Tuesday, May 19, 2020

An Honest Look In The Mirror

Oh the things that we give ourselves over to.

Security: Always looking outside ourselves for protection from whatever is presented as a possible threat. From money to lockdown (think about it).

Real security comes from knowledge and the confidence to persevere and find solutions for problems as they arise. To create solutions which are symbiotic with others which are inherently based on preparedness. Preparedness is not about fear but rather about a knowledge of the essentials which are taken care of, crisis or not.

Validation: Again, something which is searched externally and robs one of their self esteem. Always putting your self worth in the hands of another, makes one feel worthless.

Fear: Some believe that certain 'beings' feed off of the fear of humanity. Welcome to 2020, the all you can eat buffet. You have fear of the 'virus', government, 'lockdowns', tyranny, vaccines, genocide, you name it, there is probably a fear associated to it. Not a warm and fuzzy year to be alive on this third rock from the sun but what a feast for those which benefit from such chaotic energies.

Where is all the love and togetherness which people believe they get from social media? Where is the proof of humans being a 'social' animal? Where is the pleasure of watching your child grow, as it sits in front of a screen or is raised by strangers because of many factors in 'life'? For that matter, where is LIFE as there seems to no longer be any room for that?

How did it get to this point? Here is what I think, and please do not believe that I exclude myself from this programming of 'life' as I will jump from we to you in order to satisfy my own ego projections. If you do not appreciate honesty, then perhaps it would be best for you to move along.

You are the idiot children of idiot children which don't aspire; to be free, to be human or even to live without being told how to. You are selfish and insecure to the point of dragging others down to your misery. Just because you don't 'like' a word, doesn't mean that you can force people to alter their speech. And just because you are afraid, it doesn't mean that everyone has to stop their lives to make you 'feel' safe.

Are you too depraved to even see what is front of you without excusing it away? Do you even care about what they are doing to your children, what they will do? This is CHILD ABUSE! There is no other term for it. This is cult conditioning for 'prison' life and psychological torture.

You are allowing the fear of others (xenophobia), to be instilled into your children at a young age. In doing so, the children will never know how to get close to anyone and will forever suffer from lack of self esteem and believing that they are never good enough. Did you hear the one about the grandmother which wouldn't hold or kiss her not yet 2 year old grand daughter and even placed a portable toilet in the shed for their visit; what kind of 'message' do you think that sends to a young developing mind?

They will continually suffer sickness, brought upon by 'sanitation' practices which encourage immune dysregulation and they will most likely follow in your footsteps of fearing the judgment of others and simply trying to appease those in authority; YAY the perfect slave, we finally made it. 

Throughout the years, the government has instilled fear in the public and kept them from parenting their children through threats of 'removal' (that should have been your first clue) while feigning 'protection' of the innocent. This led to over protected infants which were 'saved' from bad feelings and accidents of all sorts that were actually being robbed of learning opportunities and management skills for 'negative' emotions.

This was a major part of the 'dumbing down' of the human race, as anyone which has 'volunteered' in a 'developing' country can note, that 'development' work is simply developing them into us; the same 'curriculum' which is 'tailored' to each culture (which is eviscerated), makes this a global 'education' system.

Which brings us to present, where you believe such nonsense as 'settled science'. I'll give you a hint, as long as questions exist, the science is never 'settled'. That is the science which we learned about. That science is about precise discovery not about agreement. Getting top marks in your class simply means that you were the best at memorize and regurgitate, congratulations and people readily 'agreeing' with you, usually denotes you as the purveyor of cash.

There are reasons for your deliberate retardation (please look up the definition if you feel 'triggered'). You are simply not supposed to ask questions of your 'experts' and have 'trust' in your 'institutions' and 'authorities'; be obedient and you will not get punished. You do realize that they talk to you like moron children right? Telling you how to feel 'safe', saying things like "Enough is enough...", "Look with your eyes, not with your hands" or my favorite, the tens of thousands of dollar fines for having an open pit fire; because we are too stupid and irresponsible, like children and are likely to burn down the entire planet.

And for those which would automatically defend with classics such as "Well, one person ruined it for every one" or "If we let one person do it, then everyone would". You are the ones which need to reflect on why you believe such drivel. Are you so easily fooled and comfortable, that whatever the 'masters' say, is alright with you? Guess what, just because there are stupid people in the world, it doesn't mean that you treat everyone that way just in case they 'could be'. I guess imbeciles do love to drag people down to their level, but I digress.

You had all this time, in the 'Age of Information', to better yourselves; to be informed and gain knowledge through discernment from multiple sources, to access wisdom passed through the ages and what did you do? Video games, TV, sports, celebrities, selfies, porn, idolization, rabbit hole diving, anything really, to simply disconnect and not learn a damn thing while believing the opposite. When information is presented you scoff, ridicule and parrot what you believe the consensus believes. And now you snitch and shame others which are not as obedient as you while awaiting in fear for the savior to arrive in the form of a new and improved, rushed delivery 'vaccine'.

You will gladly hand your children over to be injected with things you know nothing about, on the whim of a billionaire because the governments all seem to be behind him. You have ignored and dismissed the multitude of testimonials of 'vaccine' side effects, for it goes against what you are being told to believe. You denounce those which propose natural remedies throughout life because of their lack of 'papers', yet the 'Blue Screen of Death' King himself, you believe and trust with your, and your children's health and body. And let me not forget the kicker: You actually believe that this is an 'intelligent' thing to do because the authorities told you that 'anyone' could be a 'silent spreader'. Guess what, Nature doesn't birth us to kill us - that's the 'government's' job.


Are we at this moment because the 'masters' knew that NOW was the time to strike? That they have been watching for so long and had acquired enough data to confirm that the programming was complete. That they could fear NOTHING from us, as they have 'removed' our collective will for life and freedom by destroying our humanity by dividing us at every level conceivable?

It must be entertaining for them, as they treat us like children and animals with 'treats', 'rules' and 'punishment', and we simply nod and smile compliantly and laugh it off. No HUMAN would ever let their children be treated the way they/we have been, and certainly not the way of the 'new normal', so perhaps they are correct and this is how humanity dies willingly.

In case you haven't noticed, 'social distancing' is not only about the separation of humans, the ending of communication and the tearing apart of the social fabric itself, but it is also to get us used to being told how to act by machines; apps, bracelets, robot dogs what will be next? This is TERRORISM (the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion), only it comes from the 'good' guys.

As I see it, You have 2 choices (and YOU is EVERYONE): you stand up and LIVE (no you don't need permission) or you lay down and DIE because you will never 'live' again.

There are 7 billion of us and a handful of them in comparison so if you finally want to LIVE, NOW is the time to STAND TOGETHER. The only thing which binds us is ourselves, so BREAK FREE, RALLY TOGETHER and FIRE the LOT of THEM (you do realize that they work for the PEOPLE). It is not time to lay down in defeat, it is time to build something anew; decentralized economics, natural law and common sense can take us a long way as a base.

It is time to reclaim our HUMANITY to see what we were missing and where it can lead, before it's too late. But you have to WANT to be BETTER people.

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