Saturday, May 30, 2020


Remember that line? That is what made the current President of the United States famous and stick into our brains. I guess only 'famous', sticky people can rule over us.

But this isn't about that. This is about the title: You're Fired!

Who owns you? That would have to be the first question. Do you own yourself or are you the property of your respective governments? Do you work for your life or to feed the government? Do you live to be free or are you born a slave?

Most people have not noticed, but our 'rulers' have been at war with humanity for a long time now. This battle is beginning to show itself and now is the time of decision; more slavery or freedom?


You don't need to fall for their BAIT, this is not a 'race war' or any other dividing program which has played out, over and over throughout 'life' so that you always 'remember'. Programmed indignation is not a reason to riot.

There does not need to be any violence except for that coming from the would be 'rulers' as they eagerly await the chance to show you a response to 'your' violence; so don't give it to them. Take care of the 'agent provocateur' infiltrators as they will be obvious, and show unity and calm. They are prepared for anger and violence, as moving tanks about during a 'lockdown' shows planning for something.

Do not fall for their prodding of instigation. Meaning don't let them DEFINE your LINE, that is your responsibility and is not to be enacted as a reaction based on emotion which can be manipulated. The reasons must be clear of what you are fighting for.

This in not about how I feel, this is about WE THE PEOPLE. And we have decided that we will no longer TOLERATE their MISMANAGEMENT of our lives, and that they are to leave the premises as they will no longer be paid and they are now trespassing on PUBLIC property. Do this at all the buildings representing oppression; police stations, municipal government, state government, federal government, all of the buildings belong to the PEOPLE! After a locksmith changes the locks, we can finally come together and build something better without the bloodshed which they crave.

YOU'RE FIRED! GET OUT! GO HOME! is the chant. Yell it loud, yell it proud and most of all BELIEVE it. For it is your true, united power and those which loathe freedom know this and have done their utmost to cower you into submission. STAND UP and cower no more.

Fire the lot of them. Their equipment, their vehicles, their uniforms all belong to the people, so they can leave those behind and walk to their homes or join the humanity in motion.

I am so tired of being propagandized to play this game of "Hate this..." when the real enemy of humanity is so plain to see. Government has overstepped its bounds and we have allowed it to happen. Time that WE changed that.

This isn't about hate at all, this is about LIFE and the LOVE of LIVING FREELY. This isn't about destroying but rather about growing beyond the current restrictive dogma to an actual society. This isn't about 'Anti' anything, this is about being PRO what is MORAL.

This is about what YOU want out of life; yours and your generations to come. This is about choosing to live in FEAR or LOVE, simple really. One only accepts the control of the ones they fear; that should be a hint right there.

By going along to get along or simply doing nothing while knowing it is wrong, we are tacitly accepting whatever is to come. So it is time to make a conscious CHOICE before the last bastion of freedom falls; for that is the real target in this operation.

So, what will it be? Do you want to go back to the 'business as usual' way life which is void of any actual growth of consciousness, let alone spirituality? Do you want to participate in the dystopian future which is unfolding before your eyes?

Or are you ready to take a chance on your fellow human and finally be FREE enough to LIVE together?

Thursday, May 28, 2020

For Your Safety

For Your Safety

Never a more debilitating phrase has been spoken. Note that the one's issuing the announcements, ad nausea, always use the word "Please" (smile). Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat.

For you safety please follow instructions. - For We are not intelligent enough to determine the 'safe' and 'unsafe' motions involved in a given task. It implies that any deviation from set instructions would likely result in injury of sort or worst.

For your safety, please do not leave your bag unattended. - I love this one which heightens the level of suspicion within the average observer. All based on overreaction based on indoctrination at the 'security' level that anyone could be a 'threat' therefore grandma's wheelchair, Sally's breast implants (sorry Sally, cat's out of the bag) and little Johnny's breast milk are all considered high risk of being possible 'suspicious' items.

For your safety, please never leave your child unattended. - Never? Really? Makes me laugh straight away but let's dive in. Save the children from all the horrors that this world and its damaged human inhabitants pose to such a sweet darling child. Remember the stories of the 'Moonies' from the 70s? Remember the child abduction stories (always a van)? Remember the milk cartons? I guess it may be about disempowering the child from an early age (did you have your cereal and fear?) for if you project that fear young, it sticks tight and acts as a 'base coat' for the rest. That's right, I almost forgot, that fear was for the moms; well guess where it got projected to.

For your safety, the customer is no longer right.

I could go on and on but if you really want to know what is 'thought' of the average person just read through this "For Your Safety" section of the online manual for a DSLR camera

I especially appreciate:

"Do not entangle, wrap or twist the straps around your neck." "Failure to observe this precaution could result in accidents." - They also may want you to remove your shoe laces.

"Do not use this product in the presence of flammable dust or gas such as propane, gasoline or aerosols." - or you might blow up. Now there is something for an ad campaign; Excitement, Built In. But apparently not a good choice for taking pictures of your car at the refinery BBQ.

And please be sure to check this from a very famous car manufacturer  - Those 'adult' cartoon figures sure make one feel all grown up. Maybe we should have cut down on the Simpsons and Family Guy.

Sometimes I think that we live in a cartoon world where meanings get lost in feelings, the acronyms rule the short attention span and communication is shattered in the paradigm of "me, me, me" which is forever lost in ambiguity. Oh wait, that's real.

Are people actually capable of realizing the retardation of the human psyche which takes place throughout this sort of treatment? That projecting fears upon others is 'valid', if many people feel the same way does not make it valid. Is it that difficult to see what utter nonsense that really is?

Now buckle up because the idiocy is going to get even more bizarre as time goes on within this operation. Once enough people tire of this one, the next is sure to follow, do don't be too reactive in the first phase. Safety is not only a controlling device but also necessary at this point on differing levels.

Take a look at that image and think about what it is that you see. Do you see the carelessness of the people involved and that it is an accident waiting to happen? Do you see that there is a problem because of a lack of regulations? Do you, perhaps deep down, wish these people to be 'punished' for their blatant disregard for basic safety?

The image which I chose for this article demonstrates what for you? For me it shows that they have something I don't; the freedom to do that, to be responsible for their own safety. That is what I WANT!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Take Down - Who Will Be Last?

A couple of years ago, I wrote an article titled NWO Manifesto: Update One in first person 'ruler' (I do that sometimes). In that article I had written the following paragraph:
"Let them swim in information, nay, let them drown in it. Release the floodgates of every disinformation plot, truth, half-truth, lie, innuendo, fear and pure fantasy. Let the onslaught overwhelm the senses and itself create different paths for all to follow; spread them out and make sure that they never realize that they all fight for the same thing. Let it all out, for the deception is so great that to hide the goal is no longer a priority as its incredulity of scope and breadth is simply too much to fathom. Remember, it does not have to be true it just has to be what they hear, over and over, which they shall believe; for truth is what we create. Let them live in the past for it shall have no bearing on their future as we own their 'history'."
As I have been observing the 'alternative' media over the years, I have noticed a crescendo of information bringing us to the point we are at now. Now, this is suddenly feeling like the climax of a grand score which has yet to hit its final note. As I watch, listen and read, I always keep those words I wrote, in the back of my mind as the 'information' whizzes by.

The 'information' which has come out of this latest 'crisis' has been dizzying , to say the least. One can jump into a variety of 'new' information traps or catch up on the latest for the tried and true; something to chase for every taste.

It has been interesting to witness the 'presentation' of Bill Gates as the evil Super Villain du jour. Not to take away from very credible information about the workings of said individual and his foundations, nor that one can never see enough footage of the man receiving a pie in the face, but rather to note that he seems to be proffered as a sacrificial demon. The videos even seem to relish in zooming in and slowing down the video to give him that 'devilish' 'aura' about him, especially when he chortles, remembering his purported association with the number of the beast: 666. It seems that there is a daily 'discovery' on the 'Doings of Gates' to keep many intrigued.

Some of the things which have come out about 'virus' are also interesting. There is a notion, which states, that virus may not even 'exist' but are rather the product of the human immune system expelling toxins from the cells. Some of the information seems to point to the body being incapable of 'catching' a virus altogether, and rather the 'toxin' must be injected or otherwise internalized into the body. Interesting things to consider when one takes into account that the very definition of virus was from those which have fed us our shot throughout life, controlled the nutritional content of the food system, sprayed something into the air for years on end and has us locked down now.

Both of these could be true in relation to virus but really what it does, in the overall context, is encourage more division by taking a generational ideal, and questioning its validity, and therefore a point of 'self identification' for the many. One can recall recently, another event which created a similar divide in recent years: that of the Flat Earth.

Before I get my very first 'hate' mail, I will state that I don't care about the 'shape' of the place which I 'live' because it has no bearing on the war in which we are currently, and probably always have been, silently 'engaged' in. If for nothing else, for the reason stated above; it is not a unifying factor and more division is not helpful at this stage of the game. If you feel slighted by my honesty that is your issue, but feel free to peruse the rest of my blog for hints as to why, but I warn you, you may get 'triggered'.

As the first stage of this operation dwindles on into the second, one can see that part of the conditioning for the divide is caused by a paradigm shift into a pronounced 'new normal' (New World Order?). There will be two sorts of people which come out, those which are willing to give their freedoms to feel safe (and expect everyone else to be on board) and those which will not.

I had mentioned before about the need for 'if/then' within a long term program. The divisions which are created are along those very ideas; polarized, on/off results to 'stimulus'. The division of the people's in this way is intentional to create animosity and fighting among themselves; priming them for a next 'stage' yet to be revealed.

What are the two things which are a thorn in the side of the 'rulers'? The American Constitution, mainly the right to bear arms and the alternative media with its independent journalists. Most are found on Youtube, and for years have endured censorship of many different kinds.

I, as others, have noticed how the 'censored' from yesteryear comes back to haunt the 'suggested' space these days. It has been proven over the last years that the sequestering of information and censoring, can be done live (as in live-streams being cut midstream) and is quite effective at 'shielding' the average user from accidentally happening upon too much 'truth'. But now it seems that the information is 'allowed' to propagate so far, with videos reaching well into the millions of views before eventually being 'banned'. There is a 'mind game' afoot for sure.

On the evening of May 14 at around 19:30, I noticed that Youtube did 'something' to many 'alt' channels. I tried many of my bookmarks and found that many had all videos, disappeared and links went 404; then, a few minutes later, they were back. This did not affect all of my bookmarks as some channels had their videos there the whole while. I will state that the ones which were not affected are not considered very high on my 'trust' list or are too 'new' to tell.

I am just wondering if there hasn't been some sort of 'adjustment' made to many of the alternative information channels. I would suggest that you leave the platform now before their plan is unveiled and you are smeared within their portrait of lies. I know that I am not the only one to smell a 'setup' here. The how remains to be seen, as the take down commences and it intrigues me to wonder, who will be last.

There are divisions and mindsets being cemented into place for the next stage of this ongoing progression which is really a war on humanity. These will help to  usher foreword the further enslavement of humanity through the evisceration of the alternative media and questioning itself, if not stopped in its tracks. Break your ties with the controlled platforms, there is nothing to gain there anymore. It is time to leave the ship which is trying to drown you.

More importantly, the information is not what this is about, it is about keeping our humanity. Keeping the love, respect, consideration; morality of humanity intact. Right now and for many years leading up to this moment, I have had a difficult time recognizing, not only others, but myself as an 'evolved' human being.

If you can see that in yourself, you are on the road to honestly evaluating your moral compass. Congratulations, now it is time to live it. That means simply striving to be better everyday with small steps. As the 'times' accelerate' so will your steps, but YOU have to take the first one and that is always the most difficult. Now is the time to step up and free yourself so that others may follow your example.

SAVE yourself, BE the CHANGE, take that STEP.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

The Ins And Outs Of What I Want

I would like to be able to say that I have always wanted to simply get OUT of what we consider 'life' on this planet. Perhaps I should take this time to define OUT for those of you with overactive imaginations which veer towards indignation.

OUT can be defined as being able to live the best life I want, which does not detract from others and without unnecessary barriers (example of 'necessary' barrier NOTHING). Papers, permits, borders, economics are all barriers which are unnecessary.

From an early age, I did not enjoy taking life credits from one pocket to put into mine. I knew that this was not conducive to the advancement of humanity but actually the opposite, as it created the largest obstacle: "Who's going to pay for...?". Well that certainly seems to put the 'brakes' on a great many projects throughout the world (funny that certain 'projects' never have a problem).

I went through life and did things I enjoyed for a while, thought that I could just coast through and die young like James Dean or something (even before my time). The thing was that I really didn't want to participate in the 'society' being built about me. I was always looking for an escape as I went from town to town in search of whatever it was that I 'enjoyed' within the madness we call 'life'.

Town to town turned into country after country until I began to realize that it was all the same at varying levels of 'integration'. Then, there was a time when I thought I wanted IN. I achieved IN, and then just wanted OUT again. I learned many things while I was IN and perhaps that was the push I needed to once again want OUT.

So that is it, in a nutshell, I just want OUT!

I don't want to 'save' people which don't want to be saved.

I don't want to 'destroy' the current system or paradigm.

I don't want to kill the 'rulers' of the world and 'take back our planet'.

I don't want to be a 'hero' or a 'leader'.

I Just Want OUT!

I want to be able to live in a quiet place where I can grow gardens and be self sufficient all year round.

I want to enjoy family, as we grow naturally without the external influences which seem to 'nudge' our very moods and numb our capacities of thought and communication.

I want to enjoy/create a community, of not even 'like minded' people, but simply people with minds capable of actual thought which does not come from any type of 'media'; people capable of honest introspection.

I want the freedom to explore, discover, create, share, receive, LOVE and LIVE without being treated like a child.

I just want to be left alone, to see if I can finally meet the best ME I can BE.


I did come to the realization that people cannot 'awaken' others; they must come to their own realizations. And some may never step away from the television long enough to even notice the others are gone.

I have written many times on the subject of honest introspection, and to quote Zen Gardner:
"The only way out is in". 
There was never any doubt to this; we all knew. The 'information was certainly enticing and plentiful though. There seemed to be so many things to 'discover' and give hope to the fantasy that "maybe this will awaken the people". We played along with the 'bait' and created a 'movement' which never moved. We got lost in saving everything but ourselves.

It's really a simple solution: Change Yourself - Change The World - but to do that takes brutal HONESTY of self.

So have fun and "Just Do It" (copyright infringed, see how silly we are).

Thursday, May 21, 2020

So Where Is This All Going?

There sure are a lot of 'theories' being talked about at the moment, let me add mine.

We have a brand new (well sorta), Dr. Evil in the form of a eugenicist, software monopolist (to say the least). We have martial law, gun confiscation, disappearances of dissidents, world domination, total enslavement, mass culling, killing of cash, digital currency and the list goes on. People are 'reporting' on this, that and the other while seemingly trying to pin it down to one point of blame when perhaps it is more a case of 'all of the above'.

This may only be 'phase 1' of the general public's conditioning on the 'new normal' but rest assured, that everything leading up to this point had a hand in getting us to where we are now.

How we got here involves so many things on so many levels (physical, psychological, spiritual): fear, entertainment, comfort, laziness, apathy, separation from nature, division of family, poor child rearing, laws, punishments, permits; basically, everything which makes 'life' more difficult yet comfortable and 'safe'. It is the 'red tape' which the masses have accepted as normal to run the 'system' which 'provides' for them as it robs them blind and formulates obedience. One could call it the 'American Dream' but a word more honest would be an illusion or nightmare.

So within this illusion, there has been a deliberate retardation of the human peoples. An example would be in language itself with the word I chose, which is really the only correct term to describe our situation because it seems that 'dumbing' is not really a verb. Perhaps there is a reason why that word has become 'taboo'. How can you get yourself out of a situation which you cannot effectively describe, let alone assume?

Fed through a propaganda mechanism, which incorporates an 'educational' system and almost all of media consumed (consumption being a major indoctrinated trait) on the planet to pliable minds which have been conditioned and overprotected from disappointment, 'bad' experiences and reality itself; the 'system' propagates itself as 'essential' to the workings of human existence. Challenges to this dogma are dealt with, through 'managed' public opinion, legal threats and coercion which are readily encouraged by a thankful public. Questions which make one reflect on self are met with indignation and rebut.

Do you realize how easy it was to get people hooked on money? Did you notice all those years of getting the various nations around the world dependent on tourism for their economies (external)? Have you noticed that agriculture is now Agri-business? Why are things built today to last 30 years? Is that the time it will take until it is overtaken by the overgrowth? These are examples of questions which can produce personal animosity. Communication is at a standstill unless you love the hand that 'feeds' you.

One has a difficult time discussing things such as, people noticing a 'difference' in the sun today. How it now seems 'white' instead of being the color of a yellow sun as we learned in our grade school text books. Today, I was looking at the lines in the sky and around the sun, was a visible 'corona' (hehe). It was formed of very wispy clouds and fanned out across the sky, barely noticeable. I began to wonder how much would be required to minimize the already minimal sunlight during this period of Grand Solar Minimum; would a thin veil make a difference? I also remember, that last year, the gardens were not as plentiful and had even heard from others of similar problems with smaller yields and that the growing season had seemed shorter.

Perhaps, that means that there is a subtle 'film', which is blocking out the rays of the sun. What the heck have they been 'spraying' anyways? Perhaps it is multifaceted, in that it pollutes our bodies, decreases the soil's capacity for growing and dims the suns rays (and probably more). I remember around 2018, there were announcements of an 'experiment' which was to begin to 'dim' the sun (pretty sure they began way before). Now add to that, a Grand Solar Minimum (every 200 years? Occulted information) plus destroyed supply chains and economies; now what do you get?

Remember the seeds? In 2013 or so, there was the thing in India, Monsanto with domination of seeds and harassment of farmers from even prior about GMO and 'licensing' of seeds which were 'accidentally' pollinated and court cases and bankrupted farmers. The 'lesson' was that getting seed or making your own was discouraged other than through 'official' supply chains. This also stopped transfer of knowledge about traditional practices for maintenance of healthy crops and continuity of heirloom seeds; lost wisdom.

This was also reflected with the division of the family unit which effectuated even more loss of ancestral knowledge. All of this has killed the people's connection to the Earth, only to replace it later, with a superficial one called the 'Green Revolution'. Disconnecting the true meaning of HEALTH. I won't even get into the other layers of oppression, such as what the 'health' departments were doing on the 'processing' side of this agenda.

What gets me about where we are and the possible outcomes, is the level of evil required to effectuate something so diabolical. At the level of abundance (yes, I said it), technology, knowledge (even though most is hidden), the human race could ride this out with a paradigm shift and comfort but instead, the continuation of dogma is the most important; perpetuation of mistakes. How many brilliant people could have flourished and advanced humanity through the ages without the archaic barrier of money? Now what 'barriers' await the human race?

So back to the title; Where do you think this is going? Is it going to be the 'movie script' where 'hope' exists and good triumphs over evil in the end?

Like those movie scripts in which the human race is pushed to the brink of existence and there remains solely a small number to 'repopulate' the Earth; you didn't think that was going to include you, did you? Or the despotic future scripts, where the majority are slaves but always search for a weakness and any chance to turn things around and regain their freedom; you didn't think that this would be the outcome after a hundred year plan, did you? You know the ones, where a 'hero' rallies the rest to overthrow their oppressors and 'everyone dances and smiles at the end. You've heard them mentioned: the "Hunger Games" society or "Matrix".

Empires fall through Grand Solar Minimums and these psychopaths are well aware and don't plan on going anywhere, nor relinquishing any 'power'. After 9/11, there was a plan put into action; frameworks for a Continuity of Government (COG), which is simply the maintenance of power and control to ensure against change. This minimum, could very well be 'enhanced' or manipulated, to effectuate a grander plan of not simply world domination, but one with zero opposition. Destroying the ability to grow and monitoring everything you do and everyone you encounter is simply the beginning as the 'legal' framework is, already in place, to enter your home, disarm you, take your children and 'quarantine' (disappear) you.

How far are you willing to take it in your foreshadowing? Are you held back by what is too horrible to even conceive? Can you see the possible end of humanity?

Can you imagine a world, where the children which are left, are 'vaccinated' to: genetically modify, emotionally control and turn off their ability to reproduce? A world where 'memories' are erased at will (2016), when something troublesome is encountered or breaks through the mental conditioning? A world where the indoctrination is all technologically controlled and pervasive surveillance leaves zero chance of escape; physically or mentally? One where the remaining populations are separated and distanced to varying geographic locations and where the only 'language' learned shall be that of obedience?

Are we going to live on a 'prison planet' awaiting our chance at 'escape' by digging a tunnel with our spoons or overpowering the guards during shift change? Are we to become a festering ball of human resentment waiting to explode until one day the opportunity presents itself and 'justice' prevails? Or are we going to become a whisper of a memory until whispered no more? Eventually even forgotten by the 'winners' themselves.

I don't know what the future holds and I certainly don't have a crystal ball. I am simply trying to make sense of things which seemingly make little sense overall. Either way you slice it, the 'future' looks pretty bleak with the degree being affected by the mood of the 'rulers'.

It doesn't have to be though; nothing is set in stone. The fat lady has not yet sung and I will stop with the analogies. The ONLY thing which ENSLAVES us is US. We keep this alive by our belief in its 'importance' in human existence. We perpetuate it forward and give it power by succumbing to the whims of those which have feigned 'service' to humanity. We can stop this if we are honest with ourselves and seek a moral path forward instead of the selfish one.

We can break free if we simply regain our humanity. MORALITY is a CHOICE, what will yours be?

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

An Honest Look In The Mirror

Oh the things that we give ourselves over to.

Security: Always looking outside ourselves for protection from whatever is presented as a possible threat. From money to lockdown (think about it).

Real security comes from knowledge and the confidence to persevere and find solutions for problems as they arise. To create solutions which are symbiotic with others which are inherently based on preparedness. Preparedness is not about fear but rather about a knowledge of the essentials which are taken care of, crisis or not.

Validation: Again, something which is searched externally and robs one of their self esteem. Always putting your self worth in the hands of another, makes one feel worthless.

Fear: Some believe that certain 'beings' feed off of the fear of humanity. Welcome to 2020, the all you can eat buffet. You have fear of the 'virus', government, 'lockdowns', tyranny, vaccines, genocide, you name it, there is probably a fear associated to it. Not a warm and fuzzy year to be alive on this third rock from the sun but what a feast for those which benefit from such chaotic energies.

Where is all the love and togetherness which people believe they get from social media? Where is the proof of humans being a 'social' animal? Where is the pleasure of watching your child grow, as it sits in front of a screen or is raised by strangers because of many factors in 'life'? For that matter, where is LIFE as there seems to no longer be any room for that?

How did it get to this point? Here is what I think, and please do not believe that I exclude myself from this programming of 'life' as I will jump from we to you in order to satisfy my own ego projections. If you do not appreciate honesty, then perhaps it would be best for you to move along.

You are the idiot children of idiot children which don't aspire; to be free, to be human or even to live without being told how to. You are selfish and insecure to the point of dragging others down to your misery. Just because you don't 'like' a word, doesn't mean that you can force people to alter their speech. And just because you are afraid, it doesn't mean that everyone has to stop their lives to make you 'feel' safe.

Are you too depraved to even see what is front of you without excusing it away? Do you even care about what they are doing to your children, what they will do? This is CHILD ABUSE! There is no other term for it. This is cult conditioning for 'prison' life and psychological torture.

You are allowing the fear of others (xenophobia), to be instilled into your children at a young age. In doing so, the children will never know how to get close to anyone and will forever suffer from lack of self esteem and believing that they are never good enough. Did you hear the one about the grandmother which wouldn't hold or kiss her not yet 2 year old grand daughter and even placed a portable toilet in the shed for their visit; what kind of 'message' do you think that sends to a young developing mind?

They will continually suffer sickness, brought upon by 'sanitation' practices which encourage immune dysregulation and they will most likely follow in your footsteps of fearing the judgment of others and simply trying to appease those in authority; YAY the perfect slave, we finally made it. 

Throughout the years, the government has instilled fear in the public and kept them from parenting their children through threats of 'removal' (that should have been your first clue) while feigning 'protection' of the innocent. This led to over protected infants which were 'saved' from bad feelings and accidents of all sorts that were actually being robbed of learning opportunities and management skills for 'negative' emotions.

This was a major part of the 'dumbing down' of the human race, as anyone which has 'volunteered' in a 'developing' country can note, that 'development' work is simply developing them into us; the same 'curriculum' which is 'tailored' to each culture (which is eviscerated), makes this a global 'education' system.

Which brings us to present, where you believe such nonsense as 'settled science'. I'll give you a hint, as long as questions exist, the science is never 'settled'. That is the science which we learned about. That science is about precise discovery not about agreement. Getting top marks in your class simply means that you were the best at memorize and regurgitate, congratulations and people readily 'agreeing' with you, usually denotes you as the purveyor of cash.

There are reasons for your deliberate retardation (please look up the definition if you feel 'triggered'). You are simply not supposed to ask questions of your 'experts' and have 'trust' in your 'institutions' and 'authorities'; be obedient and you will not get punished. You do realize that they talk to you like moron children right? Telling you how to feel 'safe', saying things like "Enough is enough...", "Look with your eyes, not with your hands" or my favorite, the tens of thousands of dollar fines for having an open pit fire; because we are too stupid and irresponsible, like children and are likely to burn down the entire planet.

And for those which would automatically defend with classics such as "Well, one person ruined it for every one" or "If we let one person do it, then everyone would". You are the ones which need to reflect on why you believe such drivel. Are you so easily fooled and comfortable, that whatever the 'masters' say, is alright with you? Guess what, just because there are stupid people in the world, it doesn't mean that you treat everyone that way just in case they 'could be'. I guess imbeciles do love to drag people down to their level, but I digress.

You had all this time, in the 'Age of Information', to better yourselves; to be informed and gain knowledge through discernment from multiple sources, to access wisdom passed through the ages and what did you do? Video games, TV, sports, celebrities, selfies, porn, idolization, rabbit hole diving, anything really, to simply disconnect and not learn a damn thing while believing the opposite. When information is presented you scoff, ridicule and parrot what you believe the consensus believes. And now you snitch and shame others which are not as obedient as you while awaiting in fear for the savior to arrive in the form of a new and improved, rushed delivery 'vaccine'.

You will gladly hand your children over to be injected with things you know nothing about, on the whim of a billionaire because the governments all seem to be behind him. You have ignored and dismissed the multitude of testimonials of 'vaccine' side effects, for it goes against what you are being told to believe. You denounce those which propose natural remedies throughout life because of their lack of 'papers', yet the 'Blue Screen of Death' King himself, you believe and trust with your, and your children's health and body. And let me not forget the kicker: You actually believe that this is an 'intelligent' thing to do because the authorities told you that 'anyone' could be a 'silent spreader'. Guess what, Nature doesn't birth us to kill us - that's the 'government's' job.


Are we at this moment because the 'masters' knew that NOW was the time to strike? That they have been watching for so long and had acquired enough data to confirm that the programming was complete. That they could fear NOTHING from us, as they have 'removed' our collective will for life and freedom by destroying our humanity by dividing us at every level conceivable?

It must be entertaining for them, as they treat us like children and animals with 'treats', 'rules' and 'punishment', and we simply nod and smile compliantly and laugh it off. No HUMAN would ever let their children be treated the way they/we have been, and certainly not the way of the 'new normal', so perhaps they are correct and this is how humanity dies willingly.

In case you haven't noticed, 'social distancing' is not only about the separation of humans, the ending of communication and the tearing apart of the social fabric itself, but it is also to get us used to being told how to act by machines; apps, bracelets, robot dogs what will be next? This is TERRORISM (the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion), only it comes from the 'good' guys.

As I see it, You have 2 choices (and YOU is EVERYONE): you stand up and LIVE (no you don't need permission) or you lay down and DIE because you will never 'live' again.

There are 7 billion of us and a handful of them in comparison so if you finally want to LIVE, NOW is the time to STAND TOGETHER. The only thing which binds us is ourselves, so BREAK FREE, RALLY TOGETHER and FIRE the LOT of THEM (you do realize that they work for the PEOPLE). It is not time to lay down in defeat, it is time to build something anew; decentralized economics, natural law and common sense can take us a long way as a base.

It is time to reclaim our HUMANITY to see what we were missing and where it can lead, before it's too late. But you have to WANT to be BETTER people.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

To the Police of the World

Who are you? Have you ever honestly asked yourself that question? What happened to you? You were all born like me, full of wonder, excitement, love, trust, curiosity, defiance, kindness, forgiveness; all those things which now seem to be lacking in the aggregate population, let alone the police 'forces'.

Have you ever wondered how it is that you can now view 'anyone' as a possible 'threat'? Have you ever wondered what that does to the fabric of society, let alone your heart and soul?

There are 2 things which allow tyranny to flourish: acquiescence through fear and enforcement; you are the enforcers of tyranny. You have been conditioned to follow orders blindly for to do otherwise may cause some irreversible 'harm'; you have been trained to not think or have moral judgment.

What goes through your heart as you rip screaming infants from their mother's arm to force her into a 'cage'? As you justify it away as "Doing your job to support your family" do you once consider the damage that you do to your family by exposing how tyrannical you really are capable of being; how financial 'security' comes above your humanity? Do you consider what your young child must really be 'learning' at that moment?

Over the years, there have been many instances which show your disdain for the citizenry at large; where you show your true selves which act as that of a crowd from Gustave Lebon. It shows that you are full of fear and cowardice, for true 'protectors' would never stoop to the levels I have watched. Perhaps you believe that you are 'setting an example' for others not to 'mess' with you; do you not see the suffering which you may have endured but are forcing upon others for their 'compliance'? Do you hate our 'freedoms' because you feel trapped?

A self fulfilling prophecy really, is what I see. Where you fear the populace so much that you treat them like enemies and beat and cage them like animals. Then the population has a growing animosity towards you which makes you fear more and the circle jerk continues while everyone feels less and less 'safe'. All that beating the citizenry into submission isn't really working all that well and does not foster a great future for the generations to come. 

Right now you are simply the pig dogs of the owners which are doing their bidding in the first phase of the end of humanity. Are you willing to lock people in their homes and let them starve to death because someone in 'authority' told you it was the 'necessary' thing to do to 'protect'? Do you believe this movie script which is running as a live exercise? Perhaps then you are willing to line the infected up and shoot them in the head if that is what you are 'ordered' to do.

How far will you go before you realize that your humanity is already, almost completely dead? What act must you perform to see what you have become? If this is a battle versus good and evil, which side do you believe you now stand?

The people which you have treated badly over the years still love you, as evidenced in the crowd funding campaign with an officer which chose morality over tyranny. It's never to late to make the right choice, what will yours be?

What do you think would happen if most of the police forces of the world were to stop obeying immoral orders? Tyranny would loose its teethe is what would happen. Humanity would have a chance, and real justice could come to pass. We need your help, you are part of this human family and everyone deserves to be a FREE INDIVIDUAL.

So the choice is yours, are you going to be a willing participant in the tyranny which is unfolding or are you going to rediscover your humanity which was perhaps misplaced at the 'Academy'? The fate of the whole world depends on you but not in the way you may have been instructed.

Tuesday, May 05, 2020

It's Because We're Stupid

Sometimes it seems that I just happened upon the planet in the universe with the lowest possible intellect; I must not forget to include my own stupidity for my very inclusion in the 'we' of the aggregate population.

Do you know what it is that I wanted to do my entire life? I wanted to know more, have the freedom to learn and discover and to grow mentally and spiritually. I wanted to explore what humanity is capable of, to discuss the possible outcomes of differing societies and the amalgamation of the human spirit into whatever we are capable of yet hold ourselves back from. I wanted to evolve and have discussions which go way beyond where we have ended up currently through the protection of the egos which have been developed over multiple generations.

I wanted to believe that we were free and desired to be so much more. Instead, what I have witnessed during the course of my life has chipped away at my soul and made me ashamed to be a human; not because of what we do to the planet or each other, because of how we treat our very SELF.

I have written many times about this subject; about getting to the real you through the lies which encase it in the programmed ego. I have spent a great deal of my life seemingly just repeating myself; from the most basic of things to the 'deep' or way beyond the box. There have been a lot of circular discussions which seem to go nowhere but round and round chasing tales. And the 'tales' are 'accepted' and based on 'consensus' so the group mind must bring back those which dare to stray. Picture an image of trying to escape a soul pit and the souls are trying to drag you back down; that's how it feels and even more so now.

Some of the greatest tales which we chase are those of our self (programmed). We sure do like to think highly of ourselves, whilst beating ourselves up, and believe, with great earnest, what we believe; and that what we believe is real and that there is no way to change what we believe unless we are told to believe something else. It really is a convoluted mess in which we believe that we come out intelligent in the end.

I have written about how our arrogance holds us back from truly learning, about how emotionally reactive we have become and therefore controllable and about how the divisions, instilled within us, are ever growing and how we now, simply divide ourselves. There are a great many 'triggers' which seem to exist to illicit certain reactions from the aggregate; I am not exempt from 'snapping' and digressing into a belligerent rage nor feeling emotionally 'touched' by obvious propaganda.

Most of the articles that I have written over the years are not solely for those in the aggregate which are 'asleep' but also to those which claim to be 'awakened'. Most of the readers, over the years, have not been those which are still going through the motions of life without ever questioning, they have been those of an 'alternative' mindset and I have this in mind when the writing begins. It never ceases to amaze me, the amount of people which respond with "Preaching to the choir", when inside I am thinking it would help them greatly.

I figured out that people don't want information which will make them reflect and honestly see themselves so that they may admit their culpability, they want 'New and Improved' information which will let them remain intact whilst directing blame externally to whatever 'foe' makes the most sense. It allows us to create and maintain a great many delusions on how we view ourselves and others. So we repeat the information, try to monetize it and vilify others which do not agree. This sounds vaguely familiar.

So what have we really 'awakened' other than simply another view of the same old problem from another source we call 'alternative'? What is the 'information' used for really, other than to 'debunk' this and shine light on that in order to 'awaken' the masses? Is any of it making us better people or simply pointing out how 'bad' the others are while satisfying our short attention spans?

The biggest con job in history has been to make us believe that any of this is REAL, and I'm not just talking about the current situation. I'm talking about everything which has led up to this point beginning with perhaps the very foundations of what we deem a 'society' and our 'self'.

I will leave this with some reading of some of my past article which articulate some of the things mentioned in more detail.

NWO Manifesto - Condensed Version: An account of how and why the human race is so easily controlled. There is a lot of information towards how the control of the aggregate is achieved in this article. Written in the first person as if I were heading a meeting in a banquet room and discussing the 'Plan' because that is how I heard it in my head. Incidentally, I have a recording in which I tried to best replicate how I had 'heard' this article.

Life Credits: How we have allowed the 'economics' of life to define not only the definition, but the inevitable trajectory of human life.

The Arrogance of Ignorance: Discusses how our arrogance keeps us from learning and simply leaves us defending without growth.

Think They Think: The problem with thinking that you think is that it takes the 'effort' out of it and makes us lazy. More on the issue of learning and thought.

The Perfectly Programmed Ego: More of the ego which I consider to be conditioned over multiple generations and its tenancies which block its growth.

House Slaves of the 21st Century: Visits the delusion that we are free and compares what we actually live to slavery.

The Awakening - The Greatest Psyop in History: The 'Awakening' has been an interesting one as I have seen it stay very still for the best of 2 decades. Round and round chasing tales.

Continuity of Government? - What Happened to Continuity of Humanity?: My last article dealing with our current situation and how the humanity aspect is being forgotten.

Perhaps you believe me to be arrogant for thinking that my writings could bring some 'value' to what is currently happening, perhaps you are correct. I can only go with what I know and have borne witness throughout my life; my experiences and suppositions solely come from my mind but there can never be doubt that every thought can have value. How many thoughts (creativity) are suppressed through the 'society' which we have aided in creating? Sure they can be 'educated' for a price, but do we really know what we are really capable of if set FREE? Or is that too deeply buried among the division and fear?

So back to the title of this article. We have the morality built into us to see what is really right or wrong. This lends me to believe that either WE are immoral or just plain stupid and I'll go with the latter. For if we have lost all sense of morality in the aggregate population, all is truly lost.

It's not about the 'information' in the end, it's about who WE BECOME.

Saturday, May 02, 2020

Continuity of Government? - What Happened to Continuity of Humanity?

What kind of people will the children of crisis be? What sort of 'society' will remain after the 'waves' have settled?

It seems that in some parts of my country, they are making 'plans' to reopen the schools. For the youngsters, (5-8) they are planning on drawing squares around them where they must remain for most of the day (perhaps upgrading to some sort of 'cage' later); properly distanced and 'safe'. And parents seem to be fine with this and are even saying things like "Perhaps they will learn something". They will indeed learn something, but what?

I look at my daughter, which is almost 2, and I wonder what kind of person will she be. Will she be capable of being 'more human' than I am? Will she be 'allowed'? What kind of controls will she endure within a lifetime? I am 51 and have seen a lot of 'changes' occur which have slowly stripped us of our humanity while we trudged on and tried to 'get ahead' in something designed to keep us down. I have failed her in ensuring a 'future' for her to grow within. It is plain to see this as the control of humanity continues and its very existence is perhaps in question?

I also wonder about the other children of crisis across the globe and the other 'societies' which will be allowed to exist. Will it all be homogenized? For some, this 'new normal', will be yet another layer added to their already tortuous existence; places like Palestine and China come to mind immediately.

What kind of 'generation' awaits the 'future'? One where control of 'information' is vital to maintaining 'trust' in institutions which control every aspect of your life?  One which has been totally stripped of freedoms and will never have a reference point for it? Are they to be the parent less, after the 'ravage' of 'pandemic 2', 3, 4 and so on slowly eviscerates the 'experienced'? Are there going to be train loads of children left to the whims of the 'rulers' at the end to reestablish 'humanity' in their image?

Let us not forget the value of the trauma based mind control which we are all experiencing at the moment and admit that this is simply the 'beginning'. There will be many 'steps' of obedience to attain our 'new normal', which will cause trauma in a lot of people, especially the children. This trauma may not be immediately evident but it will be there and it will be propagated forward and used as a 'trigger' point for future conditioning.

Think of just this one example of the trauma which a child will endure during this 'Pandemic 1' phase:

Little Jimmy arrives home 15 minutes later than he had been told because he wanted to stay a little longer than just 20 minutes outside.
His mother screams "Where have you been, I've been worried sick?" "Quick, take your socks off."
Unsure that the darkening of the toes is simply caused by the new blue socks which Jimmy was wearing or the new 'covid toe' which is flying about, the mother is almost panic stricken. "You didn't go close to anyone did you?" she asks. "You didn't touch anyone, did you?" she shudders, as she looks him in the eye, not believing him even if he were to muster a response. "Let's go, to the bath." she states as she tugs him by the arm to the tub and prepares an earlier ritual of cleansing and purifying, she grabs the scrub brush and Purell as Jimmy begins to wail.

Do you think that is way too out there? I don't when you can witness supposedly grown adults cleansing their hands, in their car, before entering the store to cleanse yet again. And you can feel free to continue this little saga in your head and see where it goes. There are many 'scenarios' which will be enacted and which will directly affect the developing psyche of a child through this ordeal (operation).

What is wrong with parents that they don't ask the most basic of questions? Why are they are not asking: "What kind of 'people' will these children of crisis be in the end?"

Can you look at your child and think within your heart, that any of this is doing them any good? Can you honestly believe that they "may learn something" 'positive' out of any of this? Are you not willing to defend your children from the true enemy of humanity?

Has fear of an 'invisible enemy', clouded your judgment so much, or is the conditioning so complete that it was the 'natural' next step to effectuate an 'operation' of this scale and to 'sacrifice our children to the 'rulers' of this world?

I'm just going to start referring to others in the following when I meet them on the street:

"Hello my fellow filthy animals which carry disease so must be muzzled and wash their paws everywhere they go which is outside of their cage."

And of course - SMILE

WAKE UP NOW!! Before it's too late - there is still a chance, but it takes ALL of YOU. STOP buying the "Think of the children" PROPAGANDA and truly THINK OF THE CHILDREN!