Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Education (training) - Molding Individuals and Cultures

One of the things that needs to change is our educational system; a system that is making it's way throughout the entire world. Through developmental practices, there has been a virus like expansion of an educational system that is more based on memorize and regurgitate than on common sense, logical thought or continual learning. Fact is that we do not teach how to learn. In a world where time equals money, everything seems to have had a value attached to it and measured against economic rules; this includes the educational system and life itself.

Where certifications prevail, so does linear thought patterns based on the concept of "good enough" but deceiving the recipient into thinking that they have actually achieved something of value. This is evident in I.T. certifications in which the recipient can achieve competency but cannot adapt to the evolution of software, therefore requiring more training. As a business model, this works very well, as it assures the company offering the training, a constant revenue stream. This may also fool the recipient that they are constantly learning rather than being re-trained. Animals can be trained based on the concept that it will receive a "treat" for it's actions. The same can be said for humans, the treat being the prospect of advancing in a job with the hopes of more money.

"Get them young and you can get them to do almost anything"; this is true in both animals and humans. I once heard of a plan, for the Canadian educational system, to introduce cheque balancing and personal finance at a grade 6 level at schools. This, to me is an example of "training" the minds rather than educating them. Combined with the lives that the parents live, the constant bombardment of mis-information and the constant flow of "buy me" "want me" advertising, these children do not stand a chance of ever having a free and original thought. They should though, grow up to be good, productive members of society; neither asking too many questions and blindly following the rest of the herd.

I see this spreading into the "developing" countries but ask; developing into what? With the promises of advancement and a better life, first world nations have been slowly transforming the rest of the world into the same competitive, narcissistic individuals while killing their respective cultures. Blinded by money and technology, ever hopeful of a better life and addicted to the "life's little pleasures" such as alcohol, tobacco and sugar, these cultures slowly die off trying to achieve the life that they view as "better".

The corporate masters encourage this form of training as the measure of competency. All through life, one is asked the question "what is your education?" while obediently showing their certificates and diplomas that they have accumulated over their lives; forever chasing a dream.

I will stop here as it is to easy to venture of the path and blur the issues into one. I will state again that without logical thought, common sense and the ability to learn, there is no education; there is only training. True learning comes from taking all the experiences of life, every outside influence and analyzing them to formulate your own conclusions; not blindly accepting what others want you to learn, for their agendas may be tainted.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Some Notes and Observations

- are formed on manufactured goods and processed foods
- are formed on label and status
- are formed on technologies (or what passes as such)
- are formed on the choices that are formulated by others and offered to the masses
- are formed on addictive substances such as sugar, caffeine, nicotine, etc.
- are formed on a monetary system
- are formed on trade systems
- are formed on foreign aide
- are formed on economics
- are formed on credit
- are formed on false education and certifications

- traps and locks the debtor in
- enables the purchase of goods that are not owned by the debtor
- is controlled by for profit entities
- employs fear and intimidation collection tactics
- allows people to live beyond their financial means
- allows people people to purchase "status gear" to falsely elevate their social standings
- forms a dependency
- is based upon money that does not exist
- is designed to pay off the interest and not the principle
- is marketed as essential
- is essential for certain things (car rental, hotel, etc.)
- is a legal form of "loan sharking"

Technologies are stunted solely for the purpose of profit. Computer technologies are sold in cycles and don't really offer any true advancements. Internal combustion engines are having their lives and values extended by employing inhuman concepts such as bio-fuels. The public is taken in by effective marketing strategies. Patents are bought along with people to stymie advancements. In the 90s there were vehicles that offered more than 50MPG. Third world nations manufacture goods for first world nations at a fraction of the cost then have the goods dumped back on them when there is no longer a market in those countries.

I have seen the anniversary of Princess Diana's death on T.V. aired for days now. It is no wonder that the world has such a difficult time moving forward for it is always looking back. Instead of mourning for her death they should be honoring someone that is working towards the same things that she spent her time working towards. People seem to love to worship the dead instead of finding good in the living. I also see Visa commercials that convey the message that life if "better" with Visa and that it will help one through life. Also saw one that portrayed life as a production line of commerce and that when someone pays in cash, it disrupts everything. Other ads that prevail here are those of beauty such as having a perfect ass, a perfect body, or simply portraying that image outwards. Breast augmentations here are a regular occurrence. Have money, have credit and be beautiful. Molding the minds to think along with the rest of the so called developed world. They view a lot of CNN en espanol here and this is where a lot of the ads for credit are being aired. One of the problems that I see for Chavez is that no matter how much he tries to elevate the poor of his country, they will still be programmed to be good little consumers. The distractions and shiny objects seem to be winning.

I sit at the bar and watch the barmaid distracted on the computer that I helped to set up to the Internet the other day on MSN Messenger. I think about the observations that I had made yesterday and truly think that the change that may occur in this country may solely be to distribute the wealth more evenly; a change in society, I feel, will not be possible. The money, the ads, the credit here is the same as everywhere else. They have the same outside influences. They view the same life as better and all seem to aspire to be included in it. I fear that the free electricity or water or whatever else that Chavez does will do nothing but help to accelerate the assimilation process that is occurring throughout the world. I don't think that the sociological change that is so desperately needed in the world will occur here. Some things will be different, but alas, it shall remain the same. Cultures eaten up by the likes of Coca Cola, Pepsi, etc.; short attention spans ruling and confusing en mass. Where I once had hope, I now have none. I feel that all this is part of the ever evolving mind control techniques that have developed and been accepted as the norm over the centuries. A strong mind is difficult to find but having one and keeping it sane seems to be even more so. What can one mind do amongst so much opposition? Await insanity? I need a coalition of the thinking. One man does not change the world.
I used to think that it would be easier reaching the people of the developing nations, after all, this is where most of my good conversations have taken place. Now I realize that those discussions have occurred with travelers, and not the local populations. There are minds out there that are trying to break free. The minds of the so called educated which may have had enough short term stimulation and now are craving more. The minds of the uneducated which may have had a better chance to develop due to a necessity of though and a lack of programming. I must probe within myself and figure out what it was that triggered my awakening. I do not that that the same trigger will work for all but it may for some. There may not even be a trigger but instead a combination of life experiences and knowledge that I have obtained from years of hardship and struggling with what seems to be life itself (society's version of it). This I do not wish upon anyone but realize that some people need hardship in order to learn. I feel that it is my duty to help the minds that are receptive to break free, for without hope or purpose, what is the point? I am not ready to give up nor will I blindly accept or follow the herd. I do not consider myself as highly intelligent or above others, simply free in thought. If I were more intelligent, I may have solutions instead of solely seeing the problems that are staring us in the face. I do believe that a free mind, when not matured, can lead to madness though; this may, in some way, explain the phenomenon of people "losing it" and taking themselves and others out with them. When your mind is going in one direction and what seems like the rest of the world is going in another, it takes a strong person to go beyond it and control the madness that it can generate. I have figured out that I am a free man but that I am also in a constant state of control, not only by others but also by my own self. I have realized that it is necessary for me to play along with certain things in order to continue living. I must develop my mind instead of constantly trying to fight it as I have done for so many years. I must accept certain aspects of my life in order to further develop it. I will go back to Canada and try to blend in, all the while developing my ides and theories in hopes of reaching as many minds as possible; in hopes of facilitating in the freeing of those minds. I have noticed over the years that the more that I try to fight against my own mind and thoughts (using alcohol, pot, women, etc.), that the more that it seems to render these techniques in-effective. I do not know how this is possible but it does seem to prove to my own mind that it is a very powerful part of my being. I am convinced that if my mind is capable of achieving this state, that there is hope for the other minds of the world.

I sit on yet another airplane to fly from Montreal to Toronto on the last leg of my journey at this time. As I listened and watched everything around me today, I realized how much of the population seems to not be capable of any logical thought processes. They seem to blindly accept the authoritative rule without question and are usually perturbed if someone does question it. They are satisfied instead of logic to be pacified by answers such as "it's regulation" and "for your safety". An accepting, non-confrontational, non-thinking population is perfect for those in charge as when there is a culling of the herd, these will be less opposition and questions and greater acceptance. I sit and live amongst ignorant fools, incapable of having freedom of thought and blindly accepting whatever orders from their masters. This I found evident with travel regulation, where people are afraid to confront someone and simple ask "why?" or "where is the logic in that?" The response to these are usually the same "it's the rules". Not questioning their masters they accept this as logic. As more of the first world populace seems to be engaging in some form of travel, the increase of fear and control was bound to be the next logical progression. Ask most people and they will say that they are logical thinkings, yet question their logic or logically dissect their beliefs and they will usually respond with anger and the same programmed responses as everyone else all the while assessing you as a hostile entity. I even had one tell me that if I keep hearing the same responses, then they must be true. The problem that I have is that these people genuinely believe that they are intelligent yet they are forever nodding and smiling and blindly following orders. Canadian society is, I believe, the envy of others as they seem more mesmerized and willing to accept than some of the other "developed" (into what?) countries. It is almost like most of these people have been struck square between the eyes with a hammer and then made to believe that it never took place. 9/11 did change the world but not as everyone seems to think or believe. It facilitated the ease in which control mechanisms could be implemented upon the populace and also gave ground to the numbing of resistance of law and order to a control system that can now get away with much more that it could in the past. Are the rules that are totally devoid of any logic simply a way to test what the people will accept? Are the powers that be merely testing the waters to see what it can get away with? Will the masses ever be able to be capable of any kind of individual thought ever again? Or will they simply be to afraid of their own shadows?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fear and Perpetual Hope

After a while, one begins to realize that things must be narrowed down for those that can only take one or two things at a time. Those that are so deeply entrenched into a system that they don't even understand but will defend to the death.

Fear - a control mechanism used throughout history to mold and steer society in the direction that some think it has to go.

Daily the masses are subjected to images, sounds, ideas, etc. that convey a message that they should be afraid of something, someone, an act, etc. I found evidence of this the other day when I was confronted by some individuals, simply because I said that I was not afraid of anything. Apparently, I have to be afraid of something in order to be part of today's society. I fear something, that the world and it's inhabitants will not see clearly until it is too late.

Fear of the law & it's consequences is a way that civilized nations control their citizens. Fear of not fitting into the society that is available to you (judgement). Fear of not not having enough money to purchase the items that are necessary for life. Fear of an illness that will suck those same monetary resources dry. Fear that you will lose your job unless you act in a certain way. Fear that someone will steal the material belongings that you worked hard to acquire, making yet another dent in your monetary resources. Fear of venturing too far into the unknown depths of nature. Fear that someone is lurking around every corner to mug or injure you. Fear of people that one does not know. Fear of people that think differently from the "norm". Fear of what other people will think if your children act up in public (great for Ritalin). Fear of facing the world alone and maybe finding yourself. Fear of not finding your soul mate (dating agencies). Fear of not standing out in the crowd and being special (big car, big house, pop idol, etc.). Fear of other cultures (Muslims). Fear that someone will snatch your children. Fear that someone will kill you or your family. Fear of bacteria (how do you think an immune system develops?). Fear of terrorists. Fear of shoe bombs. Fear of shampoo and other liquids. Fear of other religions. I think that the fear message is evident, feel free to add more in the comments.

I will now talk about what I think is the other side of the coin.

Perpetual Hope - This gives the masses something (even though it may be unattainable by the majority) to hope for and look forward to. The greatest of these is America's own "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" (which was on first draft "Life, Liberty and Land).
Happiness - an abstract concept that has no clear definition and which changes with each individual based upon perception.

Hope that you may get into a good school (if you can afford it). Hope that you too can sing, play, etc. your way to the top (the top of what?). Hope that you too can win the lottery, or other gambling methods too make your life easier. Hope that you will find love. Hope that you are lucky. Hope that your boss likes your work. Hope that you can pay off that house and other forms of credit. Hope that you stay healthy. Hope that your government is acting in your best interests. Hope that your crops will go up. Hope that the dollar is strong. Hope that you will be good parents (according to whom?). Hope that if you work hard, you will attain the life that you crave (does anyone realize that that life is manufactured?). Hope that you will be judged fairly (by whom again?). Hope that you will be a productive member of society. Hope that you find a good job (no matter how mind numbing it may be). Hope that you can satisfy the needs and the wants of your family. Fear and Hope - the easiest way to control people's lives. First you make them believe that the things that they crave are really what is important, then you make make them believe that they are attainable to anyone.

I do not believe that I am the only person that sees things this way. Myself, I hope for a positive change; a more natural and human existence for all, not a shit fight to the top (WHICH DOES NOT REALLY EXIST). I also hope for widespread clarity of thought which is the only thing that will expose the beast for what it is and instill change. Don't take my word for it, open your eyes and look around, the signs are everywhere.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another Comment I Left

Here is my comment for an article that is worth reading:

Of Marx, Christ, and the Persecution of Radicals: How Will Humanity Survive the Capitalist Threat?

As always, I think your writing is "spot on" and eloquently written. It gives me hope to know that there are others out there that see the world the way it actually is. People that are fed up with the lack of free thought and compassion that they are actually craving but know not why they can never attain.


This is part of our training in life; from cradle to grave, we are bombarded with images, sounds, literature and any other impulse that can have an affect. This is all designed to mold us into the "productive member of society" that feeds this parasitic system.

I know not of the moment that I attained freedom and sometimes, I think that it was far easier prior to my awakening. Then I remember what it was like; easy, boring, thoughtless but I always thought there had to be more.


Jason mentioned "survival of the fittest" I must disagree. Survival of the Richest, maybe, but it does not take any survival instincts or intelligence to acquire money. It takes cunning and moral flexibility.

Free your minds and this is not just the U.S.; this is the world. (most of it, for those of you that think linear) Back away from Vista, the iPhone and all other forms of materialistically filling the void that you so crave to fill in your empty little lives.

Free thought is the only thing that will evolve us as a species.

And because it was so well written and so correct, thank you Jason and:

"I do not belong nor militate in any formal communist party in the U.S. Nor do I belong to any other political entity or party. Furthermore, I do not subscribe to a specific doctrine, ideology, or dogma. My allegiance is to my core principles and values, which are premised on honesty, justice, humanity, responsibility, critical thinking, open-mindedness, egalitarianism, compassion, a belief in a Higher Power of my understanding, and many of the teachings of Christ."

Friday, July 06, 2007

A comment I left

A comment in reponse to Alex Cockburn - Climate Denier

Firstly, whoohoo, total global destruction in 5 years; gotta mark that down on the calendar.

Second, if it were water vapor, wouldn’t the desertification effect that is been felt in some parts of Africa be reversing itself? More water vapor would create more rains, hence the soil would regain some much needed moisture making it heavier … would it not?

Alex, don’t be saddened by this event. This is the moment that you realize that a pundit is a pundit is a pundit. The illusion that they portray only fools some of the people all of the time. There are too many issues that Cockburn (sounds like he needs a good cream) could never always say what you wanted to hear.

This is their mandate, giving you what you want to hear, unless it is to change popular opinion; this would be propaganda. What could they be pushing? Oil, coal, ethanol, they still want to suck all that they can from the miles of parts and cars that are still not produced. They that make the decisions will suck us dry and the planet too; think about a spacial “Noah’s Ark”.

About fleecing the public, it’ll happen, wait. I can see laws for the public, forcing them to change their water tank for a solar one or a fine for using appliances older than x number of years. This would be something that our beloved Canada would do; all the while taking it’s cut.

The first thing that needs to be done is to take away the power, not only from the polititians and government, but also from the corporations (entities that have more rights than humans) and especially from MONEY (has more power than anything).

We have the knowledge to rebuild “smart”. We don’t have to die from work related stress. Stop all the bullshit; IT’S TIME TO EVOLVE

Follow the Lemmings

I know in a lot of comments and previous posts, that I may have referred to the masses as being easily hypnotized by the shiny and status power of gadgets. After viewing the following link, I had to re-think that statement:

Ubuntu running Looking Glass demo video

I have determined that it is not the mere wow factor that will influence a consumer, but a variety of factors, all just as ridiculous. Let's take two examples, Microsoft and Apple.

Microsoft - a trusted name? Not likely. If not a name then what? Ask "why Microsoft?" and most people will reply "because everyone else uses it." When presented with a superior and free option like Linux or OpenOffice, they are suspicious and fearful and dismiss it with this comment. This leads me to assume that due to the fact that everyone else uses MS Windoze, that they believe this justifies that they will not even consider another product. Is this the way that they go through life: just because everyone else is?

Apple - a trusted name? More so than Microsoft. Not the trust thing here as the cool thing here. Apples are cool, iPods, iPhones, i-yi-yi. They are all the latest craze and are cool, and they are expensive, more so than their counterparts. People line up for days to get these things; how did marketing gain such control? Media: the magazines, TV Shows, commercials, billboards, sponsoring; all designed to make you feel this is a cool purchase.

I believe this price differential also allows the consumer to feel an elevated sense of pride at enabling themselves the purchase of this expensive item. One might even say, "elevated above others". I suppose that one could get this feeling of elation, or entitlement, through various forms; driving an expensive gas guzzler, buying a new car every three years, living in a mansion with your wife and two kids, having summer/winter homes beside friend's summer/winter homes, constantly buying the latest phone. What are we missing in our lives? Why do we keep buying the crap. There is no dream capitalist system. It is based upon constant expansion and flow of money from one pocket to another.

When did we all have to compete and why? Who are we competing with? I used to think that it was just with everyone else, but a lot of the hordes seem to be actually competing with themselves.

I don't even have to go on about the environmental impact that this kind of lifestyle has. My mind boggles at the damage being done to the planet, so that we can compete (with whom ever we choose) and feel like we “came out on top”. On top of what? This shitpile that we, the civilized nations, call life? This lifestyle that we have the audacity to call “democracy” which we shove down developing countries throats with IMF and World Bank conditions and promises of riches? Consume until you die or the planet self destructs, whichever comes first.

I watch the Lemmings when I go out. I hear them talking about that other person, or the product that they just/would like to buy, their jobs, their homes, their families, TV shows, movies; all inane conversations in the desperate attempt to hold a conversation and convince themselves and everyone around them that they have a good life and enjoy it. I also see the sadness, loneliness, self-loathing and emptiness in their eyes. They are zombies, with no direction. Not able to think for themselves, they rely on the constant bombardment of information and direction to comprise of their education and purpose; they are Lemmings. Watch out for that cliff, it is coming.

I suppose that my biggest gripe is how can a sane person go through life without really thinking? I have had friends tell me things such as “you think too much”, or “happiness is (insert shite here)”, “just worry about your life”, or “you just need a good woman”. This baffles me, especially when I tell them that I have literally heard this exact comment from many others word for word (while explaining programmed responses and brainwashing in simple terms), to which they respond “well it must be true then”. (picture me with a stunned look) I admit, I may be new to brain washing, but did not realize that it also disabled any logic function from performing in the human brain. I suppose if one wanted to, one could try to define the word sane; as I am told, it is defined by society.

As we evolve as human beings (and I hope that I am not the only one here), we will require the use of that chunk of gray matter that rests on the shoulders of more than 6 billion of Earth's inhabitants. The species cannot evolve without it, are we meant to be the crazy little consumers that Corporate America wants us to be? I don't think so, I think we are destined for far greater things. First thing we have to do is take care of our own. We have the resources on this planet to feed, educate, house, clothe, etc. every person on this planet, we simply CHOOSE not to. Along with the first thing, we need to clean up our act; destroying the very thing that sustains our very existence is beyond stupidity. I know that death is the only true outcome to life, but I don't want the species to really end. We have to break down the obsessive competition that exists amongst us, we have to get rid of money.

I do not subscribe to society or it's system, I am Canadian by birth, not by choice. I claim my rights as a world citizen, as a natural being; I claim the laws of common sense. Don't follow the Lemmings, follow what's right; only then can a system be changed.

Thomas Paine's Corner published version

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Do you Feel Insulted? or What are you afraid of?

The more I try to understand the society that I live in, the more it disgusts me. I see the society that has been formed into the self-serving, xenophobic, narcissists that it has become. Each one worshiping the god of money. Each feeling squeezed and trapped and trying to protect what little life they think that they can control. "I am free" I've heard them cry. Are you? are you really? What is freedom? Is life not free?

Here are some excerpts from my travels, now put your self in the first person; the other person.

You run a small bike shop in the city and one day a guy walks in to ask a couple of questions. he asks about the size of the pedals 9/16 and as he is leaving asks about counter-clockwise thread. Do you feel insulted?

Reaction in Montreal - You tell the customer "Bring me the bike, I will put the pedals on for $2. I am trying to run a business here, I can't tell you all the secrets"

You are bar tending and a couple of customers at the bar are have a political discussion; you offer your two cents worth occasionally. One says "you don't live in a democracy" and proceeds to explain his statement. Do you feel insulted?

Reaction in Colorado - You confiscate what's left of the jug of beer that the customer had ordered and then proceed to eject him. As the fellow is being escorted out, he says with a smile; "there's your free speech, right there" and walks away.

You are working at an inter-national car rental company and a customer that has lately been renting cars or returning them to you is returning a mini-van that he rented for the day. The van is in good shape and the tank looks full. Then man then tells you that he only put 10 dollars gas in it as he had only gone 72 kilometers. You scold the customer, the man proceeds to then tell you that he worked at car company once and starts to explain that some people will take the van and fill it up, then drive around for 50 kilometers and return it looking full an.... Do you feel insulted?

You cut off the customer and tell him that "this ain't car company" and "someone is getting ripped off then" (thinking it's not going to be you) and the customer leaves after you hand him his receipt (guess it was the man that would get ripped off as they charged him an extra $15 and he put in 10L for his 72km trip; don't buy a mini-van, terrible gas mileage)

You are talking and drinking with a friend whom you know to be very liberal. The subject is the current monetary system. Your friend says that the current system has, shall we say, "over-stayed it's welcome". That it is insulting to think that you can't survive without money (including land - unless someone gives you some, you need money to get it). He also is stating that an alternative way to this predatory capitalistic system needs to be found and may have hinted at monetary limits. He knows no solutions, just points out problems. Do you feel insulted?

You come back with zingers like:
Should we trade chickens?
What about the transportation of all these free goods?
In Utopia land, who dives in the shit, you still need shit divers!
You're just jealous of success.

You are having a conversation with a friend and it gets political (a pattern?hmmm) Your friend is talking about how the current educational system is about training more than actual learning and even how to learn and that this does even go affect the medical field. Do you feel insulted?

You, being a medical professional, tell the friend that you are insulted as an educated person and as a professional.

What are all these people insulted by? What have they taken so personally? How did they develop such tunnel vision? I do not even think they know what they are loyal to or what they are defending. Is it Money itself?

Common sense, PLEASE COME BACK

Monday, June 18, 2007


I heard some people talking outside today and one person had said that maybe someone they were talking about was too intelligent, I said is was a good that they were not there to say that about Einstein.

I couldn't believe it. A person too intelligent? They should have completed it and said that he is too intelligent for his place in life; whether you see it or not or whether they knew it or not, this is what they meant. I guess the schools didn't do a thorough enough job of dumbing down his mind; maybe some drugs as a child would have worked. (note: work on next generation) This is exactly the society that I need to escape from to allow my mind to grow to it's fullest potential, to allow my body to heal itself, to find out who I am.

How do I know? I can just feel it.


Now I don't mean just alcohol, pot and cigarettes; I mean the air I breath, the things I see, the inane conversations I endure, the things I ingest and especially the constant, never-ending stimuli overload that bombards my senses every day. I need to not hear things like: are we going to trade chickens, are we going to barter, that's just the way it is, there's no free lunch, for your own safety, service charge, price plus tax, invest now, property will keep increasing in value, what is your solution, it could be worse, competition is good, you too can be a success ... please make it stop!


I don't believe "sick leave" will cure this. I don't believe drugs or therapy will cure this. This is not a disease, but I do get a sick taste in my mouth living here. I have chosen my country and even a path for this journey. I am not sure on the timeline of this, but probably not more than a year. Eventually I plan on finding a place where I can be of help and check out a different system.

I have struggled to figure out where I fit into this thing we call life and have never felt comfortable in the country that birthed me. I have never believed in this capitalistic system which seems to be fueled by how much we will endure to pay, greed and which pits human against human. I have tried to play the game though. Tried the "find your soul mate", the "get a good job", the "change your career"; I am looking for something else.


At one point in life, some of you may actually think "what is supply and demand?" Is it actually "I will supply, but demand more money"? When did my life become the quest to get as much money out of other people's pockets, to put into mine? When did it become a competition that revolves around something as un-natural as money. (some guy actually tried to convince me that money was made from paper, so therefore a natural thing)

Do it legally, do it ethically and make sure the government gets their cut. ???????
Legally - governments and corporations can legally extort money from you ...
Ethically - It takes 2L of fresh water to make 1L of coke - ethenol raised the price of corn for Mexicans (staple)...
Government gets their cut - Tax breaks, or we leave - R&D money, or we leave - Free rent, or we leave ...
"Don't do as we do, do as we say."

Gone to a hockey game lately? How about a F1 race? A superbowl? The list goes on.

I was at the F1 race in Montreal 2007. Some friends of mine went and got money out of an ATM machine at the grounds. EIGHT DOLLARS!! WTF? Sorry, but when did free enterprise become extortion? Wait a minute, that is the inevivitable conclusion.

I saw people buy t-shirts for $100, pay $4.75 for 500ml water and $5.75 for a beer (granted some of these prices might seem cheap compared to where you are, try to keep up).

The merchandising at this event was pathetic, you found stuff that was made for Montreal 2007, but did not include GPC or GPC merchandise that did not include Montreal 2007; generic garbage that can be re-used, selling for premium prices. And the people just eat it up, "look at me, I'm part of the Ferrari pit crew", huhuh. Then after the race the stock liquidation begins, sale $20, sale $10; consumers, can't be left without it, just in case someone else buys it.

This is what we call "free market enterprise", also know in some grey businesses as "extortion"; the difference, a business license makes it legal. The sad part is that the masses allow it and buy their crap.

How do people not care about the controlled world we live in?

A system that seems to worship people that make money. A system in which "everyone" is special and you too can be worshiped; are you beautiful? Can you sing? Can you play a sport? Or do you just have great big titties. Throw away your brain at the door and here is your great big bag of $CASH$. You won't need that heavy mass of grey matter here; you're popular and you have money.

I am tired of talking to deaf ears that just want an argument and don't even know why.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Fun with Dell Chat Canada

I had to do it again, they seem to get stupider as you go. This one was argumentative, rude and told lies. At one point the agent pulls out 2 cut-&-pastes of Dell propoganda; at which I had to laugh. This person even tried the empathetic "I understand" and even tried using my alias to pacify me without answering my question.

This person is a terrible agent, probably does it because they know Windows and needed a job.

6:39:25 PM System Welcome Philip Renault ...
6:39:25 PM System Connecting to server. Please wait...
6:39:25 PM System Connected to
6:39:25 PM System Initial Question/Comment: Can I purchase a Dell laptop with Ubuntu or no OS
6:39:33 PM System CA SALES Manoj 1252 has joined this session!
6:39:33 PM System Connected with CA SALES Manoj 1252
6:39:43 PM CA SALES Manoj 1252 Welcome to Dell Canada Sales Chat. My name is Manoj. I'll be your personal sales advisor today. When you place your order online, please tag my Sales Rep ID number (1252). Place it in the order form under Sales Rep Extension, so that I can assure a quick delivery and a flawless order process.
6:39:43 PM CA SALES Manoj 1252 Hi Philip
6:39:53 PM CA SALES Manoj 1252 Unfortunately not. Since every PC must have an operating system (OS) to run other programs, we don't ship systems without them. In addition, without an OS we wouldn't be able to do quality tests on the hardware before shipping.
6:40:55 PM You and Ubuntu?
6:41:23 PM CA SALES Manoj 1252 DELL doesn't support Linux
6:41:33 PM CA SALES Manoj 1252 it supports only Windows
6:41:46 PM You Dell sells Ubuntu
6:42:14 PM CA SALES Manoj 1252 no we don't in Canada
6:42:36 PM You they have a support agreement with Canonical
6:42:42 PM You and why not
6:42:56 PM You is Dell not Dell
6:43:35 PM CA SALES Manoj 1252 DELL supports only windows and not Linux
6:43:56 PM CA SALES Manoj 1252 as it many people prefer windows
6:44:11 PM You So you are telling me that because I am Canadian, I have no choice in OS from a Teir 1 computer maker
6:44:23 PM You don't tell me what people prefer
6:44:41 PM You I prefer to have a choice
6:45:26 PM CA SALES Manoj 1252 yes i understand Phillip, but iam sorry we don't have Linux with us right now
6:45:42 PM You why is it offered in the US and not Canada?
6:46:37 PM CA SALES Manoj 1252 they have started offering in US recently as an experiment and may also offer in Canada in future
6:47:10 PM You so the US decides if it is marketable then we get to reap the benifits, or not?
6:47:38 PM CA SALES Manoj 1252 that's not correct
6:48:02 PM You Meanwhile I am left with choosing a bloated OS or installing my own Linux with no support
6:48:33 PM You how is that not correct? If you can state that, you have information, how does it happen then?
6:48:39 PM CA SALES Manoj 1252 but I can tell you that we continuously strive to develop new products and services to deliver on the needs of our customers. Stay tuned as we meet our commitment to meet your needs. In the meantime we offer only Windows
6:48:49 PM CA SALES Manoj 1252 I can tell you that we continuously strive to develop new products and services to deliver on the needs of our customers. Stay tuned as we meet our commitment to meet your needs. In the meantime we offer only Windows
6:48:57 PM You lol
6:49:23 PM You so you know anyone with answers that I could contact then?
6:49:50 PM CA SALES Manoj 1252 you can call our customer care number 1800 847 4096
6:50:15 PM You customer care? I am not a Dell customer, but I want to be
6:50:29 PM You they can tell me how this works?
6:51:01 PM CA SALES Manoj 1252 yes they can still talk to you and can give you an answer
6:51:26 PM You alright then, I will take your word for it
6:51:42 PM CA SALES Manoj 1252 thank you
6:51:52 PM CA SALES Manoj 1252 Is there anything else I can help you with at this time?
6:52:00 PM You Thanks for the attempt, have a good day.
6:52:32 PM CA SALES Manoj 1252 welcome, you too
6:52:32 PM CA SALES Manoj 1252 bye
6:52:42 PM System CA SALES Manoj 1252 has left this session!
6:52:42 PM System The session has ended!

So there I go into the "Dell shuffle", where I end up is a mystery. I am determined to have a Dell Ubuntu laptop.

Fun with Dell Chat USA

So I was surfing and reading and looking at Linux, and then Dell, and then ...

I discovered Dell Chat

5:32:04 PM System System Initial Question/Comment: Can I buy a Dell Ubuntu laptop in Canada?
5:34:40 PM System System BE_Rep_Heidie has joined this session!
5:34:40 PM System System Connected with BE_Rep_Heidie
5:35:11 PM Customer hello
5:35:25 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie Welcome to Dell Sales Chat. My name is Heidie. I'll be your personal sales agent today. Give me a moment to review your concern. Please don't go away.
5:35:40 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie Hi.
5:36:15 PM Customer I called Dell Canada and they said only in the US
5:36:23 PM Customer I don't accept that
5:36:26 PM Customer :)
5:36:40 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie No, we dont offer Ubuntu in our laptops in Canada.
5:36:48 PM Customer why not?
5:37:30 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie its not offered there.
5:37:35 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie Are you planning to purchase online today?
5:37:51 PM Customer I know that, why isn't it offered in Canada?
5:38:00 PM Customer online would work
5:38:20 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie we dont have enough info about that.
5:39:00 PM Customer who has the info then that I could contact?
5:39:25 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie check this link Dell Canada Products, Desktops (I had to alter and link this text)
5:39:39 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie Is there anything else I can help you with regarding your concern?
5:40:00 PM Customer you didn't help me yet?
5:40:20 PM Customer that link doesn't tell me whom to contact for the information that I am seeking
5:40:40 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie check the link. there's a live chat in Dell Canada which can assist you.
5:40:48 PM Customer so if you cannot help me, then please direct me towards someone who can
5:41:05 PM Customer but dell US sets the policies
5:41:13 PM Customer oops Dell
5:41:36 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie we dont have concrete info about that.
5:41:51 PM Customer and you don't know who to talk to?
5:42:29 PM Customer and your group leader can't help you?
5:42:45 PM Customer and your manager can't help you?
5:43:01 PM Customer I just want to know whom to contact.
5:44:01 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie or if you want you can contact this no. 1-800-847-4096 for more info.
5:45:15 PM Customer so you couldn't get me to take the web sales page bait and you want someone else to eventually deal with this, what is that number? Who answers the phone?
5:46:00 PM Customer Will the person on the phone be able to answer my question?
5:46:52 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie yes, because its the no. for Dell Canada.
5:47:40 PM Customer alright, I will try it, but I shall return if it doesn't work out
5:47:46 PM Customer :-)
5:48:02 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie ok.
5:48:08 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie Is there anything else I can help you with regarding your concern?
5:48:19 PM Customer and don't change your name to heidi_256 or something
5:48:30 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie no.
5:48:40 PM Customer Thanks for the attempt, have a good day.
5:48:52 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie You're welcome, I hope you would take the time to fill out the survey after leaving this chat in order for us to improve our service. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for choosing Dell Chat. Have a wonderful day
5:48:57 PM System System BE_Rep_Heidie has left this session!
5:48:57 PM System System The session has ended!

Filled in the survey, clicked "Yes I will be recommending this" along with the following note.

The medium is a great thing, but the lack of escalation is terrible. I will call the number tomorrow from work some people don't have land lines or cell phones. VOIP works, but Asterix is down)

Ain't I a stinker?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Individual What?

When did it happen? Was survivor the culprit? When did we lose every ounce of our own lives?

Are our lives so devoid of stimuli? Are we so desparate for attention that we would do anyting for that moment of glory, or that bag of cash?

We are all special. What kind of sheite is that? We will be a cog in the wheel, we will be a good consumer, we will be patriotic, shall I really continue? You too can have boom-chica-wawa, you too can be a star, you too can be the next moron in history.

What does individualism do? It makes more competition - "and competition is good", really sparky, is that what they told you? Where did you learn that? From your corporate masters? From the pathetic excuse for an educational system? GO DUCKS (for hockey fans) Ahhh, some distraction for you, don't think, go to work, pay your taxes, nod and smile and don't trust anyone; everyone is out to steal your wireless.

What is the point of turning everyone against each other? More sales perhaps? More trust in government? If no one is sharing, and everyone suspects everyone else, then the profits will increase, hmmmm, no brainer, but probably took an MBA to figure it out. Am I the only one to have ethical issues with most decisions made by our governments and corporations?

Outsource everything, what a trend. Bean counters own the world, not really they just make sure the profits are maximized. I have heard from Chinese friends that after a joint venture from the west, the company becomes less human.

I do have to hand it to the entertainment industry though, their H.R. can be done while making money; America's Next Top Model, Idol, Last Comic Standing ... and the masses just think, oooohhh, that could be me, I could be special; back to WTF. And people line up to do it, a moment in the spotlight aarrrggghhh.

I work for a corporation at the moment (the shock the horror) but it is a means to an end. I hope that in a few months, that I will go to Venezuela and will be allowed to join the Bolivarian Revolution. I think that I have taken the "get out" comments to heart; I cannot talk to deaf ears any longer. I must go live a life that I may be able to believe in. Now that may seem bizzare to some, and down-right insane to those at my company (they generally stay there for life; "got a good job, why ruin it"). What is insane about wanting to live a life that is mine? What is insane about not wanting to contribute to something I don't believe in? What is insane about not wanting to be nickle and dimed to death? What is insane about not wanting to feel like a slave to morons?

As real life has taught me, it is time to stop, the world has a short attention span. And you can only insult so many people in one sitting.

What are we trying to be?

A Quote or Two

My definition of intelligence would be the ability to see beyond the norm, learn, experience as much as is possible in one life time and question everything.

You may not have a choice with the government that walks all over you, but you sure have one about the friends that do.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Rant A Day, Keeps The Voices Away

What has happened is that society has firstly gotten, let's say, STUPID. Fortunately for some, technology for gadgetry is running rampant and it can help organize your life (big smile). People will usually buy the next flashy digital whatever and stare at it in wonder all the while confusing it for innovation.

Possible causes for this are education (or lack there of) and total bombardment of the senses (or media mind control), everywhere of what to buy, how to look, what cool is and my favorite; the meassure of success. Success cannot be measured in monetary terms. It is the betterment of ones self with respect to global impact (and no it is not a glabal warming thing).

'The moral imperative of life is to live a life that detracts not at all from the lives available to those who will follow us into this world."

- Don Robertson, The American Philosopher

Basically that our vision should not be about the next 5 or even 20 years, but beyond that, a thousand years or more. At this point in time, the only innovation that is created is something that will make the masses spend more and more. The next flashy gadget or reaaaaalllllyyyyy sharp T.V. (stunned)

A What? is that what our 40 hour a week enslavement is working towards these days?
Our system of life though, dictates that we live 1/4 by 1/4. The financial quarter. Where is all this money in the world going? It seems to me that there is a huge detraction of present lives being affected everday, let alone the future. How can there be a future when most cannot even see the present.

Why are we still feeding a system that is waaaaayyyy past it's term. It has gotten downright ... what's that word? Oh yeah STUPID! Why are we still playing this game when there are plenty of resources for everyone? It's the greed that begins at the top that is the problem. Sorry, it doesn't stop there, it seeps down, and the roots have taken a very good hold. In case yawl (hope I spelt it correctly) hadn't noticed, we are in the middle of a large money grab (land too). I am getting what I can, and getting out.

The number one priority of corporations at the moment seems to be "cash on hand". Now why would that be? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller? Some say it is to by up-coming technologies, rubbish. Didn't we establish many years ago that monopolies and cartells are a bad thing? LOOK AROUND. Read the statements and see beyond them. I have found lately that when I watch something, I notice the flagrant propaganda.

Some will argue that the population explosion is to blame, and so countries like India and China are also at fault. This insessent need to blame is beyond my comprehension. You are blaming a system that you created. World Bank, IMF ring any bells?

People are also making more money, and are enticed into thinking that they need these devices, these gadgets, the flashy car, the huge house; if they want to compare penises (choose what you want ladies) then just whip them out.

If you're offended by that; then suck it up princess. I have figured out that the ones that get offended by statements are generally the ones that have stopped thinking. They could not have an original thought to save their lives at this point. Why, because they will always believe in the failing system. They take comments that are meant in a general context and personalize them; you got a personal attack out of what?

And let's not forget the fact that most people will perish in a financial collapse, simply because they will not have the knowledge to do anything not related to their carreer path in life (what do you mean you don't need an accountant at the moment; I could mow my lawn, and plant something. I know, pot, then I could sell it, and Learn as much as you can in life.

"What a man believes upon grossly insufficient evidence is an index into his desires — desires of which he himself is often unconscious. If a man is offered a fact which goes against his instincts, he will scrutinize it closely, and unless the evidence is overwhelming, he will refuse to believe it. If, on the other hand, he is offered something which affords a reason for acting in accordance to his instincts, he will accept it even on the slightest evidence. The origin of myths is explained in this way."

— Bertrand Russell, Roads to Freedom

I saw that quote shortly after having an argument with a friend because he took something personal when we were discussig global issues. If I attack his system with logic, it is a personal one?

I was sitting at lunch the other day with an ex co-worker and others, people have not seen this guy in 3 or 4 months and the main topics of discussions were mortgages, life insurance, money; finally I broke and said that the topic of discussion had to change. That I could hear about money everywhere; on the street, on the buses, everywhere. Point is, people have nothing really to talk about in their mass produced xenophobic lives.

Divide And Conquer - ringing any bells for anyone? Anyone? Beuller?

Now here is a concept that does work. Basically you're the minority of the planet, but you want the majority to think your way. Well then why not divide and conquer? Fear is an excellent weapon here as you can make people be afraid of ... anything really, even themselves. Make them afraid of each other, make them compete with each other. Make them so xenophobic that if the world was falling apart and their neighbor came by for help, that they would be too afraid to let them in. Ding. Now keep plastering images of “good 'ol” something. Trust the product, trust the company. Ding.

Survival of the fittest? No. Survival of the richest. Why? I will tell you that it does not take intelligence to make money. But it does take cunning and a certain moral flexibility.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spoken like a true American

There was a post a little while back on Thomas Paine's Corner called The obscenity of pursuing the American Dream that had a comment by, what sounded to me, a True American or Canadian for that matter. It was the anonymous comment that birthed this posting.

Now this posting was all over the place, yet interesting and talked about this guy's experiences on his book tour. This is the second one that I have read.

To you sir/madame I respond with this:

Your lack of reality, compassion, vision and original thought is truly astounding.

You, are the reason that everyone hates America. You're the Jeds and the Georges and the Hillarys, and whatever this guy's name is; so pay attention!

Every year, almost 9 million people die from hunger. That's 24,000 deaths a day, or one life unnecessarily lost every 3.6 seconds.

All this to preserve your precious, egocentric, top down capitalist system. (Wonder how many words I could actually fit in there, feel free to post some)

About 48 million tons of food are thrown away in the United States each year.

About 1/4 of the world's population goes hungry and about 1/3 of the food on the planet is being wasted. Someone is not doing their math, there seems to be plenty of food to go around.

"I find the comments about the American Dream obscene in that people are free to fail in this country as well as succeed." as so eloquently put by our anonymous poster.

Freedom is not merely the opportunity to do as one pleases; neither is it merely the opportunity to choose between set alternatives. Freedom is, first of all, the chance to formulate the available choices, to argue over them — and then, the opportunity to choose.

— C. Wright Mills

Choice is never really an issue, because most of them have already been taken away from you. You have a limited amount of options, you are slaves. Some will argue that you at least have those choices, those are the one's they hate.

“Freedom and Democracy is not about the Federal Government providing for every concievable need that can be imagined by people who want everything handed to them. If you live in poverty, get a job. If you are working two more more jobs and living in poverty, go back to school and get an education. People who don't have two cars, or a big screen TV or whatever think they are living in poverty.”

Once again, the linear thought patterns and lack of vision; in survival of the fittest, you would be eaten from the side.

How did we all get involved in someone else's "He with the most toys, wins" game? The fact that we’re not all born with equal access to the tools needed to even play this pyramid scheme of a game is not a concern. I did not choose this game; I have no freedom.

Someone should have made it perfectly clear to me at an early age that the only reason for life is for one to get as much money out of everyone else's pocket to put into your own.

The government does what it wants to, nickel & dimes and controls it's minions through fear, media and intimidation; all with the ultimate goal of capitalistic world domination.

The corporations pull all the strings. We'll leave, go elsewhere, or better yet. "Hey, we can make more money if we exploit developing countries governments and populations. Now tell me who couldn't figure this out? But it probably took an MBA to find a way to justify it or simply make the masses want their crappy offerings cheap enough that it was a wise idea.

"If that doesn't work, well we'll make food and water a commodity.



And then, what do you have? An awful lot of individuals (includes couples for you slow types) competing to survive and some actually making it in their minds. I suppose, for some of you sick ones, that it may be an entertaining way to "cull the herd". But it is getting too easy, the minds are too controllable, a collapse must happen.

Did they really think that they were going to liberate Iraq and they then would give away their oil and the trade debt could be paid faster? Sounds like a good way to “cull the herd”.

And for most of you, “it's too terrible to watch, change the channel, tint the windows, (again, how many words). But feeling some guilt just the same, and paying it away in a form of donation, or time spent because predatory capitalism is working for you.

And religion has been a way of controlling through fear of a natural cause, death, for centuries. You can argue about that somewhere else, that is my belief.

WAKE UP!! Come out of that state induced coma and see what is really going on about you. It is time for change, for our sakes and for the sake of our planet. It is time for all of you to just THINK!!

Then there might be a chance.

Question: Why the sudden renewed interest in space?
Is someone perhaps making plans to get off this rock?

OK, that's two questions. You got me.

I hope that the sting of my words combined with the programmed anger that you are experiencing has at least nudged a couple of fresh, receptive braincells into a state of awakedness (that word may be poetic license) and that, at least, they were listening.

If you're wondering, I have a job, I have the brass ring in front of me, I just don't think I want it. And you can try to guess my education level.