Sunday, August 09, 2020

People Are Angry

People are angry:

  • because all their life they have been told their opinions matter while living the opposite
  • because they are told that they are "free to speak their mind" yet restricted by words which are considered 'unacceptable'
  • because they were told that we were 'progressing' and would be working less with more as they hold down two jobs just to make ends meet
  • because they spent their lives building a sense of freedom through entrepreneurial enterprises to have it torn down by a government dictate
  • because they were promised flying cars and what they got was the TSA
  • because they were promised privacy and got the surveillance state
  • because they were promised medical innovation and what they got was a 1 in 2 cancer rate
  • because their old television lasted 30 years and the last one lasted 8
  • because their whole lives, they have been told not to 'lie' but have been living the 'political' opposite
  • because they were promised robot servants and what they get is servitude to technology
  • because they have to work longer hours than their parents did
  • because they are more in debt than their parents were
  • because the state raises their children as both parents working became a necessity
  • because their RIGHTS are being treated as privileges
  • because children can not have lemonade stands
  • because they need permission to fell a tree on their land
  • because of the dictates from the insurance industry
  • because 'life' somehow became all about money
  • because people they love are suddenly 'conspiracy theorists'
  • because it makes ZERO sense to blame all of this on a 'Virus'
  • because the cognitive dissonance is building
  • because they have to believe that the lives that we have been living, have not been based on secrets and therefore built upon lies
  • because they are denied human interaction
  • because the government is forcing them to wear a mask
  • because they sound like Charlie Brown's Teacher
  • because communication is dying
  • because they have been separated from LIVING by being denied everything they 'love'
  • because they all KNOW deep down that this is WRONG
  • because the television tells them to be angry

Now there are many, many, many more reasons why people are angry and a great many 'rabbit holes' to visit on this subject but I think you get my point. Life seems to have been one disappointment after another; taking a step forward to fall back two. It never made sense that with all the 'technology' which has been developed over the last hundred years, that the images of Sally Struthers in Africa are still prevalent and that we couldn't even 'fix' that problem. It also never made sense that a passport could survive a plane crash, but that's another story.

Now it is all turning into a dumpster fire before our very eyes and overwhelming all of our senses. Fear turns to anger when you feel helpless and don't know what to do or even believe; you become that 'deer in the headlights' and despise yourself for it and therefore lash out. That is the type of anger which is easily swayed and steered towards a 'goal'. For that type of anger cares not where it lands, as long as it does not stick long enough to reveal it true 'root'.

So why are you angry? Why are you angry at Bob, which lives down the road, for not wearing a mask? Why are you angry at those children which attended a birthday party? Why are you angry at that family which just wanted to have a nice time at the beach? Why are you angry at those doctors which simply want to give their Professional Opinion? Why are you angry at everything which might make you think outside of your confines?

Righteous anger is what is needed to save humanity. Don't fall for the traps of anger which have no basis and simply rely on a point of blame to exist; they are presented for you to become facilitators to your own demise. Righteous anger cannot be used or 'steered' to an end but rather 'knows' the path to take. Freedom, at this point, shall only be achieved through righteous anger but that means you will have to face yourself with honesty; are you up to the task?

There are but TWO things that we should be angry with in this world: GOVERNMENTS, for having the audacity to attempt to enforce ownership over human beings and their interactions. And OURSELVES for going along to get along and believing that we have no power and letting this get to the stage it is now by not ENGAGING in what controls us because we simply did not want to rock the boat.

The boat is way past being rocked, in fact, it is tipping over. Sink or swim humans, sink or swim. How shall you direct your anger?

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Unknown said...

The bit, because the ones you love are suddenly Conspiracy theorist..
So true. Makes you think it's not about media, political agendas only. It is reaching the heart of families. Ripping them apart is a BIG plus for our controllers! Actually, all the decisions have tiny families they are fracturing.
Isolating any further. But where it hurts the most.
Great piece of writing.