Monday, June 01, 2009

Where Did The Orgasm Go?

In the age of digital communications, there is so much of 'us' that seems to be 'lost in translation'. I was watching TV (for some reason) and there was a commercial for one of the giant communications corporations giving statistics on the amount of breakups occurring via text, voice mail and email and I was so saddened by it. It seems that the affairs of the heart, the connections to others that we so need have been reduced to just another statistic and something that can easily be thrown away and marketed for the profit of the few.

No longer looking someone in the eye and telling them how we feel or even allowing them to see us through our own deceptions, we leave, run, breakup and split; forever looking for the '29 dimensions of compatibility' ( We search for that 'love' that we are told all of our lives exists, but we never seem to give it a chance for what we search for seems to be what we are now and not what we need for the future. We seem to search for 'ourselves' without understanding that 'change' is what we really need; in ourselves and in the world. We have a seemingly infinite number of friends but do we really connect or open ourselves to any of them?

We have friends that we go to dinner with, we have friends that we go to shows with, we have friends that we go on vacations with but who are we really? Are we just what we portray depending on whom we are with? Are we forever doomed to portray a face that another will accept instead of showing who we really are? We portray sadness in order not to invoke jealousy or happiness so that others won't 'feel sorry for us' but when do we really get the chance to see ourselves? When can we really grow and explore who we are and find the loving and caring people that we all want to be? When can we ever really just be and enjoy what happens without judgement or fear of it? We tend to see our giving, opening and accepting of the love of others as a vulnerability and our own love as a weakness, rather than seeing it as a strength that can transcend the fears that our minds feed us.

Let us think about the 'power of the orgasm' for a minute (or forever). It is amazing how it works for it is when the body connects so strong, that it can wash away the voices of the mind and actually let the spirit free to see what is real without the distractions that the world conditions us to see. What happened to our sexual revolution? In the sixties, the establishment was worried, for with the sex came connections and pleasure which seemed to blow away the clouds of our egos and allowed us to bare ourselves to each other; to connect on a level that no one could 'control'. The voices that control us, the insecurities that echo in our minds and separate us out of fear seemed to vanish and allowed a genuine communication and connection to take place; what happened to that? How did the fire in our spirits get so easily extinguished?

In the age of 'sex sells' everything and 'porn' is a manner of control for anyone willing to bare all, where did it take us? Have we been frightened into believing that the most natural of human interactions can be harmful or shameful? Have we buried our desires based upon 'those types just have no respect for themselves'? Where is the openness that the 'orgasm' brings? Why has that turned into a competition and a way to 'prove oneself', instead of the enjoyment and the connection that it is designed to bring? A real 'orgasm' only occurs when one can give themselves completely, without fear of judgement and the struggle of control; when one can accept that a 'change' will occur in both parties and that a 'growth' will occur as two people become one with each other. A real orgasm can make us see that the world can be a beautiful place, so long as we don't fear the unknown or the what-ifs.

As we become one with ourselves and are able to open and accept others and the love that they have to give, only then will be be able to get past the voices in our minds; the ones that tell us how to act, what to fear and to question our very existence and actions. Only then will we be able to give and receive what the world needs to heal itself. Only then will humanity really have a chance to move forward and to come together for the benefit of all the world's inhabitants. It is the fears that keep us 'in check' and keep us from accepting the changes that will transcend the injustices. That keep us from believing in a 'Utopian' world that is just for all and that keeps us forever suckling at the tit of the competition based system that tries so hard to keep from slipping away into the abyss that it must eventually flow.

Go out and find your 'orgasm', for your body, mind and spirit for it can set you free, if you let it. Find the 'self' that can give completely, without question and without fear and don't analyze, feel and trust your selves, for we all have the capacity to give and receive, to form a better humanity for all; don't run from your emotions but rather, embrace them for only then can we begin to 'feel' again.