Friday, August 28, 2020

The Last American President

"I wouldn't be surprised if Trump turned out to be the Last American President" I had said in chatting with others at the end of 2018. People laughed it off and I repeated it a couple of more times through the year and that was that. Towards the beginning of this year, I had repeated what I had stated with a little more 'certainty' due to my observations of the heading of our 'societies'; now I state it in a mind drop.

And now we are here; almost September in a 'P(l)andemic', voting year. Among lockdowns, demonstrations, economic collapse, riots, police brutality, an 'invisible enemy', mask mandates and the 'scourge' of 'fake news', what will happen this November? (cue suspenseful music)

I suppose that the first thing which I note is that there has not been a single term president since 9/11 (an observation). Second would be that the current man can say something and draw admiration from one group of people while loathing from another; there has never been a more 'polar' president and everyone 'loves' a close race - Oh the Drama. Besides, look around, HATE is 'In' so why change things up?

As the current situation has gotten many people to question their 'authorities' and 'institutions' which have been 'trusted' for the entirety of their lives, HUMANITY has come to a 'crossroads' of sorts. And you can bet that the 'rulers' are going to take every advantage of the current emotional state of things to offer the proper 'choices'.

I've mentioned before how they must get the guns and the 'truthers'; those which know at least enough of what is going on to be reactive and predictable and still vote. There are a lot of armed people out there awaiting a 'sign' for a 'cause' which is yet to be determined. The 'owners' know what a few million armed people can do to their plans, they also know what those same people can do to each other. After all, they have been feeding social media emotional 'triggers' for a while now, as well as having placed 'alternative' media 'personalities' throughout.

The game is afoot and Divide and Conquer rules the day.

This has always been the primary tactic of the 'rulers', for they know that they cannot control us ALL if we are united in morality and thought. So they throw up visions of 'divisions' at every turn for people to 'accept' as their very own. They fuel the fires and even provide the spark so that all you have to do is hop on board and believe. Hate this, love that, mock this, shame that, protest here, riot there; oh they know the ways to get you to react according to plan.

A wee bit ironic though, that the whole time that we the masses are being divided and steered towards fighting amongst ourselves, the CONTROL aspect of life is being completely centralized. Sort of a 'Globalization 2.0', where the centralization of control is paramount. Tagging and tracing everything so as to have a global 'inventory' and be able to track, for safety reasons, the entire lifespan of everything. One has to wonder why and is it really for our safety?

We know about the "New World Order", that nifty little name which the 'rulers' provided for us to echo and chase in 'conspiracy theorist' manner. And the whole time that we 'knew' about it, we researched and built our 'case' while they carried forward with their plans, using psychological means, to formulate the mindset ready for the 'operation' (which we were all waiting for) which we now find ourselves enveloped within.

To look at things in a global perspective, what do you need to topple in order to establish a globalized control over 'fragile' economies? What is the current and long standing economic mark or 'Empire'? The United States of America and their dollar; and they already 'control' that. Now, it seems, is time to tear it down; global order needs global money and preferably something traceable so off we go into the 'Global Reset'. Just what they are 'resetting' is anyone's guess but I don't think it will be to our advantage. 

It is amazing that people chose not to see the 'putting of all the eggs in one basket' which occurred throughout their lives. That they never realized, that all of this central control could turn around and bite them in the ass one day. That it left them dependent on the very thing which wants to enslave them, or worse.

So this current 'operation' is global in scope. It reaches to every 'developed' nation and their surrogates. The orders seem to come from global institutions such as health and finance which are finally starting to 'get some teeth', for those of you which whined about their prior 'impotence' over the years.

As the 'turmoil' in the USA continues to escalate, there will probably be a call to the 'global' community for assistance. I don't know about you, but I have heard the term 'Blue Helmets' a lot in the prior years as well as 'Global solutions for global problems'. Is there validity in the claims? I am certain that we shall find out soon enough.

Let us not forget that there may also be an incoming, cyclical weather event called a GSM, which has been obfuscated throughout the decades or perhaps even centuries. The preparations for such an event should have happened in the decades prior in order to exit unscathed, but apparently our 'rulers' seek to be the sole survivors this time if possible.

Have you noticed the affect to the FOOD systems which this 'operation' has inflicted? The farms which are raided and shut down. The slaughter houses which are also affected and shut down or limited in quantity of processing? The explosions at food stores and fields around the world which have been hit by one weather event or another? Let's just say that we are not going to come out of this resembling anything we are now or have ever experienced.

So back to the title of this tale. Can you see it? The reelection of Trump? Can you see how Biden promises to 'mask' us all and that Trump sent people back to Church? Can you see the running mate whom Biden chose is really just a bad remake called 'Birther 2.0'? Can you see the little hints and clues? Can you imagine how the 'left' will react if what I claim comes to fruition? Can you picture the furthering of the current 'divisions'? Can you see that it has always been a 'game' that you were not even playing; can your ego accept that?

The divisions are made, the game is afoot, there merely remains to witness what will pass. People will take sides in the 'battle' which they are supposed to fight, not the one which they must fight. Every day which passes is another nail in the coffin of humanity as it cowers in its fear and obeisance. All hail the Last American President as he watches it all destroyed until you don't even remember what you have lost.

The Rulers of tomorrow simply require each and every one of you to continue to do your part for any of this to happen; so why do you? Until you are ready to accept that it is the bathwater, the tub and the baby which has to go, you will continue justifying some part of what enslaves you. All it takes to turn this around is a desire to live freely; and really, now it is about a desire to simply LIVE.

Withdraw yourself from their offerings and find out who you really are, it's that simple.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your view. The dystopian future we have been anticipating is just about here. We are all on our own with our choices but we can stick together with our actions. God Speed.
Algo Rhythm

randyrittenhouse said...

beautiful truth

Unknown said...

Cuando tu engrane se encuentran en el lugar adecuado el reloj se mueve eres parte del todo y todo es como tiene que ser.