Monday, August 03, 2020

The Entirety Of The Moment - On A Limited Scale

I've been trying to wrap my head around the 'entirety' of the moment (on a limited scale); the possible history and naturally occurring events which may help to tie this all together.

I shall begin at Secret Societies, which is told to have existed for as long as 2000 years or more. Imagine the amount of 'data' (experience, knowledge, wisdom, etc.) which can be acquired, cataloged and passed on through generations. Never sharing and ever adding the next available technology and technique to gain 'advantage' over the 'others' and serve one's own selfish desires. Taking control of mechanisms which drive humanity and steering the course of society to the ends of total world domination. Elimination through ignorance, seems to be the chosen way of initiating a 'Reset'.

Does it begin here, with the simplicity of preparedness versus not? Knowledge versus Ignorance? You can bet that some are far more 'prepared' than others, with underground cities and bunkers which are complete with water and sewage treatment along with food production and recreation. The location of such places may never be discovered, but rest assured that they are ready to wait out a century or more to achieve their goals. I know of one place on Earth which is 'protected' by many, Antarctica, and I wonder what is really going on there at times.

Throughout the ages, there has been economic and monetary manipulation. To what end really but to instill a 'control' mechanism within the sociological mind of the 'society'? Controlling the 'life' of the populace through a creation of your own doing is genius unto itself, but one day you know it shall fade. Perhaps you have seen it fail within the forgotten civilizations and hidden history which keeps rearing its ugly head on occasion. There are many ways a 'civilization' can be forgotten, but now, my recollection of the engineers being asked to design for a lifespan of 30 years, makes a lot more sense.

Every 'cycle' they get more powerful, write the history, control the politics and the economics; little by little, controlling it all, from cradle to grave. Reminiscent of the 'Protocols' which I mentioned in a recent writing.

Did you know that we are in the midst of a Grand Solar Minimum? Not only a GSM but potentially one which occurs on a 400 year cycle and, coincidentally, coincides with the fall of Empires. One could argue that we are currently living the fall of an 'Empire' at this moment as the 'crisis' remedies, seem to ensure a crumbling of the 'foundations'. For those which are the 'survivors, and I don't mean the ones which may have to 'rough it' for a decade or more, but those which will have the technology to come out 'ahead' and even perhaps, surveil the planet this time around and see where the rest 'survived' and perhaps even go so far as to 'tag' them first.

The Musky smelling satellites, already launched into low Earth orbit, can be used for what exactly?

So this GSM which we are currently in, is already in the region of the Dalton Minimum (200 years ago), which, incidentally, was the fall of the Qing Dynasty (Northern Chinese Famine) and the "Year Without a Summer" (1816). Now if it is indeed a 400 year cycle (solar cycle 26 should reveal more), then we could be hitting the likes of the Maunder Minimum, or Little Ice Age (50 years), when the Ming Dynasty collapsed. Good thing we didn't put all our eggs into one basket like China and... oh yeah, we did.

We may soon find out that 'Global warming' is a 'hoax', but that there is indeed some 'Climate Change' coming our way. I won't even go into the cosmic rays, magnetosphere distortions or earthquakes and volcanoes as I don't want to come off as a 'fear monger'. HA!

I will admit that I am fairly ignorant on the subject, but what I have seen and looked into, is beginning to sound like the 'glue' which ties many things together. For example, in a GSM/Mini Ice Age, there are 'safe zones' which seem to be between the tropics; wait that sounds familiar.
If Max Igan ever reads this: Remember that wonky video where you told people to "get between the tropics"? Sounds like sage advice now.

There are other theories such as asteroids heading our way which has been known for decades. Planet x / Niburu, which may have had a hand in 'creating' our moon the last time it 'visited', coming round to say "Hi". Who knows really. Whatever happened to the 'Alien Invasion'?

And as the Sahara seems to be 'greening', the Middle East 'takeover' also begins to make more sense and fit within this 'scenario'; as does the rush to purchase 'everything' in Africa. I know that you may want to believe that it is all about the 'Oil', but I believe that was merely a 'song' which was easily 'chorused' throughout life; it's easy to manipulate thought when your 'expenses' are affected.

Some state "It's a money grab" or "They want total control" with quips such as "It's the crime of the century" and "History will tell". But I put to you: Why would anyone want to forcibly 'control' 7 billion people? Why would anyone want a 'history' of this current madness? Do you remember the forgotten civilizations? Well neither will the 'future', as we may just well be one of them.

Do I believe that I am writing 'history' at the moment? I don't. After I take into consideration the digitizing of our entire lives and works. That, no matter how many backups, the information would be lost without the proper equipment to read them. That within our 'progress', obsolescence is inherent and 'acceptable' with things being designed to disintegrate and be replaced. And that the proceeding 'civilization' may not have a desire to 'learn' outside of their confines as per their 'programming'. The 'leaders' may indeed seem like 'magicians' with their knowledge of past and present and control of technologies and 'language' so hence, communication.  Please try to think 50 years into the ahead on this current track.

How did we get to the present, the NOW? How we got here 'mentally' is something which I write about but there are so many 'levels' to our 'enslavement'. There are the countless 'vaccines' which one receives in their life along with the endless array of pharmaceuticals which are dispensed. The nutrient deficient foods which leave our bodies 'craving' something to heal itself. The air and water pollution which includes the deliberate addition of fluoride. And just what are those trails in the sky anyways? And what about all that wireless radiation we bathe in constantly?

We have consensus 'science' which obfuscates any real advancement and knowledge, which seems to be geared towards keeping the populace in a fearful, confused and angry state. 'Mind Control' techniques being used upon the general population which seems to accentuate our 'inherent laziness' and self importance. Pervasive surveillance, enforced through police and military as lockdowns and martial law become the 'New Normal'.

'Experts' deny that weather modification is even possible, yet some insist that HAARP has been actively linked with weather modification through the heating of our ionosphere. Factor in the 'Chemtrails' and admittance of experiments to "dim the sun" and their actions speak otherwise. This is not to mention cloud seeding and other active techniques which are currently and historically documented. There does seem to be active steps in weather modification being effected now and perhaps for decades. Locations with huge population densities are being ravaged by 'natural' forces as I type.

Now why would the 'owners' want to dim the sun within a GSM? At the moment, with the pandemic which isn't, there are engineered food shortages in the works through disruptions of all sorts. Have you noticed where the world's 'breadbaskets' are located? There are floods and droughts, heat and cold; there are 'disruptions' occurring everywhere.

Why would our masters want to accentuate the starvation potential of a GSM? Why would they want to lock down everyone on the planet at this time? Are they using this 'crisis' as a show of power? Are they halting the usual 'migrations' which occur during a GSM? And why have they recently launched all of those satellites? Remember those movies where the rich kidnap people and take them to an island to hunt them? Well, I guess only the perpetrators of this genocide know of their level of evil and depravity. Survivor may not just be a reality show anymore.

It is difficult to come to terms with the realization that humanity must go through whatever is coming, because this is the outcome which we have all 'allowed' on one level or another. When you realize that that is not 'blame', you will comprehend what it is I attempt to convey.

How many out there are 'ready' for a major 'disruption' in their lives? How many are willing to 'let go' of what they thought they knew in order to become what they need to be to survive? How many are capable of 'growing up' with a moments notice?

All of that programmed hatred and division is not going to get you through this, nor are your 'beliefs' about any part of this 'life' which seems to have trained us for this moment; to be unprepared and dependent. It is time to shed the programmed ego before humanity becomes the Genocide which no one Remembers. For those which get it, it may be the last chance to find each other. The years to come are sure to become 'interesting'.


Anonymous said...

Great write up! Obviously you have immersed yourself in a good array of fringe research. I think the key to understanding what they are doing, one must look into what has already been done. Look into the 1918 "pandemic" and you will find many answers to some of the questions you have posed above. The key is in the idea of reset. As far as the why can be found in the Ra material regarding polarization. You're onto many threads, and you're just about there. Trust your intuition and listen to your inner voice. Peace and love and look forward to your next entry.

Kilfannan said...

Awesome article. Thank you. Grand solar minimum, electromagnetic pole shift, two north poles and increasing cosmic rays. It's going to get wild. Much love.

Kilfannan said...

Brilliant article, Sylvain. Thank you. Zen sent it to me and I would like to repost the article on my blog. Much love.