Friday, June 07, 2019

ordo ab chao - Who's Chaos Is It Anyways?

We all know the phrase or at least the meaning - order out of chaos - for we have been indoctrinated all our lives to believe that we need to suffer in order to learn or advance forward like that sweet phrase "No pain, no gain"; that we need to be punished in order to be a good 'citizen'. The mantra of secret societies which allude to an 'elite' which will bring about 'order' and 'save' humanity from itself.

Through phrases like "darkest before the dawn". "it's going to get worst before it gets better" and "light at the end of the tunnel" to name a few, we have abdicated our power to 'suffering' in order to reach 'happiness' as we await a 'savior' in whatever form 'resonates' with us; be it through voting, prayer or 'manifestation', who will save us as the 'systems' which we have created begin to crumble about us and all fall into 'crisis'?

So where is it all going? It seems to me that there are an awful lot of 'angles' being covered; full spectrum dominance across sociological 'lives' which have been formed over decades, if not longer. 'Globalization' has been ongoing for most of my life now and it, in itself, encompasses many levels such as economic, military, medical, media, political, etc. Those which rule do not engage in 'single payout' operations, there are layers upon layers of causes and effects to their plans; from anticipation (predictive programming) to 'realization', 'acceptance' and 'consent', these are all controlled on levels so hidden that no one person can grasp them all.

Take how, currently, the U.S. is being built up as a 'global bully'; this is a great ploy for a Hegelian dialectic (problem/reaction/solution) move. How 'far' will it be 'allowed' to go before a 'global coalition' is 'demanded' from the masses in order to stop the big, bad menace which is involved in destabilizing, invading, covert wars, regime change, political meddling, economic and technological warfare, propaganda, torture, shredding of Natural Law and basic human dignity. The U.S. is being made out to be the 'bad guy' which will have to be 'taken down' at some point in the future (convenient for a nation which could never be 'invaded'). Who will be the 'savior' and how many more 'levels' and 'games' are being played simultaneously upon the human spirit? Didn't Edgar Cayce predict that Russia would save the world?

All the while the mass consciousness is being manipulated and forged into something which, in my opinion, no longer resembles 'Humanity'. Chase those life credits, jump through those hoops and you better 'obey' lest you be 'punished'. The 'aftershocks of such pervasive and constant programming makes it natural for the example of the cry of the tormented artist feeding the 'popularity' of his work which are considered 'investments' rather than works of art; all the while knowing, deep down, that if the artist were to suddenly die, the 'value' of said investment would surely rise. It's beauty and soulfulness eviscerated by the 'worth' deemed by others. Envy, is that what gives something value? Does my coveting give what you possess worth? If you die, do I 'win' big? Is this where 'competition' leads us to? Does this sort of example lay bare our depraved collective humanity?

The YouTube 'purge' (sure has been a long purge) of 'disinformation', 'fake news', 'extremists' and the like is also interesting. For in the forming of 'alternatives' and of the migration to such platforms such as DTube or BitChute. There is a built in assurance that the normal person which sees YouTube mentioned on T.V. and in films is not going to 'accidentally' come across any of this 'alternative' information which could spark an 'awakening'; after all, who wants to venture onto platforms which are 'occupied' by "white nationalists", "right-wing extremists" and "conspiracy videos" (you're with us or them)? This migration is creating echo chambers as alternative media and online radio has done for years. For even the 'awakened' need 'validation' and 'support' while they sell you all those supplements, alternative medicines, mystic encounters and prepper gear.

Interestingly there was an article in the MSM, as I write this, about Google banning Neo-Nazis and holocaust deniers (lumping them into one). This is the sort of thing which will be associated with the new platforms which will ensure that the majority steer clear of the 'dangers'; sort of sounds like 'Silk Road' all over again.

The court of public opinion is strengthening on the horizon as it has been 'fed' for at least a decade now with the help of your T.V. and other 'media'. The 'social justice warriors' shall become fused with a social credit system as they become widely used and accepted by the masses which relish the thought of punishment for those which stray too far outside the accepted lines of normal; keeping society 'safe' from ever breaking free of their slavery, I guess. It never ceases to amaze me that the more enslaved people become, the more they insist on 'everyone' joining in on the fun; the perfectly programmed ego knows no bonds.

In the end, with whatever happens, you will be proven 'right' or 'wrong' (depending on what you believe) and the 'appropriate' people will have been 'punished' but we will still be PAYING to be ALIVE in one form or another unless we can break the shackles which only we could have put there in the first place. There will be those which will 'thrive' in the 'new' environment and those which are destroyed (with cheering); where will you end up?

I have written before about a need to "get over ourselves", which is shedding the programmed ego and coming into our own true power by becoming who we really could be; now is the time to do that, post haste. As we play the games, because "you gotta eat", and slowly creep forward (business as usual with diminishing interludes) towards a possible 'Awakening', how far will you go to realize that you are not you and break free in every sense possible and accept that what has been built over the centuries is not LIFE and it is rotten to its very core, as is the programmed 'self'? 

I do not ascribe to the idea of 'good triumphing over evil' simply because it is on the 'right' side of duality and I believe that our point of no return has long passed, but there could still be a 'miracle' chance (albeit slim) that humanity can pull itself out of this; but I won't hold my breath.

Some say that "history will tell" but I put to you that if the winners write history, how difficult would it be to 'disappear' an entire civilization? There are already major 'holes' within our planetary 'history' which would indicate such a thing has perhaps already happened before. If you kill off an entire civilization and no one remembers, is it still a 'genocide'?

In the end, with all the 'order' already being executed and the 'surprises' coming our way, will there really be any 'change'? It all begins within each and every one of us by simply becoming better people every day; be better than you were yesterday and step out of the game.