Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Some Notes and Observations

- are formed on manufactured goods and processed foods
- are formed on label and status
- are formed on technologies (or what passes as such)
- are formed on the choices that are formulated by others and offered to the masses
- are formed on addictive substances such as sugar, caffeine, nicotine, etc.
- are formed on a monetary system
- are formed on trade systems
- are formed on foreign aide
- are formed on economics
- are formed on credit
- are formed on false education and certifications

- traps and locks the debtor in
- enables the purchase of goods that are not owned by the debtor
- is controlled by for profit entities
- employs fear and intimidation collection tactics
- allows people to live beyond their financial means
- allows people people to purchase "status gear" to falsely elevate their social standings
- forms a dependency
- is based upon money that does not exist
- is designed to pay off the interest and not the principle
- is marketed as essential
- is essential for certain things (car rental, hotel, etc.)
- is a legal form of "loan sharking"

Technologies are stunted solely for the purpose of profit. Computer technologies are sold in cycles and don't really offer any true advancements. Internal combustion engines are having their lives and values extended by employing inhuman concepts such as bio-fuels. The public is taken in by effective marketing strategies. Patents are bought along with people to stymie advancements. In the 90s there were vehicles that offered more than 50MPG. Third world nations manufacture goods for first world nations at a fraction of the cost then have the goods dumped back on them when there is no longer a market in those countries.

I have seen the anniversary of Princess Diana's death on T.V. aired for days now. It is no wonder that the world has such a difficult time moving forward for it is always looking back. Instead of mourning for her death they should be honoring someone that is working towards the same things that she spent her time working towards. People seem to love to worship the dead instead of finding good in the living. I also see Visa commercials that convey the message that life if "better" with Visa and that it will help one through life. Also saw one that portrayed life as a production line of commerce and that when someone pays in cash, it disrupts everything. Other ads that prevail here are those of beauty such as having a perfect ass, a perfect body, or simply portraying that image outwards. Breast augmentations here are a regular occurrence. Have money, have credit and be beautiful. Molding the minds to think along with the rest of the so called developed world. They view a lot of CNN en espanol here and this is where a lot of the ads for credit are being aired. One of the problems that I see for Chavez is that no matter how much he tries to elevate the poor of his country, they will still be programmed to be good little consumers. The distractions and shiny objects seem to be winning.

I sit at the bar and watch the barmaid distracted on the computer that I helped to set up to the Internet the other day on MSN Messenger. I think about the observations that I had made yesterday and truly think that the change that may occur in this country may solely be to distribute the wealth more evenly; a change in society, I feel, will not be possible. The money, the ads, the credit here is the same as everywhere else. They have the same outside influences. They view the same life as better and all seem to aspire to be included in it. I fear that the free electricity or water or whatever else that Chavez does will do nothing but help to accelerate the assimilation process that is occurring throughout the world. I don't think that the sociological change that is so desperately needed in the world will occur here. Some things will be different, but alas, it shall remain the same. Cultures eaten up by the likes of Coca Cola, Pepsi, etc.; short attention spans ruling and confusing en mass. Where I once had hope, I now have none. I feel that all this is part of the ever evolving mind control techniques that have developed and been accepted as the norm over the centuries. A strong mind is difficult to find but having one and keeping it sane seems to be even more so. What can one mind do amongst so much opposition? Await insanity? I need a coalition of the thinking. One man does not change the world.
I used to think that it would be easier reaching the people of the developing nations, after all, this is where most of my good conversations have taken place. Now I realize that those discussions have occurred with travelers, and not the local populations. There are minds out there that are trying to break free. The minds of the so called educated which may have had enough short term stimulation and now are craving more. The minds of the uneducated which may have had a better chance to develop due to a necessity of though and a lack of programming. I must probe within myself and figure out what it was that triggered my awakening. I do not that that the same trigger will work for all but it may for some. There may not even be a trigger but instead a combination of life experiences and knowledge that I have obtained from years of hardship and struggling with what seems to be life itself (society's version of it). This I do not wish upon anyone but realize that some people need hardship in order to learn. I feel that it is my duty to help the minds that are receptive to break free, for without hope or purpose, what is the point? I am not ready to give up nor will I blindly accept or follow the herd. I do not consider myself as highly intelligent or above others, simply free in thought. If I were more intelligent, I may have solutions instead of solely seeing the problems that are staring us in the face. I do believe that a free mind, when not matured, can lead to madness though; this may, in some way, explain the phenomenon of people "losing it" and taking themselves and others out with them. When your mind is going in one direction and what seems like the rest of the world is going in another, it takes a strong person to go beyond it and control the madness that it can generate. I have figured out that I am a free man but that I am also in a constant state of control, not only by others but also by my own self. I have realized that it is necessary for me to play along with certain things in order to continue living. I must develop my mind instead of constantly trying to fight it as I have done for so many years. I must accept certain aspects of my life in order to further develop it. I will go back to Canada and try to blend in, all the while developing my ides and theories in hopes of reaching as many minds as possible; in hopes of facilitating in the freeing of those minds. I have noticed over the years that the more that I try to fight against my own mind and thoughts (using alcohol, pot, women, etc.), that the more that it seems to render these techniques in-effective. I do not know how this is possible but it does seem to prove to my own mind that it is a very powerful part of my being. I am convinced that if my mind is capable of achieving this state, that there is hope for the other minds of the world.

I sit on yet another airplane to fly from Montreal to Toronto on the last leg of my journey at this time. As I listened and watched everything around me today, I realized how much of the population seems to not be capable of any logical thought processes. They seem to blindly accept the authoritative rule without question and are usually perturbed if someone does question it. They are satisfied instead of logic to be pacified by answers such as "it's regulation" and "for your safety". An accepting, non-confrontational, non-thinking population is perfect for those in charge as when there is a culling of the herd, these will be less opposition and questions and greater acceptance. I sit and live amongst ignorant fools, incapable of having freedom of thought and blindly accepting whatever orders from their masters. This I found evident with travel regulation, where people are afraid to confront someone and simple ask "why?" or "where is the logic in that?" The response to these are usually the same "it's the rules". Not questioning their masters they accept this as logic. As more of the first world populace seems to be engaging in some form of travel, the increase of fear and control was bound to be the next logical progression. Ask most people and they will say that they are logical thinkings, yet question their logic or logically dissect their beliefs and they will usually respond with anger and the same programmed responses as everyone else all the while assessing you as a hostile entity. I even had one tell me that if I keep hearing the same responses, then they must be true. The problem that I have is that these people genuinely believe that they are intelligent yet they are forever nodding and smiling and blindly following orders. Canadian society is, I believe, the envy of others as they seem more mesmerized and willing to accept than some of the other "developed" (into what?) countries. It is almost like most of these people have been struck square between the eyes with a hammer and then made to believe that it never took place. 9/11 did change the world but not as everyone seems to think or believe. It facilitated the ease in which control mechanisms could be implemented upon the populace and also gave ground to the numbing of resistance of law and order to a control system that can now get away with much more that it could in the past. Are the rules that are totally devoid of any logic simply a way to test what the people will accept? Are the powers that be merely testing the waters to see what it can get away with? Will the masses ever be able to be capable of any kind of individual thought ever again? Or will they simply be to afraid of their own shadows?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fear and Perpetual Hope

After a while, one begins to realize that things must be narrowed down for those that can only take one or two things at a time. Those that are so deeply entrenched into a system that they don't even understand but will defend to the death.

Fear - a control mechanism used throughout history to mold and steer society in the direction that some think it has to go.

Daily the masses are subjected to images, sounds, ideas, etc. that convey a message that they should be afraid of something, someone, an act, etc. I found evidence of this the other day when I was confronted by some individuals, simply because I said that I was not afraid of anything. Apparently, I have to be afraid of something in order to be part of today's society. I fear something, that the world and it's inhabitants will not see clearly until it is too late.

Fear of the law & it's consequences is a way that civilized nations control their citizens. Fear of not fitting into the society that is available to you (judgement). Fear of not not having enough money to purchase the items that are necessary for life. Fear of an illness that will suck those same monetary resources dry. Fear that you will lose your job unless you act in a certain way. Fear that someone will steal the material belongings that you worked hard to acquire, making yet another dent in your monetary resources. Fear of venturing too far into the unknown depths of nature. Fear that someone is lurking around every corner to mug or injure you. Fear of people that one does not know. Fear of people that think differently from the "norm". Fear of what other people will think if your children act up in public (great for Ritalin). Fear of facing the world alone and maybe finding yourself. Fear of not finding your soul mate (dating agencies). Fear of not standing out in the crowd and being special (big car, big house, pop idol, etc.). Fear of other cultures (Muslims). Fear that someone will snatch your children. Fear that someone will kill you or your family. Fear of bacteria (how do you think an immune system develops?). Fear of terrorists. Fear of shoe bombs. Fear of shampoo and other liquids. Fear of other religions. I think that the fear message is evident, feel free to add more in the comments.

I will now talk about what I think is the other side of the coin.

Perpetual Hope - This gives the masses something (even though it may be unattainable by the majority) to hope for and look forward to. The greatest of these is America's own "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" (which was on first draft "Life, Liberty and Land).
Happiness - an abstract concept that has no clear definition and which changes with each individual based upon perception.

Hope that you may get into a good school (if you can afford it). Hope that you too can sing, play, etc. your way to the top (the top of what?). Hope that you too can win the lottery, or other gambling methods too make your life easier. Hope that you will find love. Hope that you are lucky. Hope that your boss likes your work. Hope that you can pay off that house and other forms of credit. Hope that you stay healthy. Hope that your government is acting in your best interests. Hope that your crops will go up. Hope that the dollar is strong. Hope that you will be good parents (according to whom?). Hope that if you work hard, you will attain the life that you crave (does anyone realize that that life is manufactured?). Hope that you will be judged fairly (by whom again?). Hope that you will be a productive member of society. Hope that you find a good job (no matter how mind numbing it may be). Hope that you can satisfy the needs and the wants of your family. Fear and Hope - the easiest way to control people's lives. First you make them believe that the things that they crave are really what is important, then you make make them believe that they are attainable to anyone.

I do not believe that I am the only person that sees things this way. Myself, I hope for a positive change; a more natural and human existence for all, not a shit fight to the top (WHICH DOES NOT REALLY EXIST). I also hope for widespread clarity of thought which is the only thing that will expose the beast for what it is and instill change. Don't take my word for it, open your eyes and look around, the signs are everywhere.