Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spoken like a true American

There was a post a little while back on Thomas Paine's Corner called The obscenity of pursuing the American Dream that had a comment by, what sounded to me, a True American or Canadian for that matter. It was the anonymous comment that birthed this posting.

Now this posting was all over the place, yet interesting and talked about this guy's experiences on his book tour. This is the second one that I have read.

To you sir/madame I respond with this:

Your lack of reality, compassion, vision and original thought is truly astounding.

You, are the reason that everyone hates America. You're the Jeds and the Georges and the Hillarys, and whatever this guy's name is; so pay attention!

Every year, almost 9 million people die from hunger. That's 24,000 deaths a day, or one life unnecessarily lost every 3.6 seconds.

All this to preserve your precious, egocentric, top down capitalist system. (Wonder how many words I could actually fit in there, feel free to post some)

About 48 million tons of food are thrown away in the United States each year.

About 1/4 of the world's population goes hungry and about 1/3 of the food on the planet is being wasted. Someone is not doing their math, there seems to be plenty of food to go around.

"I find the comments about the American Dream obscene in that people are free to fail in this country as well as succeed." as so eloquently put by our anonymous poster.

Freedom is not merely the opportunity to do as one pleases; neither is it merely the opportunity to choose between set alternatives. Freedom is, first of all, the chance to formulate the available choices, to argue over them — and then, the opportunity to choose.

— C. Wright Mills

Choice is never really an issue, because most of them have already been taken away from you. You have a limited amount of options, you are slaves. Some will argue that you at least have those choices, those are the one's they hate.

“Freedom and Democracy is not about the Federal Government providing for every concievable need that can be imagined by people who want everything handed to them. If you live in poverty, get a job. If you are working two more more jobs and living in poverty, go back to school and get an education. People who don't have two cars, or a big screen TV or whatever think they are living in poverty.”

Once again, the linear thought patterns and lack of vision; in survival of the fittest, you would be eaten from the side.

How did we all get involved in someone else's "He with the most toys, wins" game? The fact that we’re not all born with equal access to the tools needed to even play this pyramid scheme of a game is not a concern. I did not choose this game; I have no freedom.

Someone should have made it perfectly clear to me at an early age that the only reason for life is for one to get as much money out of everyone else's pocket to put into your own.

The government does what it wants to, nickel & dimes and controls it's minions through fear, media and intimidation; all with the ultimate goal of capitalistic world domination.

The corporations pull all the strings. We'll leave, go elsewhere, or better yet. "Hey, we can make more money if we exploit developing countries governments and populations. Now tell me who couldn't figure this out? But it probably took an MBA to find a way to justify it or simply make the masses want their crappy offerings cheap enough that it was a wise idea.

"If that doesn't work, well we'll make food and water a commodity.



And then, what do you have? An awful lot of individuals (includes couples for you slow types) competing to survive and some actually making it in their minds. I suppose, for some of you sick ones, that it may be an entertaining way to "cull the herd". But it is getting too easy, the minds are too controllable, a collapse must happen.

Did they really think that they were going to liberate Iraq and they then would give away their oil and the trade debt could be paid faster? Sounds like a good way to “cull the herd”.

And for most of you, “it's too terrible to watch, change the channel, tint the windows, (again, how many words). But feeling some guilt just the same, and paying it away in a form of donation, or time spent because predatory capitalism is working for you.

And religion has been a way of controlling through fear of a natural cause, death, for centuries. You can argue about that somewhere else, that is my belief.

WAKE UP!! Come out of that state induced coma and see what is really going on about you. It is time for change, for our sakes and for the sake of our planet. It is time for all of you to just THINK!!

Then there might be a chance.

Question: Why the sudden renewed interest in space?
Is someone perhaps making plans to get off this rock?

OK, that's two questions. You got me.

I hope that the sting of my words combined with the programmed anger that you are experiencing has at least nudged a couple of fresh, receptive braincells into a state of awakedness (that word may be poetic license) and that, at least, they were listening.

If you're wondering, I have a job, I have the brass ring in front of me, I just don't think I want it. And you can try to guess my education level.