Friday, July 24, 2020

NWO Manifesto - Revisited

In early 2017 I wrote, NWO Manifest - Condensed Version, which needs a revisit.

It begins like this:

"Now that we have control of everything in the world: economics, agriculture, production, transportation, media, education, governments, alimentation, health-care, technology, water, land, sea, air, space, legal systems (national and international) and we have reached a certain pinnacle of technology."
Now let that sink in for a moment. Perhaps even a moment longer.

I'll try to break it down a little so that one can easily grasp the implications:

Economics - the granddaddy of them all. Within my lifetime, I have witness it 'engulf' every aspect of life. 'They had us at money' (how far back would you suppose?), once we equated life to economics (Life Credits), we were done. As I progress down the list, keep in mind that everything else was bought and paid for by 'owning' economics.

Agriculture - control the food and you control the people. From production to distribution. What is bought and sold as well as what is 'valued' at the moment. Recent 'valued' agriculture includes, corn and soy which you cannot eat and as much rapeseed (Canola) oil, that you can ingest.

Production - control of not simply the production of goods but of also the production of foods. Outsourcing production to the lowest bidder ensured that there would be a knowledge drain as. Examples of this range from people forgetting how to make a kiln and work with metals, to simply never learning to garden. How long has it been now that 'globalization' had taken the jobs away?

Transportation - from how anything 'travels' and is distributed to what you are allowed to drive and where. Controlling the movement of people and 'goods' globally; they can allow flow to move freely, or lock it down.

Media - the worlds largest propaganda empire which controls the majority of what people 'witness' and believe. Also the world's great distraction/obfuscation device, brainwashing tool and all around manipulator of 'reality'. Think about how a group of entities (people, corporations, governments) can control what is perceived as 'real' along with the 'mood' of a narrative. Is that what we call 'Brainwashing'?

Education - get them young and you can make them do anything. I have witnessed that the 'schooling' begins younger these days, what with pre-school and daycare and such to make my child the very best slave they can be. Authoritative conditioning with a sense of 'worth' built on conditioning and lies; the greatest ones being told to ourselves.

Governments - somewhere along the way the 'public servants' took control of the castle. Some of the conditioning from the prior point allows for the 'politicizing' of everything. Everything the 'government' has ever done has been a test: of what you (the public) will put up with and accept; how much you are willing to give away freely of your power until you are left 'powerless' in your own mind.

Alimentation - the quality of foods which are available today are not really that of yesteryear from my experience. When I travel, I mainly go to saner countries (non-western), and when I get back, my digestion takes time to adjust. I have put it down to more 'dead' food here through chemicals, pesticides, irradiation and such; for our safety and cleanliness of course.

From the article, which is worth a ponder, in light of where we currently stand:

"Alimentation - poison their food so that we may learn and prepare for diseases which may affect our longevity as well as ensure short life spans; a good way to induce sterilization methods as well as through pharmaceuticals. Their malnourished bodies will not be capable of dealing with the sicknesses which we unleash."

Health-care - the well established medical industry which seems to always make one sick. Repeat customers? Experimentation? Combined with the education system, and you get is the very same system which defined a 'virus' now pushing said 'virus' with a magical 'vaccine' which was 'developed' using 'rapid' technology and may change one's DNA. Many will beg for this 'solution', with all the agony (government induced) which it is purported to 'relieve'.

Once they get their way (with thunderous applause from the general public), what will happen to the Heirloom Human?

Technology - where would we be without our digital lives? Has it already been about 30 years since our lives have been slowly digitized at every level? What are the odds that someone in the 'future' (if there is one), will dig up a digital archive and plug that in to discover our tragic tale? I don't presume that any of this will be 'remembered' after we are gone, unless someone had the fortitude to inscribe some stone tablets or chronicled the 'End' on leather and such.One of the reasons I write is because videos are difficult to print.

And all of that super-duper technology stuff just gives the above listed an 'advantage'; well that is just the way it is.

Water, Land, Sea, Air, Space - The water, which sustains life, can be held back or released, as the Chinese are now finding out. The land we believe we 'own' is 'auctioned' off for the audacity to be $80 short on your 'taxes'. The seas to be cleared of 'Sea-Steaders' and the global hunt for 'illegal' fishing. The air itself, which can be 'modified' by so many means and travel, which is extremely regulated and about to get even more so (is anyone feeling the liberty to freely travel?). And space, which is really, anybody's guess as to what they are doing up there and  to what ends; the 'framework' may be in place, for a game of global 'search and destroy' (you figure out what they may target).

Legal systems - "Rule By Law" - we are being ruled by laws which have been put in place as a framework for exactly this type of situation. Laws for the 'greater good' are never about protecting YOU and your LIBERTIES. Their past declaration of "Zero tolerance" should have been your first clue.

All of this is built upon a belief - a belief (or is it fear?) that "You need money to live!"; probably right to the end for many. All of this is paid for by the sweat and tears of generation after generation. A little poke here, tiny prod there and the wheels of 'economics' steers humanity to the edge of the cliff. Interesting how they wanted to go to a digital currency and people jumped all over BitCoin willingly, for the 'free' money; to 'mine' what exactly? The best ideas are always the ones which the other believes is theirs.

Has it sunk in yet?

They already had the prior generations 'hooked' on money, job and a sense of being 'productive' to society. That part of the program is readily passed on through the successive generations which allows for other 'programs' to be effectuated, such as the perversion of parenting (the 'protection' of children). The job of a parent, is to tame the little narcissist which comes out and instill some courtesy, consideration and common sense. Many seem to have valued 'friendship' of their offspring rather than parenting and the results can be seen in the recent and current generations of 'adults'.

Then they get them young and train them to be what they want/need at the time. They protect them from dealing with 'negative' emotions, feed them nutritionally deficient foods, entertain and distract them while maintaining a childlike mind and instilling a sense of 'learning' and worth through obfuscation and flattery. The 'ego' is conditioned for those future games of "I know you are but what am I", which will continue, ad nausea throughout life; all the while, chasing someone else's 'dream'.

Within that competitive jubilee, is instilled a worry of 'health' and a rigid adherence to 'expert' advice and 'authority' while getting addicted to 'technology' which makes one feel 'closer' to others while separating themselves from everyone and nature. The visits to the medical 'professionals' are a lot easier to handle than a camping trip with no WiFi.

All the while, government is legislating our lives, to better protect us from the perils and pitfalls of life (which are inherently programmed into our way of life) through control of water, land, sea, air, space, legal systems, etcetera; right down to our very sovereign BODIES - sounds like the obvious thing to do, right?

Another quote from that article, can be easily seen within the construction of the 'gender' debacle, the social justice warrior and its spawn, black lives matter (insert 'movement' here):
"Make sure the populace are trained to be reactive and confused."
More on what I think of the majority of 'protesters', can be found here.

I would say, that there is no greater evidence of the 'reactivity of the populace, than this 'operation' which we are experiencing at this moment. While using these divisions and emotional triggers to forward their agenda towards whatever their 'End Game' is: (more from the article)
Here is a condensed list of established divisions which have been facilitated and are ready for exploitation:
Economic class
Educational status
Employment status
Geographical location
Political affiliations
Philosophical beliefs
Religious beliefs
Can you see any or all of these at 'play' at the present time? Can you admit, on how many levels, you may have been manipulated? Check out the rest of the article, and many more, for the 'hints' of how and why our programming works so well.

By allowing the 'few' to control what is listed here, the only outcome had to be slavery or death. Sadly, the worst it seems to get, the more that people seem to 'double down' and vehemently defend, justify and validate their enslavement; for that is the only 'Life' they have ever known. If 'culture' dictates that the Lemmings must walk off of the cliff, then they do so gleefully, for 'negativity' is frowned upon and may even be perceived as 'hate'.

The worst part to witness, is that the aggregate of the species, seems to have lost their Humanity and inherent desire to LIVE. That people are so wrapped up in how they 'feel' at the moment, that there is no room for anything else, let alone an 'evolution' of consciousness or community. That they are willing to openly attack those which simply desire to be FREE and drag them into their cult of slavery. That, above all else, their 'feelings' must be 'valid'.

In case you have not noticed, the 'Zombie Apocalypse' is here and they 'fight' for their own destruction and want to bring everyone along with them. Where will it go? How will it End? Every moment that the masses accept their slavery, is a nail in the coffin of FREEDOM everywhere. Every second that the Human race stays on its knees, assures its destruction. We are on the way to the annihilation of the Human race and it is all based on BELIEF and how I FEEL.

Time to do better and break FREE of the shackles, which we maintain, through our defense of our ignorance and learn what it is we are really about. The Human race is a lot more than the sum total of its collective stupidity; it is capable of so much greatness and compassion. So where is it NOW?

It is NEEDED more than ever.

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