Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Age of Stupidity - I Know Nothing

What has happened is that society has gotten, I'm going to  say it, STUPID. Fortunately for some, technology for 'smart' gadgetry is running rampant and it can help organize your life; click 'accept' here and accept the fear of losing it along with the personal connection to others which you so crave yet can't really find the right app. People will usually buy the next flashy, digital, larger whatever, and stare at it in wonder all the while confusing it for innovation and 'evolution'. Swipe swipe, drool.

Possible causes for this are education (or lack there of) and as we have seen it politicized, it offers obedience training rather than questioning and discovering. There is little hope in that venue at the moment until the ideas are free to return. And total bombardment of the senses (or media mind control) everywhere of what to buy, how to look, what cool is and my favorite; the measure of success. Success cannot be measured in monetary terms as judged by others. It is the betterment of ones self with respect to global impact (and no it is not a global warming (is it still called that?) thing) and a self respect, which demands a better NOW for everyone. Let's face it, the 'causes' are endless and all lead to the acquiescence to the now which is false at an individual level.

'The moral imperative of life is to live a life that detracts not at all from the lives available to those who will follow us into this world."
- Don Robertson, The American Philosopher

What I get from that is that we are short sighted and seem to live with little regard for those which will follow. That our vision should not be about the next 5 or even 25 years, but beyond that, a thousand years or more. At this point in time, the only innovation that is created is something that will make the masses spend more and more in a continual loop of consume and throw away. The next flashy gadget or reaaaaalllllyyyyy sharp T.V. (stunned) is just around the corner or perhaps a watch which controls your drone while live streaming to social media is more your style. Sign up, click 'accept' and enjoy the ride as we really mess with your minds and spy on everything you do.

Our system of life though, dictates that we live quarter to quarter; the financial quarter. Where is all this money in the world going? It seems to me that there is a huge detraction of present lives being affected every day, let alone the future. How can there be a future when most cannot even see the present. What a waste of energies.

I'm a House What? Is that what our 40 hour a week enslavement is working towards these days? Feeding a system that is waaaaayyyy past its term (keep flogging that dead horse)? It has gotten downright ... what's that word? Oh yeah STUPID! Why are we still playing this game when there are plenty of resources for everyone? It's the greed that begins at the top that is the problem. Sorry, it doesn't stop there, it seeps down, and the roots have taken a very good hold. In case yawl hadn't noticed, we are in the middle of a large money grab (land too). Parts of this post are 10 years old and nothing has changed.

Now the governments, at local levels, have begun to mark their territory and show the 'citizenry' who is boss. A by-law here and overstepping of grounds there and a 'normalization' from town to rural in their application. "We won't raise your taxes" - instead they raise the 'evaluation' assessment which increases the taxes. All while the people complain yet do nothing but accept it as 'that's just the way it is' as they borrow against the new evaluated price and embrace their servitude.

Controls are Tightening

Have you noticed how 'travelling' is starting to be a pain in the arse? Just getting 'permission' to leave or enter your country of birth can be a chore for some? Are we no longer 'free' to travel? Did I miss the memo?

Have you noticed that protesting is going the way of the unions? The death of cheered on by the armchair populace which critiques and is indignant that the 'rabble' is 'unhappy'. So many opinions based upon nothing but soundbites attained while sitting in front of one's television. Accept and move on, after all, I went to school and worked until pension, life's not all that bad; buck up little camper. Search 'protest police' and get the picture. Their hosing, spraying, gassing, kettling and beating you for your own good.

So many more controls are happening on a global level. Same sorts of things are happening all over the 'western' world as municipalities begin to clamp down and show their strength. As populations are trained to 'obey' and where waving soldiers drive by in their toys of WAR. All this paid for by the people themselves; forever paying for their indoctrination into slavery - well at least they 'OWN' that.

"What a man believes upon grossly insufficient evidence is an index into his desires — desires of which he himself is often unconscious. If a man is offered a fact which goes against his instincts, he will scrutinize it closely, and unless the evidence is overwhelming, he will refuse to believe it. If, on the other hand, he is offered something which affords a reason for acting in accordance to his instincts, he will accept it even on the slightest evidence. The origin of myths is explained in this way."
— Bertrand Russell, Roads to Freedom

I need to remember this quote more often as I am faced with the Arrogance of Ignorance of people defending their own indoctrination and slavery. Defending the most 'advanced' nation in history, waging wars on the least for whatever reasons are fashionable to you. The only thing government cares about is continuity of government.

Divide And Conquer

Ringing any bells for anyone? The citizenry happily divide themselves into preexisting labels such as left/right, anti/pro, this 'ist/ism' and that 'ism/ism' (insert labels here).

Now here is a concept that does work. Basically you're the minority of the planet, but you want the majority to think your way. Well then why not divide and conquer? Fear is an excellent weapon here as you can make people be afraid of ... anything really, even themselves. Make them afraid of each other, make them compete with each other. Make them so xenophobic that if the world was falling apart and their neighbor came by for help, that they would be too afraid to let them in (zombies anyone). Ding. Now keep plastering images of “good 'ol” something (don't forget the flag). Trust the product, trust the company, trust the experts, trust the government, trust US. Ding, ding, ding.

The only 'unity' I see is that of the LIE. Their belief in and defense of the lies which they must believe are true in order to make their lives REAL. The security, property, borders, competition, resources, ownership, all of it - LIES.  And the notion that it can be 'fixed' from within with a little tweak here and an 'honest' politician there are the self induced delusions which feed these lies.

Be Your Leader

It is in coming together as SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUALS that UNITY begins. That is the power. That is the TRUTH for real FUTURE implications. Not being led down some path for another's gain through manipulative tactics which use fear, guilt, shame and punishment to control the 'citizenry'. Some say that it is just part of our 'social contract' which we apparently all sign with umbilical cord fluid as we exit the womb. All waiting to 'vote' for the next chosen choice.

Survival of the fittest? No. Survival of the richest. Why would the human inhabitants of the world 'choose' to live like this? I will tell you that it does not take intelligence to make money. What it does take are cunning and a certain moral flexibility. What seems more difficult these days is simply getting over ourselves and letting love flow; an honest look in the mirror with an open minded reflection of NOW. For me, the former is much more difficult.

I will not assimilate into a society which is not social nor a civilization which is not civil. Step out of the Age of Stupidity and rejoice in your ignorance for there are endless things to discover and imagine. But what do I know other than nothing?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I Have A Plan

Here's an idea if humanity wants to really create CHANGE; and this is just the tip of the proverbial 'Iceberg'. Since humans are not that keen on 'risk' this may be a nice step in the right direction to something new and exciting.

Open source drawings for all plastic parts of everything and anything.

Any item which is purchased and would have lasted a lot longer if only one still had access to those N/A (no longer available) or prohibitively expensive parts (I wonder who controls that).

I'm sure you know what I am talking about. The parts for cars, power tools, yard equipment, appliances, computers, toys, camping gear, gardening equipment; anything created with plastic.

Then, you 3D Print everything which is needed, when it is needed.

This would:

Create entrepreneurial opportunities which would help to bring things back to 'local' communities rather than multinational corporation control over the spending habits of the consumers; and we are all consumers. This would bring back a sense of 'pride' in the products which are produced and real innovation could truly be spurred through 'forward engineering' by improving on the design and longevity of already existing items and perhaps the 'birth' of exciting new developments (THINK BIG).

Reduce oil consumption which would lower pollution levels, alleviate fears of 'global warming' and bring it back to 'affordable' levels (for the time being) as 'society' can be 'weened' and the oil conglomerates can focus on the future, instead of dragging out a long dead past. Affordable is necessary for the sociological 'habits' to be veered down alternate paths which in turn create different 'stories'.

Stop Wars. I do not imagine a stoppage of all wars instantaneously but I believe there would be a drastic reduction in war and that over time, humanity could stop 'escalating' itself into larger and larger 'conflicts'.

Require fewer raw resources which would eventually change the mentality of 'scarcity' and also eliminate corporate control of production, distribution, manufacturing and the 'forced' upgrade path which humanity has been following for decades. Just say it ain't going to be 'Grreat' for the corporations.

This would be less harsh on the environment (less in, less out) and, of course, HEMP would be included in the equation. So the sky's the limit for one to discover through the great many interwebs to follow about this darling of nature.

If Jesus (insert savior here) came back as a plant - what plant would that be?

For those which believe they are 'trapped'; never be too tired to learn something. And watching T.V. is not learning 'something'; no matter how many times you tell yourself. Read, on the webs, in books; everywhere. Just LEARN. Learn to dance, sculpt, weld, knit, bake, saw, connect, repair...ANYTHING For the more we know, the better we are.

I don't know or want to think of the 'tangents' which could be fear mongered to have an effect on this plan. For this is a 'positive' post, of a 'plan' I had while having a conversation with mary. I believe it would be little risk and at least start to create a 'shift' in the current 'zeitgeist' hence it is here.

Unless we are so vain (punny isn't it), that the projection of whatever is projected (meaning whatever we buy, for whatever 'reason' for ME) is more important than actually creating a new paradigm and perhaps a real start in the NOW for a FUTURE for those generations to come. Or perhaps it is just too UTOPIAN an idea to want to believe in my species.

This will take the work of much smarter people than I to accomplish so spread the word  if you think it has merit. Perhaps it is just an old school man's frustration at not being able to FIX everything which is so simple and which I spent my 'life credits' to purchase simply for the reasons stated above.

And don't forget, this is just a small list of what is possible, add some yourself - keep it open.

My copyright on this is freely given; but be nice about it. And NO copyright of any kind is to be applied to this idea (as if I could 'claim' it myself - what a concept HA). Ideas need to be FREE.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

An Epiphanic Moment

It came to me that what I need to do had been right in front of me and I did not take the opportunity, perhaps out of fear. With the help of a couple of 'great' cookies and a conversation, albeit short with Sigmund, I do believe I have had an EPIPHANY! (gotta shout that out).

A little background to me, since I have been writing, for years, these brain/heart explosions without context and then I yell out epiphany. It is not a world changing, save humanity sort of moment unless you are me.

I have never felt 'right' in this world; at times I have thought that perhaps I was from another. I wandered from life to life or some would call it 'profession' to profession for many years with the ones which satisfied me most being those where 'enjoyment' was prevalent (bars) and I could be part of 'providing' such enjoyment. Searching for the 'dream' which was freely advertised in the 'hopes' of achieving 'success'.

At the turn of the century, after having worked for the military, I could no longer be where or what I was and thought "There has to be more to life than the quest for cash". I soon volunteered with an agency and by the end of 2001, I was in southern Africa for the next 2 years but I had hoped it to be permanent.

I learned many things in Africa and met many amazing people within the locals and other volunteers. As I have written in a previous post (An Awakening Moment), it did not take long to see through the facade which is called 'development'.

I returned to 'my' country and doors started to open as never before and I soon began work for a major I.T. conglomerate while supporting a major a Pharmaceutical company. In 2005, I drove to Mexico with all my belongings (those I believed had 'worth') in a $400 car from the great white north and told myself I was never coming back. After 6 months, the limiting factor being financial, I returned and experienced a few different employment situations and eventually trained flight simulator technicians on the maintenance of their simulators (I.T. aspect). In the end, I explained to H.R. (that concept chills me) that rather than take a 'mental breakdown' paid holiday, that I would resign and headed to Venezuela.

South and Central American countries came and went in my quest for self and belonging. After Venezuela I climbed and built radio communications towers, leased land to said towers for a major telecommunications corporation and again it never felt right. I ventured to Panama (2012), in hopes of volunteering, Ecuador (2015) due to a call from mother Ayahuasca. I went to volunteer at a retreat center in hopes of experiencing this medicine and finding answers to myself.

When I was at the retreat, I met a lot of interesting people, each offering a different wisdom. One of these was a Shaman (so others said) from the east which I aided to communicate with his broken English and his visibly bright heart. He told me at one point, over cigarettes, "You Shaman" to which I replied "I am but a man". Another was the Shaman which performed the ceremonies with which I helped to mix the medicine with my Mary, goddess of peace while infusing it with our own energies.

That was my first contact with Shaman (I don't want to add an ism). Now I did not experience the medicine until 2 months later but I did get to learn from the experiences and descriptions of others. While learning from a younger generation of spiritual travelers.

I have read and learned a great many things, experienced a variety of cultures (western and others) and dealt (am dealing) with a great many demons within over the years which have brought me to where I am on this path called life. I give as much as I can and I do see the joy in the world as much as I see the ills, which some may get the impression is 'dark' or 'negative'. On my Ayahuasca journey, I realized that I am sensitive to 'energies' as my years progress and that I have been 'shunning' myself in avoidance of 'overload'. I have taken it out on those I love and for that I apologize.

If one were to start at the beginning of my blog and work their way up; I could not tell you what they might think but they may receive a clearer context and perhaps see the freeing gifts which I have left behind (although cryptic at times). I find myself reading some of my blog from time to time and staring in wonder that I wrote all of those words; often like the first time. This blog is simply a 'context' into me.

So back to my original thought; the Epiphany. I need to become Shaman.

I am once more receiving the call from mother Ayahuasca and also realizing that I can give while receiving at the same time. When I went the last time, it was in hopes of meeting a Shaman which would tell me that I need the medicine; I just did not realize that I had.

I do not belong where I am at the moment and have no desire to live in 'my' country; I am here by birth, not by choice. This 'environment' and I are mutually in-conducive.

I do love 'humanity' just not sure about the 'humans' (or is it the other way around?) HA. I do have hope or I would have given up a long time ago. I do continue to give but need to learn to receive. I do not expect anything except from myself and that is simply to be honest. I will continue to speak from my heart for I can only continue along my path; one with no destination but a lot to discover. No competition for me, I need to learn how to 'be' Shaman. I need to stop hurting myself; to learn to be.

I do not claim to 'know' anything. I simply listen, learn and speak my heart/mind at times, albeit frequently lately. She is calling; time to drop myself into the jungle.

Friday, March 03, 2017

House Slaves of the 21st Century

For thousands of years, the 'house slave' has been one which was treated better than the other slaves; allowed to live in the master's house or at least apart from the others which were usually beaten into submission to carry out the toil of the day. The house slave was also something to aspire to, for it offered a hope of relief from the worst of their existence. The house slave was loyal to his master and was often used as a spy and as someone to 'negotiate' with the others and coax them into accepting their fate with a smile. The STOCKHOLM SYNDROME was not just borne out of Sweden.

Looking throughout human history, one can see that slavery and money (gold) are both very predominant within the story of humanity. As the ages progressed, slavery had to take on a clandestine form, as it was no longer 'acceptable' and a 'soft slavery' was introduced. An interesting read was Michael Tellinger's "Slave Species of the Gods" in which he relays information translated from ancient Sumerian clay tablets which indicate that humanity was actually created as a slave species but alas such information is merely dismissed as myth and legend. I won't go into detail here but the book was well worth the read and within me, stirred up the question of why today's modern 'terrorists' seem to revel in destroying ancient artifacts and sites which may contain further information?

Athens had various categories of slave, such as:

- House-slaves, living in their master's home and working at home, on the land or in a shop.
- Freelance slaves, who didn't live with their master but worked in their master's shop or fields and paid him taxes from money they got from their own properties (insofar as society allowed slaves to own property).
- Public slaves, who worked as police-officers, ushers, secretaries, street-sweepers, etc.
- War-captives who served primarily in unskilled tasks at which they could be chained: for example, rowers in commercial ships; or miners.
- Houseborn slaves often constituted a privileged class.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) 

One can see from the above that this has been happening for thousands of years, and that we seem to learn nothing from those which have tried to inform us of our condition in the past or from history itself.

So what happens when the majority of people become the 'house slaves'? Fast forward to present day.

Two things to consider before I go on would be MONEY; its history and its present importance. Be it the money changers from the bible, the Romans with their coinage or the Rothchilds of today; there has always been a group which controls money and the necessities of life tied to it. And INFORMATION, which again throughout history, one can see its control of (national security anyone?) throughout the revisionist histories of our times written by the winner and forgotten by the masses. Both these things have never seemed logical to me, for information must be libre in order to advance.

In one of my previous writings, NWO Manifesto, I outlined these controls used by those in 'power' along with 'property' and 'ego' amongst others. Now that it can all be tied together, I shall continue with stating that as long as the house slaves are kept content, they will continue to perpetuate and enforce the mentality forward to future generations (multi-generational programming) while believing that they are doing the best for their children and grandchildren to come.

Some say that when we are born we are subject to some sort of 'social contract' but that is just a slave telling themselves and their offspring that 'that's just the way it is' with the most illogical of justifications which, sadly, seems real to them.

Some scream "I am my own boss" for they believe they work for themselves. They become an 'entrepreneur' and tell themselves that they control their destiny. Delusion is powerful as I mentioned before, for it clouds the truth and lets us see what we 'want' to see. At the end of the day, this situation is NOT FREEDOM, as they are still working for MONEY to survive. They must still play the game of getting money out of another pocket to put into theirs, albeit different than the '9 to 5' wage slave. They must still answer to a 'customer', they can still be put out of business by 'unsatisfied' clients and they must still pay a 'cut' to their masters in the form of licenses, insurance and TAXES. So, how FREE are you?

You perpetuate your slavery forward, generation by generation, as you tell your children how PROUD you are of them for scoring well in the master's educational institutions. For you tell them that it will ensure a BETTER life for them and that all you want for them is to not have the HARDSHIPS which you may have endured. You REWARD them for compliance and PUNISH them for their failures because that is the only way that you know of; forever pushing them to be better than you, without really changing anything at all.

So who are the house slaves of the 21st century? Almost everyone (scroll up and see the points from Athens). The ones which OWN a house while still paying their masters for the privilege and proudly proclaiming to their friends how low their USURY rate is (fixed or variable), this includes anything which one make 'payments' on. The ones which believe in or work for the 'government' (from the Latin Guvernare Mentis or control mind) because no one has the RIGHT to dictate how another shall LIVE. The ones in the industries of ENFORCEMENT for they are the lapdogs of the masters and shall be discarded when they are no longer useful. The ones which teach at the master's 'educational' institutions. The ones who work for or believe that the media does not LIE. The one's which tell me that "private property is the foundation of freedom" (or anyone which agrees in the concept of 'more for me' without consideration that it also means 'less for others'). Doctors, lawyers, bankers, CEO's; the list is endless for as long as the majority of the house slaves are 'satisfied' in their life, they will drag others down to their level and beat those which dare to step out of line (just like the monkeys in the ladder experiment). The ones which believe in SOVEREIGNTY of the state above that of the INDIVIDUAL. As Mark Passio has mentioned in his many informative talks: there are enough ORDER FOLLOWERS out there which keep the rest in line.

If you espouse such drivel as 'Rome wasn't built in a day' and 'hope and belief' that the '100th monkey' is just around the corner and that people simply need to 'pull themselves up by their bootstraps' while VOTING for a HERO to come and SAVE humanity, you are a house slave.

If your life is filled with 'abundance' and 'happiness' and this makes no sense to you, then I am happy for you and please disregard my ramblings. Go on living and smiling and don't worry about anything catching up to future generations. After all, there is no advancement of the police state, no senseless destruction of nations and cultures, no worries about money becoming controlled by digital and bio-metric means, no dumbing down of future generations, no perversion of health and nutrition, no impending technological unemployment, no more risk of housing crisis, no erosion of privacy and definitely no worries for the future.

If one does not know who they are, they will never become who they can be. And I, for one, can no longer play this 'game' which people have told me to live just for myself. I can no longer be just a HOUSE SLAVE. I don't really see a difference between Athens and today. Can you?

Waking Times: http://www.wakingtimes.com/2017/03/03/21st-century-house-slaves/

French translation - merci Hélios: http://bistrobarblog.blogspot.ca/2017/03/lhumanite-esclave.html

Spanish translation on YouTube - gracias LaGranjaHumanaMX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2N2a1jz8IA