Sunday, January 24, 2021

What can I say?

The most difficult part of seeing all of this unfold is knowing that the only thing I can really do is sit back and watch. Nothing I discuss, nor write will 'change' the world. I have figured out that the only thing that I can directly change is myself.

What can I say after an introduction like that? What do I 'bring to the table', which hasn't already been written about in one of my mind droppings or by so many others, much more qualified than I, to 'know' of certain occurrences within this obscured vision called life?  

To see the programming take hold within other cultures as it has in my birth country. To realize that the entirety of my life has been encompassed in secrets, lies and programming; that we were always at 'war'. To witness a majority portion of my species devolve based on ignorance, ego and fear.  

Where will it go? How far will the human being allow themselves to be treated like an animal? To what depths will they drag the rest of us down?

As I threatened in a previous article:

I'm just going to start referring to others in the following when I meet them on the street:

"Hello my fellow filthy animals which carry disease so must be muzzled and wash their paws everywhere they go which is outside of their cage."

Now it will include the additional: "Do you have your shots?"

Will they even get it?

I used to take offense when I was simply being treated like a moron child by the 'rulers', now they treat us as filthy animals with the worst part being that most simply go along with it and expect the same from me.

People are simply getting on with their 'lives' while being locked up, oops, down. They get to use their exercise equipment which has been collecting dust for years, read books which may have found their way to the attic and simply forgotten before the time allotted, through incarceration, to 'explore' or simply watch their favorite television channel 'news' to garner a sentiment of 'being informed'.

There is also the fantastic bonding opportunities which families are experiencing at this moment. All sitting down to eat that freshly delivered pizza or simply awaiting delivery of their groceries which they purchased online which effectively disconnects them from their food; how convenient.

All of these poor saps being locked in together but not really knowing each other as life had kept them apart just enough to create some 'longing'. How many 'families' are prepared to live in confinement together after decades of believing that the nest needs to be emptied? Good thing there is the Internet to keep everyone in their own little world and properly distracted while feeling informed and connected.

There are those which do not seek distraction but rather information. For these there is a tidal wave of 'factoids' to swim through at their leisure. They obediently rely upon the 'experts' on the television to make them feel informed without ever thinking that those with control of not just the narrative of the airwaves but that of the mind itself, controls the very thoughts which you form.

How does one explain that what they believe makes them them, is perhaps an illusion based on lies; external and internal? How do you show someone that their 'opinion' may not really be their own? How do you shatter their ego, just enough, without breaking the incredible person trapped behind it? How do you convince someone which believes that they cannot live without their television or cell phone, that those two devices are instrumental in their demise.

How do you converse with those which are actively being programmed to negate any questioning of the official narrative and view those which would dare think differently as the enemy while trying to project intelligence in whatever way possible?

Back to the beginning of this article: What can I write about? 

There is no magical information which will free enough people to reach a mystical number to turn the tide on what may be a plan which spans hundreds of years. There is no meme which will go viral enough to get people to begin to simply question their current situation. There have been centuries of discussion on this very subject, that of freeing one's self, which have fallen on deaf ears time and time again.

The game is rigged, the deck is stacked and the bases are covered; and not in our favor. Who controls what? Education, science, alimentation, energy, finance, technology and many more are consolidated into few hands these days and perhaps from their inception. So what can we really know other than speculation? Who really knows where this is going and how it will end but those which orchestrated it? 

The only thing that we all have the capacity to change is our selves and that is seeming to be an impossible task. Think back a far as you can remember, can you remember any of your programming; can you recognize it? Can you admit it, can you 'break free' or will you defend it to the death and if the latter, who's?

The only thing which I can do is to just be as honest as I have always been. I can just share my observations and experiences which shape my own growth through all of this. I can just share my digressions. I can just shed my programming, one day at a time and become a better human being.

What will it take for the people to realize that what we are living through is not based in honesty but in manipulation? What more can the 'rulers' take away before the people finally have had enough? When will the people decide that they DO want to LIVE? When will they realize that all they have to do is stop believing (en mass) and it all goes away. 

Think about that for a second, think about how 'powerful' an idea can be and create something new from the ashes of our collective confinement. 

What I can say is to go out and shake hands, dance, sing, hug and break the spell before it is too late. Live life again, love life again, love each other again!

Saturday, January 09, 2021


As I mentioned in my last article, I no longer reside in my country of birth. I tell the people here that my face may look Canadian but "me corazon es Mexicano".

I have felt this way since my first six month visit back in 2005, where I had left my position with a huge tech firm and sold off or gave away whatever I could not fit in my $400 (already served a year) car. It had no power anything, no air conditioning and no radio; off I go on a 6 day trek to Tulum. I had known of Tulum because of a week vacation taken with a friend prior which had me running from Cancun. 

Mexico, as the rest of the world, was different 15 years ago. And many of the places that I had seen, I would not visit again, as they have sold themselves to tourism. Tourism, I figured out prior, creates a dependency on outside forces for survival and we can now see that it can be 'turned off' but it was sure sold with a sense of 'freedom'. Freedom with dependencies, hmm?

When this 'operation' reared its ugly head a year ago, I knew that it was time to leave my country of birth and find warmer climes for what may yet 'surprise' us in this age of uncertainty. This time, the route could not be done by road but rather was limited to suitcases on an airplane; off we go, family style (the only time that I have ever worn a mask).

After securing a vehicle for our voyage, we wandered close to the city of Oaxaca. We ended up staying at a place which also housed other 'refugees' from varying countries; one seemed there simply because it was cheaper in Mexico to drink one's self to death. There are many 'reasons' for 'escape' these days. Not a great environment for a 2 year old.

As we were preparing to leave, a great example presented itself: that of 'self policing'. The owner of the place had heard that travel on the roads across states was forbidden and 'warned' us (projected fear based on ignorance) to not go. Turns out, we had no problems, but we did get distracted at a beach; town for 3 weeks.

The beach town was not a Mexican town, it was built for tourists with the help of ex-pats from around the globe. It had great food and the works for a small town and still retained it's small town charm. It also had some of the greatest people I have ever met. 

After 3 weeks, we had had enough of 'fantasyland' and went in search of our Mexican adventure towards Chiapas. After playing out my memory driven fantasy about San Cristobal de Los Casas, we spent one night and got out of that bustling city. Funny how the memory can play tricks on you.

So off we set towards the beach again, in search of warmer climes,once again. As we go, we are driving through some country roads (diverted to what we thought was a beach, not a beach) in southern Chiapas and see acre after acre of banana plantation which stretches for miles and miles. As we are driving, there is what seems to be a processing plant as a hook conveyor was taking bunches of bananas around and another conveyor was spitting out single bananas and peels and such. 

I get out of the truck and wander over to where a person is coming towards me. I greet him and we chat as I ask what this place is. He informs me that it is a Del Monte location and that the bananas (all green bunches) are for export and that the ones being spit out are not up to par.

So after staying in the region for a week, I noticed that bananas were only sold individually (not in bunches) and green ones were unheard of. It didn't take long to realize that this region gets to consume the 'rejects' of their labors unless they shop in the upscale supermarkets and not in the maskless zones of the open markets. Obedience has its rewards, you want those better bananas and sugarless breads.

Another month has passed in a beach town, this time for Mexicans, and what a difference. The food was different: no Italian food, Swiss baked goods espressos nor cheesecake. What it did have was lots of meat for breakfast with tortillas and fresh seafood at inflated prices. I thought a Mexican beach town would be more economical but they come, and they pay; there are some well off Mexicans living the big life down here. 

Life is more 'tranquilo' here, of what I have witnessed in Mexico. One does not walk about with the sense that others are glaring at your maskless face nor going to 'snitch' you out for breathing fresh air (the program has not reached here yet).  Most people here, seem to wear the mask of obedience because they believe that they 'have to'. If not there will be punishments which will affect their livelihoods. The ones which 'believe' seem to be fine with their trust in their personal protective gear. I have seen the signs which 'explain' the 'me/you' relationship of mask wearing but they are comical at best; little by little though, it enters the mind.

I have noticed, in my birth country, that the vilification of travelers is underway through the guilt, shame and indignation program. Nice to see the people there continue their obedience whist claiming to be 'informed' and happily jump on board to help 'shame' those 'defiant' tanned folks returning from a bit of 'life' in these hellish times. Sad really, how the punished would rather drag others down to their level than band together to stop the punishment.

I can see how this program can be used against the ex-pats in various countries. How easy would it be to stage a 'mass dying' of poor people which were exposed to those 'irresponsible' foreigners? What sort of mindset could you create with the proper media prodding? 

It always astounds me as to how easily the indignation is generated 'on-demand' and how completely the minds are controlled through control of the narrative. 

The 'story' must truly be important, for it is that which generates the emotion which you react to. The problem with the story is that it belongs to someone else and isn't even believable. You'd have to be bananas to believe the current tale, so I'm writing my own story. 

What's your tale?

Thursday, January 07, 2021

The Lie

I'm tired of hearing about 'the lie'.

Everywhere you go and everything you do contains elements which reminds you of the lie.

The television reminds you. 

And people are glued to these for they want to be informed, they want to be prepared and they want to be ahead of the spread. They need to be told how to react, what to fear and  when to obey the newly formed and forever changing 'rules' for your protection and the protection of others. Huge responsibility, are you up to the challenge children?

The government reminds you. 

With its alerts, regulations, mandates, suggestions, policing, forever dancing about a whirlwind of fantastically advanced rapid science which works so well that it gets 'settled' in record time. Trust us as your sole source of information.

Big tech reminds you.

 Every time that you want to share that funny cat video, you are reminded to beware the covidian beast at all cost, as well as protected against any 'conspiratorial' questions which may want to grab your attention. When they protect the WHO, who are they really protecting? When they outlaw questions, who are they protecting?

Family, friends and neighbors (oh my) remind you. 

Be it in person or through video chatting, there is always mention and self validation of the lie. Don't kill grandma, stay home and for gosh sakes, use a glory hole.

Strangers remind you. 

As they drive by with their windows rolled up wearing their symbol of obedience. Or as they distance themselves to another location as you are walking towards them while pulling upwards on their muzzle. Or as they glare if you have the audacity to be defiant. 

The signs, the lines, the bottles of gel; the insanity of it all. The amount of resources wasted on this endeavor to perpetuate a fear based on, at best, a rumor is astounding. Truth doesn't need a sustained marketing campaign.

Did you ever think that you would miss the days when you could simply fondle produce as you purchased? 

I'm in Mexico at the moment at this quiet beach town which is mainly frequented by Mexicans. Just this afternoon, I went to say "hi" to a countryman which others (Mexicans) had told me about and I wanted to check out his camping facilities. The look of fear on his face as I got within ten feet of him and the suggestion that a conversation would require him reaching for his mask of obedience was enough to cut my greeting short. He mentioned that he was busy repairing his pool and I told him that I just wanted to look around; what an awkward moment.

This is part of the psychological warfare being sieged upon humanity at the moment; the part which turns man against man, brother against brother, son against father, the part where anyone can be a potential CARRIER; the ultimate xenophobic program. How far would you go to protect yourself from this magical 'virus'? Who would you shun?

There are only two possible camps at the end of this current game of division: the believers and the heretics. And within this new religion, witch hunts are allowed. Scorn, shame and punish the disbelievers; sound familiar? Don't forget to hate me because I fled south of the border while most of you are locked up (down) and sit behind curfews. Do you not tire of being treated, and reacting as children?

While the dramas are being played out and the emotional reactions are fueled, the low sunspot activity and Grand Solar Minimum still haunt my thoughts. The global food shortages which are seemingly being engineered along with the climactic conditions which are predicted (if not engineered) to manifest, spell a dire time awaiting humanity in the ,foreseeable future; every front seems covered for our demise. Perhaps our jaunt into covidia is partly a distraction.

The planned obsolescence of the human race was being engineered right under our noses and we just played along. A nice sounding law here and there to 'protect' something and we all felt warm and fuzzy inside; now punish those pesky law breakers. Remember when cops didn't look like storm troopers?

What gets me is how simple it was to achieve this moment in time. How easy it was to convince the people that they must fear as they have never feared before. How accepting the people were to cover those smiles which they have spent years caring for and whitening. That the essences of culture were removed from society without so much as a whimper. The cry of wolf is taken at face value without question.

The other incredulous aspect is the sheer wickedness behind it all; the levels of evil required to execute such a plan. How dark those hearts must be to view people as they do. It is as if they are somehow 'removed' from us.

Whatever is coming won't be a surprise for everyone. Nor will it be a magical virus which mutates into a crocodile head and bites your face off (took the family to a crocodile sanctuary, predictive programming?). The zombies are not coming in the form which you expect. 

Only you can choose not to accept the lie, nor the fear projected alongside of it. Only you can ask the questions and demand solid evidence. Only you can not believe everything you see on TV and release the shackles of predictive programming. Only you can honestly evaluate your role in the perpetuation of the above points and demand better. Only you can become an intelligent and sane individual; the "I".

Intelligence is not a goal to be reached but rather a journey of growing and accumulation of knowledge and experience. The intelligence required now is the acceptance of our ignorance to shed the defense mechanisms which retard our capacity to accept new information. 

"I don't know" is an acceptable response and a starting point to knowledge when accompanied by listening, which includes observation. Take in as many sources as possible and then begin to discern the information to chip away at the lie. You will see that unanswered questions always remain. 

This is how you free yourself of the lie: you accept that you may have been duped and move forward accordingly. You begin by saying things like "I have some questions", and when you figure out that questions are essentially outlawed, then you form more questions and eventually break free of the lie.

Then you say things such as:

"I will not live like this!"

"I will not be divided from my fellow man (woman)!"

"I will not lose my humanity!"

"I will not comply!"

When the majority of humanity figures out that the "I" holds all of the power when they are an intelligent and sane individual which strives to become better, then there will be some real change for the better.

Until then, hold on, for it's going to be a bumpy ride. 

Just try to hold on to your humanity through the coming years. Use time to release yourself rather than fortifying the program. 

Love thy neighbor, not thy neighbors wife.

Tuesday, January 05, 2021


2020 sure proved that we are 'owned'.

You can 'argue' that fact until the cows come home and believe your 'off-grid' life will sustain past the planned obsolescence of the 'gear' which you have invested in (did you know that lithium batteries constantly drain and have an expected expiration?) but you may have to make a 'choice' as to how far you are willing to 'rough it'. We may indeed be thrown back to cave dwellers with no access to communications technologies.

We are owned by our dependencies, our gadgets, our televisions, our sugar addiction, our beliefs in politics, money, debts, career, status, education, papers, ignorance, ego, et al.

How does it make you feel to know that you have an 'owner'? 

Do you realize that the mask symbolizes your obedience and willingness to slavery, not your virtue? How long will it be until the 'mask diseases' (possible covid variant candidate?) start popping up and messing with people's 'herd immunity'?

Our level of acceptance is directly related to our proclivity to slavery.

What do you think is going through the 'owner's' minds as they plan our 'future'? I wonder which 'future' they have in mind 'for' us?

Where do you think this will go? As I have written about prior, this is but the preliminaries to what is in store for humanity. I'm projecting a downward spiral sort of direction which some may label as 'technocracy' or 'totalitarianism' and onward from there if the species doesn't snap out of it. What do you suppose a nice, manageable number of humans would be, five hundred million?  

How do you think this will 'end'? Do you believe that your governments will allow you the 'free' movement and association from the 'Time Before' once every human being on the planet (let that sink in a bit) is 'vaccinated? Are you, one day, expecting a return to 'normal'? 

Are you, perhaps, searching out the 'opportunities' this 'crisis' is generating to advance your own 'position' in 'life' and better 'position' yourself for the 'post covid era'? Buy my DVD (I think I just dated myself).

In this, 'peak stupidity' age, I have seen people get flustered at questions, which should be the basis of knowledge, and fly into a raging cycle of parroting what they heard on their televisions and attacking while never providing any 'evidence' for their claims; round and round defending their precious ego instead of simply letting their minds question. 

Why do you defend against QUESTIONS, or is it about changing your mind? Do you know that you are allowed to be wrong? Do you know that many learning opportunities can occur when one can face being wrong? 

Do you know that truth needs no defending? 

Question everything, even what you 'witness'.

Over the last year, I have witnessed the building of compliance through fear, and animosity towards those which are 'defiant'. Perhaps people simply want to drag others down to their level in hope that 'herd compliance' may be achieved and this nightmare can go away. 

In many of the places which I have visited, I have seen the economies which are dependent of tourism, build, in anticipation of a return to 'normal'. Even some have stated, a few months ago, that this will all be over in a few months. Forever grasping for that ring of hope which requires no 'negativity'.

I have heard many state that they will not be taking the 'vaccine' but are glad, just the same, that it has been released and wear the mask solely to appease others (as they step back during conversation). They don't want to believe the fears but will retain just a wee bit, just in case. Such people are not capable of going the distance and seeing this out the way it should be. The comply out of convenience and convince themselves otherwise.

Some, are the same people which claim awakedness, whilst informing you of all of the 'tales' which they have 'discovered' and stating things such as "...but I wouldn't want to catch it" and "We know this started with a bat in China". Sometimes I wonder which wabbit hole they are stuck spinning their wheels in? Often it is many.

Contrary to what you may believe, KNOWLEDGE, is not a competition. You don't have to have the most subs, be the first with 'information', know more than anyone else, provide your resume of conspiracies upon initiation of a conversation; what are you trying to 'prove' and to whom? 

Intelligence is accumulative and progressive, not a 'goal' to be 'obtained' or reached. Look around, I don't think that there will be trophies awarded at the 'end' of all of this. When I stop learning I am dead - period.

How many deceptions can be hidden within the oceans of 'information' we now swim in? How many wabbit holes, with seemingly no bottom, perhaps placed there for their amusement, must we trod through?

Is it about 'being remembered'? Do you believe that 'history' will show that you 'did your part'? Do you mean the 'history' which is sure to be written by the current 'owners' which would need a recollection of this why? If you have read the 'signs' as I have, you may have noticed a slight leaning towards being forgotten.  

We have failed as a species and put the very survival of ourselves, our children, our grandchildren, all those yet to be born and those of historical significance (apparently history rewrites itself in digital form), in great peril. We have allowed our 'comfort' to nullify our discernment and seem to rely heavily on external prodding based in emotional reactions. 

We have accepted a 'program' which has aided us in 'accepting' our 'position' in 'life'. It is time to shed that program. It is time to chip away at it piece by piece. It is time to see who we have allowed ourselves to be and be better. It is time for an honest look in the mirror.

Some have claimed that I make them 'feel' stupid. I am sorry for your state of mind but if I state information that you don't grasp and you 'feel' stupid, then that is all you. That feeling of stupidity comes from not being able to accept your ignorance and learn from that point forward; that is not me. One simply tried to convince me that I could learn from stupid people while being angry at me for something, the whole time.

When will people realize that the human race is not fighting each other nor for its 'freedom', for it lost that many moons ago, it is fighting for its very SURVIVAL.

You will have to be willing to 'lose it all' to come out of this one, are you ready? If not, there is little time to prepare, let alone bicker about what doesn't really matter and can not be 'proven' one way or the other. NOW is the time to get over yourself and become an intelligent and sane individual.

Stop being owned by your programming, break free and own your LIFE.