Saturday, December 31, 2022

 Desire Life

That's pretty much all it would take isn't it?

Here we are in the year 2023 (well, 3 hours from), and what have we got to show for it? Where are we in comparison to our forefathers? What have we really accomplished over the years to advance as individuals, let alone as a species? It seemed more to be a regression in what we may as well call 'The Dimming'.

As I approach the end of my fifty fourth year and the birth of another child, I ponder what accomplishment human kind has made which benefited all over the last century? I have asked that for many years of people which have come and gone throughout my life and no one could come up with a real answer. Crazy to think that we simply keep living a life which seems to really accomplish nothing yet keeps most too busy to reflect, let alone define or desire life.

Way back when, when I thought it was crazy to 'own' a piece of our world, let alone have to pay to be alive, I passed the years avoiding money and residing in moderate accommodations; couch surfing for many years, middle class homes and even some occasions at 'palatial' estates but I have never really understood the "my box is bigger than yours" mentality, nor wanted to be a part of it. How does the constant competition which divides the people on subtle levels come from a desire for life? Is life really better when those about you have less?

I figured I could not be the only one, and over the years have attempted many a conversation which usually led to circular arguments leading nowhere; as a matter of fact, they still continue to this day and I still wonder the same. It is like the mind is now programmed to intercept conversing by arguing mute points based on the feeling of words or implications and perceptions. What would happen if people actually listened to the whole of the thought before beginning to tear it down?

What I seem to have witnessed over the years is that people forgot how to desire life; perhaps because they accepted being told how to 'live' and think and love and... Life is about living and the freedom to do so, it is not about acquiescing to the confines, controls and limitations of a ruling class'; that is slavery, of the mind, body and soul.

I mean look around, does what is happening around the globe resemble anything which would come from a desire for life? Has the human race not been chasing it's own tail, so to speak, for centuries; and are these tales not of a controlling mind? War, profit, control and complete 'ownership' are some of the things which spring to my mind when I ponder the years and happenings of the world and they sure seem to lack a basis in the desire for life.

It bears asking again: Why do we condition our children to be better slaves instead of how to create something which has never even been imagined? Most seem to simply want their children to be 'better off' than they were, but what is that really, is it simply to work less hours for more pay? Where is the GROWTH in that? To teach the future generations to listen to authority and stay in line in order to climb their way to a proffered 'success' is not only madness but a crime against humanity for it simply assures that the species as a whole never achieves its full potential.

I will never believe that the human race is meant to live like this; in endless competition, forever separating as anything which catches that dollar, seems to be 'fair game' on one level or another depending upon one's morality. A life where the choices have already been made for you is not of any freedom whatsoever and does not come from a desire for life.

How can humanity advance if it is conditioned to stay within the artificial boundaries set by the few which claim it all; unable to truly think outside the box, for the box is within our very selves? We play all sorts of games and enact boatloads of drama within many of of our 'social' activities; fear, hope and beliefs play a large roll in forming our habits and behaviors. A huge production can be made out of anything these days as evidenced by the last decade and more. And behaviors can be 'nudged' into place for all sorts of 'operations'.

Oh how I tire of the general apathetic ignorance, spiced with arrogance and a 'sense' of intelligence which seems to drive our species in this age for I KNOW that we are capable of so much more; greatness is within all of us, it has simply been conditioned to hide. There are so many things to say, to mention, to research... to forget where it begins, within.

Once you figure out that it has all been a pack of lies from the beginning, then you begin to realize that it is what you believe, whom you trust, what you think you know which could all be a fabrication, a ruse, a game, to get you to where you are; some have begun to question but many won't ever break through their comfortably built egos. Fear and blame are the mainstays for these without a desire for life.

Life is not a fearful endeavor, when did that become a thing?

Life is about living and discovering, about loving all which is about you and respecting the creations of the universe while advancing to become better individuals which come together as communities to build futures one day at a time without even realizing it. It is about freeing the mind to live as intended, not as we were trained over generations. It is about asking questions and exploring answers. It is about a DESIRE for all which I have mentioned and so much more, so LIVE to your full potential and LOVE the realizations which break you FREE.

So there we are, my final thought for the year, so simple really, start with the basics and then see where that leads; begin at self.

Be strong in the new year for there may be many surprises ahead, but most of all:


Thursday, December 15, 2022

Lost In Litigation

You know it is coming don't you? The 'hope' on the horizon as the revelations trickle out and allow identification and prosecution of those which many deem 'responsible' for the last three years. There will be cheering and parties as the chosen scapegoats shall be offered to the public as a sacrifice in order to quell their anger and subdue their appetite for punishment.

Wouldn't it be nice if the system, which we all have grown into, were actually designed to provide justice at this level? But alas, I don't believe in such, I fear that all has been designed for just this sort of moment in mind and that the dream of 'justice' is simply that, a dream which can be dangled for eternity.

Take the Exxon Valdez spill example. The incident happened in 1989 and in 2008 the courts were still cutting the damages which the company has to pay and even later on in 2015, they conduct the final hearing which ends twenty six years of litigation. And this was the final result:

"The state and federal governments have decided not to pursue a final $100-million from ExxonMobil over its 1989 oil spill in Prince William Sound."

Now think about that, for in all those years of litigation, it was 'business as usual' for the company and the final 'punishment' was a pittance which ended up not even being pursued. I guess Greta wasn't around back in 2015 or things may have turned out differently (had to).

Never forget that to achieve what has been achieved to date, there had to be a great deal of patience and methodical conditioning.

It is pitiful to believe that the government is in any way, for the peoples which they claim to represent. The thing is that the government, and corporations, seem to be capable of dragging things out for a rather long time; sometimes even until a plaintiff dies. Did you know that according to the Guinness World Records, the longest civil case is over thirty three years? Ponder on that for a moment and let it sink in. How many more examples can you think of over the years?

As I think now in present day, what will happen with the litigation which is about to or has already commenced involving the present day operation of our not so beloved 'rulers'? Will it put a halt to the current trajectory of our times or will it simply offer a distraction and point of 'hope' for people to believe that it is 'being taken care of', salvation is just around the corner and the appropriate punishments shall be meted out to those deserving?

People want 'change' but they don't want to change.

Let it be someone else which handles the 'dirty work' and let me know when it is safe to rally behind whichever 'savior' I need, in order to to escape this wretched mess and return to what I once accepted as 'normal'. It's almost like the majority of the human race gave up a long time ago and settled on whatever 'comfort' allowed the lie to be palatable.

The 'solution' is quite simple really and it is something which every single person has total control of: Honesty of self. Once one has achieved honesty of self and can accept what they have allowed to become and demand better of themselves, then they can begin to have other honest conversations with other individuals which have chosen the same path. Being a better human being every day is simple enough but it seems to elude most. Better people build better societies so which do you believe would need to change first?

What seems to transpire, rather, is that most are content in playing the blame game and uncovering as much 'information' as possible on the many faces which are presented as the 'evil geniuses' of this operation. This is the tale which keep the many bickering and divided when all it would take is unity. When will you tire of chasing tales and create a story of your own? When will you yearn to become the person which you were born to be rather than settling for the person you were raised to be?

The power is within all of us (I have the power) but we seem to revel within the confines of our self-induced prison. For how many years has the human race simply taught the coming generations how to live more comfortably within the confines of the existing paradigm? How many years did I simply watch as the corporations of the day became the behemoths of today?

And now, as I witness what the 'parents' of today, do to their children, I weep inside as I watch them sacrifice their children to the demigods of belief in authority in almost religious fashion. The amount of mental gymnastics required to exonerate one's self from the worst decision you could have made for your child in that moment, is unfathomable. How can these people not realize that their decision may be killing their children?

What will it take, if even after the death of a child, many will simply believe whatever nonsense is spouted from their 'reliable' sources; gems such as "childhood myocarditis" to name just one?

But back to the title of this article, stop playing their game and waiting to be saved from within the system which enslaves all of us. I can't be free unless we are all free and I am waiting for you to realize your importance in this role. I am waiting for you to DESIRE your freedom so that we may all take it back together.

It is time to accept what we have wrought and change course; it is time for FREEDOM of mind, body and soul. Don't get lost in their distractions of hope and division, CREATE your own path to freedom.

Sunday, December 04, 2022

Life Is The Battlefield

Have you noticed, that the 'owners' seem to be acting like 'it just doesn't matter'?

Now why would that be?

This should worry people, as this portends to this era being forgotten in 'history', rather than remembered as the Age of Stupidity.

What with our 'war on carbon and nitrogen', not to mention the last almost three years, if you don't like that label, please feel free to choose one of the following:

Age of Ambivalence
Age of Acceptance
Age of Acquiescence
Age of Division
Age of Belligerence
Age of Ambiguity
Age of Belief
Age of Ignorance
Age of (go on, add your own)

But I digress so here's a thought:

All of those armaments which have headed to Ukraine seem to have people echoing that it is a money laundering scheme. What if it is more? What if, it is also an arms laundering scheme; all of these countries which sent these arms no longer have them in their respective countries. Following me so far? 

The weapons which have been sent are also those which can be used with little to no training. Ever seen those dystopian movies where people have armaments, even some military grade stuff? Well this won't be in our tale as the weapons to stumble upon after an catastrophe have been moved to a central location. Just thinking out loud.

Perhaps the new budgets for weapons will be an increase in drone and robotic technologies, you know, AI or remote controlled. Perhaps we could be facing a 'Terminator' like environment, with robots and drones hunting the survivors which were affected by a natural, cyclic catastrophe and simply trying to survive the aftermath. Something like a Carrington Event or a Maunder Minimum springs to mind and the latter had a duration of around 250 years (Little Ice Age).

How many generations is that and how much of this history would be remembered through hundreds of years of harsh times or being forced underground?

I know, pretty 'dark', but I had an unpleasant flash in my mind today of just such a world; one of chaos, destruction and survival whilst being hunted by drones and robots under dark gray skies. It was quite unsettling to say the least.

We don't know what might be on the horizon but there are a lot of people which limit their thinking to 'riding' something out somehow by disconnecting from the coming dystopian society, rather than facing the possibility that there may simply be ruin and war in our future; no matter where you may feel secure.

Volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, sun flares, mini and micro nova, pole shifts, magnetic reversals, are some examples of 'Resets' which have and will occur again and again on this rock. Why would it be unbelievable, that that time is fast approaching rather than away in a distant future?

What if the 'Great Reset' is not the creation of some man wearing a funny suit and speaking with a German accent, but rather something which very few, select bloodlines, have been awaiting for generations?

With the right acquisitions, one could easily facilitate quite the ignorance and acquiescence over a few hundred years, let alone thousands.

First, you create and control the greatest 'shackle' ever known: Money. With this, over time, you get to the point of controlling most of the industries and governments which underpin 'society'; food, transportation, communications, media, education, 'health care', energy, technology, to name a few. Think Blackrock or Vanguard (Coke / Pepsi?).

Then, you occult knowledge over decades and even centuries. You have knowledge of earth 'disaster' cycles which occur naturally, and use this information to your advantage at every possible opportunity. Learning not only from events throughout history but also 'editing' at will the 'stories' which circulate through the aggregate populations. I have always wondered what sort of knowledge is squirreled away in the catacombs of the Vatican.

Then, you 'create' the 'educational' system in order to serve your needs and futuristic ambitions. If you want them more intelligent in order to create the basis for your system of control, then you train them to 'think' within certain confines and explore the possibilities therein. And what better thing to come out of the 'educational' system than the 'health care' system and pharmaceutical industry. And when you want them to be dumbed down... well, welcome to the 2020s.

Then, you poison the bodies and the minds of your victims over decades and generations in order to demoralize and establish habitual progression towards the goal of weakening your victims, both mentally and physically, so that, not only can they not fight back but they will never even think about it.

Gleefully accepting their fate to the point where it is claimed that 68.5% of the world population has received at least one dose of whatever was 'necessary' to inject into the human population of the Earth; created in record time using novel technologies which may just alter your DNA. Only a lifetime of conditioning, could bring about such an outcome, for the willful ignorance required to forget one's own past and understanding of logical thought and their own bodies is dumbfounding.

So it turns out that life is the battlefield. Surprise!

We have been 'groomed' our entire lives to believe what we believe, trust whom we trust and  fear every unknown. Raised to believe that what we know is 'good enough', as we are rewarded for our ignorance of everything, other than our 'specialization' which keeps us occupied and validated; all the while believing our opinions are truly, our very own.

And now here we are, nearing three years of 'dystopia lite', and the information which has been leaked, whistle-blown, exposed, etc. is incredible. Along with all of the 'dystopian future' stuff floating about from the alternative media, I believe that it all may simply be a distraction and a way to keep the people choosing sides and continually dividing themselves. And it seems to work, for look around at all of the constant bickering about the most inane of things instead of finally asking some probing questions.

The Age of the Mass-Debaters, where we really didn't learn anything, except how to tear each other down.

So welcome to WW3, which may very well have begun way before WW1, and realize the implications on the necessity for individual growth on a grand scale, to perhaps survive an unknown unknown (which may be secretly known); what it will take is an ability to learn and adaptability of self; what did Bruce Lee say again?

"Be the water"

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

The Last Battle For Humanity

 Some are finally realizing that this may very well be the last battle for humanity. That the 'control' which people tout as the reasoning behind everything, was already had through generations of nudging and prodding so why the sudden rush? There is now a 'deadline' it would seem and the question for me is: why?

If anything can be learned from the history of our benevolent 'rulers', is that they don't shoot for single outcomes; multi-layered operations are the 'norm' and naivete and ignorance are their greatest weapons.

How unprepared we are for this battle; having been divided and conditioned over generations, to accept the life of serfdom or 'slavery lite' as 'the best system in the world' and as the only way to 'live'.

Now, we get to experience the turning of the governments of the world against their peoples and with that, half, or more of the general public against themselves. To bear witness to the sheer ignorance and abject stupidity required to move this operation forward is disheartening, to say the least. As some put it: "The greatest time to be alive".

To say that we have been 'dumbed down' over the generations is an understatement if one simply compares the grade school tests of the early nineteen hundreds, with those of today. One could easily observe, in the last 50 years, that as the intellect of the aggregate population decreased, the consolidation, into fewer hands, of the 'essentials' of life, increased.

Realizing that all of humanity seems to have been part of the greatest 'experiment' in history, through generations, to bring us to where we are now, is a daunting and requires one to move forward and dig deep into 'who' they actually are. As I have mentioned before: Are we who we are born to be or who we are raised to be?

Have we become better human beings through the progression of our lives and propagated that forward or have we simply taught, generation after generation, how to better get money from one pocket into theirs?

The choice has always been ours.

It is through the lives, actions and acceptance (tacit or otherwise) of 'good' people which has created this moment in time, so apparently we might all have some 'improving' to do. Perhaps if we stopped concentrating on being seen as 'good' people, we could simply become better each day. People tend to forget that life is a journey rather than a destination or a competition.

It is not a difficult concept, that better people build better societies. And it should be self evident at this point that the human race is in a rut; spinning its wheels chasing other people's tales which does not allow for actual 'growth' of our species nor at the individual level (can't have the former without the latter).

Forever chasing money to put into our coffers; what a sad tale of existence. How many 'great' people are simply funding their life rather than creating it? How easy is it to get lazy and delegate rather than learn that life takes work and sometimes you have to fix a road or learn something useful. What was delegated was responsibility and what was 'gained' was an external point of blame. I suppose that is 'comfort', for some.

When the species abdicated life to money, we never had a chance. And we can blame whom we want but all share in the responsibility.

Through this, dependency was created at every level over the decades: energy, food, water, agriculture, information, education, and many more. I also remember the rise in 'logistics' companies over the years which centralized control of a lot of the goods which were 'outsourced also within my lifetime. It is amazing how many dots can be connected simply by having a functioning memory of your own life; what was 'hot', what was not.

And now here we are at what seems to be a 'war' on humanity itself with the twist being that it has been waging since perhaps long before any of us were even born.
How do you fight an enemy like that, let alone define it?

All those years of having to 'prove' who you are, progressively increasing in complexity. All those forgotten passwords which made you have to call 'support'. All of these, and more, have contributed to the possible acceptance of 'digital ID'; the convenience is the anchor, the assumed 'peace of mind' is the illusion; the saving of 'face' rather than remembering a password is the convenience.

So again, who is the 'enemy'?

I now ask, is there any chance that humanity is going to get itself out of whatever is really happening and / or coming?

I mean, from my birth onto this crazy rock, there have been the same controls and programs running their course and determining the fate of the world. This can also be said from the birth of my mother and that of my grandmother; so when did it all begin and did we really have any chance to escape?

And what if it is not really about control, but rather about a distraction for what is really going to affect every living being on this planet. If not for its own characteristics but also for the steps taken, which would seem to exacerbate the challenges to the survival of our species. Pretty dark and gloomy right? But still not out of the realms of possibility.

I think about the deep underground military bases and also about some of the capabilities of the top echelons of wealth and power. I blend that with the holes in history and discoveries such as cities built upon cities and have to wonder if this great 'reset' which they call, is not something on a natural cycle. And that the goal is to come out on top for the next 'round'. The 'why' in "why now?".

Sure would be advantageous to come out unscathed with technologies intact and a full surveillance system in the form of satellite coverage of every inch of the Earth. After a duration of 50 to 500 years, they would surface as perceived 'gods'.

But who am I to speculate such things and really, it doesn't have to be that way. All it takes is a resounding NO, and the human species is a reckoning force. Those in charge are working feverishly to contain information and 'debunk' this and 'fact-check' that; this is to keep the spell from being broken.

An honest look in the mirror and a desire to be better is all it would take, but it requires everyone to be on board. How simple it is really and how sad, that as a species, we are so very far away from this.

I don't know how to end this, I don't even know how to title it. Stop over-complicating life and learn to release the shackles of the mind; go out and breathe deeply and let it all go.

The mindset of FREEDOM begins within each and everyone of us, free yours.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

It's About Being Better

In this whirled in which we live and, in many ways, helped to create and perpetuate forward, everything whizzes by so fast within the attention span of an average human, being less than that of a mouse. The 'news', scandals, technologies and 'crisis', seem to be 'quickening' towards a 'perfect storm' of cataclysmic consequences, with a crescendo of fear, division and obedience, spiraling us all into oblivion.

Between the memes and videos, the 'love-ins' and the 'haters' (gotta hear it like a valley girl), the 'true', the bad and the ugly, not to mention all of those adorable cat or baby videos; one comes away thinking that this is all by design, to not only feed the dopamine addiction, but also to keep folks forever distracted and in ambiguity. Feeding the short attention span until only 'new and improved' remains; after all, what could possibly be learned from something old and out of date (history)?

And if it is all about the 'what's happening now', not yesterday, then where is the time for reflection, learning from one's mistakes, Epiphanies, betterment of the self, to name a few? The outside pressures are heaped onto an already mundane life of chasing the one thing that you were convinced would bring you more LIFE; MONEY. Then one needs to 'relax' after  working for their 'life credits' all day, and the 'medium' of choice will usually cost you another credit or two above the ever increasing costs of 'comfort' (life) along with freely shaping your 'perspective'.
With so much 'occulted' history, 'secrets' and lies, what have we left but may, might and could which leaves one nowhere but trapped in ambiguity? We have collectively been bombarded over the years with these same words when they were used to induce fear and angst in the general population, possibly in order to achieve the goals of a predetermined and contextualized agenda. I'm sure you can think of a recent example of just such a tale, if not the numerous ones peppered throughout history. I can guess, deduce, whatever I wish to call it, with a high level of probability, that the 'owners' have been doing these sorts of things for a while now.

So we guess, speculate, opine and have 'educated theories' on many things but to question what we think we 'know' is taboo. And that is where we are, aren't we? Guessing our way through becoming 'intelligent'. Piecing together crumbs of 'information' which have appeared throughout history and the very landscape of human existence; but still guessing in the end as we wonder "who controls the knowledge?" and keep to the shadows.

I wrote the following in another article last year: 


"I realize that it is difficult to view one's self honestly. I know that the 'demons' inside are something which we would rather bury than face and release. But how long can we keep protecting the self which is programmed since before birth? How long can we keep hindering the real progression of self and therefore that of the human race? When will we realize that the things we think, may not truly be ours? That the reactions we have, may actually be expected by those which control perception? That even through our 'awakening', we may have been the 'useful idiot'?"

How smart do we have to be to figure out that we are not that smart and demand better of ourselves? And how much 'information' can one ingest before realizing that becoming better people is what the goal truly is?

People are trying to compete to be intelligent rather than growing into it naturally; the result of which can be seen within the divisions and growing anger of the times. Observations of social media, leads me to believe, that it was created, in part, to offer 'echo chambers' for the stupid. A 'validation' system to keep people retarded (if triggered look up definition) so they never develop the capacity to rise from their ignorance.

You have nothing to prove. You will not find an external savior. You will not expose an external foe. The only thing which you can influence and change is YOU but as I have mentioned before, that can only happen through honesty of self.

The only way out is to indeed find that happiness that you are allowed to pursue, so read something, build something, write, sing, compose, create, play, meet someone, hug, dance, drive somewhere, LOVE... everything; just LIVE life, before even that is forgotten. Deny the dictates of would be tyrants and UNITE instead of separating on endless levels and accepting a dehumanizing agenda such as 'the new normal'.

Remember what they took away from you; all of the activities which brought you solace and together, in a world, which seemingly takes endlessly. The list is long and you can best read it here, in the third article which I wrote since the beginning of this operation.

In the end it doesn't matter what 'they' do, it's what we do or don't, it's what we think or don't which matters. That is why they are trying so hard to control it all; our thoughts, movements, habits, all of it. And they know that it all begins with what we 'believe' in order to illicit our 'acceptance' of their goals.

Well I want to believe that we, as a species, have the fortitude to step out of the path which shall become more and more evident if we don't change course. That we can identify the real threat and unite rather than bicker ourselves to death. I want to believe that people are generally good and that they can overcome their programming. I know, I am deluding myself because for many, it is already too little too late.

It is most likely going to get a whole lot wilder in the next few years. Take it one day at a time, with an open heart and mind, and remember that:


The 'information' doesn't really matter - what matters is who we become.

Long live the Heirloom Human - protect them at all cost.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Thoughts Of A Crazy Man

 I don't write as much as I think I should. Perhaps it is because I don't know what to say which I have not already repeated over and over or that I really don't have any hope left for the human species.

Maybe I'm just tired, as I witness the 'Awakening' seeming to take two steps forward then three steps back at times. Bearing witness to a 'movement' which never moved. Seeing it all be manipulated to think and react in certain fashion. To realize that very few, if any, are 'immune' to the programming of generations.

As it is certain that there are large numbers of people feeling the 'pinch' and reacting to being personally affected on one level or another. The term 'Awakening' is being thrown around as if these are the 'criteria'. That to garner the 'correct' information is enough to 'awaken' out of the generations of preparations which have led us to this point in time and see the way forward?

Through conditioning or natural inclination, the majority of the human species, at this point, appears to be too stupid to live. If you look honestly, the children are 'suddenly' having cardiac issues resulting in death, and people still refuse to examine the 'official narrative'.

They are redesigning their slave into the Children of the New Normal, and 'life' continues on with defibrillators at playgrounds. Look around at the things which you may not yet consider 'normal', but make no doubt that it is being normalized in the children.

So much for the "Mama Bears', peering above their masks.

But we haven't learned to fight against the obvious problems, have we? We don't really know what questions are 'appropriate' anymore, do we? Instead, we seem to pick the most convenient single point of blame and shut off our minds. Case closed, someone to blame, move along. No honest introspection needed here so pass the beer and watch the game; never mind that athlete, in the prime of his life, collapsing on the field.

Not having learned how to learn, let alone think, most relegate that activity to experts and await their next installment of 'intelligence' which they can repeat at the water cooler (is that still a thing?) through their 'approved' media of 'choice'. Having 'choice' sure makes one feel empowered, does it not?

An overload of 'information' is what has resulted throughout this 'operation'. There were so many 'leaked' documents, videos and such throughout. So many different tangents to be taken; so many divisions within those of the 'alt' themselves as many seemed to be 'led' to their reactions. There were so many external enemies to concentrate energy on and keep every one busy. And look at me talking in past tense, as if it was over; all of this is still going one with something 'new and improved', seemingly, every day.

I do not wander down the plethora of 'rabbit holes' which are available today but rather skirt the edges and observe, as this 'operation' continues and watch how people continue to react and wonder if perhaps this is also part of the plan.

At the end of the day, it is all a choice, to blindly accept or to discern the available information. Which determines belief or knowledge and from that, springs forth the reactions or the responses, then the actions or in-actions which all lead to slavery or freedom. Sounds simple really.

The way I see it, we have one job in this existence: to become better human beings. The rest would just fall into place.

How are we doing so far?

I guess I could tell you how I think that this could all turn out. I have left hints through differing articles but let's see if I can bring it together. Hang on as it could get bumpy.


And this war has been going since before any of us were born. If we take a look throughout 'history', we find that prior generations were far more intelligent, albeit less technological than the present. People knew what freedom was at many times throughout our 'story' and never have they been more dependent and controllable.

The 'shapers' of our 'reality' have amassed immeasurable wealth and power throughout the centuries by controlling the very aspects of 'life' as we know it. Here is a short list (no order):

Communications - T.V., Magazines, Hollywood, Ham Radio (licensing), Social Media, Search 'algorithms', "experts say" ... How long has this been going on?
Vilifying, censorship, de-platforming, demonetizing, shadow banning all which go against the official narrative and which may gain steam online.  So many thing are controlled and one can see the 'evolution' throughout the years. Remember 'Pirate Radio'?

Food / water / land - Remember when bottled water was not a thing? So many controls on these three things that it would take a few research papers; and I don't do that.
Funny how the agricultural sectors were encouraged to deplete the soil (mono-cropping, fertilizer use, pesticides ...) and now they are coming after their fertilizer use.

Health Care (huge air quotes) - Remember way back in 2016 (yeah, the time before), when a study 'suggested' that Medical Errors was the third leading cause of death in the United States? Yeah, most don't either.

Economics - Any guess as to where this is going? I'll give you a hint, down.

Education - Propaganda, changing of definitions; controlling the minds at a young age.

Energy - So many 'environmental' regulations over the years have brought us to where we currently are.

This last one should be first: KNOWLEDGE - Who writes history? Who can occult knowledge and use it against their enemy? Knowledge such as recurring Cataclysmic cycles could be used as a 'surprise' ending for a war against the un-prepared.

I think that they are coming after all of us. They want a 'remake' of their slave at a genetic level with no possibility of reproduction and an 'off switch'. I think that this is the final decade for humanity if it does not begin to realize what may be at stake here and STOP COMPLYING; this also goes for the 'order followers'.

I think that things are being pushed beyond the limits of stupidity because they seem to work and there is a possibility that this time will not be in the 'history books' but will rather be 'erased' as each heirloom human perishes.

I think that at one point there will be a push back which will include many order followers and which shall be responded with technologies which we have not yet seen.

Then I think that they will hunt the 'survivors' down, one by one if they have to.

I do not paint a very bright future for the human race. I see this as a 'planetary cleanse' for them.

Not many seem to want to go this far in their thoughts of our 'future'. Most would prefer to stay with a dystopian future in which they may just 'survive and thrive'.

After the respite which people have enjoyed, on various levels, for the last few months, you may want to hang onto to something because it's about to get 'wild'.

Grow Food - Stay Safe.

And hey, these are just the thoughts of a crazy man. Hopefully.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Who I Am Is My Choice

How can one begin to find a way forward when one's look back is so convoluted; who do we become after generations of lies?

If one is honest, one can see the progression of lies, in various forms, throughout their life. At which point does one ask: "With all the lies throughout my life, who does that make me?"

Does that make me someone which blindly accepts that a small group of people, or mass psychosis, have 'authority' over my body, my choices and my life? (See what I did there?)

Does that make me someone which accepts projected fears as valid without any sort of verification through unbiased discernment and gleefully projects them forward?

Does that make me someone which would alienate and ostracize those which disagree with my beliefs and refuse to validate my fears based in total ignorance, even if they are my own family?

Does that make me someone which tries to justify and excuse away anything which would require honest reflection on the position of my moral compass? How far back does this go?

Does that make me a lying hypocrite?

I know most people would rush to defend my 'nice' points but being a 'nice' person, or not is a mute point.

"Am I an honest person?" is perhaps a more apt question.

Lies, false promises and skulduggery would seem to be the cornerstones of our current version of "human civilization". For they seem to be the most prevalent examples I have witnessed in my 53 years on this weird experience we call "life".

Take your pick: politics (the easy one), governance (slave word), education, labor, alimentation, energy, and it goes on and on. Look back honestly on anything really and try to convince yourself that it was not all based in lies and deceit.

So again, who does that make me without taking away the 'good' stuff? How could I even consider that the 'program' does not affect me and has not affected through the entirety of my growth?  Just like I could never believe that not everyone has the same capacity to learn and grow.

Many are just now realizing that they have been 'at war' their entire lives whilst many are simply seeing that they are 'now' at war. There are so many levels of awareness to stumble through in what is called "The Awakening", and so much repetition over the years in an endless game of 'catch up'. All the while many still mistake the 'goal' to be a destination rather than a journey or even something completely removed from themselves, be it 'savior' or 'demon' which they 'discover' through 'information' and now have more reasons to direct hatred towards whatever enemy they have uncovered.

There is no growth through exoneration. One cannot find their soul in a rabbit hole.

"Until one day we have billions and billions of people on the Earth who collectively have an IQ of 40." - Jordan Maxwell (RIP sir)

Now here is a question: Have the last 2 years disproved that statement from Mr. Maxwell?

As one of many, many examples: it takes a special kind of stupid to believe that one can 'insult' the entire species and not simply individuals (triggered).

That feeling insulted, is a subjective thing, in which if I do not give you the power to insult me, you cannot do so. That there is great importance in defining intention versus perception within our own thought processes and reactions. It is my choice to feel insulted.

So simple of a concept which would perhaps have helped if it had perpetuated forward but rather, look where we are now; when we get hurt by words we tend to throw sticks and stones.

Is that where we are? How high of an IQ score do you think it takes to be someone which reacts 'insulted' to most things which would help them ponder, realize, learn and grow?  Because really, that is what people fight against: growing up, taking responsibility and thinking for themselves.

How high a score to continue being fearful simply for the sake of being fearful and perpetuate forward lie after lie?

Is that not what we have been doing, in one form another, for generations? Could this not have all been avoided by simply living to become better human beings rather than compete to have the 'best stuff'? When did we lose our humanity?

Perhaps it has to do, in part, with the intention and perception of life as we know it. What one often perceives can be far different than the reality. So what would be our intention if one perceives others intentions as counter? If one perceives that any of this is real or relevant to becoming better human beings, then what is the intention? Does an industry which feeds off of people's fears, have well intentions? Did I just personally insult every insurance agent out there? And there are many more examples to churn through such as health, which also has a firm base in fear.

So who do I become in this soup of lies and deceit which is multi-generational and increasingly pervasive? That would be totally up to me. It is my choice to accept any of this and play along with it in any way. It is my choice to go to institutions (ha) of higher learning for so many differing reasons even if most root back to fear.

It is my choice to not grow (up).

Now guess what, we can also choose to release ourselves. We must first choose to be honest with our selves and choose not to fall into self-pity. We must choose to accept our own culpability and realize our responsibility in ceasing to perpetuate it forward. We must see ourselves as the retarded children of our 'system', which generations of 'nudging' has formed and demand of ourselves that we grow up; little by little, shedding the childish reactions which hinder our growth. Bit by bit we become better humans. And that is what it is to 'grow up'.

For only by becoming better human beings can we create a better human world.

Here's hoping it is not too late.


Friday, January 14, 2022

I know you are but what am I


Remember way back to your childhood and someone would call you a name so you would reply back "I know you are but what am I" and repeat, repeat until anyone around would chorus it along with you, or is it just me? It goes along with "I'm rubber and you're glue" and "Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me". I've hinted at this concept over the years in my writings, you can check here and here.

I have seen a lot of this sort of childish behavior over the years, going all the way back to 2002. What with anti-(I just want to put a dot, dot, dot here) racists being racists, anti-fascists being fascists, the MSM providing the 'fact checking', free speech advocates condoning censorship, neighbors tattling on their neighbors, the raging belligerence which occurs where open discussion should reside, the bickering, the segregating, the gossip; it just goes on and on (hmm sounds familiar).

At what point do we ask ourselves: "Are these the actions of an adult"?

Do you think that the 'Karens' of this ordeal are acting, in any way, like adults? Of course that is but one example using a popular meme but to really get it, one has to see themselves and how they 'react' like a child at times (or often) and grow past such behavior. Most seem to take offense at what is demonstrably true, especially if they can relate it to something about themselves.

The way in which we consume is in large, childish. We 'want' what we see and many times, are presented; like a child; because all of those people lined up, for days at times, in order to receive the latest iteration of what they already own is adult, right? Don't assume anything specific when I say presented because there are many ways to 'present' an idea, or say, an agenda.

One of the best mind tricks out there is to have people believing in something so much that they think it is their idea. Another which works well, is to get them to believe that they have 'power' or 'control' in the actions which you desire.

If the last two years proved anything, it is how manipulable the human mind really is.

So as we begin the third year of "fifteen days to flatten the curve", the many still won't get it. They live life for "how I feel in the moment" which is emotional and reactive; retarded to the level of children with all of their inherent selfishness. Many are about to find out that life doesn't really care how you 'feel' in the moment.

What do we have but the extremists (because there is nothing more extreme than wanting to jab every human being on the planet with a mystery serum) calling those which research, question and refuse, extremists? As if that were not enough, they tell people to "not do their own research" like they are children needing protection from information. Sure, Santa is real and this is all very adult.

Have we not those which manipulate, lie and omit (working in unison) calling people which try to bring honest questions and verifiable facts to light, conspiracy theorists, disinformation / misinformation, domestic terrorists (to barely scratch the surface)? Because burying information in name calling rather than reflection and consideration is so very adult.

That is what one side is slinging with full force against those which are aware, at varying levels, of what is transpiring and where it may lead; playing "I know you are but what am I".

Now within those which are aware, there are many factions, which I first realized within this piece from 2017. Many have exited their country of birth and are forming communities within the borders of a foreign land. I foresee many differing communities such as smoking and not, vegan and not, married and not, families and not, crypto, barter, religious or not; the list is endless as tolerance and adaptability are things of the past.

How long before the 'ideals' within a 'community' are thought to be 'better' than those of the 'others'? After all, we do seem to be quite fond of trying to 'save' everything but ourselves.

As an example, we have had Vegans denouncing omnivores for years. All within a 'movement' which seems to simply spin round and round re-hashing information in an endless game of 'catch-up' and 'look at me'. You do realize that if people reflect honestly and remember who they really are, the food thing will all fall into place. And besides, how foolish it would be to believe in a 'one size fits all' kind of solution. Every one is different and therefore every path is different so I am sure that in the grand scheme of things, there is some wiggle room.

Things are going to get harsh in the next year for those which are the 'resistance', if only in their common desire to live biologically unmolested. The infighting and emotional reactions are not going to help anyone but the perpetrators of this heinous crime.

It is time to rise up and shed the programmed ego which holds most of us in perpetual childhood and grow up and become the strong individuals we were designed to be instead of fighting amongst ourselves. It is time to honestly reflect and see where we are to accept what must be done, even if that means hardship for you or your loved ones.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I have grown tired of these childish games. I am weary of fighting with loved ones which only desire to drag me down to their level. I am ready to build something forward for others to follow. I am ready for the next stage of evolution and I don't believe that it will include safeguards against bad words or safe spaces to retreat to.

We will have to fight to keep our humanity, are you ready? All it takes is the desire to truly LIVE; how frightening yet the most exciting journey one can embark on.

YOU are who humanity has been waiting for. That is my "I know you are but what am I".

Saturday, January 01, 2022

Two Years In

So here we are, nigh on two years since all of this began, depending on your geographical location. A lot has happened over the past two years and a great many control mechanisms and divisive tactics have been enacted against the human population of this world. Where it ends, is anyone's guess but I'm willing to bet that it won't be what we think or to our liking.

Over the course of this global operation (and for decades before), we have seen an attack on thought, logic, common sense, morals, history, science and the very definition of what it is to be human. We have been hypnotized by the media, the medical establishment (which long ago lost its soul and subjected itself to 'protocol') and coerced and threatened by our very own governments as they hurl their monopoly on violence towards the very people they claim to 'protect' and 'serve'.

At which point does one have that "Whoa, that's not right" moment and begin to realize to what point we have all enabled this moment of now? Part of finding freedom is to release one's self of the habit of being governed. It appears to me, that a lot of the 'governing' was brought upon with our acceptance in one form or another. There are unfathomable control mechanisms,  trigger points, reaction manipulations in play which have been formulated over generations and perhaps millennia.

​Looking back, I knew we were in trouble when winning at Trivial Pursuit, was considered a sign of intelligence.

I also remember the time of the US Robotics Palm Pilot (first fondle slab) and the 'desire' which it created when people would see you use one; the rush of believing that you were in an 'exclusive' club. Even at that time, people could be heard saying things such as: "I couldn't live without my Palm Pilot". Then came the 'full color' Compaq iPaq and the Nokia Communicator... Oh those were the days when it was cool to have a smaller phone; until it wasn't, until it was again... in a repeating cycle of "look at me and my gadget".

Look at me; me, me, me; I this and i that; e this and e that; smart this and smart that; intelligent devices to replace my own. I figure we are the 'perfectly programmed ego' and remain at the level of children. The thing about children, is that an automatic defense system engages to prevent any true self reflection which would allow them to learn and grow and rather fight to defend their stance, even when wrong.

“So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong, and strike at what is weak.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

And the weakest of all are people's minds after generations of conditioning in preparation for this moment. The formation of a mindset to initiate a cult-like fervor within a controlled narrative is astonishing to witness. Trigger me this, trigger me that - boom goes logic, right out the window. A species of followers which react through fear based in ignorance.

Right now, it seems, many of the cult zealots are being 'prepared'. We have seen people accosted all over and in every sort of situation. We have witnessed masked versus unmasked street brawls and police brutality brought down on children and the elderly (the most vulnerable?). We have seen women dragged out of supermarkets, people thrown violently to the ground from behind and much, much more; the depravity of the human race is definitely showing its 'teeth'.

Now IMAGINE what those zombies (because that is what we are programmed to view them as), are going to be capable of after another year or two of this sort of treatment and barefaced indoctrination of hatred towards the only people which are trying to save them and perhaps the human race. For make no mistake, this is the final battle for all of humanity, even if you can't 'believe' it, this is for all the marbles. The vaxxed versus the non fighting it out while believing that they are on the 'right' side is an 'owner's' wet dream; is that what we want to give them?

I would be remiss to leave out the zealotry of the 'climate' activists, BLM and the like or perhaps you fly under a rainbow flag, red versus blue, etc. for it is all  the same program. So how far are the masses really 'gone' then? Confusion induces fear and fear elicits reactions and I have not witnessed much more than that over the years.

How many decades (centuries) of awakening has it been? What with Watts, Krishnamurti, Laboitte, et. al. where are we right now? How many are 'awakening' and how many are merely reacting according to a glitch in their 'program'? Where are people gathering or is there no 'Galt's Gulch' to hope for? "If you build it, they will come" but even the strong Individual will need community to survive what may be coming around the corner of this 'introductory / distraction' phase of this operation. How prepared are you to step out of your comfort zone and question into the depths where most don't want venture; into the very definition of 'self'?

If people are going to snap out of it and finally realize that this is no way to live, be sure that the 'owners' have contingency plans which would not be surprising if they included open conflict with other nations in order to divert attention and induce more fear and panic - not to mention Inscription based on patriotism.

When will the human population tire of living a lie? I have said for year to folks "If you tell a lie long enough, it becomes a truth.", only to have them scoff and resist even the thought of such a notion.

Isa Blagden (1869): 
If a lie is only printed often enough, it becomes a quasi-truth, and if such a truth is repeated often enough, it becomes an article of belief, a dogma, and men will die for it.

Not only did we raise generations solely to become better slaves to the system and reap its rewards but now, most actively, they side with those which will kill them all in the end. They believe and even worst - want to believe - that everything is happening for their 'benefit'. They are confused by the messages they receive but remain 'loyal' to their messengers of safety.

How can one believe that there is any logic in the following scenario?

You walk into the restaurant and wear a mask, sit at magic table remove your mask, go pee, wear mask, sit at magic table, no mask - hell I'm strapping a table to my back and calling it settled.

Human life is about a discovery of self and an evolution of community while being capable of laughing at our mistakes. How are we doing with that seemingly simple task so far?

It is about growing and overcoming our limitations to evolve into better human beings. It seems that for some, these 'limitations' have been misinterpreted to mean physical instead of those which we place upon ourselves which hold us in place; augmentation is not evolution and the only way forward is through the destruction of the programmed self and the discovery of the sane and informed (I)ndividual which comes together to form the basis of what community should be.

Where this goes is all up to you and everyone else. Simply disengaging from the system in all forms would bring all of this to a halt. Simply admitting that you may have been fooled along the way can propel you into the discovery of self which first requires honesty.

Don't let it end the way that they want it to, rewrite the story beginning with the chapter of you.

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Know Thyself, Know Thine Enemy

What a time: to watch the peoples of this world bicker and divide themselves as the 'social' constructs of this existence are torn apart piece by piece and the very survival of humanity lies in the balance. To witness, as I foresee, the extermination of the human race through the leverage of ignorance; death by narrative in the Age of Stupidity.

I always knew that I feared the masses far more than the so called 'rulers' of this realm. I could see, throughout the years, their animosity, their disdain for each other, their lack of trust all growing; the evisceration of courtesy, consideration and common sense along with the destruction of basic human communication and interaction to achieve the perfectly programmed ego.

In The Art of War, Sun Tzu stated:

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

So what would the first question be then?

Who is the enemy? Or Who am I?

Which would you consider of greater importance?

Another question would be: how can we know ourselves when we are immersed, since birth, in lies? Who then, does that make me? How many have hitherto posed the proper questions which would inevitably lead to a realization of culpability followed by "I can change that" clarity? Who actually knows what I am talking about?

Instead, watching people seeking the 'truth' for so many years, has been like watching a group of children arguing about who is driving the steamroller or what color it is or what it is made of while the steamroller keeps coming at them and they never move out of its way.

The story is simple, keep all too busy to think and too worried to venture out too far. Keep them entertained with idols to love while giving them enemies to loath and projecting divisions to create animosity while ensuring separation. The hook, which has us all playing the game on one level or another in a 'competitive' fashion, is money and we bit and just keep hanging onto that very old line. And what is money but an invention, created to measure value of labor, or as I have termed it, Life Credits created by the psychopaths in charge.

So the only thing which lets any and all of the 'bad' stuff happen in the world, is wrought from our belief in the importance and 'power' of money and our apathetic justifications and excuses which, in essence, may not even be our own. How mind blowing.

It's sort of a schizophrenic awaking all over the world; scattered and perhaps anticipated to be ineffective within its endless competition to be the 'one'. Oh Neo, wherefore art thou?

So while the 'details' are still being discussed, everything the evil rulers of this realm wanted seems to be falling into place as the majority (by a huge margin) REACT to the change in narrative which has a grip on the overall behavior of their well conditioned minds. Even the 'awake' seem to follow a 'line' and there are many of those to keep one infotained and concentrating energies on a 'bad guy'.

So who are the real enemy then? Is it the minority of the human population which dictates from the shadows in almost inhuman fashion and garner their 'power' through the belief of the masses? Or is it the child-like masses, with their incessant need for protection and conformity? Those which would punish others for not suffering as they do. Those which may very well be past 'saving', as they have voluntarily sacrificed themselves at the alter of belief.

Is it just me, or are a great many 'conspiracy theories' becoming fact these days? How do those fact checkers keep up with their retractions? Remember when the mandating of the injection of an experimental medical counter-measure was thought of as absurd? As far as absurd goes, that has pretty well become part of this lovely new normal. 

Truth = Lies, Lies = Truth, Slavery = Freedom; all of these are being implanted into the current generations until eventually it is: WTF is freedom?

It is almost comical that the human race is caught within the tale of a virus which is not a virus, verified by science which is not science, detected by a test which is not a test and resolved by a vaccine which is not a vaccine which, in itself is mandated but not really mandated?

This is not the first time that 'science' has been used to implant an idea now has it? One could look at the whole 'climate change' debacle and see that whilst the climate is seemingly changing, there are too many unmentioned forces which may actually link everything to a cyclical event for which the majority is woefully unprepared, which are not even factored into the conclusion of the 'human bad' 'carbon bad' narrative.

Currently, within the 'New Normal', we have witnessed the evisceration of knowledge through censorship at levels never before witnessed in our lifetimes along with the vilification of professionals, experts and authority figures alike. The redefining of words to better fit the narrative and the memory-holing of present past and future through media and 'authority'; Mandela Effect?

'Attack the messenger' is all part of the 'new normal' and it is a solid program within the pliable mind. The believers are cult like and getting angrier by the day at the others which refuse to simply believe in 'the science'. "My jab won't work unless you get yours!" they scream as I wonder why they allowed something defective into their bodies; but keep trusting 'the science'.

The task of escape is simplistic and monumental at the same time for it calls for unity of sane and intelligent individuals. Not the kind which is superficial but rather that of standing with your fellow man and dropping the bickering and ego defenses to actually see that you have a part to play in our slavery and that you also have a part to play in our release into freedom; maintaining a stance of love, not fear. How, one might ask? It is simple, just STOP.

Stop believing that there is any worth 'saving' of anything that you may have deemed dear which is derived from the 'system' which we have created and endorsed. And start believing that there is a high probability that you were born into a clandestine war against the entire human race and the only way out is for you to step out and step up.

What we had to do was build community and trust amongst ourselves. We had to come together as informed and considerate individuals. We had to disconnect from our former selves in order to truly create something better and 'lead' others into a better way. When we can come to terms with our failure, then we can move forward but it can never succeed alone.

"Divided we fall" should be etched into our minds as we venture through the trials of 'awaking' out of ourselves and into the power which we must all reclaim. And reclaim it we must as the alternative has no future for the heirloom human being.

So what is this mind dump about anyways (it seems sort of all over the place)?

It is about finding yourself before you try to 'change' the world. It is about taking responsibility for your security which includes your education and discernment. It is about coming out of this multigenerationally programmed funk which the species has been held under and finding our mojo to vanquish these has been psychopaths in charge. It is about questioning everything.

It is about knowing thyself as the first step to knowing thine enemy and eventually winning this war into which we were born. The power is within all of us, we just have to dig through and release it from the bondage of the programmed self.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Phase Two: The Push Back

So how is that "two weeks to flatten the curve" treating you? It's been the longest two weeks of my life, for sure.

I had mentioned in previous writings, that what we were experiencing was simply the 'First Phase' of this multi-generational operation. That the first phase would determine how far this could go and collect all sorts of data along the way in order to perhaps feed their live simulations where they can, and with high certainty', predict the reactions of the masses based upon their prodding.

This phase was also used to further condition the 'order followers' and strengthen their fear and distrust of the general public. To show their brutality and to thin those which still held some humanity within them; those which are not desperate or brutal enough. The Stanford Prison Experiment sure showed us that the decency in people is easily discarded when they view themselves in a position of 'authority'.

It was about the culling of the elderly (wisdom) through neglect, starvation, dehydration and certain types of drugs coupled with DNR orders which are signed by ghosts and hospitals refusing treatment. It was about using this as the first wave in order to convince the masses to accept a magical potion which would save the day; after all "the most vulnerable people are dying".

It was about the 'warp speed' jabs and the mindset of "if you don't get yours, mine won't work" (some great memes out there). The anticipated result was a 'wave' of 'cases', due to a 'test' which isn't a test and the progression continued With children, as young as six months, being subjected to experimentation; what kind of world have we 'nourished' throughout our time here?

The fear, obedience and belief levels have been firmly cemented into the minds of the masses through repetition and time during this first phase thanks to a sustained and complete coverage marketing campaign. This brought along an arrogance of following orders and 'doing the right thing', so as to look down their masked noses at those which do not; this feeds their necessary 'divide'. 

A clear division is now forming which I had mentioned in other writings; they are creating a two tiered  society in which we shall be the 'dangerous underclass' and perhaps even hunted down and 'interned' (for our safety); after the last year and a half, people should begin to realize that this is "anything goes" for them.

It should have been evident from the beginning that they want you six feet apart and masked so that you don't accidentally make a human connection and have a real conversation which may bring forth questions which could tear it all down. None of this could have been possible without all of our help (think historically) for we have known for many years that you cannot give politicians an inch or they will run with it.

Those which 'awaken' (and I don't mean the woke) are usually dazed, confused, drained, overwhelmed and have to start from the 'beginning' (wherever that may be). They will be bombarded with information as they dive down hole after hole in order to try to make some sense of it all; they will swim, if not drown in information. This is a tactic to weaken those which may just come to discover the path to their strength and is facilitated by a flood of 'information' which is 'dumped and trickled' in order to keep the fish on the line.

And this does not include the added 'surprise' of discovering that your life and what you identify as or 'respect' may just be based on lies. You may have to ask yourself who's memes are you forwarding, who's words do you quote, how many people do you follow? Then you realize and ask where is YOUR voice in all of that noise? Where are your thoughts, opinions or even tastes and desires; would you really know if they were truly yours? "Who am I?" you may scream but don't be afraid for you are powerful and you are free once you dump all the baggage.

But as we can witness all around us, there is a 'sentiment' attached to the baggage. We simply cannot let go of the many things which enslave us: the notions of authority, education, job, life credits, political correctness, status and many more which all keep us in line. And when that doesn't stop your questioning, the loved ones around you are all too eager to set you straight and bring you back to 'normal'.

I saw a video clip of some fully armed police walking about and telling a person that "they don't want to do it but it's their job and they have to because that's what they are paid for". Now think about that a moment. This is the justification of the lowest form of life for they know it is WRONG yet they still do it. Ah the baggage which holds us. It sure is a great thing that we made job and money into the be all and end all of life on this magnificent planet.

So with that brief summary, on with the 'prediction' for Phase Two.

I mentioned in the title "The Push Back" but it may come as a surprise as to what I really mean. You see, the push back has already begun but not in the sense you may want to believe for the push back seems to be against us.

It has been developing into a 'witch hunt' for quite a while now. All the rhetoric of 'anti'-vaxxer or 'anti' anything was an obvious program, as was the the insanity of not doing your own research which was facilitated by the indoctrination of 'fake news' as it slipped out of the mouth of a 'leader'. I saw a CNN article today which begs you to "Stop doing your own research" and within the article inserts a line which takes "Do your own research" and twists it to be a 'historic' anti-vax stance from the 1890s.

People don't want to realize how easy it is to insert something into their subconscious.

William Sargant said the following:

"It is not surprising that the ordinary person, in general, is much more easily indoctrinated than the abnormal...A person is considered 'ordinary' or 'normal' by the community simply because he accepts most of its social standards and behavioural patterns; which means, in fact, that he is susceptible to suggestion and has been persuaded to go with the majority on most ordinary or extraordinary occasions."

With this in mind, one can see the triggers being placed within the psyche of the masses, the indignation being created and fueled and the anticipated reactions to come as the 'divide' is widened. One can fully anticipate a narrative of 'anti-vaxxers' being the 'cause' that children who got 'fully protected' are dying. This is the other end of the 'most vulnerable' spectrum and they will use everything they can.

If you are going to go and push back following the classical route of protest and such then talk to people, organize, don't announce, and be prepared for violence from the order followers. One thing I have always found interesting is how a crowd of people, which greatly outnumber the police, can so easily be kettled as the cowboys do with their herds. Get some CB radios or something and organize so that you are doing the kettling.

Also remember that there have been many 'non-lethal' weapons developed over the last twenty years for the sole purpose of crowd control, so it is not going to be a pleasant ride but it is time to face the fact that WE ARE AT WAR.

Stop following and LEAD yourself.

We all have the power to stop this, it is within each and every one of us. We are all capable of making righteous, moral decisions and choices. To get us to where we are I would tend to believe that there is a deficit in the above 'goodness' of humanity. We have to know our enemy and that is PUBLIC OPINION.

At the beginning of this fiasco, the second article I wrote was titled "They Can Tell Us Anything They Want". If you don't even read the article, solely remember those words and how it relates to the 'enemy'.

The only ones we can SAVE are ourselves, and even that will take UNITY. There are a great many obstacles already ingrained into each of us, along with many to be presented along the way.

The enemy does not launch an operation of this magnitude with the intention of failing - our resolve should be the same. 

 We are the ones we have been waiting for, stand up, come together and shed the shackles which enslave our minds, bodies and souls. Come together and BUILD a future, for the direction that narrative is taking us is no future at all.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Moving On

How many of you are there? Ready to move on? 

To leave what is forming in front of us and move on to building something better?

It is evident (has been for years) that it is time for the human race to 'move on' to something else; better or worst is up to all of us. It is time to honestly reflect on what has brought us to where we are and find our individual strength to stand by our NO! as we unite, not against a common foe, but for a common goal (and don't get all wokey on me).

It is time that we be moving on from (cue them from The Jeffersons) things such as:

Indoctrination - This is the tough one because it means moving one's self (for no one can do it for you) from the programmed self to the self you were born to be. One must look honestly in the mirror and accept that we all have culpability within the context of where we currently reside. Admit that we have made 'choices' through life which were perhaps based on indoctrination and had 'opinions' which, perhaps, were not really our own. We must face that we helped to shape the reality which we have currently, in one form or another, 'encouraging' it along its progression through things such as apathy, fear, acceptance... the list is long.

We need to realize that we are who we believe we are because it is useful to the 'agenda'; does that infuriate you? Get over it, it's just a small step towards remembering the power which you all hold.

Just The 'Facts' - I told a friend today "The nuance of life gets lost within 'just the facts'." One must be capable of gauging their emotional response while discerning the present and past information. Within the inept indoctrination systems (education), one learns to memorize and repeat on command to prove one's intelligence and everything seems to already have an answer, and a protocol; follow, be tested and obey. And which 'facts' are we speaking of anyways? Because today's 'consensus science' is far from science nor factual; so where is the baseline coming from?

Zero Tolerance - This one screams to our level of humanity and empathy. A society of zero tolerance is prime for the taking or a powder-keg primed to blow. There is so much animosity created on so may levels of what the psyche believes makes a society, let alone what people 'believe' on a personal level, which, over time has grown through many frustrations of 'life', presented as 'normal' or being 'just the way it is' (helplessness).

Competition - People which want to live and, 'let live' so that a balance and harmony could be achieved rather than a dog eat dog anti-social society. There are winners and there are losers but the basic mathematics of it reveals that it simply does not add up. Labels have been part of our indoctrination in order to steer clear of real innovation; divide and conquer is a recurring theme throughout the process. And never forget that the really rich, despise competition; how many companies have been 'merged' with the giants throughout your lifetime?

Government - Fake people selling lies and hopium while feeding you with fear and pitting you against each other. A great distraction while they regulate your entire existence and 'criminalize' everything until you lash out at the closest 'enemy' (real or portrayed) and always blame something exterior to you. The masters of 'gas-lighting' and purveyors of the original 'fake news'. Thieves and robber barons, there to pick your pocket and keep you bickering whilst they play a 'game' with the lives of all.

Your MASTERS until you realize that they hold no 'power' which you do not relinquish to them. Note that you must take them ALL back.

Life Credits (money) - A quote from Life Credits (be sure to read the article), written in 2018:

"One can observe many things within this game of life which I have dubbed "The Quest for Cash". One thing which stood out for me is that it seems to be a protection racket based on obedience and punishment (as they are) and that the people seem to embrace it and the fears associated with it. It pits people into competition against each other where the sole purpose is to get 'Life Credits' (money) from one pocket and put it into mine; that becomes its base."
What amazes me is that most believe that this is truly the 'best' we can do.

Taxes - The robber barons eagerly pick away at your very soul through the confiscation of your life energy. "The only things certain are death and taxes." - What a crock of ...

Debt -
What the thieves don't get in taxes, they more than make up for in 'debt'. Creating your wants and desires through indoctrination, propaganda and marketing and then offering you 'easy' credit sure works like a charm for a populace with little patience and a 'must have' mindset; this includes the high costs of 'education'. On top of that, every dollar in creation has 'debt' attached so what does that make us, if not SLAVES?

The Rat Race - Spending your life energy paying your way through life and being drained physically, mentally and spiritually by the chore of simply living in this technological age of abundance. Being to exhausted to ponder, question, learn... EVOLVE. Keeping all too 'busy' to even imagine a better way and too angry to allow visions to interfere with their accustomed misery.

What happened to that 'Pursuit of Happiness'?

Surveillance - The finest that 'infrastructure' funding (your life credits) can buy, along with various grants to various agencies all purporting to work for your 'safety'. I don't know about you, but being spied on 24/7 does not make me feel 'secure'. Remember the 80s prophesying that we would all be doing the safety dance? Well, you can 'dance' if you want to.

Police, Military, Wars - The government monopoly on VIOLENCE. What can I do but call it like it is? I will never wrap my head around someone wanting a LIFE (career) of punishing others and making them bend to your will. They are the "fascist cunt pig-dogs" of the psychos in charge. If that triggers you, please get over it.

The list is endless of the things which would require moving on from, the above barely scratches the surface.

What does one need to prepare to move on? Honesty of self is of upmost importance, as is an admission of one's fears (usually based on ignorance), and a re-connection to one's individual power while discovering the I they were born to be. Move on to a peoples which are intelligent enough to notice when something is not quite right and question enough to avoid being culled.

How many of you are ready to accept that this must turn into a survival mode or that window of opportunity shall also be missed? I offer no mongering of fear but the ability for the aware to unite is closing rapidly. We may be forced to ride things out alone and face the 'end' without fear; whatever that may be.

I know that things are dire at the moment but we must stay vigilant in our desire to LIVE. We must not abandon our loved ones but also realize that they have made their 'choices' and they are locked in to the end, we cannot allow ourselves to be dragged down with them. I know, harsh, get over it.

I know I am not alone, even if it feels that way at times. I know there is hope even when it is difficult to see. I know the human race is MORAL at its core.

Live FREE - and scream "NO! I WILL NOT LIVE LIKE THAT!".  


Thursday, September 09, 2021

The Worst Mistake

It is with a heavy heart that I write these words because I realize, and know that I must state and accept honestly, that we are indeed at the end of days and that there will never be a 'normal' as the time before.

Was it naive of me to believe that something I could bring, discover, say, realize, share and scream from the rooftops could ever change the trajectory or inevitable outcome of the downward slide of humanity at its very core and to where we presently exist? Was I arrogant enough to think that I could bring about a halt to what has been transpiring for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years?

Should I be experiencing a desire to regress into the lying hypocrite which I once was which lived for only one thing: my present comfort and delusion of joy? Do I want to become the 'Cypher' of the day in hopes of again tasting something which was never real?

It is more and more difficult these day to reflect back upon my life and try to define the 'happy' moments within it. I know that they exist among the many instances of fleeting joy, but they are blurred these days by the torments of knowing what is transpiring without any recourse to effectively communicate a cohesive way to stop any of it; ending in madness. 

"All you have to do is STOP!" I scream, to no avail.

If one were to read through my words over the years, one might see that I could glimpse what the human condition would need to become in order to effectuate something of this magnitude. That I could seemingly, 'identify' the ways that our very souls, or at least our morality, was dragged down to levels which could only be considered collective madness; for the most part was done but us. And here we sit, surrounded by the madness, which encompasses our loved ones and drags us all into the abyss; who do we 'FIGHT'?

I have been screaming: "All you need to do is become better people."

Unfortunately people seem to no longer have the capacity to actually listen these days and instead many different variants of that statement can be created through emotional reactions at the individual level; the joy of being offensive for all. They usually tend to do everything possible to brush it to the side, rather than delve deep into their self and ask those questions which would never have allowed us to be where we are now.

I have tried to be the 'mirror' for all to see what it is that we have allowed ourselves to become. I could never have imagined that honesty could be so contentious, nor that it would come to border 'illegality'.

I have tried to define the programmed ego and leave bread crumbs everywhere in my mind drops, in order to spark something, anything (even indignation), to nudge things into a different direction; for disruption of the programmed self is of utmost importance at this time.

I aimed to inform that the lack of honest communication is one of the things which hinders all progression in humanity the most. And that one can never achieve honest communication with others without first being brutally honest with one's self.

I have explained, over and over, that it is not about being better than your fellow man, but rather, about being better than your former self (thanks Hemmingway - always). 

All I have written comes from my own personal experiences, observations, anguish, mistakes, reflections and honesty of self. And in no way do I find myself 'above' or 'better' than anyone else but I am a heck of a lot better human than I was previously.

That is where the power lies.

We will lose this invisible war because most are not willing to give their lives (nor their former selves) for freedom, hell, most won't even stand up to stand out. The irony of it is that they may very well be the first mass casualty of this clandestine war. 

So think about that for a moment, let it seep in. Here we are during an invisible war, where the enemy may have already, throughout our entire lives (and generations prior), been slowly exterminating us through their control of food, water and air (and much more). 

And what are we doing but battling, vilifying, segregating, denigrating, mocking, debunking, classifying, dehumanizing, distrusting... (for the list is long), amongst ourselves and becoming the very xenophobes, which are necessary to ensure a unity is never achieved? Where are we headed but in the direction of 'every man for himself' as the unified agendas just roll on by (or is it over) and I wonder to whom the 'demonstration' of the MOAB was really meant?

Do you realize that if a major M Class Solar Flare were to hit our weakening geomagnetic field at the right moment, that the Earth could be plunged into darkness. Also realize that the majority, would firmly believe that it was the outcome of nefarious actions from bad actors and their hackers. Oh the tales which we weave and believe. Look out, Zombies!

Not many want to admit where that enemy truly resides; forever avoiding that honest look in the mirror for what stares back may just shock them awake. The solace of apathetic ignorance combined with an arrogant entitlement with triggers of indignant micro-aggressions fueling the childlike emotional reactions which is their 'comfort zone' of choice. 

It's like living "Idiocracy 2: The Invisible Enemy".

So what was my worst mistake? Was it in giving everything of myself to everything else and forsaking myself? Was it in giving myself completely to something outside of myself in order to prove (to whom?) that I have no agenda? Was it in my belief that the 'good' would always rise, for the basis of our very being resides within our morality? Was it in my simply not being selfish enough? Perhaps I really am my own worst enemy.

Perhaps I am just an idealistic dreamer, perhaps it is foolish of me to still believe that there is enough 'good' in our humanity to forever vanquish this 'evil' which has taken the reigns of our moral compass. 

The ultimate choice, is how do we want to live: In Fear or Love?

What seems to be 'growing' the most within you? As I also look within me.

So out with the old and create the new - the mourning of our past selves is over.

Crypto Monero Dance

 Crypto Monero Dance

So I told myself that I was going to play with crypto the other day and installed the Monero Wallet. Now I am an ignorant newbie at this but do have the advantage of an I.T. background. So I am trying to see what makes it tick, what gives that 'rush', what this crypto thing is all about. I did write a couple of articles mentioning cryptos and bitcoin here and here and I don't know if I want to elaborate more or simply just learn.

The funny thing is that I remember when Bitcoin first came out and even mined about half a coin at the time, but if you have read my thoughts over the years and specifically Life Credits, you know that nothing is about money for me (perhaps because everything else seems to be). I stopped mining because I could feel myself devoting attention to something which never sat right with me. 

Pulling myself up by my bootstraps so that I could play the game of chasing the almighty dollar to make ends meet and be successful was never my cup of tea. << Is that not that a fine gem :-) And really, although I know that it can be handy to have money, it will never be a priority for me nor something I will ever regret.

I didn't care then and don't now but would really like to see:

A) If anyone actually reads this blog of mind farts and has some spare 'change'.

2) If I can scrape together enough Monero to simply 'tinker' with my new wallet and learn some of this crypto stuff as I buy anything Elon Musk suggests.

WTH) If 'miracles' actually do happen.

So yeah, I've finally sold my soul over and am dancing with the devil :-)

I'm not going to harp on it, not going to place a donate button anywhere; this is the only place this wallet address will be mentioned (unless something magical happens) and linked. 

This is not a plea for donations. I just want to see what happens.

So if you like my stuff, feel free to do whatever to help me on this quest and if you hate my stuff: you can try to pay me to stop writing.

Thanking you in advance - yes, you know who you are.

I'm Just going to place this here and don't really know much else.

Monero address:


Pirate Chain address:


Update 13-09-21

I finally downloaded the blockchain and someone tipped me a something something - many thanks.

Also added the Pirate Chain address and figure I will go all out and get a Doge wallet as well :-) Fun stuff

Thursday, May 27, 2021

To What End?

 How does one leave a lie which has been so comfortable (acceptable) for so long? How does one step away from a belief system which seems to be tied to their identity? How does one become better than what is expected?

I was wondering about a possible scenario which I have heard people floating about: that of the 'sheeple' being led to the slaughter and good riddance to it. The latest terminology seems to be NPC which stands for Non Player Character. Derived, I assume, from the video game culture and already a plug for the subconscious of the technocratic future along with a further separation of 'us and them'. 

Here is but one example of such remarks:

"Let’s speed up the depopulation of the dumbasses."

Now I have thought similar thoughts over the years and have sung a little diddy myself: "stupid people shouldn't breed, doo da, doo da". I am as guilty as anyone else for not having any hope, let alone faith in people which would kill the messenger rather than read the note which says the TRAIN is coming. 

I swing from writing the following and wondering if I should use it - 

I have nothing left for you, the species which cannot even scrape together the desire to live, to learn and to better itself. 

I have nothing left for you, the species which would rather hate each other than go through the honest introspection necessary to truly become a better human. 

I have nothing left for you, the species which would rather attack those which speak honestly because it may hurt your delicate feelings. 

I have nothing left for you, the species which would drag everyone around them down to their level rather than uplifting themselves. 

I have nothing left for you, the species which needs to punish those which dare to be different than the acceptable normal. 

I have nothing left for you, the species which openly abuses their children due to their fears based in ignorance or their proclivity for obedience. 

I have nothing left for you, the species which would rather fight than learn because to do that may be an admittance of your ignorance.

I have nothing left for you, the species which would punish those solely for their choice of words no matter of their validity.

I have nothing left for you, the species which would rather die than look at themselves honestly, and facilitate the murder of everyone else in the process.

I couldn't think of a worst experience for a soul or consciousness to have, than that of the human way of life. 

To still holding onto a spark of hopium for the species I was born into; that there is still a chance of unity among the general consciousness which will allow us to step away from our current trajectory.

I also try to look at it from the inside of the mind of the psychopath, and wonder to what end? 

To what end would I kill off the old, the weak, the witless and the followers? Other than sheer numbers, and the death of ancestral wisdom, I can think of none (some would argue financial) but it being all part of the plan.

To what end would that be followed up by 'front line' workers (nursing, hospital, rescue, firefighters, teachers ...)? I believe this is to thin the numbers of those which may offer some healing and learning in times yet to come.

To what end would it be to follow that with the very forces which protect me: the police and the military? As I have mentioned before, the weakness here is that they are still, essentially, human beings capable of compassion and revolt.

So who will be left? You and me? The Anti-Vaxxers? The 'awakened' and the newly aware? The ones which are getting up in age but have been preparing for such an outcome? The 'Spiritual Warriors' which are rising to the call (or is it cull)? The deplorables, the anti everything, the tin foil hatters; the dreaded "Conspiracy Theorist"? The lost, the ventured, the seekers, the voyagers; the healers, the teachers, the naturalists and the lovers. Will it be enough?

These are people which have been arming themselves, building bunkers, storing essentials and learning the ways of the land. Some will be farmers, families, teachers, nurses, etc. but all will know that this is the time to rise or perish. This shall become evident, even to those 'new' to all of this.

Who will these rag-tagged warriors have to defend against if the 'order followers' have been 'vaccinated' out of existence? Will it be time to release the robots at that point? Will the owners make it a 'video game' adventure in dealing with the rest of us?

I have to disagree with those which would have one believe that this is about "total control" and that humanity will live a dystopian future with a boot on its face forever (and own nothing and be happy). A mixture of a Brave New World with 1984 and Soylent Green, marinaded with Hunger Games and Divergent and...blah blah blah. The question remains: WHY? Why would that be a good idea?

I know that if I were the 'Psychopath In Charge', that I would know all of the outcomes to those 'dystopian' futures, we've all see on TV or in movies: good triumphs over evil, the people unite and overthrow their oppressors, light conquers darkness, etc. I would foresee that a 'spark' of desire or a distant memory could set off an explosion of problems in the control model and therefore is dangerous to my existence. How could it possibly benefit 'the plan' to enable such a scenario? How could it benefit me (as the psycho in charge)?

Don't you get it, 'they' fear 7 billion people thinking along the same lines and rising up. That is why it is important to censor and delete the very notion of 'Alternative thought'. They fear that 'spark' which ignites the free power of humanity; they fear they will be found out and 'dealt' with in the end.

They don't want to 'Rule' over the human population, they've been doing that for centuries, they want to rid the world of their fear so that they may live free from their fears. As for the 'required' number of slaves, they can be 'created' through technological means already available today; be it human or robot.

I don't know how to stop what is coming, I do know that bickering over our egos and insignificant details won't do it. Divide and conquer has always been the plan and oh how effective it truly has been.

Better individuals capable of getting over themselves and coming together, not just for a 'cause', but for the formation of a better species is essential; how many are ready for that level of growth? How many will remain in the end?