Monday, April 30, 2018

The 'Specials'

The gadgets are 'smart', moons are 'super' and colorful, winter storms have 'names' or 'vortex', there are frequent 'can't miss eclipses' and everything seems to be 'historic'.

Oh what a time to be alive; to witness the annihilation of the three Cs: Courtesy, Consideration and Common Sense.

To rejoice in the birth of the perfectly Programmed Ego and to experience the end of 'Freedom' as we know it as all are 'free' to believe that they are 'special'. To watch my species, which has been indoctrinate through 'multi-generational programming', succumb to and actively create and participate in their own enslavement and inevitable demise.

Through 'convenience' and self importance, the populace have allowed themselves to be curtailed within a paradigm which seemingly must forever stand; Continuity of Government on a grand sociological scale if you will. "How do the ruling 'elite' achieve such a grand feat?" one may ask; simple really, just let the 'ruled' believe it was their idea and it shall take care of itself.

Perhaps you have seen them, interacted with them or even are one of the 'specials' yourself for no one is 'immune', not even I. Perhaps you are totally oblivious that they even exist; perhaps this is simply another one of those 'conspiracy theories' as you guzzle your beer after a gruelling day at work and sit in front of your self purchased 'propaganda box'.

They are the ones which seem to view having consideration for others as diminishing their 'right' to think solely of themselves. They love to be 'heard' even when they have nothing to say and simply speak out of ignorance, have a need to be noticed, 'identify' with cartoon characters and super heroes, are swayed by things which are 'pretty' and what they 'like', are seemingly unable to answer a direct question, believe anything you tell them as long as it's a compliment and are always searching 'outside' themselves; looking for "not me" to blame.

They don't take well to being 'bullied and harassed' but will happily do so in order to 'convince' someone else to conform to 'their' ideals and gladly accept the 'authority' of their governments, education and medical industries. They don't appreciate questions which make them 'think' beyond their programming and what they truly fear is discovering that truth is contrary to their 'beliefs'. Courtesy for others is a 'two way street' for them as they are always expecting something in return.

Have you figured out what happens when you treat your citizenry like moron children for their entire lives? What you get is a population of moron children; perfect for control from the 'top' for they have a complete lack of common sense. They perpetuate this mentality forward, for you treat others as you are treated and the cycle degrades humanity's very essence; the species becomes 'ripe for the picking' as they essentially lose their 'souls'. Look around if you don't believe me, how many 'warning' labels, signs, etc. are strewn about with that ominous red lettering?

I've heard some say that Trans-humanism sounds 'real cool' and that they eagerly await their newly implanted 'abilities', never giving thought that as we become increasingly non-biological, we become less human. But really, if we are honest with ourselves, we have already gone past that threshold without any artificial means.

How else do we explain supposedly 'nice' people spitting their hatred towards a country and its peoples without ever seeing it or knowing any of them? How else is the air of 'punishment' so thick in its self derived 'righteousness' that war and 'sanctions' against an entire population is an accepted means of achieving 'peace'? There has been a lot of rhetoric about "hanging" and "killing" and "off with their heads" from all 'sides' of the divided masses; anger can be a powerful tool when 'managed' just right.

Have you ever noticed how easy it seems to hate the 'haters' or to simply dehumanize an opposing view or ethnicity as we rail against those darn 'racists'? Oh wait, we don't debate opinions anymore, we vilify the messengers; Christ would be proud for those which claim to believe in that yet still succumb to the afore mentioned trends.

Do they not notice how rights are easily taken away and never given back? How everything is 'secret' or for 'national security'? That "For your own safety" is repeated ad nausea in order to illicit the fears and divisions which control the masses? Do they not notice that humanity's greatest 'enemy' lies not outside but is rather, each and every one of us? That the beginning step to evolve as a species is to simply 'get over ourselves' which, for the most part, is not really 'us' to begin with.

I tire of hearing the regurgitation of such delightful quips as "Man has always been at war" or "That's just human nature" or "We are instinctively a violent species" for I won't ever buy into that mentality. As I have stated prior, I am certain that we are capable of so much more but sadly now, I am not so certain that we will ever discover that before it is too late?

Stop pulling a Bonnie Tyler and 'Holding out for a Hero'. The only way to turn the tide is by finding the hero in each and every one of us and to do that we must honestly see what we have allowed ourselves to become. We must find our true unlimited hearts and love and respect our fellow human beings. It is OK to be angry but we should never forget that anger does not require hatred and that power is not taken, it is given, even without knowing it.

It is time to OWN our power; it is time to say "NO MORE". Stop playing someone else's game and start living your LIFE.

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