Monday, August 17, 2020

How Is Any Of This Possible?

So I was watching the latest Vernon Coleman video and heard something that I have heard from many others: "How is this all possible?" in reference to the seeming incapacity for the average person to grasp the most basic of logical concepts which would expose the current operation for what it really is - A Fraud.

I will try to explain it as simply as possible but bear in mind that there are many, many levels of programming at play in the average psyche. It all begins with what I call multi-generational programming. I have mentioned it in other articles throughout the years such as here, here, here and here with more hints scattered throughout my mind droppings.

Now I won't get too far into multi-generational programming but simply define it as the automatic transfer of a base program instilled to a child from their parents; something that the parents themselves received from theirs or 'learned' through their life.

Examples of base programs can be things such as money, law, authority, health, science and so on. What I will try to focus on will be the health aspect and how it relates to the fear which we are being held captive by today and why it seems that once one has reached the peak of a fear and it is still being 'validated' on some level, no amount of 'new' information will help to allay that fear.

Have you ever watched people raise their children? How many warnings about causing bodily harm do you think are uttered on an average day? How much fear does the average child have projected towards them in a day?
"Don't rock on your chair, you'll fall and hurt yourself."
"Don't play near the water, you'll fall in and drown."
"Don't run with scissors, you'll poke your eye out, or worst."
"Don't eat that or you'll make yourself sick."
"Don't stand out in the rain, you'll catch a cold."
Basically, don't ever hurt yourself or get sick.

Safety Meeting: Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt.

The child hears a constant barrage of 'don't' with possible consequences and begins to believe in its own fragility and is left frail and afraid of doing the one thing a child needs to do, EXPERIENCE. They don't get to learn the limits of their bodies and the balance required to achieve so many great things such as climbing a tree to see the world from a different perspective. As the child is protected from learning to deal with experiences such as pain and 'bad feelings' they are perpetually held in a childlike mindset based on fear and needing protection.

Every experience, whether deemed good or bad, is needed to grow through childhood and into a mature, evolving species.  The base which is being manipulated now, the retardation of growth, is what the 'operation' is feeding on; the lifetimes of "don't do that or..." being the foundation to build upon. It may be a hard pill to swallow, but at which point did we begin to rob the children of the experiences which would have allowed them to grow to their full potential?

As the child learns to fear, it also learns to 'obey or be punished' until it gets it right. And through life becomes entwined in the sociological 'law' and structure of authority which were encouraged by their parents and those around them; it was 'Normal' to be obedient.

The government capitalizes on this and continues to treat them as 'moron children' (harsh or not, it is the best description I have found) for their entire lives. Make sure you call the fire department and get permission before you start an open fire children. I have also mentioned before about how the treating a populace as such produces such. Sort of a "You are what you eat, mentally".

The moron children seem to have one goal in life: to prove that they are 'grown up' and intelligent; what usually happens is that they 'believe' they are and never really find out what their grown up self could have been. Instead, what tends to happen, is that they treat others around them, the same as they have known all of their lives. How many times do people offer you the most useless 'safety' advice? I used to climb radio towers and my boss used to say to me, "Don't fall" to which I would reply "Don't blow yourself up". "Drive safely", nah I think I shall do some reckless manoeuvres today.

The moron children thrive on their 'virtuous' adherence to 'law' and 'authoritative' advice and feel elevated with a sense of intelligence for said decisions. They become the people who will tell a person which does not have insurance, and which nothing tragic has happened to, that they were "Lucky" and secretly would like the person to learn a 'lesson' in some form.

As we have seen in the last months, they are obedient and believe whatever the narrative feeds them. They also view those which don't abide or reject their complacency and obedience, or the information which they believe, with contempt and will happily drag all of those around them, down to their level; forcibly even, if enabled, for their protection.

This is, what I believe, the base of this 'operation' and one can see it operate on many levels. They haven't only been planning operations like this for 50 years or more, they have been molding the societies through the conditioning of the collective mind; yours and mine. Now, of course there are many more levels to this indoctrination such as education, employment and media, to name a few, but I am simply trying to examine the base which everything else works within; that which is begun soon after birth.

This is why I have said that humans need to get over themselves and grow up. To view themselves honestly and begin to deal with the pain that the mirror provides in order to finally be released of the frailty and retardation and grow into the adulthood which they have missed thus far.

There is a lot more to life than doing as you are told because you are afraid of the 'consequences'. This mob mentality revolving around fear of death which demands that LIFE halts until it is SAFE can only be BELIEVED by what I have described above; moron children. Time to GROW UP and STOP this nonsense.

"Know Thyself" is a fairly well known saying. How many are actually honest enough to do it? How many will see what they have become, in time to turn things around? How many even care to?


GoddessKRING said...

i agree. don't follow anyone, lead yourself etc.

Simon Gruffydd Foster said...

Can't disagree with your article in principle. However, how many of us fall into the 'moron'children' category? How many refusniks? How many just go along enough to avoid undue attention?

We're a fickle bunch us humans. I think the lockdown and related measures will disappear as fast as they were imposed when enough of us say "enough is enough, no more" and the rest follow along. That time could be approaching rapidly.

Ant i Potter said...

The nail on the head and a very good read.