Thursday, May 04, 2017

Fear and Loathing on Planet Earth

It is easy to think that the world seems to be inundated with fear and loathing these days. When one watches the goings on in the world, either through mainstream or alternative media sources, one is transported into fear, despair, separation, blame and a sense that nothing is 'right' in the world. One can easily assume that protection from such forces can only be achieved through the established forms and norms such as government, law, police, military and so on. That regulation and punishment of those responsible are what is needed, along with ever increasing controls in order to maintain the 'order' which is believed to be necessary to combat such disturbances in our societies.

If you think 1984 was bad you have another thing coming. In 1984, humans were still needed to wage war, to operate the machines of war, to control the populace, to write the propaganda; the New World Order is not about controlling you and everyone else on the planet, it is about the final battle for humanity itself and humanity doesn't stand a chance if it doesn't GET OFF IT'S KNEES NOW.

Do you not see the changes in your lifetime? The SHOCK AND AWE on every level - ever wonder why kids cannot even draw a gun in school without the police getting involved - because in today's technology (3D printing and as it advances exponentially) drawing is creating.

Why there is 'punishment' associated with feeding the poor and down trodden? Because they are useless eaters and leeches on the rest of society for they don't pull themselves up by their bootstraps and instead are more likely to turn to crime and steal from 'me'.

Ever wonder why a peaceful protest is met with military style police with their non-lethal weapons (which still maim and kill), pepper spraying and beating already 'kettled' protesters which have nowhere to run? To instill fear and obedience by punishing you for daring to stand up and speak against the hand which feeds you (for now).

Since 2001 humanity has freely given away their power for the promise of security (don't get me wrong, it started way before then). You have allowed the few to control more and more; and those which they cannot control, they destroy with the vast array of 'impressive' toys of war at their disposal or through the 'mind' of the masses. They had spent decades prepping you for that moment; a 'terrorist' here, a 'dictator' there while creating the 'evil doers' and filling your heads with the 'rule of law', 'international responsibility' (U.N.) and 'peacekeeping' missions (for only the military has the resources to deploy to 'help and save' people). Now we are a point where the populace actually believes that in order to 'save' the children in certain areas of the world, we must bomb and destroy their countries.

Dehumanizing them was easy over my lifetime, after all there were so many colorful terms for these peoples of which we know nothing about except for what we have heard or been made to believe through revisionist history and blatant propaganda: terrorists, beheaders, camel jockeys, towel heads, pakkies, sand niggers and many more; but of course we don't say these in public, for that would be unacceptable and we like to claim, after all, civility while we bomb them back to the stone age.

Ever bothered to really look into what these 'monsters' were like before we sent in the ordinances? Have you ever bothered to visit any of these places and talk to the people? Have you ever bothered to really look into the 'different' societies which these countries were trying to build without your programmed fears of this 'ist' or that 'ism'?

The police and military personnel or 'order followers' as Mark Passio points out, are all too eager to execute whatever the masters order them to do, for they have been indoctrinated to 'fear for their lives' at any 'provocation', making an enemy of everyday people which simply don't obey on command, while believing that they are actually 'serving and protecting' and hold the moral high ground. But these lap dogs of the elite are still prone to the occasional compassion, empathy, and morals although in demonstrably fewer instances.

The future will no longer need these second degree psychopaths with their inherent weaknesses as the robot soldier and police are being developed and perfected. A robot will not think twice before killing women and children for it will simply see a target as it looks them in the eyes to do so; no matter what you have been led to believe with the laws of robotics and their 'protect human life' programming propagated in your favorite science fiction thriller.

Half of all jobs to be automated, autonomous cars to relieve humans of the mundane chore of driving and keeping us 'safe' in the process, constant surveillance, 3D printed construction  and much more coming your way which will make you dependent on whatever the 'owners' of these technologies deem fit for you, if they let you survive at all. The Georgia Guidstones popped up out of nowhere, not as a warning but in mockery of what is to come.

They are gearing up for something huge and it won't be pretty for anyone; a trillion here a quadrillion there all spent on military and 'defense', robotics, surveillance and other technologies which will render most OBSOLETE. Can you even put into context how many life credits (money) that actually is? Do a search for "what a trillion dollars look like" - even after that I cannot conceptualize it and I cannot see any of these advancements being developed for the 'good' of humanity. Don't get me wrong, I know that used for good these technologies could propel humanity into an amazing age of discovery and evolution; T.V. could have done so much good also.

Meanwhile the eugenicists warn of mass die offs from unknown virus and peddle their vaccines to protect and save you but what if that unknown death comes in the form of a vaccine which lays dormant until activated? If there is a plan for a mass cull, no better than voluntary (fear based) and mandatory vaccines.

So smoke your legalized marijuana and zone out from the hints which they drop everywhere in their path, after all we have fought so hard for the 'freedom' of a plant so might as well finally enjoy it. Sing koombaya and smell the flowers and love and light for I suppose that with being pacified for our entire lives, it gets difficult to spot the obvious.

Something is definitely on the horizon. Some say that it is predetermined but to believe in that would be a rejection of our individual power; the acquiescence to something external for our very fate and something which is totally out of our control. Stop fighting amongst yourselves over the most trivial of differences (programmed) and see the divide and conquer strategies used at every level of your lives; left/right man/woman white/other illegal/legal immigrant/citizen WTF?

What does one reach for when they have reached 'the end of their rope'? Does one make the knot, wait to be saved or snap out of it? This is where I see the state of humanity these days; DO OR DIE.