Thursday, December 31, 2020

Stop Believing

So how is 'Phase One", of what is most likely to be a decade long 'operation', treating you so far? Myself, I go from 'losing my shit' to finding some clarity.

I harbor a lot of disappointment in my species at this time; no wait, I am angry. I don't want to be and try not to be but I fail miserably, at times. For I cannot believe, that what I am forced to endure (loss of freedoms, uncertainty of survival), is based in stupidity. I seem to use that word often, for I am at a lack of a better choice for my observations and realizations about the roots of our collective dilemma. What can I do but be honest in my presentation?

I am going to take this time to recap the year 2020 through my observations and perceptions, along with some fairly obvious 'predictions' for 2021.

Firstly, there was the 'introductory' phase, which was delivered by the media conglomerates and facilitated by the tech giants. It was their duty to introduce the 'crisis' in 'blitz' form to create the effect of 'shock and awe' mixed thoroughly with confusion on the populace mind, which they know through decades of examining people's habits, that they would be 'paying attention'. My first thought, was that this was a marketing campaign to 'sell' the public an 'idea'; this one being fear and control into a 'New Normal'.

2020 seemed to be about 'rules' and 'following' them, even if they continually changed and were void of logic; for our 'safety', of course, in order to 'protect' those which are most 'vulnerable' in 'society'. These new 'rules' were dictated to us by appointed, not elected officials which run our 'health' ministries or have computer companies.

It was about pitting people against each other in a 'believer' or non sort of way; creating a division based on health fears and 'invisible enemies'. All of a sudden, this magical 'virus' appears and no one seems to die of anything else anymore. Sure glad it is there though, to be a central point of blame (P.O.B.) for the frightened masses.

All the while, who is talking about the decades of diets based on dead or processed food and genetically modified organisms; not to leave out sugar, of course, for where would we be without a coke and a smile or that delicious high fructose corn syrup? Not many are talking about how the industrialization of food has devastated nutrition.

It was about using these divisions to create animosity throughout the population without their knowing where to direct it but at each other. It was the growth of the virtuous snitch mentality with people taking action against each other on both sides. It was about validating the punishment of innocent people which simply want to 'live' and breathe (remember dancing with a woman you've never met after noting her smile across a crowded space?). 

It was about the destruction of the current economic system and people's  livelihoods, with the promise of 'payment' for such. In turn creating dependencies and 'loyalty' to the 'New Normal Cult'. And like all good cult members, they must recruit you into 'believing' for to not is sacrilege.

It was about the entrainment of the 'enforcers' (police) that "no one is innocent" along with the solidifying of the 'zero tolerance' mind set. "Zero Tolerance", sure sounds like "Protect and Serve"; ah this new lingo, I don't know if I'll ever keep up.

It was about the conditioning of the future generations early through processes such as mask adoption. Ensuring a compliant mind to begin their online indoctrination, oops education. It was about the younger generation following the examples set by their obedient elders, idols, 'authorities' etc. and even reaching points of fearing those without masks.

It was about convincing the aggregate of the population, that fearing death meant one had to stop living and expect others to follow suit. It only works if everyone is 'on-board'. Ironic really because our freedom depends on the same thing.

It was about eviscerating the memory of 'knowledge' gained through a lifetime of education and experiences with 'modern' oddities such as evidence of antibodies no longer meaning immunity but now rather, infected and referred to as a 'case'. The changing of the language itself and the confusing of the population. Science has no place here as the lies are claimed within it.

It was about the introduction of an 'opportunity' to effectuate 'change' in the form of a "Great Reset". The selling of an idea which will enslave us all, if not worst. 

It was about the garnering of data on each and every person which watches TV, uses a digital assistant, lives on their smart phone and so much more. The data provided through this introductory stage must have been bountiful as well as practical for the further advancement into 2021.

For 2021, I expect more of the same with an emphasis on 'punishment' applied to people who need to live and sold to the rest with zeal as virtuous punishment, with perhaps even rewards being offered for snitches. Earn cash (digital) for turning in your neighbors. A lot of 'opportunities' for the low vibrational self.

I foresee a year of 'setting examples' as those affected begin minor 'revolts' which are easily quashed while presenting a show of 'force' for the others to remain timid and accepting. I foresee a widening of the divisions with anger and violence reaching a boiling point.

I foresee many more 'distractions' as irrefutable evidence is release over time. More weapons being deployed for various purposes. More despair at the bottom of the global pyramid of 'wealth'.

It doesn't have to BE.

There is a way out of this, simply STOP BELIEVING.

Stop believing that the government holds any power over you.

Stop believing that the police and military out number the mass of the human population.

Stop paying your taxes and thus for your enslavement.

Stop believing money has any value and go out and learn how to handy.

Stop believing that you have no POWER.

It is about realizing how many of my choices through life helped to perpetuate forward and validate the 'powers' which are being currently abused by those with which we held 'trust'. All is choice really on the whole. Money exists solely because of collective belief and a choosing to continually validate its 'value'. 

It is about an honest look in the mirror and a willingness to do BETTER.

Power exists with those of 'means' solely because the whole abdicates theirs.

It is time to realize that the 'need' for protection is a self delusion and to take that power back. It is time to stand up and free ourselves while there is still a chance.

For who knows what 'changes' await the human species in a post vaccine era.

Don't lie down and die, stand up and live, for that is all it would take. If the majority of the population suddenly didn't believe that this is the best we can achieve, there is nothing that the so called 'authorities' could do about it. If the aggregate population stopped watching television and actually talked amongst each other honestly, what do yo think we could achieve?

We don't have to accept the 'future' presented to us at this moment, we can CREATE our own. STAND and be STRONG!

Stop believing in your own slavery.


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I am passing this on to everyone I know you have put my thoughts into proper words and I thank you