill some courtesy, consideration and common sense. Many seem to have valued 'friendship' of their offspring rather than parenting and the results can be seen in the recent and current generations of 'adults'.

Then they get them young and train them to be what they want/need at the time. They protect them from dealing with 'negative' emotions, feed them nutritionally deficient foods, entertain and distract them while maintaining a childlike mind and instilling a sense of 'learning' and worth through obfuscation and flattery. The 'ego' is conditioned for those future games of "I know you are but what am I", which will continue, ad nausea throughout life; all the while, chasing someone else's 'dream'.

Within that competitive jubilee, is instilled a worry of 'health' and a rigid adherence to 'expert' advice and 'authority' while getting addicted to 'technology' which makes one feel 'closer' to others while separating themselves from everyone and nature. The visits to the medical 'professionals' are a lot easier to handle than a camping trip with no WiFi.

All the while, government is legislating our lives, to better protect us from the perils and pitfalls of life (which are inherently programmed into our way of life) through control of water, land, sea, air, space, legal systems, etcetera; right down to our very sovereign BODIES - sounds like the obvious thing to do, right?

Another quote from that article, can be easily seen within the construction of the 'gender' debacle, the social justice warrior and its spawn, black lives matter (insert 'movement' here):
"Make sure the populace are trained to be reactive and confused."
More on what I think of the majority of 'protesters', can be found here.

I would say, that there is no greater evidence of the 'reactivity of the populace, than this 'operation' which we are experiencing at this moment. While using these divisions and emotional triggers to forward their agenda towards whatever their 'End Game' is: (more from the article)
Here is a condensed list of established divisions which have been facilitated and are ready for exploitation:
Economic class
Educational status
Employment status
Geographical location
Political affiliations
Philosophical beliefs
Religious beliefs
Can you see any or all of these at 'play' at the present time? Can you admit, on how many levels, you may have been manipulated? Check out the rest of the article, and many more, for the 'hints' of how and why our programming works so well.

By allowing the 'few' to control what is listed here, the only outcome had to be slavery or death. Sadly, the worst it seems to get, the more that people seem to 'double down' and vehemently defend, justify and validate their enslavement; for that is the only 'Life' they have ever known. If 'culture' dictates that the Lemmings must walk off of the cliff, then they do so gleefully, for 'negativity' is frowned upon and may even be perceived as 'hate'.

The worst part to witness, is that the aggregate of the species, seems to have lost their Humanity and inherent desire to LIVE. That people are so wrapped up in how they 'feel' at the moment, that there is no room for anything else, let alone an 'evolution' of consciousness or community. That they are willing to openly attack those which simply desire to be FREE and drag them into their cult of slavery. That, above all else, their 'feelings' must be 'valid'.

In case you have not noticed, the 'Zombie Apocalypse' is here and they 'fight' for their own destruction and want to bring everyone along with them. Where will it go? How will it End? Every moment that the masses accept their slavery, is a nail in the coffin of FREEDOM everywhere. Every second that the Human race stays on its knees, assures its destruction. We are on the way to the annihilation of the Human race and it is all based on BELIEF and how I FEEL.

Time to do better and break FREE of the shackles, which we maintain, through our defense of our ignorance and learn what it is we are really about. The Human race is a lot more than the sum total of its collective stupidity; it is capable of so much greatness and compassion. So where is it NOW?

It is NEEDED more than ever.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

The Protocols Of Destruction

Recently, I have ventured into a couple of different areas of information: planetary  and solar weather cycles and a document from a hundred years ago which is apparently 'debunked'. The Grand Solar Minimum, volcanic and seismic activity is indeed interesting but there is also something else, which I had put off until the 'end'. I am talking about the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Now, I will not go into the document, nor claim to assign blame to a single 'race' or religion nor its 'authenticity. This is simply to provide a basis for your own curiosity and as to what I enter into my mind. Don't forget to read it (or listen) 'outside' yourself and not let your preformed biases impede the 'knowledge'.

I provide simply the listing of the protocols:
Protocol I     The Basic Doctrine
Protocol II    Economic Wars
Protocol III   Methods of Conquest
Protocol IV    Materialism Replace Religion
Protocol V     Despotism and Modern Progress
Protocol VI    Take-Over Technique
Protocol VII   World-Wide Wars
Protocol VIII  Provisional Government
Protocol IX    Re-education
Protocol X     Preparing for Power
Protocol XI    The Totalitarian State
Protocol XII   Control of the Press
Protoco XIII   Distractions
Protocol XIV   Assault on Religion
Protocol XV    Ruthless Suppression
Protocol XVI   Brainwashing
Protocol XVII  Abuse of Authority
Protocol XVIII Arrest of Opponents
Protocol XIX   Rulers and People
Protocol XX    Financial Programme
Protocol XXI   Loans and Credit
Protocol XXII  Power of Gold
Protocol XXIII Instilling Obedience
Protocol XXIV  Qualities of the Ruler
And leave this 'Heading' as an example of the tactics used: "DESTRUCTIVE EDUCATION"

I will say, that it was an very 'interesting' document to go through at this stage of my awareness and the 'Game' which we are all stuck 'playing'. I will say that it fills many gaps into how we got to where we are now and perhaps even some insight into the who and why.

In I am your Ruler, I stated the following:
"Have you figured out who I am yet? I am YOU. I am your apathy, your fears, your narcissism, your hate, your suspicion, your blame, your helplessness. I am your ignorance and your arrogance, your xenophobic tendencies, your desire to punish and control others. I am your guilt, your shame and your insecurities. I am everything which controls your mind; I am everything you think and worse."
That is the real 'enemy'; the things which we accept as 'normal' and internalize as 'self' which have brought us where we are. This is a prison of our own making which the ego refuses to grasp and which kills our desire to live. Over the years, within my limited 'discussions' with others, I have heard many state "I have no culpability, for I was born into this mess."

I too was born into this, but I have always had a sense that it just wasn't 'right' and always felt that there was a lack of morality in the way in which we 'chose' to 'live'. For the last 2 decades, I have been trying to figure myself out (along with the whirled world we live in) and along the way I realized, that I had to accept my 'fault' in order to  move forward and become a 'better' person.

I realized that 'Awakening' is not about discovering some lost information but rather, it is about awakening into yourself, which has been conditioned and manipulated its entire life to become the obedient slaves we seem to be; scorned, fined and psychologically beaten into submission. They had us at 'Money'.

As for the many which are 'waking up' now, the only thing they seem to be 'waking' to, is an external point of blame. One day, they are going to rage against something outside of themselves, when the real work needs to be done at an individual level; on the inside until that 'community' forms. The blame game is a circular search for 'information' to 'prove' one's point and validate the ego whilst projecting culpability.

The 'alt media' reacts just as the others to the events as they unfold, as they should to give a proper prospective. But what is missing is the projection beyond our reactions; the way forward at an individual level, the formation of individual based communities and a way of life to be envied.

At the moment, it is the great search for 'mask' information and next week it will be something else. There has been so much 'information' over the last 2 decades, that has really done nothing except to keep people looking for more 'information' and more validation.

What happened to the 'creators', the philanthropists, the ones with means which could have helped to bring those of a mindset ready for a 'breakaway society' together? What happened to building something better in order to set an example and to show how an alternative could flourish? For we all knew that smacking people in the face with information was not working. What happened to the human aspect of people, which would have brought us together, instead of to this point of 'every man for themselves'? The Divide and Conquer strategy has certainly worked quite effectively for our collective enslavement. Now, we even Divide ourselves.

How are you enjoying the 'obedience training' part of the operation? This is 'phase one', which is a Litmus test based on the induction of fear with everything 'mandated' to make people sick: social distancing, masks, stay-at-home orders. It is 'shock and awe' mixed in with 'dazed and confused' in order to eliminate thought and illicit solely a 'fight or flight' response which, in this case, we have the 'deer in the headlights' syndrome. Huge FAIL on the test folks.

Mixed in with the afore mentioned fear and obedience (which has been rising since 9/11 - our first 'new normal') and the 'scariest' part of all of this which we call 'life', is the programmed ego; that the mass's definition of 'equality' seems to mean that everyone gets dragged down to their level of suffering, even if they don't realize or admit that they are suffering. I've never wanted to be part of 'society', but apparently that was always 'mandatory'.

Science was killed long ago and the court of 'public opinion' (formed by media 'nudging' amongst others) is what drives us all over the cliff. This is why all the 'information' in the world is not going to save us.

As I mentioned in "Are You Ready For The Vaccine Wars?": the camps must be formed, divisions strengthened, indignation fuelled; there must be the 'believers' and the 'non-believers'; this is not simply a war but a 'crusade'.

Hang onto your hats because it is going to be a bumpy ride as there is more to this than meets the eye. Scroll back up and really take in the 'Protocols' which are listed and let it marinade with everything else. Now try to squeeze in the Grand Solar Minimum, the volcanic and seismic activity, the magnetosphere weakening and a possible impending 'ice age'; what have we got now? Slow down, deal with the self and fix that, so that you can finally stand up and free yourself by screaming NO!

So what is it going to be? Is the human race going to be the 'victim' of its own doing? Is it the work of opportunistic psychopaths, which have been conditioning the masses throughout generations and awaiting an 'event' based on occulted knowledge? Or is it simply time for a 'cull' from our masters, whatever they might be; for they are surely not Human.

I have stressed it before and I will continue to say it: the ONLY way out of this is for each person to become better human beings than they were today. That means dropping the fear, division, belief, naivety, ignorance, arrogance and so forth - only then will humanity have a chance. Is it already be too late for humanity to find its moral compass?

Only time will tell.

Monday, July 06, 2020

Spacial Discernment

Sometimes people try to figure out how it is that I come to think the way that I do. They expect me to read off statistics, quote personages or provide 'official' documents in order to provide 'proof' of what it is that I may be trying to convey; which are usually questions, ponderancies and observations. They demand that I reveal my sources and proclaim that there must be a consensus of scientific agreement before even listening to any questioning of the proffered 'truth'. Nothing has amazed me more, throughout my life, than the effort, made by individuals, which actively block information from reaching their minds. It leaves me to picture the child which has their hands over their ears singing "Lalalalalalalalala".

This is not the way that my thoughts come to me, nor can I provide the 'proof' which some seem to crave with added zealotry. I am not a researcher, journalist nor 'professional' of any kind. I am what I am. I observe and listen, I absorb and learn, I have lived and experienced and I share my mind with whomever wishes to read it. I also seek to be honest in my expressions. Some call me a philosopher, others an idealist but I claim neither. I have heard a wide range of labels which people have used in attempts to 'classify' me into their restrained categories. The only thing that I know for sure is that I know nothing. This is a great place to start from, as it alleviates the pressures and shackles of what I thought I knew and believed; it releases me from singing "Lalalala".

Spatial Discernment is the only way that I can try to 'explain' my train of thought. So now, I find myself telling people that true discernment, is about being able to think through time and space.

Let me try to 'demystify' (or perhaps confound).

I believe that to truly 'think', one must be capable of picking things (information, sentiment, zeitgeist) through 'time': that which you have experienced, witnessed, heard of, viewed, read, etc., while going backwards and forwards and still remaining present without being enfettered by the running 'narrative'.

And 'space': which is that 'between' what you are recalling which has had time to 'ferment' and contextualize through the lenses of hindsight. 'Between the lines', so to speak, as the information comes together with age, coupled by newly discovered nuances which may have taken years to reveal.

It is not about the presented 'information' in the moment but rather about life experience and learning, fused together with observations and knowledge, which comes to you in the present from all your experiences while reading between the 'spaces' of one's own programming to ultimately meet the 'real' you.

It actually sounds a lot more difficult than it is. The difficult part is the honesty required to admit one's own ignorance in order to move forward and finally begin to learn; then it's all downhill from there but in a good way. One needs to be 'harsh' while avoiding the 'poor me' traps and actually place yourself outside to view your reactions objectively; some may even call this empathy but it goes beyond.

Once you see that you lack observation skills, you shall make an effort to be more observant, and eventually you will just be observant. The same goes with everything; if you lack consideration for others, admit it and move towards bettering yourself instead of defending your 'situation'. Once you have moved past these limiting factors in your programmed ego, then you can begin to discover the how and why of your 'existence'. It goes far beyond a simple 'Dumbing Down' and should leave you desiring more.

Humanity does not seem to realize, that the only reason that we 'choose' to live this way of 'life', is that no one has yet offered us a guaranteed, 'better' alternative. Why do we defer something subjective like 'better' to an external offer, rather than dream of what we, ourselves would rather live and create? Have we become so comfortable and apathetic within our illusions that to merely exist is a fair substitute for freely living?

It is so difficult to have a conversation which does not include 'Life Credits' on one level or another. When simply trying to imagine something more human in a discussion, the mind (self?) is often locked into a monetary way of thinking. "Who's going to pay for that?" "Are we going to trade chickens?", forever caught between the barricades of the mind. How is such a pervasive construct so powerful, that life itself seems intrinsically tied to it? How can a species advance if it can not even discuss matters beyond that 'box' which they themselves constructed? Get out of the Cave!

To do so, one would have to be honest and see that the true 'enemy' is not out there but rather within; there is no external 'entity' but mere suggestion. The enemies of humanity are apathy, acquiescence, fear, indignation, laziness; I will stop there for the list is long and disparaging, as there are a great many issues which must be worked on at an individual level before a 'society' can even be dreamed about, let alone formed. The spaces in the mind between the programming is where the honest conversation needs to take place.

And that is the 'twist' in our collective drama; that all must go through this self realization individually to 'save' the humans. All must desire to be better people than they are now, free of the programmed ego, or at least aware of its powerful 'control' on the moral self with a firm stride towards being better than 'normal'. And even twistier, is that it will take nothing short of an "Ah-Ha" moment to 'awaken' the aggregate 'in time'. So where is this magic moment? I can tell you that it will not be an external foe.

Sometimes I wonder if a 'mass awakening' is not just the ultimate external 'hero' and human spirit is the world's greatest Hopium. The 'Awakening', which has been glued in front of screens for the better part of two decades, has helped to keep people spinning their wheels trying to awaken others by focusing on external points of blame, rather than unifying into an example of 'how' to live better by becoming better individuals which come together to form a community example to follow.

And within this 'alternative' mindset, developed competition, bickering and division, yet it still managed to deliver important information and messages at times but perhaps that was simply dumb luck. Round and round, chasing TALES and forever feeding that sense of 'importance'.

"Who's on LIVE now?", "What's NEW and interesting?" and "I don't know who to TRUST anymore." - Does it at all sound familiar?

This is the stuff that obfuscates the 'spaces' I was talking about. You have to know yourself to trust yourself before you can trust anything outside. Fear of consequences from your master is not trust.

Spacial discernment is about trusting that you don't 'know' and would like to explore. It is about confiding in yourself before others because most of the time the ANSWER is within US.

Saturday, May 30, 2020


Remember that line? That is what made the current President of the United States famous and stick into our brains. I guess only 'famous', sticky people can rule over us.

But this isn't about that. This is about the title: You're Fired!

Who owns you? That would have to be the first question. Do you own yourself or are you the property of your respective governments? Do you work for your life or to feed the government? Do you live to be free or are you born a slave?

Most people have not noticed, but our 'rulers' have been at war with humanity for a long time now. This battle is beginning to show itself and now is the time of decision; more slavery or freedom?


You don't need to fall for their BAIT, this is not a 'race war' or any other dividing program which has played out, over and over throughout 'life' so that you always 'remember'. Programmed indignation is not a reason to riot.

There does not need to be any violence except for that coming from the would be 'rulers' as they eagerly await the chance to show you a response to 'your' violence; so don't give it to them. Take care of the 'agent provocateur' infiltrators as they will be obvious, and show unity and calm. They are prepared for anger and violence, as moving tanks about during a 'lockdown' shows planning for something.

Do not fall for their prodding of instigation. Meaning don't let them DEFINE your LINE, that is your responsibility and is not to be enacted as a reaction based on emotion which can be manipulated. The reasons must be clear of what you are fighting for.

This in not about how I feel, this is about WE THE PEOPLE. And we have decided that we will no longer TOLERATE their MISMANAGEMENT of our lives, and that they are to leave the premises as they will no longer be paid and they are now trespassing on PUBLIC property. Do this at all the buildings representing oppression; police stations, municipal government, state government, federal government, all of the buildings belong to the PEOPLE! After a locksmith changes the locks, we can finally come together and build something better without the bloodshed which they crave.

YOU'RE FIRED! GET OUT! GO HOME! is the chant. Yell it loud, yell it proud and most of all BELIEVE it. For it is your true, united power and those which loathe freedom know this and have done their utmost to cower you into submission. STAND UP and cower no more.

Fire the lot of them. Their equipment, their vehicles, their uniforms all belong to the people, so they can leave those behind and walk to their homes or join the humanity in motion.

I am so tired of being propagandized to play this game of "Hate this..." when the real enemy of humanity is so plain to see. Government has overstepped its bounds and we have allowed it to happen. Time that WE changed that.

This isn't about hate at all, this is about LIFE and the LOVE of LIVING FREELY. This isn't about destroying but rather about growing beyond the current restrictive dogma to an actual society. This isn't about 'Anti' anything, this is about being PRO what is MORAL.

This is about what YOU want out of life; yours and your generations to come. This is about choosing to live in FEAR or LOVE, simple really. One only accepts the control of the ones they fear; that should be a hint right there.

By going along to get along or simply doing nothing while knowing it is wrong, we are tacitly accepting whatever is to come. So it is time to make a conscious CHOICE before the last bastion of freedom falls; for that is the real target in this operation.

So, what will it be? Do you want to go back to the 'business as usual' way life which is void of any actual growth of consciousness, let alone spirituality? Do you want to participate in the dystopian future which is unfolding before your eyes?

Or are you ready to take a chance on your fellow human and finally be FREE enough to LIVE together?

Thursday, May 28, 2020

For Your Safety

For Your Safety

Never a more debilitating phrase has been spoken. Note that the one's issuing the announcements, ad nausea, always use the word "Please" (smile). Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat.

For you safety please follow instructions. - For We are not intelligent enough to determine the 'safe' and 'unsafe' motions involved in a given task. It implies that any deviation from set instructions would likely result in injury of sort or worst.

For your safety, please do not leave your bag unattended. - I love this one which heightens the level of suspicion within the average observer. All based on overreaction based on indoctrination at the 'security' level that anyone could be a 'threat' therefore grandma's wheelchair, Sally's breast implants (sorry Sally, cat's out of the bag) and little Johnny's breast milk are all considered high risk of being possible 'suspicious' items.

For your safety, please never leave your child unattended. - Never? Really? Makes me laugh straight away but let's dive in. Save the children from all the horrors that this world and its damaged human inhabitants pose to such a sweet darling child. Remember the stories of the 'Moonies' from the 70s? Remember the child abduction stories (always a van)? Remember the milk cartons? I guess it may be about disempowering the child from an early age (did you have your cereal and fear?) for if you project that fear young, it sticks tight and acts as a 'base coat' for the rest. That's right, I almost forgot, that fear was for the moms; well guess where it got projected to.

For your safety, the customer is no longer right.

I could go on and on but if you really want to know what is 'thought' of the average person just read through this "For Your Safety" section of the online manual for a DSLR camera

I especially appreciate:

"Do not entangle, wrap or twist the straps around your neck." "Failure to observe this precaution could result in accidents." - They also may want you to remove your shoe laces.

"Do not use this product in the presence of flammable dust or gas such as propane, gasoline or aerosols." - or you might blow up. Now there is something for an ad campaign; Excitement, Built In. But apparently not a good choice for taking pictures of your car at the refinery BBQ.

And please be sure to check this from a very famous car manufacturer  - Those 'adult' cartoon figures sure make one feel all grown up. Maybe we should have cut down on the Simpsons and Family Guy.

Sometimes I think that we live in a cartoon world where meanings get lost in feelings, the acronyms rule the short attention span and communication is shattered in the paradigm of "me, me, me" which is forever lost in ambiguity. Oh wait, that's real.

Are people actually capable of realizing the retardation of the human psyche which takes place throughout this sort of treatment? That projecting fears upon others is 'valid', if many people feel the same way does not make it valid. Is it that difficult to see what utter nonsense that really is?

Now buckle up because the idiocy is going to get even more bizarre as time goes on within this operation. Once enough people tire of this one, the next is sure to follow, do don't be too reactive in the first phase. Safety is not only a controlling device but also necessary at this point on differing levels.

Take a look at that image and think about what it is that you see. Do you see the carelessness of the people involved and that it is an accident waiting to happen? Do you see that there is a problem because of a lack of regulations? Do you, perhaps deep down, wish these people to be 'punished' for their blatant disregard for basic safety?

The image which I chose for this article demonstrates what for you? For me it shows that they have something I don't; the freedom to do that, to be responsible for their own safety. That is what I WANT!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Take Down - Who Will Be Last?

A couple of years ago, I wrote an article titled NWO Manifesto: Update One in first person 'ruler' (I do that sometimes). In that article I had written the following paragraph:
"Let them swim in information, nay, let them drown in it. Release the floodgates of every disinformation plot, truth, half-truth, lie, innuendo, fear and pure fantasy. Let the onslaught overwhelm the senses and itself create different paths for all to follow; spread them out and make sure that they never realize that they all fight for the same thing. Let it all out, for the deception is so great that to hide the goal is no longer a priority as its incredulity of scope and breadth is simply too much to fathom. Remember, it does not have to be true it just has to be what they hear, over and over, which they shall believe; for truth is what we create. Let them live in the past for it shall have no bearing on their future as we own their 'history'."
As I have been observing the 'alternative' media over the years, I have noticed a crescendo of information bringing us to the point we are at now. Now, this is suddenly feeling like the climax of a grand score which has yet to hit its final note. As I watch, listen and read, I always keep those words I wrote, in the back of my mind as the 'information' whizzes by.

The 'information' which has come out of this latest 'crisis' has been dizzying , to say the least. One can jump into a variety of 'new' information traps or catch up on the latest for the tried and true; something to chase for every taste.

It has been interesting to witness the 'presentation' of Bill Gates as the evil Super Villain du jour. Not to take away from very credible information about the workings of said individual and his foundations, nor that one can never see enough footage of the man receiving a pie in the face, but rather to note that he seems to be proffered as a sacrificial demon. The videos even seem to relish in zooming in and slowing down the video to give him that 'devilish' 'aura' about him, especially when he chortles, remembering his purported association with the number of the beast: 666. It seems that there is a daily 'discovery' on the 'Doings of Gates' to keep many intrigued.

Some of the things which have come out about 'virus' are also interesting. There is a notion, which states, that virus may not even 'exist' but are rather the product of the human immune system expelling toxins from the cells. Some of the information seems to point to the body being incapable of 'catching' a virus altogether, and rather the 'toxin' must be injected or otherwise internalized into the body. Interesting things to consider when one takes into account that the very definition of virus was from those which have fed us our shot throughout life, controlled the nutritional content of the food system, sprayed something into the air for years on end and has us locked down now.

Both of these could be true in relation to virus but really what it does, in the overall context, is encourage more division by taking a generational ideal, and questioning its validity, and therefore a point of 'self identification' for the many. One can recall recently, another event which created a similar divide in recent years: that of the Flat Earth.

Before I get my very first 'hate' mail, I will state that I don't care about the 'shape' of the place which I 'live' because it has no bearing on the war in which we are currently, and probably always have been, silently 'engaged' in. If for nothing else, for the reason stated above; it is not a unifying factor and more division is not helpful at this stage of the game. If you feel slighted by my honesty that is your issue, but feel free to peruse the rest of my blog for hints as to why, but I warn you, you may get 'triggered'.

As the first stage of this operation dwindles on into the second, one can see that part of the conditioning for the divide is caused by a paradigm shift into a pronounced 'new normal' (New World Order?). There will be two sorts of people which come out, those which are willing to give their freedoms to feel safe (and expect everyone else to be on board) and those which will not.

I had mentioned before about the need for 'if/then' within a long term program. The divisions which are created are along those very ideas; polarized, on/off results to 'stimulus'. The division of the people's in this way is intentional to create animosity and fighting among themselves; priming them for a next 'stage' yet to be revealed.

What are the two things which are a thorn in the side of the 'rulers'? The American Constitution, mainly the right to bear arms and the alternative media with its independent journalists. Most are found on Youtube, and for years have endured censorship of many different kinds.

I, as others, have noticed how the 'censored' from yesteryear comes back to haunt the 'suggested' space these days. It has been proven over the last years that the sequestering of information and censoring, can be done live (as in live-streams being cut midstream) and is quite effective at 'shielding' the average user from accidentally happening upon too much 'truth'. But now it seems that the information is 'allowed' to propagate so far, with videos reaching well into the millions of views before eventually being 'banned'. There is a 'mind game' afoot for sure.

On the evening of May 14 at around 19:30, I noticed that Youtube did 'something' to many 'alt' channels. I tried many of my bookmarks and found that many had all videos, disappeared and links went 404; then, a few minutes later, they were back. This did not affect all of my bookmarks as some channels had their videos there the whole while. I will state that the ones which were not affected are not considered very high on my 'trust' list or are too 'new' to tell.

I am just wondering if there hasn't been some sort of 'adjustment' made to many of the alternative information channels. I would suggest that you leave the platform now before their plan is unveiled and you are smeared within their portrait of lies. I know that I am not the only one to smell a 'setup' here. The how remains to be seen, as the take down commences and it intrigues me to wonder, who will be last.

There are divisions and mindsets being cemented into place for the next stage of this ongoing progression which is really a war on humanity. These will help to  usher foreword the further enslavement of humanity through the evisceration of the alternative media and questioning itself, if not stopped in its tracks. Break your ties with the controlled platforms, there is nothing to gain there anymore. It is time to leave the ship which is trying to drown you.

More importantly, the information is not what this is about, it is about keeping our humanity. Keeping the love, respect, consideration; morality of humanity intact. Right now and for many years leading up to this moment, I have had a difficult time recognizing, not only others, but myself as an 'evolved' human being.

If you can see that in yourself, you are on the road to honestly evaluating your moral compass. Congratulations, now it is time to live it. That means simply striving to be better everyday with small steps. As the 'times' accelerate' so will your steps, but YOU have to take the first one and that is always the most difficult. Now is the time to step up and free yourself so that others may follow your example.

SAVE yourself, BE the CHANGE, take that STEP.