Monday, January 23, 2017

My Thoughts on Feminism

I saw this image and it made me think of this whole feminism thing which I have noticed.

This image made me think because woman is universe (humanly speaking). There is no life without woman; even the richest and most evil was born of woman.

Men have hated and been jealous of this for centuries and the history speaks for itself but do not dwell too much on the history of the winners nor carry the torch for past generations; carry the torch for you, for NOW. Fight because you KNOW what you are fighting for.

Are you fighting for rights which have been eroded over decades if not centuries which affect everyone?

Are you fighting for equality for all, not just the division of the sexes?

Are you fighting for a saner, healthier way of life which is in balance with humanity and nature with an evolutionary path instead of a stagnant cycle?

It is told that women are softer, more lenient than men. Are you fighting to be harder and harsher?

It is said that women are kinder than men. Are you fighting for equality to be mean?

I have heard that a "woman president would never launch a nuclear war". Are you fighting to prove that she would?

The main way to divide humanity is through the most basic difference - sex. What better way to begin the mechanisms of control than by encouraging the most basic of divisions throughout our lives. Don't forget that there were also well treated woman (equal) throughout history, they just don't fit the agenda for you to know about them.

Don't you think that instead of fighting to be like men, it would be more productive to help us become better men for the women that you are; for the society which could be? Do we need to fight for further sub-divisions of our most basic division? Where is the sanity in that? Be who you believe you are but leave others out of it; don't push divisions down their throats.

Would it not be better to fight along side of us against the system itself which creates, manipulates, encourages, sells, advertises and just plain brainwashes the population into accepting that "sex sells" on so many levels that there really are no 'defenses' for it as it permeates our entire beings. It must be firstly exposed and dismantled then replaced with something saner, more humane. There is no pride in bearing witness to the pornification of life.

Power is fleeting, subject to many things and also the projection of impotent beings but woman will always be woman. Why would you want to be equal to such inferior beings? The only POWER which is held is that over the entire human race and it begins with division starting at its most obvious. If the division is locked in at that level, how many other divisions do you subscribe to? Control is only obtained through acquiescence and acceptance of an 'authority'; what will you fight for?

Perhaps it is true that LOVE will save us in the end but that does not necessarily mean 'love thy neighbor', it may simply mean do not harbor animosity towards others; at least we could begin from there and break the shackles of division.

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