Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Truth Is Fun

The Truth Is Fun

It's finding out that what you hold to be a 'Part Of You' is a LIE which isn't.

To laugh at some ridiculousness which someone has enacted or repeated is usually immediately reacted to as:
"Are you laughing at me?"
To which I reply "I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you."
Which many reply "Well I'm not laughing."
For which I reply "Then I'm laughing for you."

Here are some of the things which I have to laugh at (because I am tired of weeping):

I think that we all know that Big Pharma is all about profit. Yet people still take their drugs believing they are about health.

There is a lot of evidence against the efficacy and safety of vaccines, not to mention the countless accounts from victims of the 'adverse reactions' which includes death. Yet people still line up to get them and are easily incited to FORCE others to partake in this lunacy.

Voting never changes anything but people keep doing it, believing that 'this time' it's all going to be 'right'. Makes me think of "This time, I'm hitting those sevens." (How many times can people keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results?)

Microsoft is implicated in sterilizing 'vaccines' and eugenics, to mention a couple, and people (including the 'alt media') still use their operating system. I have offered, for the past decade, to help people install and adjust to Linux to rid themselves of MS Windows. There have not been many takers to my offer. The one (maybe it is only one) which I can think of, was eager to learn and to wean himself from the clutches of Gates; perhaps I should be happy with that. That said, there have been others which have failed in the process and some which even 'blame' me for their inability to adapt . There is a lot of that these days - "My ignorance is your fault". (sigh)

You can show people that a handful of companies control all the media they watch yet they still go home and watch TV believing that the 'News' is real. They believe that they are 'learning' something because they watch a lot of the History Channel. Hmm, history, written by the winners in the first place, served up by the 5 or so companies which control most media globally? Sounds like a great source for honesty. But you cannot say these things to them for it will invoke an argument as they MUST be learning something or else the majority of their lives will have amounted to NOTHING. (The games we play in our own programmed minds.)

The dangers of blue lights have been studied and publicly acknowledged yet there is still a push for LED everything and people keep using their glowing devices in the dark.

People are informed or have heard about the social experiments and psychological manipulation of social media yet they still use them. Even after learning that the designers of said platforms don't and won't let their children near them. They tell themselves that their child 'needs' a tablet for his schoolwork and a 'smartphone' for his 'security'. One of the things which I have observed is how it is now about 'Reacting' instead of responding in an augmented 'Perception".

It has been a well established fact for years about the dangers of sodas (affectionately known as 'soft drinks') yet people keep drinking them. Just hang outside a major supermarket or Walmart and see how many cases come out in the short time you are there. (All's good in 'moderation' right? Who knew spandex came in XXXXL?)

People ask: "Why can't they build stuff which lasts anymore?" - You know what, they CAN - we have been programmed to say stupid shit. The correct usage would have been "Why DON'T they build...?". Because it is a CHOICE and by using the word "can't" it is implying that the capacity of production is not there - it is an excuse, a justification whether we see it or not; it is programmed, automatic.

And not only do the machines have to hold up to time but the repair parts must also be available. Too many things these days could easily be repaired if the companies would make the parts available. There are so many layers (hands in pockets) involved in the 'manufacturing scam'. We have the knowledge and technology to build things to last at least a hundred years; now why don't we? (So we can be blamed for 'destroying' the planet with our 'mindless' consumption.)

People don't seem to realize that the 'red pill' is not about knowing that the government is corrupt or that corporations rule the land with banksters and evil families, it is about realizing your entire life may be a lie and until you can deal with that fact, you are still playing THEIR game - so they flock (and I use that term loosely) to 'alt media' in search of yet another external point of blame (POB) and they are learning what exactly?

What this world needs most is change and to do that, it means that each and every person must change. All these 'habits' and 'beliefs' that are held as the 'self' must be questioned and addressed; to change on a large scale, it must begin with the smallest details.

Individual 'reactions' holds the key. Look at how hard everything about you seems to wants you to react then learn to curb the reactions with responses and whoohoo we are on the way to 'change'. (Reactions don't involve thought like responses.)

'Seeking' is not (as far as I can see) the answer (just like that constant 'pursuit of happiness'). To BE a better person today than you were yesterday brings out the 'wisdom' within and that starts with the smallest changes of 'self'. Stop searching for external POBs and start bettering the world one person at a time. There are only so many 'rabbit holes' the soul can take so stop being lured down by someone you don't know; put down the pitchforks and KNOW yourself.

But what do I know?

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Friday, November 08, 2019

How Am I?

How Am I?

I get asked that question (as most do) often in life but I have never known how to answer it honestly.

The standard replies for this seemingly simply question are to invoke one word answers such as "fine" "great" or "fantastic" in order to portray a sense of 'wellness' and mixing it up with such things as "so-so" or "same old, same old" to avoid a commitment to the good/bad paradigm and to leave it ambiguous. I also reply with "I'm still here" which many take how ever way they please; usually negatively. (you can't say things like that, that is for the inner voice not the out-loud one)

I have learned in life that most do not want an actual answer to the question; they are not asking out of interest but rather out of empty pleasantries or chitchat. Most don't want to hear honesty for they would rather see things as bright and cheery and never remove their rose colored glassed. "Don't be so negative man" they chant if what you say perhaps ruffles their delicate, positively charged feathers.

They don't want to hear that I did not want to live past 30 and here I am beginning my 51st. They don't want to know that I wake every morning with a "damn, still here" to start my day. That I cannot remember a time where I was truly 'happy' (I seem to recall brief moments but they may simply be wishful dreaming). They don't want to hear that I don't share in their "Greatest time to be alive!" mantra nor do I have any 'hope' that humanity will 'awaken' its way out of what is in store for us and that I feel that this life is more of a prison sentence than anything else.

They don't want to know that I don't have any 'dreams' or 'ambitions' and cannot really think of a time when I did. That I never really wanted to 'succeed' (although I thought I did for a while but it passed rather quickly). That I want no part of what the collective deems 'society' or 'civilization' and that the only 'desires' I may have had in the past were merely implants of what is expected of a "productive member of society"; that I never really BELIEVED in any of it.

Perhaps you think that competition is a great thing and that it brings out the best (best what?) in people but I want no part of a life where I have to be 'strategic' in everything I do, with everything I purchase; where the only 'motivator' seems to be getting cash from one pocket to put into mine; where there are so many 'secrets' that it all must be based on lies.

People are meant to treat their lives as a business, counting every bean all the while being 'prudent', which is their euphemism for afraid and would rather someone else "make up their mind" so as not to make the 'decision' on what to fear. Fear is a great business to be in.

I do not know what others mean by 'intention' other than everything coming from a source of love (Is my intention to cause harm?). I have no 'hobbies' nor go out of my way for anything except to help another. There is a huge difference between intention and perception which most do not or will not grasp; perhaps it has been programmed that way. The program which I believe has been instilled is that of the perpetual childish ego.

This ego needs to hold onto what it thinks it knows which supersedes any information which may point to actual knowledge. The desire to learn is non-existent as the belief in one's own intelligence closes that door. This same ego has difficulty in simply answering a direct question as it perhaps believes doing so would be a trap and it must exonerate itself from any possible rapprochements. This ego does just enough of anything in order to say that it did something. Most of all, this ego fears the judgement of others; a perfect mental environment for today's 'normalcy' and control.

Do you know what would change the world? Simply bettering one's self every day would better the world. Bettering how? Perhaps by seeing one's self honestly for the first time and truly desiring to be better. Little steps as little habits broken become big habits broken; ignorance admitted instead of defended or justified (now what was that a definition for?) becomes an opportunity for knowledge and the more intelligent we grow on the aggregate, the less chance that we can "get fooled again" (does that bring back any memories? HA).

What saddens me is witnessing many fight tool and nail to hold onto the worst aspects of themselves and of our 'systems'. Perhaps because somehow it makes them who they perceive themselves to be (just one angle). What an insidious program we (humans) have been living under over the generations to be capable of simply passing something like that on to the next; to forever stunt the growth of 'humanity'.

It saddens me to see that the majority of a species which (to use a cliche) has 'potential', chooses the life of serfdom (slavery). I feel (as we keep with the feewings theme) that I am surrounded by stupidity (take that as you will) and that my intelligence drops simply by living in these times.

With all that and much more, I feel that the best day of my life shall be the last one. I'm just waiting for it to be over. Don't worry though, I don't need 'saving' but I could use some good conversation; you know, some talking but more importantly, some listening (hint) and bouncing of ideas instead of debunking and repeating programmed responses. Oh, and did I mention I don't need to be 'saved'. HA!

People tell me all sorts of things I need to do to get "through this". They tell me to focus on the good and forget the bad, breath, meditate, yoga, what-not. They want to 'save' me from myself by distracting me from myself? So many wasted energies flittering about the truther land and that is not saying that any of what is mentioned above is 'bad or good' (but how did you take it?).

Sometimes I wonder, if I could 'save' the humans (all inclusive term), would I want to? Remember the bible story of Moses coming down and the people had fallen into depravity, idol worship, corruption...(any of this ringing any bells?) - and he just went to the mountain to get a couple of tablets, We've had generations of social engineering, psychology experiments, MKUltra, Propaganda, 'real news' (wink), a multitude of division tactics (read NWO Manifesto for a short yet inclusive (ha) list) and so many more layers to this onion that it would take an entire book to write and lifetime to fully study.

If, as some claim, we all chose to be here in order to 'learn' then I simply want out. My time of 'learning' is over for I have seen all I want to see from this life/simulation/matrix/whatever. I don't need to stay to witness new levels of depravity which humans can have towards one another. (and I will leave that one right there before I rant too much).

So, where was I? Oh yeah - How am I?

Perhaps I should just reply with a 'fine' but I can no longer play the liar's game of life. HONESTY begins with self but that does not mean it has to stop there. Some day the TRUTH has to stop being offensive.

So, How Am I?

Don't ask, unless you really want to know.

Friday, June 07, 2019

ordo ab chao - Who's Chaos Is It Anyways?

We all know the phrase or at least the meaning - order out of chaos - for we have been indoctrinated all our lives to believe that we need to suffer in order to learn or advance forward like that sweet phrase "No pain, no gain"; that we need to be punished in order to be a good 'citizen'. The mantra of secret societies which allude to an 'elite' which will bring about 'order' and 'save' humanity from itself.

Through phrases like "darkest before the dawn". "it's going to get worst before it gets better" and "light at the end of the tunnel" to name a few, we have abdicated our power to 'suffering' in order to reach 'happiness' as we await a 'savior' in whatever form 'resonates' with us; be it through voting, prayer or 'manifestation', who will save us as the 'systems' which we have created begin to crumble about us and all fall into 'crisis'?

So where is it all going? It seems to me that there are an awful lot of 'angles' being covered; full spectrum dominance across sociological 'lives' which have been formed over decades, if not longer. 'Globalization' has been ongoing for most of my life now and it, in itself, encompasses many levels such as economic, military, medical, media, political, etc. Those which rule do not engage in 'single payout' operations, there are layers upon layers of causes and effects to their plans; from anticipation (predictive programming) to 'realization', 'acceptance' and 'consent', these are all controlled on levels so hidden that no one person can grasp them all.

Take how, currently, the U.S. is being built up as a 'global bully'; this is a great ploy for a Hegelian dialectic (problem/reaction/solution) move. How 'far' will it be 'allowed' to go before a 'global coalition' is 'demanded' from the masses in order to stop the big, bad menace which is involved in destabilizing, invading, covert wars, regime change, political meddling, economic and technological warfare, propaganda, torture, shredding of Natural Law and basic human dignity. The U.S. is being made out to be the 'bad guy' which will have to be 'taken down' at some point in the future (convenient for a nation which could never be 'invaded'). Who will be the 'savior' and how many more 'levels' and 'games' are being played simultaneously upon the human spirit? Didn't Edgar Cayce predict that Russia would save the world?

All the while the mass consciousness is being manipulated and forged into something which, in my opinion, no longer resembles 'Humanity'. Chase those life credits, jump through those hoops and you better 'obey' lest you be 'punished'. The 'aftershocks of such pervasive and constant programming makes it natural for the example of the cry of the tormented artist feeding the 'popularity' of his work which are considered 'investments' rather than works of art; all the while knowing, deep down, that if the artist were to suddenly die, the 'value' of said investment would surely rise. It's beauty and soulfulness eviscerated by the 'worth' deemed by others. Envy, is that what gives something value? Does my coveting give what you possess worth? If you die, do I 'win' big? Is this where 'competition' leads us to? Does this sort of example lay bare our depraved collective humanity?

The YouTube 'purge' (sure has been a long purge) of 'disinformation', 'fake news', 'extremists' and the like is also interesting. For in the forming of 'alternatives' and of the migration to such platforms such as DTube or BitChute. There is a built in assurance that the normal person which sees YouTube mentioned on T.V. and in films is not going to 'accidentally' come across any of this 'alternative' information which could spark an 'awakening'; after all, who wants to venture onto platforms which are 'occupied' by "white nationalists", "right-wing extremists" and "conspiracy videos" (you're with us or them)? This migration is creating echo chambers as alternative media and online radio has done for years. For even the 'awakened' need 'validation' and 'support' while they sell you all those supplements, alternative medicines, mystic encounters and prepper gear.

Interestingly there was an article in the MSM, as I write this, about Google banning Neo-Nazis and holocaust deniers (lumping them into one). This is the sort of thing which will be associated with the new platforms which will ensure that the majority steer clear of the 'dangers'; sort of sounds like 'Silk Road' all over again.

The court of public opinion is strengthening on the horizon as it has been 'fed' for at least a decade now with the help of your T.V. and other 'media'. The 'social justice warriors' shall become fused with a social credit system as they become widely used and accepted by the masses which relish the thought of punishment for those which stray too far outside the accepted lines of normal; keeping society 'safe' from ever breaking free of their slavery, I guess. It never ceases to amaze me that the more enslaved people become, the more they insist on 'everyone' joining in on the fun; the perfectly programmed ego knows no bonds.

In the end, with whatever happens, you will be proven 'right' or 'wrong' (depending on what you believe) and the 'appropriate' people will have been 'punished' but we will still be PAYING to be ALIVE in one form or another unless we can break the shackles which only we could have put there in the first place. There will be those which will 'thrive' in the 'new' environment and those which are destroyed (with cheering); where will you end up?

I have written before about a need to "get over ourselves", which is shedding the programmed ego and coming into our own true power by becoming who we really could be; now is the time to do that, post haste. As we play the games, because "you gotta eat", and slowly creep forward (business as usual with diminishing interludes) towards a possible 'Awakening', how far will you go to realize that you are not you and break free in every sense possible and accept that what has been built over the centuries is not LIFE and it is rotten to its very core, as is the programmed 'self'? 

I do not ascribe to the idea of 'good triumphing over evil' simply because it is on the 'right' side of duality and I believe that our point of no return has long passed, but there could still be a 'miracle' chance (albeit slim) that humanity can pull itself out of this; but I won't hold my breath.

Some say that "history will tell" but I put to you that if the winners write history, how difficult would it be to 'disappear' an entire civilization? There are already major 'holes' within our planetary 'history' which would indicate such a thing has perhaps already happened before. If you kill off an entire civilization and no one remembers, is it still a 'genocide'?

In the end, with all the 'order' already being executed and the 'surprises' coming our way, will there really be any 'change'? It all begins within each and every one of us by simply becoming better people every day; be better than you were yesterday and step out of the game.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A Baby Girl To Save The World

Oh what pressure to know that you have just brought into this world a living gem which will have to claw and fight her way to freedom or forever remain an obedient slave.

To raise her to have the love, strength and tolerance of her mother along with the knowledge, boldness and honesty of her father. To face hardship with love, confidence and determination coupled with fearlessness, drive for truth and outspoken abandon. To have compassion, forgiveness and empathy for those which would do her harm and to genuinely care about what it is to be 'human'. To not take to heart what others may 'say' about her while never stooping to their level.

How do I make sure that she is not crushed by by the very same 'system' which claims to want to 'save' her? To not 'participate' in her slavery while manifesting her liberty.

How do I guide her into being the 'hope of the wold' (the children are our future) without holding out for her to 'save' anything but herself? For her to be what she will be without pressure and manipulation? To teach her everything about the technology she will be part of without it swallowing her whole?

To question and dig deeper into our collective 'history' which is written by the 'winners'?

To become truly 'educated' while having her attend the 'indoctrination' centers?

To not get lost in mass debate and to not participate in the game of tearing each other down?

To teach her life skills and real 'value' amongst a consuming, 'disposable' society?

To not be willing to do what she is told without at least asking why and demanding an answer and accept even if that answer is not what she wants to hear?

To not take herself too seriously as she realizes that the more she learns, the less she knows?

Being in a hospital for two days, I realized that it is like the time I spent 'questioned' at the United States border; all based on fear where 'what if' reigns supreme. In that border 'incident', I was handcuffed to a bench for my own 'safety'. This is the type of thing that I will not know how to share with her.

Most of the above words were written 2 days after the birth of a baby girl. Now it is 3 months later. So many incredible moments have occurred since then.

I have so many questions as I watch and participate in the beginning phases of this amazing soul's 'development' into our world (perhaps I should call it Dogma). To observe her coming to life with the environment around her is an incredible experience as she plays and notices things around her while beaming a toothless smile.

She smiles, she screams, she laughs, she cries, she eats, she shits and she is very aware of things around her. I could go on for hours describing this wonder of life but will spare you all the goo.

She has never had any screen time as television programming has long been a thing of the past for me and the computer screens we turn off or away. How long will I be able to keep her from seeing these things and I really should not deprive her of the experience but rather prepare her for it so that she has a solid contextual basis of awareness as she grows within a surveillance based world.

She is already spending a lot of time outside with a few experiences of just laying on the grass. Think about that for a second, imagine experiencing laying on the grass for the first time ever.

In essence, my job is to guide her into becoming more human than I am, for this is a true evolution of species.

This when one realizes that change starts within each and every one of us - it starts with YOU.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

NWO Manifesto - Update One

A while back I wrote NWO Manifest - Condensed Version - if you have not yet read that one, please do.

Now I have had another one of those "What am I writing?" moments and this is what came out:

It has been quite an achievement to advance, in one lifetime, what our predecessors deemed 'impossible' for at least another generation. We had not anticipated that the technologies necessary to complete our goals would be available quite so soon but be assured, our plans are not 'rushed' and things are going as planned if not a little ahead of 'schedule'.

We have groomed the populations of this 'Earth' for centuries knowing that we could never enslave them all; but that was never really the desired outcome was it? Now it is time for there to remain solely a 'handful' of them to serve our needs.

Over the years, countries which are large in land mass and small in population have demonstrated to be excellent 'proving' grounds and 'test beds' for our experiments. The populations of these countries have been 'nudged' into the right direction over the generations and this method has proven to be quite effective to reach the point where we now reside; with the herd calm and comfortable. Now it is time to advance our agenda and let the brutality of our order followers demonstrate whom shall be their 'saviours' from those elements which reside outside "the rule of law". Let's rattle their cages a little and keep them on edge.

Although the Internet turned out to be a mild nuisance for our plans in the beginning, we could not have hoped for a better tool at our disposal. The psychological and sociological manipulations it has facilitated along with the 'information', 'entertainment' and 'social' dependencies it has created could not have worked out better for our goals. Coupled with the 'leaked' information over the years, this has served well to manipulate their thoughts, emotions and reactions and has allowed us to identify and classify the heretics among the masses so as to better influence the direction of their dissent.

Now it is time for their 'life line', which we have created, to be slowly choked off. Use 'disappearances' and make some vanish, create some anew and hasten the 'kettling' of their voices into convenient 'echo chambers'; always control the direction. What will happen when we cut off their 'information'? When the only 'access' they shall be 'granted' shall be that which we allow? Will their 'addiction' cause widespread panic? What will happen when the 'information' which they believe to have garnered is no longer a 'value' to the remainder? When those that are left, realize that this was never the 'information' needed to halt our progression it will be too late.

The self-defined 'freedom warriors' have created the perfect atmosphere for us to ferret out 'dissent' among the hoard. They have dutifully and, at times comically, divided themselves on the very subjects which they all share and created their own echo chambers; creating confusion among the masses which are on the verge of 'questioning' and building up a false sense of solidarity. "Never look at the negative" - Brilliant work! And while their bickering about the shape of this space, they are still paying for the privilege of living on our planet. Let them believe that there are some which we "cannot touch" and give them 'hope' of a 'saviour'. In the end, all shall fall, as no one is immune to our reach.

Let them swim in information, nay, let them drown in it. Release the floodgates of every disinformation plot, truth, half-truth, lie, innuendo, fear and pure fantasy. Let the onslaught overwhelm the senses and itself create different paths for all to follow; spread them out and make sure that they never realize that they all fight for the same thing. Let it all out, for the deception is so great that to hide the goal is no longer a priority as its incredulity of scope and breadth is simply too much to fathom. Remember, it does not have to be true it just has to be what they hear,over and over, which they shall believe; for truth is what we create. Let them live in the past for it shall have no bearing on their future as we own their 'history'.

The media are forever convincing the public of whom to hate and love and keeping them in a state of fear and reaction. Intensify this tactic, for there is no thought when reacting on the instincts which we have programmed them with. Keep them believing that every issue is either this or that while we continue our work within these 'boundaries' which we have created; for the grey area is where we work best as we feed them the language of their subservience and feed their egos with a false sense of security with 'news' of our 'inevitable demise'. "We are winning" they shall cry even as they continually divide and lose sight of their true enemy.

Keep letting them believe that there is but one nation which stands in our way of global domination by force and that that nation is the United States of America. Keep hammering away at it, keep facilitating their self-created divisions and load as many more as you can; make sure to use 'the children' as a tool for their demise. They are screaming for their own 'civil war', perhaps we should just give it to them and let them 'take care' of each other. Let them 'revolt', as the divisions are well cemented in the minds of the many. They shall lose their 'arms' one way or another; if it is to be from their "cold, dead hands", so be it, our 'security' forces are ready.

As we corral them into 'safe spaces' on the Internet, it is nearly time to herd them together physically. So continue to poison their food, water, environment along with their very souls; everything which we own.

They live because we 'allow' them to but now it is time to claim what is rightfully ours. Ideally the land mass to population ratio of all nations will be reduced and herded into centers of occupation of which we control. The rest of the land shall be deemed as 'protected' land or too 'hazardous' as in the islands which are easy targets of our weather manipulation techniques being used to spread credibility and fear.

Five hundred million spread across all continents is the goal and it will be within such devastation that their knowledge, language and very essence shall be affected; then let the game begin anew with far greater powers of control, surveillance and punishment.

Monday, April 30, 2018

The 'Specials'

The gadgets are 'smart', moons are 'super' and colorful, winter storms have 'names' or 'vortex', there are frequent 'can't miss eclipses' and everything seems to be 'historic'.

Oh what a time to be alive; to witness the annihilation of the three Cs: Courtesy, Consideration and Common Sense.

To rejoice in the birth of the perfectly Programmed Ego and to experience the end of 'Freedom' as we know it as all are 'free' to believe that they are 'special'. To watch my species, which has been indoctrinate through 'multi-generational programming', succumb to and actively create and participate in their own enslavement and inevitable demise.

Through 'convenience' and self importance, the populous have allowed themselves to be curtailed within a paradigm which seemingly must forever stand; Continuity of Government on a grand sociological scale if you will. "How do the ruling 'elite' achieve such a grand feat?" one may ask; simple really, just let the 'ruled' believe it was their idea and it shall take care of itself.

Perhaps you have seen them, interacted with them or even are one of the 'specials' yourself for no one is 'immune', not even I. Perhaps you are totally oblivious that they even exist; perhaps this is simply another one of those 'conspiracy theories' as you guzzle your beer after a gruelling day at work and sit in front of your self purchased 'propaganda box'.

They are the ones which seem to view having consideration for others as diminishing their 'right' to think solely of themselves. They love to be 'heard' even when they have nothing to say and simply speak out of ignorance, have a need to be noticed, 'identify' with cartoon characters and super heroes, are swayed by things which are 'pretty' and what they 'like', are seemingly unable to answer a direct question, believe anything you tell them as long as it's a compliment and are always searching 'outside' themselves; looking for "not me" to blame.

They don't take well to being 'bullied and harassed' but will happily do so in order to 'convince' someone else to conform to 'their' ideals and gladly accept the 'authority' of their governments, education and medical industries. They don't appreciate questions which make them 'think' beyond their programming and what they truly fear is discovering that truth is contrary to their 'beliefs'. Courtesy for others is a 'two way street' for them as they are always expecting something in return.

Have you figured out what happens when you treat your citizenry like moron children for their entire lives? What you get is a population of moron children; perfect for control from the 'top' for they have a complete lack of common sense. They perpetuate this mentality forward, for you treat others as you are treated and the cycle degrades humanity's very essence; the species becomes 'ripe for the picking' as they essentially lose their 'souls'. Look around if you don't believe me, how many 'warning' labels, signs, etc. are strewn about with that ominous red lettering?

I've heard some say that Trans-humanism sounds 'real cool' and that they eagerly await their newly implanted 'abilities', never giving thought that as we become increasingly non-biological, we become less human. But really, if we are honest with ourselves, we have already gone past that threshold without any artificial means.

How else do we explain supposedly 'nice' people spitting their hatred towards a country and its peoples without ever seeing it or knowing any of them? How else is the air of 'punishment' so thick in its self derived 'righteousness' that war and 'sanctions' against an entire population is an accepted means of achieving 'peace'? There has been a lot of rhetoric about "hanging" and "killing" and "off with their heads" from all 'sides' of the divided masses; anger can be a powerful tool when 'managed' just right.

Have you ever noticed how easy it seems to hate the 'haters' or to simply dehumanize an opposing view or ethnicity as we rail against those darn 'racists'? Oh wait, we don't debate opinions anymore, we vilify the messengers; Christ would be proud for those which claim to believe in that yet still succumb to the a fore mentioned trends.

Do they not notice how rights are easily taken away and never given back? How everything is 'secret' or for 'national security'? That "For your own safety" is repeated ad nausea in order to illicit the fears and divisions which control the masses? Do they not notice that humanity's greatest 'enemy' lies not outside but is rather, each and every one of us? That the beginning step to evolve as a species is to simply 'get over ourselves' which, for the most part, is not really 'us' to begin with.

I tire of hearing the regurgitation of such delightful quips as "Man has always been at war" or "That's just human nature" or "We are instinctively a violent species" for I won't ever buy into that mentality. As I have stated prior, I am certain that we are capable of so much more but sadly now, I am not so certain that we will ever discover that before it is too late?

Stop pulling a Bonnie Tyler and 'Holding out for a Hero'. The only way to turn the tide is by finding the hero in each and every one of us and to do that we must honestly see what we have allowed ourselves to become. We must find our true unlimited hearts and love and respect our fellow human beings. It is OK to be angry but we should never forget that anger does not require hatred and that power is not taken, it is given, even without knowing it.

It is time to OWN our power; it is time to say "NO MORE". Stop playing someone else's game and start living your LIFE.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Free Yourself

So I was over at my neighbor's house yesterday and their sixty inch plasma television was tuned to the mainstream news. The 'news' was reporting on Trump and Syria and China (talking points of the moment with the enemies of the day). It was amazing to me to see the totally predictable reaction from my neighbor when the other wasn't sure about what is happening in Syria (a little hope as half the couple at least had questions). There was the calling of Putin an "madman" with Assad being a monster (also agreement on Trump calling him an "animal") which has "gassed before" and has been killing his own people for the last five years. And that it was looking like they are leading us into world war three. It saddens me to see people, which I love, be so easily manipulated and simply repeat the lies from the mainstream media; at times with such anger and belligerence.

Sometimes I forget how much influence a television which is constantly on and tuned to the news can have on people. I was there once but I didn't stay long; got too busy travelling, learning and living. I have written before about some of my journeys and perhaps that was something which really kick-started my awareness to the 'lives' which we are led to believe is living, of the slavery which we believe is freedom, of the lies which we believe are truths and of the selves we believe are us.

I wonder, at times, how I ever got onto this path some call 'The Awakening' and why it has not seemed to go anywhere? Perhaps I am just missing the signals, but I do wonder of those which claim that "We are winning" or "They're crumbling" or "They're afraid; are they really? If I were a 'ruler' would I be afraid that the masses are awakening and that my system of control along with my plans for domination are truly being threatened?

Could it be that we are actually being lulled into a 'false sense of security' (sort of like our mainstream lives)? That perhaps a lot of the 'information' which is 'discovered' is simply 'leaked' to create a divided atmosphere? That part of the 'grand game' is to reveal and obfuscate what the past holds in order to confuse and trap as many as possible there when the NOW is where we need to be to really effect change? That the selves which we have been programmed to be and defend with such fervor are simply part of the plan? Could it be that we are being gamed while the necessary steps to total control are being enacted right under our very noses?

Many in the 'alternative media' seem to believe that there is a 'magic spark' from some tidbit of information, which may be true or not, which shall invoke mass consciousness and bring about 'change'. That perhaps, something external will negate the need and work involved with truly knowing and changing thyself and miraculously save us all so that 'business as usual' can continue once we rid ourselves of the 'Deep State' or other external enemy so that our beloved 'capitalism' can go about in its intended form and bring peace and happiness to all.

So they create their little echo chambers with this group following this radio broadcast, podcast, website, etc. They break off into their separate niches with some 'researching' the shape of the Earth, the validity of the Kennedy assassination, 9/11 truth, the current political situation, past political leaders, dictators, activists, extremists, gun rights, property rights, MK Ultra mind control, surveillance, secret societies, the Constitution, World War Three, depopulation, global warming, geo-engineering, vaccines, poison food and water, artificial intelligence, 5G, quantum computing, holographic universe; the list goes on and on and the rabbit holes are seemingly endless but the REACTIONS to symptoms of a greater problem seems to remain the same.

What is the common thought, hope, intention here? Is it perhaps that 'this' will be the 'straw which breaks the camel's back', that 'this' will be the 'trigger' to a grand awakening or that 'this' will be the thing which invokes the 'hundredth monkey' and brings about change? I hate to break it to you but the number of monkeys actually needed is supposedly ten percent of the population which at seven billion is seven hundred million, that is twice the population of the United States, twenty times that of Canada and so forth; are we simply deluding ourselves?

The example above of the couple and their programming, which are in their sixties, is indicative of 'normal' within our western societies so imagine the subsequent generations which followed and how much more programmed they may actually be. Imagine your programming: the fears, projections, ego, love, hate, security, opinions et al. all fighting to have some validity in your overall existence. Imagine the games which you play, the lies which you repeat and the love which you have abandoned and try to wonder, as I do, is this really ME?

We are constantly told how 'divided' we are and play into the games of the 'rulers' when, in reality, the division starts within and that is where the work needs to be done. I want to have hope for my species but I do waver as I have watched it all unfold over the years with glimpses of 'progress' being swallowed into the matrix of fears and lies. I know that we are capable of so much more than this 'life' which we train subsequent generations to follow and to 'matter' in order to reach the top of the heap or at least not be condemned to the bottom; continually succumbing to the programmed fears which keeps us 'in line' and forever obedient, lest we suffer the assumed 'consequences'.

This is the 'work' I do, what I write about. It is about 'me' yet so much more, for divided we shall indeed FALL. I know in my heart that humanity is capable of the love which is needed, even if everything about us tries to lead us into yet another false paradigm. To err is human, to keep doing it and never learning from it is plain stupidity; I am tired of being stupid and that is not the future I wish upon any generation.

CHANGE starts NOW, it starts with each individual ME and it is for ALL - BE A PART OF IT and FREE YOURSELF for the sake of EVERYONE.

Monday, April 09, 2018

Think They Think

"Five percent of the people think;
ten percent of the people think they think;
and the other eighty-five percent would rather die than think."
-- Thomas A. Edison

I read that quote and I started to wonder.

If five percent are 'thinkers', it would include the controllers of the world with their design and implementation of control over the global landmasses and populations. Their ability to foment and execute plans hundreds of years in scope and the continuous and constantly evolving control mechanism which seem to implant themselves within the general psyche.

The rest of that five percent could be comprised of actual thinkers, philosophers, creators, idealists and dreamers with visions of a more amicable, egalitarian and symbiotic future for humanity and our magnificent planet.

They come from all backgrounds and social status and are the ones which respond to situations rather than react. They'll tend to listen more than speak but when they do, it can be with the release of waves of information, sometimes overwhelming but non-the-less necessary and important for the evolution of humanity itself. They will see the whole rather than focus on single points and include all information before beginning to form an opinion. They don't have an incessant need to be 'right' but how they are 'judged', however, may be completely different.

The following ten percent, those which think they think, includes politicians, scientists, educators, academics, activists, media personalities, corporate leaders, medical professionals, new-agers, alternative media, a wide range of 'experts' and countless others from many varied backgrounds which may very well include myself. They are usually very certain of their intelligence and love to be 'for' or 'against' something. They can be shrewd and cunning along with judgemental and opportunistic but that should not be the basis of what one perceives them to be, for we are all in the same program, just on varying planes of awareness.

The rest (the majority), those which would rather die than think, are simply trying to live their lives within the parameters of their programming and provided environment. They 'love' their distractions and 'live' for country, sports, parties, celebrities  and whatever else the rulers deem fit for them to adore and worship. They also easily 'hate' whatever 'abnormality' or 'threat' which is presented to them for the sole purpose of hating. They demand punishment of and protection from the 'evil doers' of the moment, are great repeaters of the rhetoric of the day and, of course, the basis of this article 'percentages'.

Be it the zombie apocalypse, fake news, anti-this and anti-that, the information they garner comes in like a hammer (hard and fast) then trickling but forever reminding (endless and constant) and the best part is that nothing has to be factual, it must only 'feel' right and be divisive; for they believe that they can never be duped and that everything can easily fall into the categories of 'this or that'. Even though their 'categories' of judgement are predetermined, they believe that they are 'just' in their 'thinking' and will defend the lie to the death if they must because why would their governments, media, celebrities and other forms of 'information' lie to them for aren't their sources 'certified' and 'documented' as per the 'regulatory standards' of the day?

We have all been involved in the same game for generations and with that we are all susceptible to not see the forest for the trees. Sure some break free (there are so many levels) but for the most part, they continue to easily be manipulated and many simply wander from one level to another and back - like a seesaw in the park, up and down the thinking percentage.

Where are we with this 'awakening'? It would seem that everyone has been identified and the evidence is all clear and now comes the punishment in order to enact 'change'. The guilty have amassed wealth which can easily buy armies, so wars and more conflict are certainly justified in order to punish the guilty and bring about a sweeping 'victory' for the 'righteous'. Grab your guns, lock them up and off with their their heads; like that is any different from what the rulers encourage.

Round and round we go without ever changing our basic programmed mindset and realizing that to stop the 'game' we must simply refuse to keep playing. We must relearn the skills which form communities beginning with conversation which is not based upon competition, judgement and ego; we must learn to truly listen to each other and accept our individual faults in order to evolve into the heartfelt intelligence we are capable of being rather than hold on to and defend our ignorance like it is what makes us who we are. It is great to be wrong, for that is one step closer to getting it right.

For those which got lost at the beginning in the land of 'statistics', as I mentioned in one of my prior writings, one must never forget that when we are talking in percentages we bring things to the factor of one hundred and may be diminishing its scope and importance in doing so If we cannot grasp that concept.

As far as "who am I to write such things?": I am but a man, just as flawed as any of you and I waver from this 'group' (5, 10 and 85 percent) to that just as many others do. I don't, however, claim that I am now or will ever be 'Awakened', for that, I believe is a journey, not a destination. I simply write from my observations of myself and the world around me as I take one step forward and sometimes two steps back. My only motive in life is to learn as much as possible and to help in whatever way I can in order to try to facilitate a better now which may lead to a grander future for those which follow; my children, yours, your neighbor's, they all deserve something better than this game which is forced upon everyone from birth.

So I leave it there for you to ponder. The clues are all around us if we have the heart to acknowledge them; it starts with each and everyone of us.

Which percentage do you want to be in?

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Have You Noticed?

To live is to learn and one must 'notice' things in life if they are going to learn from it.

Have you noticed any of these things and considered the programming significance in the overall context?

Have you noticed:

That people would rather imagine what you are 'inferring' rather than to listen to what you have to say.

That most fruits one buys, these days, don't smell like anything. Perhaps that is the smell of money.

How many things these days are believed to be 'historic'.

The increasing list of things which could be considered 'creepy' these days.

That all sorts of 'media' these days are really pushing the cock. (Not just your run-of-the-mill "sex sells" anymore).

That in most media which we are exposed to, Trans-Somethings seem to 'play' an ever increasing role.

That people which are fearful and remain 'on edge' don't 'move'. Sort of a like deer in the headlights.

That many people in western 'civilization' seem to be children trapped in adult bodies.

The prevalence of the 'head shot' for our viewing and gaming 'pleasure'.

The perpetuation of the "Shoot first ask questions later" mentality; or perhaps one prefers "Guilty until you prove your innocence".

The fear mongering of the 'unknowns' (known unknown, unknown unknowns - what do I know?)

The rise of the 'kicking ass' female action star. (Lara Croft syndrome?)

That Artificial Intelligence is good, is bad, is everywhere; embrace, encourage, fear it.

The digitizing of everything and perhaps one day everyone.

That "protect and serve" has become 'enforcement' for hire.

The multitude of digital currencies emerging to bring you into the fold.

The intensification of the GAME.

That many people claim to have information which we "need to know" to save humanity as long as you buy the DVD, book, subscribe now...

How easy it is to implant words into society such as conspiracy, extremist, terrorism, security, safety, insurance, hate, bully, alt-right, radicalization, triggered, safe space, etc. All of which are based on fear and a 'reaction' thereof.

That one must ask 'permission' to protest 'public' employees or policies.

That we have all been bamboozled by the importance of growth, productivity, economy, profits. - see Life Credits - only a species of morons would base everything, including life, upon an 'economic' model.

That human 'evolution' is always on the 'horizon' (just out of reach but one the way, really, it truly is, we're almost there).

That if one is trapped in the left/right paradigm one is stuck pointing fingers externally instead of realizing that everyone has culpability in our present situation. (Honest introspection and realignment of moral compass is required by all).

The increase in Anthropomorphism (only big word) - some even call it an innate tendency of human psychology - Disney children's movie syndrome perhaps?

That the funny thing about fake news is that the society itself is based on secrets and therefore built upon lies; it, in of itself, is fake.

That the 'free speech clampdown' is also about the segregation of 'Truthers' and the general public. This is making people migrate to little known platforms in order to get their message out. This, in turn, will make it even more difficult for the average person to 'accidentally' come across the information. (I wonder how many movies mention YouTube or Facebook? Ever heard the 'alternatives'?)

That there is no future for there is only NOW but if we do NOTHING now the 'future' will be written by whomever DOES. (One can live in the now while taking into consideration the past and the future without attachment).

That one can never become extraordinary if one continually measures against 'normal'.

Now this is but a sampling of the things which I have noticed and I have no doubts that you can add many more to it.

So now, what do we do with all this information? Are the majority of people still Buying into the lies? What do we 'want' to realize and how much do we let ourselves be 'Hooked' by?

The change starts with every single one of us; are YOU ready?

Saturday, February 10, 2018

BitCoin, 5G and Robotics - Endgame

A couple articles ago, I speculated that the 'mining', which is the base of many cryto currencies, may very well be the slave processing the data for the controllers for 'rewards' which can be manipulated to bring about a form of acceptance for the transition to a digital currency system and the end of cash.

I speculated that they were killing two birds with one stone and now I will take that a little further, I will incorporate the 5G system which is coming to a neighborhood near you soon (like it or not), and the advancements in robotics, specifically in the areas of security, defense and policing.

The cute and cuddly versions of robots: the caregivers, shopping assistants, newly accepted citizens and the rest are not the only forms of robotics in the works. There is no denying that the military is salivating at the prospect of a robot soldier nor that the security industry would welcome the same in the form of robot police. Remember that these do not necessarily have to take a 'humanoid' form so flying and driving machines are but a couple to mention among the multitude of tracking, surveillance and control tools which are continually being developed.

Humans certainly are proficient at developing tools of war and oppression. By now you must have heard about the robot security guards around silicon valley (scaring homeless people) or other 'robot police' around the world. There are always articles about the latest in robot soldier development and advancement in autonomous technology; from cars to drones and that phone in your hand, the robots are here.

Robots are here and they will need to communicate with the 'hive' and possible even charge themselves (IBM was working on wireless power in 2004 when I was working for them) once they are ready to be released so enter the 5G grid where the FCC chairman proclaims "If it can be connected, it will be connected" which could taken as a warning, that one day we shall all be 'connected' and tells us that it will be everywhere. I don't think their telling us everything, do you?

It would be safe to assume that the ultra fast communications are ready for real-time processing of live data streams which are sure to include audio, video, facial and plate recognition, surveillance and tracking; where they will pinpoint rather than triangulate your location. We already hear about the active denial system assumed to be built into 5G. That the dishwashers and other household connected goods will spy and record all sorts of data including audio and video. Smart cars, phones, TVs, speakers; all listening, tracking, watching and relaying data back to the controllers.

That's but a glimpse of the stuff one can find on the Internet or can already purchase (sold to you with a smile) but what about all the stuff we don't hear about?

You know what I'm talking about: the hush hush, top secret, dark black ops which don't 'officially' exist nor funded on the books (wink wink). The many speculations of alien technologies being hidden away and the like. We used to say that whatever is 'presented' to the public (or shown once and disappears) is 20 years behind compared to the stuff they have hidden away. What if that is true?

Imagine if you will the Achilles heel of the current paradigm of control; the human factor. As inhuman as some may tend to seem, the current police and soldier are still our fellow humans and therefore are susceptible to compassion, restraint, morals, ethics, consideration, mercy, empathy; all the things one wants in those of the population charged with defending freedoms while being armed.

I know that there have been many instances showcased over the years of police corruption and brutality and perhaps that is also a way to get the mind used to the idea of a 'better police' which are incapable of corruption or of pursuing its own self interest; Problem-Reaction-Solution.

As I write this there are plenty of articles and videos which talk about this, here are a couple: Are robot cops the future of efficient, bias-free policing? and Robots Will Soon Be Punishing Humans: Ford Files Patent For Robotic Police Cars -  Notice that it is already being 'sold' as a potential good thing and 'cool' in the first link (MSM).

As it will become 'normalized', people will excuse it away as "that's just the way it is" and it will be "business as usual" for the majority as they won't even realize the robot police state forming around them until it is too late (they already don't see it in its human form).

I have said it before and will continue to state it: Once the human factor is removed from our collective 'policing', it is game over.

Once this milestone has been achieved by the rulers, other agendas, such as those found on the Georgia Guide Stones, are free to begin. Sure there will be opposition from the people but they will no longer be afraid of mutiny from their 'order followers' and that has always been their greatest fear.

If you haven't seen the Slaughterbots video, I include a link, for although it is also speculative, it is the scariest thing I have every seen.

Now how did I begin this article (see how easy it is to get lost)?

Oh, yeah, BitCoin and the incredible processing power available from the 'mining' which is required and its possible implications. Is it a scam? Is it mining our slavery? It certainly is a way to kill cash and the rest of the stuff simply seems to fall into place in this speculation, or it is really simply a speculation? Only time will tell.

As one can see, sometimes everything seems to connect full circle as round and round we go collectively chasing someone else's tales. I know I'm pretty tired of it, are you?

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Life Credits

I have always known that money was equivalent to life.

"What a bold statement" some may say. But as I witnessed its ever growing importance with life itself, it became evident, and this did not sit well with me; I guess that I have always been 'rebelling' (in one form or another) against that ever since. The power and control systems being a blend of corporate, banker and governments came later and was all fairly self evident as I wondered why one has to PAY to LIVE and wandered in and out of the available rabbit holes of the day.

One can observe many things within this game of life which I have dubbed "The Quest for Cash". One thing which stood out for me is that it seems to be a protection racket based on obedience and punishment (as they are) and that the people seem to embrace it and the fears associated with it. It pits people into competition against each other where the sole purpose is to get 'Life Credits' (money) from one pocket and put it into mine; that becomes its base.

As many know, money has a long and convoluted history which goes back, some would say as far as civilization itself and that the two are symbiotic, needing each other to exist. Money is never really yours whether in your possession or not for every dollar in your pocket is connected to debt and that 'belongs' to another. As every dollar in existence is laden with debt, there is not enough money in existence to ever pay back said debt - it is a SCAM.

How does one go about explaining the concept of life credits? It really is a simple concept once one can see the gravity in which we bestow upon money for life. As you 'Earn your living' or 'Make your living' the difference is that you work for someone else or for yourself (but really for a client so for someone else). Do you realize that your country of birth (even then you will require the correct 'documentation') is the only 'legal' place (without authorization of sorts) which you can work to earn your living?

When are humans going to start thinking about CREATING a living?

Every dollar is a piece of your work, passion, loathing, labor, experience, joy, frustration, sweat, tears; a piece of your life. This is what people take for granted most of all, that they are spending pieces of themselves on the crap which they purchase. The planned obsolescence of the 'goods' which they consume in order to survive the lifestyle afforded them from their labors which can change on a whim according to 'trends' and 'persuasion' which drives the 'economy' which drives the 'job outlook'... - round and round we go chasing tales. And this is 'Progress'?

I have had many conversations over the years which have led to my stating (after exhaustive preclude) that "Money Equals Life" to be repeatedly answered (instantly) with a "No, it does not" which is often indignant and how dare I make such claims, for life is beautiful, wondrous and glorious and who am I to sully 'life' with such claims? The indignity of it all. The next part of said conversation usually goes something like "But you need money to live"; which one is it again because you can't have them both?

After all of the agreed upon evidence and examples which show how money is 'intertwined' with life, the mind still cannot grasp, nor give any thought, that the 'reality' in which it believes it exists may simply be a construct; but I digress.

Money is a construct, an invention of man, but it has attained the power to determine which live and which die. Add it to the other construct of man, time, and the expression "Time is Money" is simply a convenient control mechanism on the perceptions of the masses which has been widely accepted not only as 'normal' but also as 'necessary' for 'society' to function - the 'ball and chain' of time and money. It gets one to thinking that every moment of your day has a value (monetary) attached to it at the end. Twenty five dollars an hour at work? What is your worth outside of work? How productive are you? Makes more economic sense to hire someone to do that instead of spending the energy to do it myself - confusing the language to view learning opportunities as 'spending' and 'work'.

Here is a little scenario which I described in An Awakening Moment about how to introduce such a system on unsuspecting 'uncivilized' cultures:

"Here is a new way of living for you,it's called money. You exchange it for anything but can only attain it certain ways; oh and these ways are regulated (to make things fair) so there are legal ways and illegal ways and legal ways from the past may become illegal in the future but illegal never becomes legal and.... When you do attain it, you must pay us -the government- a percentage because we 'protect' you and if you don't we will come and get it forcibly by taking all your stuff and put you in a cage (like an animal). Good luck."

They tell you how to make your life credits and punish you if you find innovative ways of doing so. They try to control every aspect of your 'living'.

Life Credits starts from being honest with one's self; to see the energy which is associated with each and every purchase as well as earning. To simply call it for what it is so that one can start to break down the lies by putting away the euphemisms and perhaps question more.

"How many life credits did I spend for that article which broke down shortly after the 'standard' one year warranty? How many Life Credits (plus lives) is that war costing? Perhaps, just that little bit of honesty will spur forth something more.

Life Credits is simply calling it for what it is - so I call money Life Credits.

They don't care about your money - it's your Life Credits they are after; your life energy - time to make a change.

Thursday, February 01, 2018

So What's With This BitCoin Craze Anyways?

So what's with this BitCoin craze anyways?

Are we being given an opportunity to free ourselves from the Banksters? Is this the remake of the Roaring Twenties which brought about prosperity for many and amnesia for most? Is there 'Free Money' to be had for the shrewd and clever? Or are we being played into the general acceptance of digital currency and the demise of freely spending?

Knowing that the 'controllers' are cold, calculating and methodical in their plans and, through patience, are able to formulate multi-generational agendas and programs, it would not be too far fetched to assume that everything which is happening now is going 'according to plan'. The document below would suggest since 1997 for crypto currency and according to NSA plans.

I have wondered, since the beginning, about the 'data' which BitCoin is 'Mining' which requires the energy usage of a small country; are they complex mathematical problems which upon solving will help to advance the human race or is it perhaps more nefarious than that and we are actually mining our own slavery?

The NSA is 'Data Mining' - BitCoin is 'Data Mining' - way too simple?

Ever since the Snowden 'revelations', which have openly provided for the next phase in acceptance of 'surveillance' and the punishing of 'dissenters', the PTB have been amassing mountains of data  of every single citizen and perhaps globally (never know how far and how long it really has been going on) and that data needs crunching, or perhaps, 'Mining'.

What better way to kill two birds with one stone: give them the hope of 'free money' and have them use the energy necessary to 'mine' the data. After all - whether a 'complex mathematical equation or raw 'metadata', in the end it is still all zeros and ones to the computer.

Those of you which have gotten in early, cashed out high and left it all behind, BRAVO! For those which are holding onto their coins in hopes of a rebound, unless you like the roller coaster ride, count your blessing if you got in early as you really have not 'lost' anything (dreams perhaps).

I don't know much about it really, just that I won't be jumping in on the cryptocurrency fanfare any time soon. I do find it interesting though that one can talk about a society free from the worry of the necessities of life and that is a 'Utopian Dream' but 'Free' money in the form of BitCoin, totally doable; our priorities are so skewed.

With all the other ways in which the controllers ensnare us, this may just be yet another trap which the masses will fall into gleefully.

Stop looking externally for a Saviour (what ever that may be), we are all powerful beings which need to remember that fact. Money is simply a construct of the human mind. Unless the priorities change, things will continue on the same agenda. Who are you really living for?

Here are a couple of links to some interesting reading on the subject:

Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency - naturalnews.com

How to make a mint: The cryptography of anonymous electronic cash.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Are You Buying This?

Are you 'buying' this?

That the medical establishment are there to help you and make sure that your body is in top health?

That pharmaceutical drugs are designed to cure disease and induce well being?

That the military industrial complex is there to protect and defend you and your ideals from outside invaders?

That the education system is there to provide the basis of knowledge and the ability for life-long learning?

That the industrial food industry is there to provide the nutrients which the body needs to aid in the progression of a healthy life?

That the media is there to provide you with factual information so that you can discern and come to natural, logical conclusions?

That governments are there to effectively manage your country's resources and provide reliable infrastructure for society to live and learn freely?

That laws are there to protect and not to control?

That the banking industry is there to manage a means of exchange which facilitates the exchange of goods and services between individuals?

That the insurance industry is there to help one recover following a disaster or misfortune?

That the United Nations is there to ensure that the peoples of this planet all come to the same level of development and understanding in order to facilitate the advancement of the species?

That the police are there to protect you and your property from those with tendencies towards aberrant behavior?

That social media was created to enhance global communications and social interactions?

That religion is there to spiritually guide you towards a better understanding of your self, the universe and your roll in it?

That technology is created in order to alleviate the mundane tasks and create opportunities and time to reach higher self awareness?

That secrecy is necessary to protect our way of life?

That war is necessary for peace?

That the ability to repeat what you have been taught is intelligence?

That torture is necessary to protect you?

That locking people into cages for growing a plant protects you and your loved ones?

That people are more or less human depending on their skin color or religious beliefs?

That men and women don't have an equal part to play in the evolution of humanity?

That happiness can be attained from something outside our selves?

That security comes in the form of violence?

That you are what you have been led to believe your are?

That anger, hate and retribution are natural states of being?

That control of every aspect of life is necessary to protect freedom?

That information which makes you question the existing zeitgeist are nefarious in nature?

That what is good for the economy is good for society?

That cloud formations make checker board patterns naturally?

That non-ionizing radiation is harmless?

That you are supposed to just love 'the one', forsaking all others?

That everyone has equal opportunity to succeed?

That those which do not 'succeed' are simply lazy?

That those which do not comply deserve to be punished?

That fear is actually prudence?

That the new money will be any different from the old money?

That there is potentially someone around every corner wanting to do you harm?

That YOU are defined by others?

That  the holidays are the time for giving and caring?

That we are just fine the way we are and this is the way it has to be?

I don't know about you but I find all of these things a little 'suspect'.

Here are some thing which I do 'buy':

That humanity's ability to LOVE far EXCEEDS it's hatred.

That our capacity for intelligence far outweighs our collective ignorance.

That true information is FREE to roam the universe.

That being wrong opens the door to learning.

That the moving away from and letting go of long held dogmas need not be a fearful or violent act.

That the disproving of information is far less important than the gaining of knowledge.

That seeing things for what they really are is not negative but rather EMPOWERING.

That WAR begets WAR and nothing else.

That CHANGE is not SCARY but rather EVOLUTIONARY.

That I am the only one which really can define ME.

That HUMANITY is a lot more HUMANE than it lets on.


That FORGIVENESS is divine and must begin with one's SELF.

That LOVE starts with ONE and radiates outwards.

That the time for GIVING and CARING is ALWAYS.

That WE, as a species, are capable of SO MUCH MORE!

Some things I was thinking in the wee hours of the morning as I was watching the sun rise. I am sure that you can come up with a lot more examples but I will leave it there as food for thought.

Enjoy the holidays.

Enjoy your self.

Enjoy each other.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Living On The Outside

Have you seen the different angles which things are 'coming out'? How many 'crises' does humanity need at the same time in order to see the obvious 'shock and awe' tactics being employed?

Have you noticed that it is ALL made to invoke a REACTION?

The wars, immigrants, terrorists, surveillance, shootings, car ramming, false flag, crisis actors, real deaths, environmental disasters, politics, president (Captain Combover - did I 'invoke something there?), pedophiles, A.I., chem trails, Agenda 2030, hate speech, free speech, sexual ambiguity, homelessness, mortgages, economics, jobs, oil, coal, the list goes on ad. nausea. All DESIGNED for us to REACT with indignation, need for vengeance, punishment, insanity, depravity, obedience, callousness, ANGER and so many more. We seem to enjoy punishing those which we deem 'unhealthy' (smokers, non-vaccinated, immigrants) by forcing our will onto them through manipulation and aggression; threats of fines, repossession, incarceration, confiscation, kidnapping and I'm sure you can think of many more.

How many 'rules and regulations' being enacted in multiple countries simultaneously does it take to smell the fascism? This isn't 'the world coming together' this is the slaves being kettled. We are being TOLD who the BOSS is and seem to accept it as NORMAL for we don't want to be PUNISHED.


Because we let it. We buy into the stories of competition and us versus them. We tell ourselves that the 'system' which we have grown in and helped (assumed) to grow cannot possibly be working against its PEOPLE. So every leak of information which may purport to the inadequacies or irrelevance of the current paradigm, which may allude to further questioning of the 'established' consensus is now considered a hack, conspiracy theory or fake news; an external entity with desires to confuse the individual and obfuscate the 'facts' for their own nefarious purposes.

It is far easier to blame and demand retribution than to take an honest look at the monsters society and our 'selves' have become. To believe that someone on the 'inside' may have grown a conscience and leaked information which may damage the 'agenda' is unfathomable. For then we would have to take an HONEST look within ourselves and see that the 'culprit' is truly our ACCEPTANCE and finally realize that the NEWS is indeed FAKE but not from the side we have been led to believe.

Who are we really? Is this why we are here? Why is every 'negative' emotion someone else's fault? Were we denied the importance of learning how to deal with such emotions through 'protection' and sheltering and therefore have never acquired the skills necessary to 'own' said emotion and deal with it introspectively. Discernment of perception is not factored into the equation as that power has been relinquished to whims of external manipulation. Don't let your PERCEPTIONS rule you, for they can be manipulated with far more ease in this age of technological hallucinations then in times prior. Social engineering is not a myth, nor is it a secret, it can go by many names such as the innocuous sounding 'nudging'; after all 'some' people need some nudging in the 'right' direction'. Who determines the DIRECTION?

How does one become an efficient 'social engineer'? Practice, lots and lots of practice along with lots of GADGETS, MONEY and PATIENCE. It's not difficult to see that those which control the money, own the WORLD and that those without just want money. Money has become the catch-all, external gadget which buys security, an assumed happiness; ACQUIESCENCE has been found to be quite COMFORTABLE for many. My question is who SOLD them the world?

No introspection necessary and personal responsibility is no longer a factor except when it is about someone else. As per the programming mentioned above, our reactions are predictable JUDGMENTS and reactions of indignation, anger and as many others as we allow. Some believe that 'two wrongs make a right' as we fight fire with fire, others subscribe to "the devil you know versus the one you don't" either way, you're dancing with the devil.

Some use comparison as justification; comparing this country to that, this 'ism' to that 'ism', this 'leader' to another and so on. I have found, over the years, that a turd with corn or one with nuts is still just a turd. Comparing one's self to others is giving them the power of how YOU look at yourself. Even when one is believing to compare with something perceived as 'lower' they give it away for if there were no 'lower', one would have to deal with themselves rather than justify and elevate their existence through comparison and the tearing down of others. Your POWER starts with YOU.

We give up our power and limit our experiences with phrases like "I can't". If you 'can't' do something someone else will have to do it for you (dependency) for you have already convinced yourself that you are incapable of learning to do it (helplessness). We look for others to give us validation, support and guidance; all the while not doing it OURSELVES for the only GAME we know is to keep BUSY on all the EXTERNAL stuff.

I am as guilty as anyone else of the aforementioned, for I too went through the same kind of programming. I am guilty of trying to put my writing into a box instead of setting it free without the boundaries; to please others and not hurt their feelings or to get 'published'. My EGO is and will always be with me as I navigate this life and learn to live with it instead of for it. This is about external influence versus internal choice and I know which way I am going.

Where do my 'words' come from? Is it from my mind, my heart, the universe, another dimension (am I reaching)? Am I feeling what I write or am I channeling something which needs to be released and if so, am I doing it justice by allowing myself to be motivated by the same external influences which dictates human life on this planet at every level? Do I need to be a 'different' part of the same in order to satisfy? Or do I need to be FREE in order to truly HELP?

We all have the right to speak our mind - just make sure that it is truly your mind you speak. When reacting instead of responding, is it really yours? We can spend the time trying to deconstruct the outside but one may tend to forget that the inside is where it all begins for we can't have a healthy society without healthy people and I'm not just talking nutrition.

The mind, the heart, the me is not just rainbows and good thoughts - it is about everything - the good, the bad and the ugly are all part of the everything; discernment is key as are LOVE, respect, courtesy, consideration and just having fun with what life teaches and not doing harm to others along your path. Harm may be perceived but with pure intent that is not your problem to resolve.

STOP looking for something outside to SAVE - save the planet, save the animals, save the trees, save the Syrians, save the children - when do we start to save ourselves? It is like the oxygen mask in the falling plane; one must put on one's mask first before being able to help others.

Where is it all going? Do I succumb to the helplessness of an 'outside' FORCE which supposedly garners its POWER from ME? Is a NWO or Georgia Guidestones scenario inevitable? Only if we continue to live on the OUTSIDE instead of taking care of our SELVES. Their POWER is simply something WE give them, time to TAKE IT BACK before it is too late. There is still a HUMAN factor to their systems of control, once that is gone, all bets are off.

ANGER and HATE will not solve ANYTHING - even if it is directed at those which seem to 'deserve' it. Start with the ME and LOVE that outwards and see what can happen, for the ease of hate these days is unbearable and I cannot bear the thought of passing this forward to future generations.

As James Corbett recently reiterated : WAR IS OVER IF YOU WANT IT - just don't show up. That also goes for the WAR FOR YOUR MIND.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Fighting Back With A Robot Contract

I got into a 'contract' with a robot caller today.

So, yesterday, I was receiving calls from a telemarketing robocall system which makes one wait in a queue in order to be sold something - this was a newspaper subscription.

I called the CEO of the newspaper and left a message to have it stopped because I have learned over the years that you call the top and stuff gets taken care of. I left a message and was called back by a lady which had assured me that she would take care of it and have me removed from their LIST.

That evening (evening calls are RUDE) the robot calls back; OK, give them the benefit of the doubt. This morning the robot calls again; now I'm pissed.

So I call back the contact which had called me back and left her a message that the calls stop NOW or they are entering into a CONTRACT with me which will cost them $500 per robocall and that I will keep track and that I will invoice them and pursue to collect - They want corporate contracts - that's mine to them. I also called the president/CEO and explained the terms of the contract to her. - I was immediately called back by the contact.

The contact calls me back and assures me that they are desperately trying to kill the robocalls. I explained to her that the terms of the contract had not changed - she did not make a challenge the 'contract' at all, she just assured me that she is working NOW to STOP the calls.

She called again to confirm that she contacted their contractor which makes the calls and that my number had been REMOVED from the list. I told her that in good faith, I would waive my fee for one more free call in case the computer needs a reboot. She thanked me and told me I was kind and assured me that this would be settled.

At 15:48, I received a call from the robocall system which used their free call and also 'accepted the terms of my contract so I called my contact and informed her that the free call was used and that the contract was accepted in a message; she called back immediately. I informed her that the contract had been accepted and that all calls hence forth shall be invoiced at $500 per call.

The next call I received was from the company which usually hides in the background and actually makes the calls. She assured me that they are working on the issue and that they are confused because my number had been removed from all their 'lists'. She told me that they will make sure that there is no longer an inconvenience to me. I explained to her that it was no longer an 'inconvenience' as I am now in a contract and will invoice all future calls.

I asked her for her details such as name of company, their phone number and her name to which she seemed nervous but knew that she had to provide; I told her that it was for my records.

Perhaps they will rethink their algorithm as they don't seem to have incorporated an 'off' switch very effectively.

I will see what happens from this point on but HERE'S THE POINT:





What I did was nothing more than what a lawyer does: sets the TERMS of his CONTRACT for you to call and you ACCEPT when you do.


Friday, September 29, 2017

My Thoughts On Competition Based Life

When you just won't 'go along to get along'.

You do realize that that is the problem; most are going along to get along.

They have their lives, jobs, homes, families and really just want to 'make the best of it'; they never 'rock the boat' for fear that they may be aboard when it sinks.

What is this 'boat'? This system which most hold in awe and revere its 'achievements' and 'longevity'. It has carried through where others have failed, it would seem, through their rhetoric. They bring out examples of other 'systems' failing in the past and how they were 'domineering' and 'fascist' but yet I can't help but place those same descriptors to the current paradigm. Some try to excuse that by trying to convince me that they are just 'aspects' of those other 'systems' which are creeping in and distorting the true vision of 'capitalism'.

I've peered down a great many 'rabbit holes' over the years but I never go 'all in'; I am the one which people consider dangerous because I won't say much and simply listen or say everything (seemingly) in one breath and keep a fairly fluid understanding of the events taking place. With that said, this is not an article 'bashing capitalism' per say but rather an observation of experiences and knowledge acquired within what I have experienced.

What gets me is how people seem to want to chance going to a 'pure form' of this with aspirations (or delusions) that we will not eventually end up at exactly this same spot (only techier - too late) who's opinions are usually driven by programmed fears of those other 'dastardly' systems - the great battle of the isms in the battle for the minds.

What I have seen in my 48 years in this body, are the many great and wondrous things which this 'system', which many covet, creates. The first one which stick out for me is 'Competition' which in some instances can be a good thing but to base human life upon it and justify it away with a simple 'law of nature' excuse is simply beyond comprehension.

"Well, competition drives innovation, without it you wouldn't even have that computer." I've heard people claim. Really? Like this computer which has a chip which is manufactured on the same line as faster chips but speeds are incrementally marketed to increase desire and a craving for the next 'best' thing. Create 'spending' rather than a 'quality' product then moving forward with 'real' innovations like those reserved for 'weapons research'; that kind of 'innovation'? The Henry Ford type of innovation called 'planned obsolescence'?

It's all about your 'safety' folks when you can buy this car which brakes just fine but for more money, it can brake 'better'. Wouldn't want to make all cars brake better now, that would be too 'socialist' (I laugh as I write that). They are 'up-selling' you 'safety' instead of making a great product. This is simply one example of countless which our 'growth' economy provides within this model.

We compete for attention and to be recognized; to be 'better than others' through more things, better grades, more praise, more friends, more technology, more automation, more control, more punishment, more more more; we are addicted to MORE. At what point does having more than enough change your 'perception' of that 'drive'. (context)

In the LIFE model of this 'competition' there is always a LOSER; measuring in real life sufferings like lack of food because something outside of their control changed their 'environment'.

This has also brought with it many other beautiful human adventures such as:

Scarcity - which limits equal access to whatever is needed for life due to built in 'constraints'. Ever notice how there is never enough money to help people but plenty of money (and ways) to kill or control them?

Envy - people say that there is money for immigrants and they they are paying for it. Now there is a perfect manipulation scheme if I ever saw one - Divide and Conquer and there are so many level possible.

Desires - constant streams of useless trinkets which break quickly enough to to be tossed aside by a short attention span demanding MORE.

Fear - derived from control and 'scarcity'. Riddle me this: Should people be 'afraid' of their governments? Now if you believe you are not, tell yourself that the next time you see the 'flashing reds' in the rear view mirror.

Division - Divide and Conquer: Where to start? The workers and the bosses, the rich and the poor, those with purchasing power and those without, those with political control and those without, the 'formally' educated and the 'self' educated, the differences of skin tone, language, culture, beliefs, families, communities, nations and the list goes on and on like an Energizer bunny.

Those unfortunates which must purchase the 'knock-off' rather than the more 'prestigious' original will, undoubtedly, suffer irreparable damage to their self worth.

Creating authority through the control of information and hoarding of monetary wealth (life credits). Indoctrinating them young to believe that those with a uniform, at the 'head' of the class, in a government office, wearing a fluorescent vest is 'in charge' and that this is the only way it could and should be.

Debt - I heard a lot about this one over the years. How it's inherent in every dollar created and how it grows and grows without bounds. To WHOM does this incredible world debt need to be repaid to? And as a note, there is not enough MONEY in existence to repay said debt....hmmm. A GAME perhaps? Someone's winning HUGE.

The 'Good' stuff?

Efficiency - With robot factories building cars, appliances and many other items to software driven tax returns to driver less cars and ... the list will continue to grow and people are going to be 'automated' out of work. In its efficiency it obsoletes peoples ability to earn a wage to get ahead and rather accentuates money making money; taking labor out of the equation. This also cuts peoples ability to 'consume' which 'slows' the economy (which is what exactly? oh yeah, a THEORY).

Markets - Markets are good right? Spreading that 'wealth' around; all those 'goods' bringing joy to the world but in creating markets throughout the world it also destroys already established local markets and entrepreneurs.

Secrets - Copyrights and Patents 'protecting' the 'rights' of the 'creator' of 'content' brings us to a society of SECRETS which in turn can only happen as a society of LIARS. Instead of passing knowledge forward generation after generation, only select few shall have all available knowledge and others must pay for just enough to get by. "Thou shalt not eat from the tree of wisdom" - HA

Advertising - Ok, nothing good about this one but could not be left out since the advertisers of today know more about their clients than the clients themselves.

Security - There to 'protect' everyone right? That's why the cops are militarizing, the insignificant ministries are arming, the government has munitions coming out the wazoo, the FEMA camps were built, the TSA exists, the smart meters are needed, 5G is a good thing, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera  - To PROTECT US.

It brought the film classic - The Gods Must Be Crazy and it's intended STAR.

Chew on that if you wish as this is just what I think.

LIFE doesn't have to be at the EXPENSE of others.

You can't fix stuff using the same mentality which broke it - Albert Einstein (poetic license)

Monday, September 18, 2017

What's Your Hook?

What's Your Hook?

It seems difficult for many to 'think outside the box', to imagine something which is outside of their scope of knowledge and understanding of what they have been taught throughout their life or to challenge the 'comfortable' life which they enjoy.

Many seem to be 'hooked' on certain aspects of the current paradigm which, in turn, elicits a 'fight or flight' response when brought into question. This, I believe, is programmed. For there can be no other explanation for seemingly innocuous (at a personal level) conversation which may delve into global issues, to bring out reactions such as insult and rage from people of varying demographics.

This blocks conversation which could be used to identify existing problems within our social constructs and makes sure that no solutions are to be discussed unless provided, 'prepackaged' for by a 'reputable' source (Government). In other words - "let the masters take care of things, it's above my pay grade". What 'hooks' people into this paradigm of servitude?

Below are some questions I have asked myself on what could 'hook' me to a system, so I thought I may as well ask you. As you read through, remember that these 'Keywords' are not necessarily 'Good' or 'Bad', they are just what they are and not not place too much emphasis on the immediate 'Programmed Response'.

Is it the 'Immigrants' which have you hooked?

Is it the 'Terrorists' which have you hooked?

Is it the 'Racism' which has you hooked?

Is it the 'Feminism' which has you hooked?

Is it 'Crime' (victim-less or otherwise) which has you hooked?

Is it 'Climate Change', 'Economy', 'Borders', 'Jobs', 'Over-Population', 'Security', WAR?

Is it 'Scarcity' which has you hooked? - It seems to me that there is no lack of food when one factors in things like the rotting of grains in silos, over consumption and outright waste to name a few. So I have a difficult time understanding the math which leads to 'Global Shortage'. And that is just one example of the 'Scarcity' hook, I am sure that you can think of more.

Perhaps it is closer to home; is it your 'Children's Education' which has you hooked?

Is it rising age and 'Health Care' which has you hooked?

Is it the 'Mortgage' on your house which has you hooked?

Are you hooked on 'Sports', 'Food', 'Alcohol', 'Insurance', 'Technology', 'Status', 'Competition', 'T.V.'?

Is it the 'Celebrities', 'Porn', 'Police', 'Punishment', 'Debt' which has you hooked?

Perhaps 'Money' is your hook? - Interesting how there is never money to build a society up but always plenty to tear it down.

Maybe just being 'Normal' is your hook.

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. - Jiddu Krishnamurti

Perhaps the vast majority are just hooked on being saved; are we collectively "Holding out for a hero"?

This Human Story which some would call 'Normal' and which we are currently living, has many hooks which tie us to it and keeps us from seeing and discussing the fact that it all needs to CHANGE.

Hooks come in many forms and can be based in such things as 'Guilt', 'Shame', 'Duty', 'Patriotism', 'Responsibilities', 'Division', 'Obedience', FEAR on one level or another and can manifest as "That's just the way things are" and "What can I do?".

Which hooks are yours? Which elicit an 'Emotional Response'? Which do you claim as your own yet is observable throughout a great majority of the population when their tenets are challenged? Which TIE you to this SLAVE SYSTEM to the point where you find yourself defending and justifying it automatically with sometimes illogical responses? Which keep you from engaging in meaningful conversation and rather holds you to a state of debate until the belligerence sets in?

If the reactions and responses which I have endured over the course of simply wanting to have a Conversation (which should not include competition and emotion) are deemed 'Normal' today, I want no part of normality.

Every generation which does not do anything to fix the problems, leaves it for the next generation until they get weary and the cycle repeats until no one remembers what freedom might be and no one opposes their slavery. How many generations are left? Do you realize that future generations will not know what it is like to drive or a world without surveillance?

One must release the hooks, one by one if necessary, to get to the beginning of understanding who you are and that is a FREE being. No one OWNS you, so there is no need to CONFORM to the NORMS. Just live freely without harming present and future generations should be simple enough rather than always having to ask 'Permission' to live your LIFE.

Tear out gashes of your life and of the system but don't do it alone as there is power in numbers. Families, groups, communities coming together for tax strikes and the like would be a nice beginning.

Community used to come together for 'Fixing Roads' or renovating a 'School' and things like community gardens, farmers markets, and it was not about control over PEOPLE and THEIR land or maximum PROFIT. For these were FREE INDIVIDUALS which thrived in their 'Communities' which lived a more symbiotic with each other.

Now, we tear down what individuals build for the community if it did not go through 'Proper channels'. Is that really what we want to leave for the generations to come?

The quickening is coming as 5G is just around the corner. What will it bring? Do you think it will be anything good? Do you think that it will help to FREE the human population?

CHANGE is indeed coming - I just don't think we are going to like it. Just remember that nothing happens without the consensus approval of the masses. ACQUIESCENCE will be humanity's downfall. Government is not there to save you, it is there to enslave you.

As Mark Passio succinctly points out:  "If you are PRO GOVERNMENT, you are PRO SLAVERY; support for one is support for the other."