Wednesday, April 29, 2020

To the Covidiots of the World

Take a good look in the mirror and repeat after me: "I have enslaved and possibly killed my entire species." I know, pretty harsh but let me explain.

It all begins with BELIEF. There are a multitude of beliefs which hold our 'societies' together. Some of these beliefs are within us and some are projected outwards but we all hold them dear. You can read about many of these beliefs in an article I wrote here. .

In short, you have to believe that 'your' government are 'good' guys and that the media is telling you the truth; you have to believe that both are 'worried' about your health.

The 'health' aspect is interesting. For by not informing yourself, you have to believe that 'your' government is defining 'health' through legislation such as that enacted over the last decades against natural supplements and the all too famous, Raw Milk.

And let's not forget the most important belief: that 'your' government has special 'authoritative' powers but only uses said power to 'protect' you and for 'good'.

The media is also interesting. As you want to believe they are truthful in their approach to pharmaceutical solutions (let alone the 'news'), for they have been 'helping' people to "ask their doctor" for years. I would suppose that after decades of watching the 'propaganda box', one would tend to believe everything present to be 'true' and from a 'trusted' source, if one never had an inclination to question and inquire for one's self.

And there we slide into yet another belief: that the pharmaceutical industry is just trying to help humanity rid this rotten world of all these nasty diseases (some side effects may apply).

And to tie it all into a nice little 'package', we have TRUST.

This one astonishes me. For you would 'trust' a belief that an invisible enemy is out to kill you and that only your government and the 'medical' industry can save us all. But you refuse to trust that the human body and its immune system has been doing just fine for millennia, because the above mentioned said so? Ah yes, the rebuttal, 'history' may tell us otherwise with past 'outbreaks' through our timeline. But again, that would depend on who's version you choose to believe. Was it 'medicine' or was it hygiene? Who wrote the 'history' and to what end?

I have learned long ago to question everything which is 'presented'. Silly me, I thought that 'evolving' was about LEARNING. I keep coming across 'papered' scientists which still ask questions, they probably haven't heard that they are no longer needed because the 'science is settled'. Who knew that we actually were capable of endorsing a real live 'Ministry of Truth'.

How many times, have the above beliefs, brought you fear over the last decades, let alone your life? Do you remember or simply excuse it away? Do you say it had to be done because "one person ruined it for everyone else"?

Do you remember the 'terrorists'? They were scary, weren't they? Do you remember the Anthrax? Again, scary. How about SARS? That turned out not to be so scary but was still scary at the beginning. Iran? Now there is a scary country, not to mention North Korea. This whole climate change deal with 12 years to live (is it still 12?) is pretty scary right? Do you know what else is scary? People who operate forklifts without certification. It sure has turned out to be a very scary world fraught with so many 'unknown unknown' dangers.

Do you see any type of pattern here? Did you notice that when all of these 'fears' occurred, more liberties were taken (yes, even the forklift)? That more 'laws' were passed which give 'special' powers to branches of 'your' government to better 'manage' you? Have you noticed that within a state of fear, you are more accepting of authoritarianism? To the point of verbally abusing complete strangers because they don't fear as you do? How dare they not believe.

There is never any lack of NICE people offering to share their FEARS, but you don't have to accept nor validate them.

Now at what point in your life did you internalize these factions of 'society' into your belief of SELF? When did you allow THEY to become YOU?

For whenever I have tried to present information to you (in varying fashion) which has me questioning our choice of social organization, you have treated me like I have attacked you personally or even stuck a knife through your heart. I have tried to convey simple, personal observations such as stating, that whenever I return to my country after an extended stay in a 'developing' nation, that I have to give my stomach time to adjust to the food which is less alive. To this you respond with indignation and insult, like I have insulted your roots or your mother.

Do you realize that within some of the 'arguments' which you have had with me, you have stated, "Man is a social animal!!" (usually not in context, but in desperation) when made to examine your freedom. And now what is it that you BELIEVE? That we must SOCIALLY DISTANCE to 'save' society. The only response to that has to be WTF?

I have never wanted you to believe something I do, I simply want you, no, NEED you to start questioning who you really are and what you are allowing to happen. Your actions or apathy shall determine the future existence of the human race, perhaps that hasn't sunk in yet through all the noise - TURN OFF THE TELEVISION. There the first step is done, now reflect and question in the silence, then realize and act before it's too late.

Did you know that masks are not good for your health nor for stopping a 'virus'? Seems they were meant for other purposes. Look into it. Do you know the basics of the immune system? That when we eat mud pies as children, we build our immune system through introduction (important word) of bacteria, etc.? Look into it.

Just ask questions when things seem to be based on your acceptance of a fear or simply don't seem to make sense at all. Just that little thing, can change the world.

“Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” – Mark Twain

“Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.” – Mark Twain

I leave you with these 2 quotes and a personal plea: Please, set yourself free so that I may be also, for we are indeed ALL in this TOGETHER.

Oh, and as for the title, if you can't laugh at yourself, that may be a problem.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Mind of The Ruler

The Great Cull - A Shepard's Job
Would the Shepard warn the flock that their time has come?
The Shepard would try to maintain calm and reassure the herd that everything is alright and things are going along as well as can be expected.
"All is normal, nothing to see here, move along as everything is under control; keep moving, we're all in this together, we're almost there."
With everything swirling about and energies defunct across the globe, I've been finding myself in the mind of the psychopath lately, as an explosion of thoughts have erupted within me over the last 2 months. It is not a pleasant journey but one which must be done in order to fathom what could be.

This is what came out of the latest, unpleasant dive:

Mind of The Ruler

So I ask myself, how would I go about erasing almost 7 billion beings from this planet. And I choose the word 'erase' because that is the only way to do it. One cannot have a 'history' for any of the 'survivors' to learn from and form 'resistance'; the human race as it stands now, must be ERASED. For if no one remembers, there is no genocide; NOW, will have never existed.

I would have all the math figured out; the birth rates, death rates, sperm counts, infertility. The impact studies would be calculated for nutrition, environment, psychology, social, etc. The data collected over the years, would serve through the decades as an 'adaptive' population management scheme.

I would need to control the very things which supports the life of the herd. Things such as food, water, air, land and resources through to the manufacturing and distribution. I would institute scarcity in order to create competition which will further divide and control the herd and tie it all together through mediums of exchange (currency), which I control, within a grand production brought to life by media of all sorts.

Everything would have to be built upon trust and ignorance. In order to build 'trust', I would have to give the herd what they 'want' (created or not). I would have to make them feel free and informed; educated yet ignorant. I would have to erode their trust in each other, in order for them to turn elsewhere for 'solutions'. In the end, the herd will be begging for my 'salvation'.

I would need to invent or control their systems of 'governance' and 'justice' along with a system of education, which propagates both in order to establish and maintain a 'normalcy' of 'life' which can be predicted. There would need to be fears and injustices peppered through a life in order to keep tensions high and suspicion of neighbors possible. Many 'events' would be needed to maintain legitimacy and apprehension which demands information and 'solutions' from trusted sources.

Now, for me to formulate my 'plans', there would need to be countless years of 'nudging' and observation; a gentle one here, a barbaric one there. I would need to know what outcome could be expected from certain 'stimuli'. I would need to study what gives the individual ambition, incentive, desire and I would need to determine what brings a feeling of 'love' or 'happiness' (especially if only fleeting). I would need to know what divides the individuals at a personal level and if such did not exist, I would need to create them.

Fears would be exploited and built upon from their base. With well established base fears and trust, new fears can be created upon demand and sold to the herd in various ways over a multitude of medium. I would ensure that the latest technologies were also those in highest demand and have control of them all as they control the herd.

I would know the triggers and reactions which have been subconsciously placed within the popular psyche because I would be the one responsible for placing them there over the generations. With each subsequent generation, the mind would crave more until no logical thought was possible, solely emotional reactions. I would form the herd into perpetual 'childhood' in its mental capacities; always wanting to 'prove' their intelligence but falling just short with their refusal to admit wrong coupled with a level of laziness which keeps them from asking too many questions and accidentally learning.

I would use these at every opportunity to sow division on every level possible within the human family. I would need to 'change' all differing cultures and establish a hegemony by creating 'universal' desire for unattainable things which always seem within grasp. I would divide them into a hierarchical order to create jealousy, want and loathing throughout the pyramid; all fearful, suspicious and ignorant of each other.

I would build them up and tear it all down, to watch as they react to the fears and anxiety created. The uncertainty will leave them open to suggestion and willing to go to great lengths to feel secure. I would watch, as a famine is created, just to see what happens and at what lows the herd is willing to stoop to survive. Then I would come in to 'save' them for the next phase built upon the memories of their deeds.

I would exploit the fear of death to its fullest by defining health itself. Creating and educating generations into a naturally removed, system of medical responses and treatments. I would create disease through an accumulated knowledge of nutrition, human anatomy, spirituality, consciousness and DNA. I would learn through their deaths and ailments and even 'mutate' foods and pathogens in order to observe the results to them physically, mentally and sociologically. I would use this to my advantage and forever push forward using the data to adapt my agenda.

I would use, DNA vaccines which are capable of changing the genes of human DNA. With samples collected through 'testing', I would aim to personalize each 'vaccine' and then follow through with medical tracking using implanted technology, to learn how the body responds to the genetic alterations in order to gather data to enhance my life. The things which extend my life and the things which shorten the herd's life, would be well studied and advantaged to the fullest.

My aim is to create a true GMO Human for genetic experimentation for my gain with, essentially an off switch. These would comprise of the young and how I got there would be of no consequence.

I would chisel away at the herd until it was time to effect a greater cull. That time would be when the herd would be willing to do whatever I say in order to avoid whatever I say will bring them 'certain death' and be willing to force others to do the same for the illusion of self preservation.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Freedom - One Man's Thought

A Duckduckgo search of "freedom definition"

    The condition of not being in prison or captivity.
    The condition of being free of restraints, especially the ability to act without control or interference by another or by circumstance.

Examining these two, it is apparent that it is simply about not being in a cage, or otherwise forcibly restrained, but it does include "by circumstance" at the end which alludes to more for those which can see and ask more questions.

Mirriam-Webster definition:
freedom noun
1: the quality or state of being free: such as
    a : the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action
    b : liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another :
    c : the quality or state of being exempt or released usually from something onerous
    //freedom from care
    d : unrestricted use
    //gave him the freedom of their home
    e : ease, facility
    //spoke the language with freedom
    f : the quality of being frank, open, or outspoken
    //answered with freedom
    g : improper familiarity
    h : boldness of conception or execution
2:a: a political right
    b : franchise, privilege

Examining this definition tells me right from 1)a that I have never been free. And 2)a 'political'? is that 'given'? Not one mention of human right.

The first one is "necessity", and being that all human life seems equal to money and money is equal to debt, then the logical fallacy would be that humans are born into debt. (wink)

The second "coercion" should be part of the definition for government as I have felt and watched as they controlled the 'rights' of the individual on so many levels throughout our lives. Little by little, bit by bit and we're not free.

As for "constraint in choice or action", see mention of government above, as with 1)b, 1)c, 1)d - I think we're beginning to see the picture here; government seems to have been a bad idea from its inception, go figure.

Some would add that it is about being free to choose. I ask, choose what?

Let's take left or right as an example. That is perfectly fine for a choice as a direction, but as a political ideology, not so much.

In our current 'social' construct, it is all SOLD to you through campaigns and debates in the latest and greatest definition (SDESRUHD Super Duper Extra Special Rainbow Unicorn HD(patent pending)) which technology can offer through clips and images all flashing together with emotional triggers to 'nudge' you into seeing things a certain way (not to mention the countless times in your life which you have borne witness to this circus and its 'cues' on varying levels). Boy, that sure sounds like freedom of choice to me. And that part is to 'choose' your 'type' of 'freedom'???

Freedom is about creating the choices to choose from. In a sane and educated society, one could query a number of the population as to how to effectively 'run' things and come up with a varying and numerous amount of 'choices' to discuss and evaluate to eventually come up with variations of many ideas, rolled into a few. And one would probably realize quite rapidly that the individual and decentralization of management would be paramount to effective society.

Think, for a moment, about what the average person worries about or spends their time and energy on. Now, is that person including everything which is 'global' in his immediate thought process for his very localized needs? Not likely, although they may remark "Made in China, damn, everything is made in China". Globalism is simply for those which want to rule the world and it was 'sold' as a good idea to the rest.

Freedom is being able to live your life, your way, as long as it does not harm others, directly or indirectly. Go figure, we would have to actually learn and think about what we do and accept and really decide if it is morally right to move forward and learn from the consequences of our actions.

At this moment, for instance, many peoples of the world are causing direct harm to others by insisting that they must have the same fear as they possess or face punishment.

I would mention that we should not forget that "others" is not simply another human. Think grander, something we are all capable of, yet seldom do.

Picture again, if you are able (for that is now considered 'Utopian' and imagination has slowly died over the decades), a sane and educated society. One where the individual actually knows the basics of himself in this world; how the body works through nutrition in balance with a natural environment. Where these balanced individuals can form communities of many types of sane and educated people to form systems of management, not control, to aid with the more complex and mundane. But such systems are NEVER to assume that it is the LAW and that the sane and educated people are to follow its orders without question or face punishment (like a child).

Sometimes I am treated like I am 'way out there' in my thoughts, or perhaps just a 'philosopher' or 'idealist' which cannot root himself in 'reality'. The problem is, that this 'reality' simply exists because the majority accept it as so. Perhaps they forget that they are capable of grand ideas and imagination, perhaps it is deliberate so as to keep this 'reality' intact.

As time goes on and the hysteria of the moment rises and falls to rise and fall again (for this could be ridden for a long time), the sane and educated need not accept the fear which is being projected from all sides intended to illicit anger. Share information in gentle fashion to the fearful to spark an idea which is not put there in the first place, such as the marvel of the human body and its capacity to heal through healthy immune system exposure to those dastardly diabolical invisible enemies.

Now is not the time to get angry with each other and frustrated to the point of blows or worst. Now is the time for the opposite of the "obey or be punished" style of life which most have endured our entire existence and have had rammed down their 'throats' in one form or other.

Freedom will not come from the death of your brothers and sisters, freedom will only come from the death of the programmed self. If humanity wants a way out of this, it is past time to take an honest look in the mirror and see how powerful you really are. We are not the 'moron children' of the 'elites', it's time we started behaving accordingly.

I wanted to add, as this is a short list of Freedoms: The freedom to hug.

People need hugs more than ever now, just make sure they are 'consentual'.

Friday, April 24, 2020

I Want To Believe

I want to believe I am real, unique and independent.

I want to believe that I am capable of original thought.

I want to believe that I raised my children right by teaching them to respect authority and to 'go along to get along'.

I want to believe that I make good 'choices' in life.

I want to believe that the government is really MY government.

I want to believe that MY government has my best interests at heart.

I want to believe that the media is looking out for my best interests by informing me on the things 'I need to know'.

I want to believe that the media does not lie or omit or exaggerate.

I want to believe that whistle-blowers are bad and snitches are good.

I want to believe that mothers should be arrested for allowing their children to play in the park while I am afraid.

I want to believe that the environment on this planet is so toxic to human life that we need to intervene by way of 'vaccines' for our protection.

I want to believe that anyone and everyone might be a carrier so I must 'distance' myself to feel safe.

I want to believe that my fears are 'validated' by others around me, the media and my government.

I want to believe that others MUST also believe the fears which I believe in.

I want to believe that the educational system generates the highest level of evolution possible for our species and therefore holds all of the answers.

I want to believe that law 'Enforcement' is all about protecting me and making sure I am SAFE.

I want to believe that "For your safety" is something I should adhere to out of prudence.

I want to believe that a virus can jump almost 6 feet and stay 'alive' on surfaces for a varying number of days/weeks/months/(whatever they tell me).

I want to believe that rainbows are going to make everything better because all of the colors really make me feel good.

I want to believe that a 'mask' is going to stop a microbe from infecting me.

I want to believe that destroying the global economy and possibly causing millions of deaths, is the right decision to make in order for me to feel safe.

I want to believe that being treated like a filthy animal which may carry disease and have to wash its paws everywhere it goes is worth the peace of mind.

I want to believe that all the problems in this world are external to me because it was "There when I arrived".

I want to believe that I don't need to better myself because it is the world which needs changing.

I want to believe that if it wasn't for this 'certain group', life would be perfect.

I want to believe that things beyond my comprehension shall remain that way until an expert tells me how to interpret it.

I want to believe that the power of money is real but is not all encompassing so that it equals life itself.

I want to believe that if you bring me information which goes against what I believe, that you are attacking me personally and that I should disregard said information.

I want to believe that a group of people should have the power to forcibly vaccinate every human being on the planet in order for me to feel safe.

I want to believe that that same group of people have the right to enforce 'house arrest', on everyone, based on fear.

I want to believe that I am protected.

I want to believe that I am helpless and have no power.

I want to believe that I need saving by an external 'savior'.

I want to believe that I am 'saving' by snitching on others.

"I want to believe. It's all that I need. I want to believe"
(Sass Jordan 1992)

Think about what you are willing to believe and how much of that you are willing to watch being enforced on others in order to alleviate you fears based on ignorance.

Think about how your beliefs were formed over your life and how many of them require your ignorance in order to exist. Think about what you are accepting as a 'new normal' for your children and grandchildren.

There is one way out of this. It begins with YOU. You must want MORE out of life. You must QUESTION everything. You must not accept projected fears based on ignorance. And you must not ACCEPT what an outside SAVIOR deems necessary "For your safety".

The only 'good' human is a FREE HUMAN - let's all strive to be good. FREE yourself from the shackles of the mind called fear simply by asking questions. If you are not 'allowed' to ask questions, that should by an indicator that something is amiss.

This is the time to be better to each other - now is when it is needed, more than ever. This is only as 'real' as you believe it to be.

 Live and Love Freedom.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

I Am Your Ruler

You may not have heard of me, as there are many names and faces that are attached to my deeds, but make no mistake, I rule you all.

It is simple really, I have outlived every one of your ancestors and their ideals. I have forged forward like a force of nature in the shadows as I have silently taken control of all which allows you to live and makes you YOU.

I have given you many things over the centuries to advance my aims. I have provided you with every opportunity to see what I have made you into as I distracted your pliable minds.

It is I which provided you with your education so that you may feel intelligent while doing my bidding and clutching your little gold stars.

It is I which funds both sides of conflicts which I orchestrate; I which convinces you to send your sons and now your daughters into battle to fill my coffers and yourselves with pride; I give you your patriotism and hope, then I tear them away for my own goals and amusement.

It is I which provides you with a history to reflect on while I control your present. I have provided many stories for you to know while I control the narrative of your mind.

It is I which gave you the definition of health and wellness. There is a reason that the cancer rate is one in two, it is the way it was meant to be. I have gained much knowledge into my own longevity through experimenting on you.

Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to feel any empathy towards the species which lay before me. For surely I possessed the capability at birth and wonder when I lost it. I ponder my childhood and how I learned to loath and fear all of you.

No matter how much I control everything around you and how complete your conditioning may seem, Yes, I too live in fear for there is no solace from my nightmare of uprising. That the YOU would awaken and rise up to take my place of power and cast me from this place were you to discover what I have done to your very soul.

Fear is the only emotion I was every allowed, and it is what drives me to cleanse myself.

My goal is simple, rid this place of my fears, leave no witnesses and begin anew with total control.

I thank you for your compliance as you provide me with your DNA.

Have you figured out who I am yet? I am YOU. I am your apathy, your fears, your narcissism, your hate, your suspicion, your blame, your helplessness. I am your ignorance and your arrogance, your xenophobic tendencies, your desire to punish and control others. I am your guilt, your shame and your insecurities. I am everything which controls your mind; I am everything you think and worse.

You could have stopped this at any time and you still can, but you won't because I OWN YOU.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Now there is a question for the ages; who are we really?

Some believe that we come into this world as a clean slate and learn everything along the way while others think that information is transferred at a cellular or genetic level. Either way, we come into this world as a bundle of love and what happens next, shapes and molds us into what we see in the mirror today.

I learned at a young age that if I wanted something, I would have to work for it. My first stereo came out of my father's repair shop with the words "If you can fix it, you can have it", I'm sure that he regretted that on an acoustic level later (LP, cassette, 8 track radio with 3 foot speakers). What it taught me was to not be afraid to tear something apart, learn how it operates and troubleshoot a problem. I got the record player, radio and 8 track to work, the cassette would work but needed 'help'. Not bad for the age of around 10 years. I had a paper route from the same age and even bought a lawn tractor to mow lawns by 12 years old. I learned to drive in a 1 ton Chevy flatbed with a 4 speed manual delivering supplies to camps in the bush (I would sit on a bundle of newspapers).

It was in the Rockies which I spent many of my childhood years and I remember playing outside until dark without a parent in sight checking up on us. I remember being run over by a loaded 6 person toboggan while sledding down a mountain cut-line. I remember walking to the lake / river / stream with a tackle box, fishing rod and tin foil with butter inside. I would catch a fish, gut it, make a fire , cook it and eat it all before coming home after extinguishing the fire (still to 9-12 years old). I would ride even further to go see the horses we had and take care and ride them. Life was far more interesting outside than anything offered on the television or by staying at home with the adults. Heck, we even played with bear cubs until some old man projected his fears upon us and we internalized them because he told us that the mama bear would tear us apart (nice old man). If you know anything about black bears, it's that the mama never has her cubs too far away and keeps a close eye, if there is no danger to the cub, she is relaxed. Cubs play too you know and we were pals.

We had FREEDOM, and that freedom was from fear. The parents didn't fear us being taken or falling down and scraping our knees. Sure we came home with welts and bruises, sure there was blood, but the fear was not conditioned into us yet and we lived free in nature and community. We did not yet fear the 'Invisible Enemy' or each other.

Between 14 and 16, we had moved to Australia, finally some warmth. We lived in caravan parks along the way and lived in two cities: Darwin and Perth after making our way up the Gold Coast and climbing Ayres Rock. I went to private school and had many friends as I was the 'foreigner' with an accent, but really, it was they with the accent. Funny thing is that upon return to the Yukon (thanks for the 70 degree Celsius change), I was the one with the accent.

I grabbed attention and liked it as it fed my ego. I went to school, I didn't, I went, I didn't. Later I would DJ for over a decade (more ego) while learning computers and even working as a civilian contractor at a military base. Eventually I would awaken (as in from sleep) and have to know if there was more to life than the 'Quest for Cash' because this 'life' left me with disbelief. So off I went and volunteered in Africa for 2 years.

You can read more here -  and here.

After my return from Africa, I maneuvered through, trying to be more 'normal' (information technology, communications, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, military industrial complex, aviation), I realized it was never something to 'achieve' and that I missed that freedom from childhood. I saw the encroachment from our 'trusted' governments throughout my life and its continuation to the extreme today. All the while, learning to be more self sufficient and handy to avoid the experience of taking cash from one pocket to put it into mine. I began to question everything and realize the answers through observations before I began to find information. "Paying attention to detail" is what I learned early on and it has aided in accumulation of knowledge and skills along the way.

I am just a guy, sitting here, spilling my heart out hoping that someone reads it and comprehends what it is that I try to convey within these words as I go through the experience of comprehending myself. I have realized for longer than I care to admit, that I am just here to observe and to help if possible; help with what eludes me. As for a chronicle of what is to transpire, that is yet to be determined, but I know what I would do as a ruling psychopath (no witnesses). To watch the end of a 'civilization' is an interesting time indeed. I simply try to piece together how it is that we got here on an individual level.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still a jerk which has a low tolerance for stupidity and I will let you know of yours without stroking your childish ego, but at least I am honest.

So now, here I am, trapped like most, with nowhere to go really. I worry about what the 'rulers' have in store for us if the people's of this Earth do not realize that their acquiescence is killing us all. I have looked for 'communities' for over a decade in many countries but have not found anything which was sincere. Unity is crucial at this time.

So did you figure out Who I AM in this piece? If you did, let me know, I'd love to find out one day.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Can We Escape The Next 'Wave'?

Where do I want to be for the next 'wave'?

I've been thinking about this. That I am in a  country which is frozen for 6 months of the year and therefor of dependence. The announced, next 'wave' is scheduled to begin in the fall and would most likely be stretched through until spring; I'm not really liking that idea.

So where to go? Where is there going to be some semblance of 'freedom'? Where can I grow food and buy local produce direct from the producer year round? Where will people not be living in fear of each other but instead coming together to provide what is needed? Where can a community form which can stand as a stronghold for those which want to opt out of this madness?

Buckminster Fuller said, and I paraphrase, that "You can't tell people what it is wrong, you have to show them a better way by building it". That is what we, as an 'awakening' community has failed to do over the last decades. Through no fault but our own, we have divided ourselves into small, distanced groups and individuals which fight to be heard and to be right while trying to 'pay the bills'. Perhaps we were not 'looking' for a 'hero' but somewhere inside believed it might be 'me' which finds that magic 'switch' which makes people wake up.

Yes, we may have fallen 'prey' to many a rabbit hole but in the end the responsibility remains at self to stay or move on. Sure there is a slew of 'controlled opposition' but that term was 'weaponized' against our awareness to separate us from guidance; there always seemed be a 'caution' in the way we 'interacted', a deep laying suspicion towards 'anyone'. We sure built a lot of ''echo chambers' though during this wild run, too bad most were echoing opposing opinions which may or may not be ours to begin with. Part of our 'base' programming is that of division based on fear and a capitulation to the  ego.

The first thing to have been dealt with was how efficient and ingrained the 'programming' really is and that we are not exempt from it; the programmed ego has played a great part in arriving at where we are now. Even through our 'rebellion', we adhered to our 'way of life' and were careful not to rock the boat too much lest we tip over the apple cart (that was a fun write); we feared making a change which would affect us greatly and disrupt our 'lives'. I get it, self preservation; "what if...".

Through 'cognitive dissonance' (we sure liked to use that term), preformed biases and a failure in admitting wrong, we became the 'mass debaters' (inference intended) which never really learned anything except how to tear each other down. That term was later changed to 'debunkers' to garner acceptance by the masses. Now they use our tactics against our very information.

Let's just say, in all honesty, that we could have done better. I reach out to many over the years and learned that a conversation needs to have two sides: listening and speaking and that it must also flow instead of remaining stagnant with the same circular arguments.

So really, if there was a place to go to, would anyone show up? Has this been about all talk and no action? Are we all just waiting for an honorable mention in the history books? Are we too afraid to take that next step and not yet afraid enough of what may be coming down the pipe? Do we fear our fellow human being more than our governments?

If we are ready to be better people then firstly we must admit we need bettering. What I have been doing has been observing and writing as it came out. An explosion here and there and as you can see, now.

So does such a place exist? Is there a country remaining which would not interfere in the building of a whole new paradigm? Is there such a place as a 'safe zone' on this planet or have all the bases been covered? Are we to fight this all on an individual level as they come for us one by one in our 'lockdowns'?

Is it too late? Do we throw in the towel and admit defeat? Do we simply chronicle the events about to unfold for a 'history' that may not remember us? For why would the 'winner' want such a 'record' of dissent? Those which will have gone will never have existed in the annals of 'history', how many generations do you think that would take? I figure that the best case scenario for humanity is Chinese style living across all western nations by 2030 with a much younger population; think of the 'waves' of fear possible in the coming years.

I am watching and waiting to see where this goes. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Return To 'Normal'? - Demand Better!

This is an opportunity if the human race can see it and seize the moment.

One where people have the time to reflect on what this 'life' really has become under our watch. This is the time to honestly see what it is we have wrought and leave for our children. This is a time to be honest about our fears which keep us locked up on so many levels. Are we (as a species) up to the task? Or will it be 'business as usual'?

This is the huge risk that the 'rulers' have taken at this time, one which they are not too worried about for they believe the masses too well indoctrinated and conditioned to question anything.

People are beginning to feel the pressures of the 'lockdown' initiated by the 'ruling class' and their minions though. They are demanding a return to 'normal' in their screams; I say NO to NORMAL! - DEMAND BETTER!

Here is a short list of what we, as a species, have deemed 'normal':

Putting the meaning of life within a construct owned by a few. Money and economy has been the mantra for as long as I care to remember, cementing within the populace mind its 'importance' in our personal lives. Money is supposed to be a tool, that is it. Human evolution into something better is the goal of an 'intelligent' species, not taking money from one pocket to put into mine simply to survive.

With the belief that Money and Economy are all important, this has given control of everything which is required by life to a few. I think we can do better.

We have organized life on this planet based on living in fear of government instead of the democratic reverse through a system based upon "Obey or be Punished" usually through monetary means.

A system of 'government' which nickle and dimes you to death, draining your life credits, while purporting to 'protect' you. Am I the only one which sees this as the definition of extortion?

Media of all kinds are used to coerce your mind into accepting the propaganda and social manipulation while encouraging one to propagate it at the 'grassroots' level. People from the bottom up pushing their programmed 'morality' and fears upon others while spreading animosity is the outcome.

An 'education' system used to program a 'better' citizen which doesn't ask too many questions, which is capable of completing assigned tasks and perhaps even thinking outside the first box to 'innovate'.

Raising our children with a dependence on external validation and encouragement which robs them of their independence.

Dumbing down society to the point where most people do not know how to do the most basic of things such as how to learn rather than be trained. People get so used to being told what to do that they don't really know how to determine for themselves what to do for everything is now out of their 'scope'.

Encouraging a loss of imagination through 'technology' and dimming the sparks of creativity which could lead us forward.

Fomenting 'destructive' capitalism which encourages enormous waste and blatant disregard for workmanship and people.

Division of the population on every level I can think of and now forbidden to be with your aged parents for their protection.

Love bombing 'developing' nations because anything different is considered a threat or can at least be sold that way. For what else are we to do with all the armaments manufactured over the decades.

We could move into the 'new normal' and see DNA collection for DNA 'vaccines' to do whatever magical stuff they are designed to do.

An increased "psychic driving" of the fear powered by the media spouting their propaganda while making you obedient.

Being watched as you are shopping so as not to get to close and smile or talk or do anything social. The social damage this is doing is mind boggling.

This is but a short and very incomplete list of the things which can easily be seen to need changing within our 'chosen' way of life. As I mentioned before, honesty is the key to the way out so check your programmed ego at the door.

If you too are tired of living a 'same shyte different day' kinda life, be honest, look yourself in the mirror and see what you are without feeling sorry for yourself for this is not time for a pity party.

Now, demand better. It starts with you, not with the government, not with a saviour, not with anything external; It Starts With You! What are you going to put up with? Want do you want to leave for the generations to come? Don't you think its time for real change from the grassroots? You know what's going on here, it's just wrong, on a HUMAN level.

So take back your private space (mind) and march into the public space to demand better without fear. Time to fire the lot of them.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Anger or Fear? - I Choose FREEDOM!

Do you know where your anger comes from? Do you ask? Is it inside you or outside?

Same for your fears, where do they come from? How many, which have been projected your way, have you accepted as your own? How many of those fears require your ignorance to exist?

Do you enjoy living in the duality of those states? Wouldn't it be good to find the roots of them in order to rid yourself of them and live more freely? All it takes are honest questions.

Here is a short list of some common fears (did you know there is a 'Top 100' list of phobias?):

1) Fear of death - perhaps the most common and which is the parent for a great many fears including all dealing with physical 'security'. 
  • Fear of pain/suffering, fear of sickness, fear of heights (which could really be a fear of falling), fear of water, fear of drowning, fear of scarcity, fear of flying, fear of the unknown, fear of change; and the list goes on and on.
2) Fear of judgment of others (I wonder how this could be used to manipulate) - perhaps we have been conditioned to judge others so much, that they will 'tow the line' and 'behave' while censoring and policing themselves. This fear is hugely based on guilt.
  • Fear of failure - and really, failing at what? At what is projected to be 'success'? At what you have built up inside  your mind through years of 'prompting' and 'nudging' through various sorts of 'input? 
  • Fear of public speaking - "will I speak clearly, will they laugh, what will they think, am I dressed right, will I look foolish (to whom?)..." It never ceases to amaze me at the seemingly infinite number of scenarios we create in our own minds in order to not even attempt doing something.    
Fear of crowds - this one could fall into either  of the above as it could be a fear of people 'watching' or judging as it could be of people being a deadly 'threat'. I wonder how many 'fears' are based on fearing other people?

Have we been so conditioned to believe that this world is so perilous to our well being that we can not survive on it without 'medical intervention'? That to live Naturally could be a 'risk' to everyone? And that most people are capable of of 'wanting' to hurt/kill/rob you? Are we to the point where we simply fear anything which is presented and anyone which is not?

Perhaps one need only look at how many people actually believe that all insects, reptiles and amphibians in Australia want to kill you. Just because something 'can' kill you, doesn't mean it wants to or will.

Just look around the room you are in right now and think of all the things that 'can' kill you, are you afraid of them? If not, why is that? Is a kitchen knife not something which 'can' kill you? Is it because you are familiar with it, have a knowledge of it? Is it because it is not 'invisible'? What about your 'electricity'? Do you have knowledge of that? Are you afraid of it? If not, why? Is is because someone else 'takes care' of that? If the wall outlet suddenly began to spark (zap zap), would you react in fear or be capable of examining the situation and coming to a rational conclusion (turn off the breaker)?

One thing of note is that many 'fears' which people seem to exhibit these days are 'projected' from outside sources usually quoting 'experts' and are based on the receiver remaining in ignorance; Fears based on Ignorance.

Now, this fear is not like the fear of the unknown from above, this fear can also be classified into both categories but this fear will be defended to the end for admitting it means admitting one's ignorance and that word has been twisted to mean stupidity and looked down upon (judgment). The whole thing is ironic really, for I view stupidity as defending one's ignorance because you cannot get past that without first admitting the lack of knowledge.

As I mentioned in my article before, Speak Honestly to yourself about what your fears are and where they actually come from. Especially those which you submit control of your life to and encourages you to force that submission upon others.

A personal experience on fear:

One of the jobs I did, I had a multi-tool and a knife on my belt. One day, I go into the bar after work to relax and play some pool. I play with a woman and her boyfriend and we sit and chat and drink. The man leaves and the woman stays and we continue to talk. At one point, the woman goes to join some younger men (18-20) and calls me over to partake in some cannabis which was being passed around at the table outside. So I join, we smoke, we talk, we drink and then the subject of fear comes around as I was climbing radio towers and they had expressed their fears of 'heights'. When I was asked what it was I feared, I had no answer, I said "well, I don't really think about it so nothing really".

I immediately found out that this was not an acceptable answer and had about 5 of those young men stand as the largest one decided he had to stand me down and intimidate me. I stood up, face to face and realized they were intent on beating the fear into me if they had to.

So I looked this young lad in the eye and gently removed my folded knife from its sheath and placed it on the table (which is apparently called "pulling a knife" in those parts). I then proceeded to tell him "OK big man, if you want to show me some fear and prove that you're so tough big man, there's my knife, open it up and plunge it into my heart big man, go on, it's right there and I offer it to you big man; do it big man." He picked up the knife and threw it across the yard while calling me "crazy" and then he and his friends murmured and left.

Was I 'afraid'? Probably more so of getting beat and some idiot causing permanent damage than the knife in the heart.

The point is that I do not accept nor validate fears based upon ignorance, and neither should anyone. People talk big but inside they are afraid and they don't even know why they fear nor why you must. In retrospect, I can see how the Programmed Ego needs to validate its irrational fears, even if only in its own mind.

Fear is not a way to LIVE. It is not a 'policy' maker. When examined, even on the surface, most fears simply fade away with awareness. Yet we have built an entire 'civilization' on it. Our system of "Obey or be Punished" is one based solely on fear. Yay, how evolved are we? Is this really how we humans WANT to live?

So what Is Wrong With YOU?

STAND UP! You are a lot stronger than you believe.

QUESTION EVERYTHING! You are capable of so much more intelligence than you give yourself credit for.

BE FREE! By refuting the 'authority' others may claim upon you.

And most of all - MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! - It's not up to you to 'enforce' bad ideas, it's up to you challenge them.

Haven't you had enough yet?

What will it take for you to WANT to be FREE?

FREEDOM is never afraid and begins in the mind.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Are You Ready For The Vaccine Wars?

As I watch what is happening and ponder what led us here, that 500 million number still sits in the back of my mind, always reminding me that 'slavery' is the 'best outcome' in this plan for Global Domination.

The 'owners', no doubt, know exactly how many of us 'resistors' are around the world; we don't have a clue. We know of some here and there, we have 'friends' on social media, there are 'regulars' in chat rooms and followers to radio broadcasts but really, where are we now? Not uniting, not knowing of any 'Galt's Gultch' on the horizon where a resistance could be mounted from, most are still really just taking care of number one and in 'lockdown' with the rest of the world.

The Kakistocracy know that they control the belligerent masses and perhaps, they wanted us to have no doubts. The psychopaths control the narrative and know they can convince some to blame china, some blame the U.S., some believe it is a bio-weapon, some 'natural', some don't know if it is a virus at all; in fact it could be the hyping of a normal run of a 'flu' (which mutates every year).

Never forget that the entire definition of a virus comes from those which control education, medicine and communications (to name a few) in the first place. None of the speculation matters, all that matters is what people believe and the reactions of both the servants and the masters.

They knew they would not be able to go 'all the way' in one fell swoop; remember, there is still one nation which is armed at the individual level and which could present an obstacle to their plans. This is simply a step in a number of operations which we cannot even begin to comprehend, let alone 'prepare' for.

This could be used as yet another way to come for the guns and you for that matter. Letting the people 'help' in taking them from you and forcing you to get the miracle vaccine. For your safety of course, as the populace has been conditioned through the years to 'intervene' for people's own safety on numerous occasions. Be they alcoholics, drug addicts, hoarders or simply anything, people have been convinced into believing that they must 'help' such persons by forcing their 'proper' beliefs upon them. (Still saving savages?)

Over the years we have heard over and over the mention of 'civil war' and how we are at the 'edge' of it. The us vs. them mentality is ripe for a 'civil war' against those which dare defy the government and put others at 'risk'. Funny how just wanting to exist in a natural state is putting others at 'risk'.

What I put forward, is that the strategy is to inflate the resistance to the point where they are almost equal to the believers and also bring out the 'on-the-fencers' which may cause problems later. Remember, this is the last armed country in the world. And I don't believe that the 'goal' is dominance but really eradication (500 million).

Think about all of the polarizing information available at the moment (AI censors must be on lockdown) which is being allowed to remain on social media. Information from many doctors and other health professionals which are not on board with a mandatory vaccination agenda and question the current methods used for classifying, treating and testing; basically questioning the fear. They even have people signing do not resuscitate orders making them martyrs for the 'cause'.

Now think about it in a civil war scenario. Right now the majority of the population are 'believers' with pockets of 'resistance' and world domination needs to eliminate resistance. So, like other operations, some information is planned to 'come to light' after a while as not all the populace are as naive and obedient. Short of shutting down the Internet and creating still more questions, truth had to be used to the advantage to fish out those without conviction to the program.

Enter the Brownshirts

At the moment, people are going crazy on each other for doing simple, every day things such as walking or sunbathing because the motto is "Snitches get rewards". Now imagine the programmed animosity after almost 18 months (time to miracle vaccine) of propaganda telling you that every human needs to be vaccinated, that you cannot return to 'normal' (will they remember what that is?) unless everyone is on board and to 'socially distance' because everyone is a potential carrier. Or, simply put, fear, fear and more fear mixed thoroughly with division.

One can see the mentality of people when they see someone 'breaking' the rules of this socially accepted 'lockdown'. The madness and belligerence triggered through decades of manipulation such as the hype around measles and the un-vaccinated; an 'outbreak here and there and everywhere (it almost got Mickey Mouse for gosh sake). A thing to note is that many of the vaccine resistors in the U.S. are also those with the guns.

How easy, do you think, it would be to incite a 'civil war' then? They wanted the guns, now they will let us take them from each other and thin the herd at the same time. Don't forget, those freedom loving militia are a threat also; problem solved as they won't be fighting the real enemy.

Now think at the end, when the 'civil' war has been 'won' and now the rest of the countries which are not 'aboard' can easily be viewed with the 'carrier' mentality. Preemptive strikes to save humanity? Why not.

A so called leader's proclamations that "Things will not go back to normal until a vaccine is found" is simply one of WAR.

One which may begin in 18 months, for when the vaccine is released to the cheering public, the wars with the 'resistors' begin.

So, is anyone 'ready' for the Vaccine Wars?

  • One where most of the communication networks are digital and any communication which is digital can be intercepted.
  • One where 42,000 satellites are launched to blanket the earth in (what I believe) search and destroy mode for those survivalist types which think they can get away. Does anyone really KNOW what 5G is capable of?
  • One where the general population will help to hunt you down.

I have asked it before, I will ask it again: WHY? What is in those 'vaccines' which is so important NOW to inject into every human being? Why do they seem to NEED this NOW? I fear that it may be their END GAME.

Of course, like everything, there are many more questions to ask like:

What do the order followers think will happen to them at the end? Will they be needed for their 'skills'; their intelligence?

What levels of technology are the 'rulers' at compared to what we are allowed to play with?

And the all important, if a flu goes around the world and no one talks about it, no media cover any of the deaths, is it a pandemic? (and vice versa)

I only see one way out of this, we must DEFY en MASS all RULES! We must come TOGETHER and see our sociological SELF for what it is and DEMAND better without fear.

This is not intended to fear monger in any way, this is purely speculation on my part. But this is still a possible scenario for events yet to come. LOVE each other - The World NEEDS it more than ever. Come TOGETHER, it's the only way.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Speak Honestly - Break The Spell

Euphemisms - the lies we tell ourselves to accept and justify something uncomfortable.

Remember George Carlin and his bit on euphemisms?

One of the things which I have noticed go rampant of this entire escapade, is the language used to divert responsibility (blame).

You hear it when people talk of losing their livelihood due to this 'lockdown' (fascist takeover); "I lost my job because of C-V". When a truer statement would be "I lost my job when the government instilled 'lockdown'".

As I am writing this, a headline in 'alternative' media reads: "What to Do If You’ve Lost Your Job Due to COVID-19".

I think it would be far more honest if it read: "What to Do If You’ve Lost Your Job Due to the government mandating a shutdown of nonessential commerce and labor."

Same goes with "The economy was ruined by C-V". Where the truth would be "The economy was ruined by the government initiating a 'lockdown' and halt to commerce. Some may say that it is an unavoidable consequence but that sounds a lot like collateral damage to me.

I have mentioned before about the continued use of the language of war and how it helps to keep us 'in place'. Are we not all "Spiritual Warriors" you may ask? That just implies to me that the 'Spiritual Plane' is yet another place fraught with War - yippee, can't wait to get there. And for me, a 'War of Love' is like a 'Peace Bomb'; they only exist in the lies of our mind.

Most believe that the Iraq War was because of 9/11 instead of espousing that it was about '(s)elected' officials lying to the public and never being taken to account for those crimes.

Do you see where I am going with this? We can choose to communicate using the same language which loses all power and acquiesces us to victim-hood and slavery, or we can change our programming by actually teaching ourselves how to communicate honestly, with ourselves and with others, and freeing ourselves of the mind bondage which we have accepted throughout the course of our lives.

How many things in life could be said to 'encourage' cheating or lying? I'll go for the obvious: "Honey, do I look fat in these pants?". Now everyone knows that one, and that the 'obvious' response to most is "No" without hesitation. But is it really? What do we teach our own minds when we do that simple little thing of 'sparing' someone's feelings and knowingly lie?

What if I were to respond with "Yes they do", does that make me an honest person or a 'bad' person?

And there we are, confused about which classification to put it into. Perhaps one begins the transformation by realizing the categories of "good/bad, nice/not nice" etc. are simply things which limit our ability to truly discern information by bringing everything down to "this or that". Has the grey matter between our ears forgotten that there is a lot of grey area from which discovery emerges?

Being honest begins with being honest with self but the tricky part is that you may have to be honest with others to succeed in breaking your own defenses. (the program is strong). It will be excruciating when you see yourself in another but it will be liberating to begin to be honest with yourself and break apart that which enslaves us all; our minds.

It is evident now that the 'war' which the psychopaths at the top waged upon humanity is indeed for the mind and that they fear that we could break free at any moment; well that moment is NOW!

For think of the consequences of a prolonged 'lockdown'. The exponential growth of apathy fueled by a never ending string of accepted justifications for fewer freedoms. Solitary confinement to ensure compliance without resistance. Frustration growing as 'new' cases are discovered among those which refused to obey. Remember, "They can tell us Anything" as they control the narrative.

I fear that this leads to the other end of that spectrum which is NEVER.

The aggregate population euphemize and forget even what they have experienced in their short past, let alone what transpired outside of their immediate bubble. And we see this now, as their 'accepted' fear (for it was projected) rally the ignorant in, to focus on a single issue; malleable upon a whim.

Notice the madness around washing the hands and think about this:

Washing the hands goes great with a guilt complex and since guilt and shame is the basis of our collective program we have to shed that. The program has been reinforced over the years through many subtle and direct ploys such as 'overpopulation', 'climate change', etc. Notice how they are still pumping it out as the world is so much better 'naturally' now that humans have 'stopped'; little things here and there which make us feel guilty for being alive.

Now is the time to revel in the human spirit, not to cower in fear of each other. Now is the time to speak honestly and see honesty when it is presented to you. Discard the lies of the mind because they were never yours in the first place and don't accept those projected in your direction; be strong.

Don't fear your neighbor, love them. Do not let the psychopaths 'socially distance' themselves from being the true perpetrators of ALL crimes against humanity, including this one while pitting everyone else against each other. We must stop lying to ourselves and excusing their actions.

There is so much power in honesty.

No matter how many times one washes their hands, one cannot wash away stupid.

out, out damn spot

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Thursday, April 09, 2020

Ministry of Truth Press Release

I was reading my local newspaper (litter liner) the other day when I came across an article written to help us to spot 'fake news'. In the article, it had stated that if an article or video quotes or features a doctor or professor which I had never heard of, that it was probably fake news.

So I am thinking to myself, what possible motive could the errant doctors and professors have for trying to lead 'astray' the population from the 'safety' of the governments of the world?

I believe that I have figured it out.

Here is the Ministry of Truth Press Release for it:

There is a global cabal of disgruntled doctors, professors, architects, engineers and others from all walks of life which have been 'shunned' by accepted ''science'. They harbor their animosity so much that they have decided to wipe out the entire human race by falsely having people 'defy' the lockdown order put in place by their governments and possibly even encouraging activities such as....HUGGING!

They want to create confusion and distrust of the consensus 'science' which has determined that this is a really, truly, bad bad, epidemic along with distrust in the institutions of 'democracy' which have served us for centuries. (They hate our freedoms)

They want to encourage anarchy (lol), chaos, murder, mayhem; man against man, non-gender against non-gender - a true life, 'Zombie Apocalypse'.

There is no limit to their hatred of humanity.

And one just 'knows' that they are up to no good with the way they are:

    Not manufacturing and profiting on 'test kits' while controlling numbers by knowing full well that the 'tests' are about as accurate as a rectal thermometer (latter could be more reliable).

    Not controlling all the media therefore forming the narrative and essentially controlling thoughts and opinions.

    Not profiting by the "Vaccine Race" which is ongoing thanks to Bill Gates.

    Not adhering or agreeing with the mandates of Social Distancing (echo echo echo).

    Not recommending that people with CV died of CV.

    Not believing that there is really a virus which is not really 'alive' but can 'live' on a surface for (how many days is it now?) and which is airborne but transmits through contact and has dry cough with water on the lungs and... well they just don't believe.

    Just won't let people alone to live in their blissful ignorance protected as they have always been by their benevolent governments - they're just nasty cabalists I tell you so don't believe them.

These people must be stopped and their channels, recordings, liberty, guns, lives taken from them in order to protect the innocently vulnerable.

So stay safe by staying at home and not taking in any other information but government approved 'news'. The good folks at the Ministry of Truth (oops, too soon?) are making sure that you are protected from any 'irrational' thoughts. Carry on and don't talk to your neighbors; remember "Silent Spreaders" and only shop for essentials. Be wary of disgruntled 'professionals' from all walks of life as we move through the austerity portion of our 'rescue package' followed by the 'final bliss' phase.

The only information you need is right here.

Trust Us,
Benevolent Government

(end transmission)

"Do you think they bought it?"
"Of course they did."

Monday, April 06, 2020

The Perfectly Programmed Ego

The Perfectly Programmed Ego - the YOU you were brought up to be or the one you were born to be?

Making a hundred year plan involves the basics of programming - if and then - if you do this to the public, then that happens. Little by little, nudge by nudge, bit by bit, generation by generation until the perfectly programmed egos drive themselves over a cliff - for those in control of said egos, this was perhaps the plan all along.

I've mentioned over the years, the programmed ego and that the shedding of such is the basis of our collective escape from this madness. Below, I shall discuss some of the things which I have observed and believe are part of this programmed ego.

The programmed ego is obedient in order to avoid the consequences from its masters but believes that it is of their own 'free will' and that their masters are by 'choice'. It will excuse and justify obedience of the masters at every turn but with each other, lack consideration, courtesy and common sense - just like telling you to give the school bully your lunch money so he won't beat you up instead of joining you to stand up to it.

The programmed ego is a follower and will vehemently shame others for not following their 'reality'. It is well trained to obey and happy to make sure others obey also by using learned shame and guilt tactics. It needs to punish, it needs its scapegoats it needs its Point Of Blame (POB) to focus on; as long as it isn't it (sort of an endless game of blame tag where you are never it).

The programmed ego is big on telling you "What you need to know!". It happily will project fears based upon ignorance and then expect validation (it gets angry if you don't validate - HA).

The programmed ego lacks the ability to communicate as it speaks in ambiguity and has difficulty listening but boy does it like to be heard. It has not learned the difference between intention and perception.

The programmed ego believes itself to be intelligent because it may be papered or successful within the paradigm it is offered. It has acquiesced its power to money and measures accordingly its levels of self. It has a difficult time thinking for itself but sure believes it knows what others think.

The programmed ego Doesn't like to learn new tricks, especially if said knowledge leads to it 'seeing' itself honestly and possibly ignorant (which is the first step towards knowledge). I see it as having Ignorance based knowledge which it defends and justifies to the end. It may be a great debater but what has it really learned except how to tear others down.

The programmed ego doesn't really think about what anyone else thinks unless it believes that it is the subject of negativity or animosity in said thoughts. It does not like to be judged and sees it everywhere and will even invent scenarios in its mind as a sort of self validation of its fear. It doesn't like to look 'worse' than someone else (or feel like it does). Perhaps this stems from a low self esteem with a competitive edge spurred by jealousy? Who knows but the programmers.

The programmed ego never has enough time as time is viewed as an 'inconvenience' due to its inherent 'scarcity' - ie. time is money therefore must be 'productive' on every level. This is what turns things into 'work' - eg. gardening as work, cooking as work, child rearing as work. Time is money - never enough time - losing time (where does it go?) What happens to the time I think I have 'lost'? Can I ever get it back? What about all that time I 'wasted'? How about all that sleep I think I 'lost', where did that go? - Appreciate the sleep you do get and don't fret about the sleep you believe you 'missed'. Stop driving yourself mad with time.

The programmed ego loves its subjective dreams based on love/hate and 'trendy' colors but are lacking in the execution and logistics to achieve those 'dreams' - sometimes it is like it believes that things just 'happen' as if by magic. Today's importance on "subjective" truths feeds the programmed ego and you better agree with it.

The programmed ego is intellectually lazy as it asks for answers rather than having a thought or looking about at the answer which may be in front of them the whole time. It would rather be told something than know it for itself. Perhaps a product of memorize and regurgitate 'schooling'?

The programmed ego does not pay attention to detail when completing 'menial' tasks and usually does just enough to say it did something. It validates its ineptness by claiming things such as clumsiness or forgetfulness like it is external to it and beyond its control.

The programmed ego does not hear itself speak or even, it would seem, type. A typed comment can be so wrong but will usually produce a 'doubling down' effect rather than reflection when challenged; as will face to face conversation.

For the programmed ego, most fears and reactions are believed as something out of its control which can not be handled by the individual and so easily succumb to fears based on ignorance.  It is afraid of its frailty and deems the world a 'dangerous place'. Perhaps a result of 'helicopter parents'.

The programmed ego has reactions rather than responses which require thought and can be easily manipulated into compliance. There is nothing like a bout of helplessness to make it search for exterior 'solutions' and obey orders.

The programmed ego may see these things in others but refuse to acknowledge them in itself.

I could go on but I think that you get the point and here are a couple of things which I feel the programmed ego needs to hear:

1) If you think you have all the answers, you don't know how to ask questions.

2) It is interesting what one can hear when one can listen and observe and from that, what one can learn.

So what are the objectives of a programmed ego? Control, servitude, changes to habits, formation of habits, control of emotion - total world domination?

How can there any be any global change for the better when individuals will not begin the process by changing themselves at the smallest levels? When people seem to fight to keep the worst parts of them intact. Is what is keeping us enslaved our pride? In what? A lie? A whole trainload of lies? Especially the ones we tell to our selves.

We know that we have been dumbed down over the generations; that the foods which we ingest no longer contain the nourishment of old. We know that we have been manipulated since the invention of the television and longer through various mediums and corporations or what we believe as life.

The entrainment (the practice of entraining one's brainwaves to a desired frequency) in schools and the subsequent work environments along with the 'normal' lives we 'live' have chipped away at our very essence and domesticated us like pets without a remembrance of FREEDOM as individuals or respect for others.

I do not know if one can ever 'break out' of their program completely but one can learn to identify and adapt one's habits and eventually deprogram one's self to a more human level willing to learn.

I have to tear my self down, without breaking it, to get to the root of ME in order to release the shackles that THEY have offered and I have ACCEPTED. I cannot admit my own complicity if I believe I am 'immune' and I cannot change that complicity without first admitting it - at one point one has to get tired of chasing TALES.

Once you realize that most of your thoughts and fears may not actually be your own, you gain a certain freedom from then on to delve in and make those necessary tweaks to release YOU from your self induced bondage and your insistence that everyone else enjoy it also. The belief that a group of people you will never meet can exert any power they deem fit over you, fades away and with it a glimpse of perhaps a way forward. This way forward does not include tyranny.

Ignorance is bliss for those which take advantage of it. Haven't they lived in bliss on the backs of everyone else long enough? I am striving for more - the picture from my last post shows how the 'masters' view us - I am looking beyond their measure; I am reaching for High Grade Moron (I know, off the scales).

Take back your power - don't accept the fears projected to you and don't reach out for the GovernMent's 'helping' hand. As I mentioned before, only YOU can FREE your SELF so go out and do it.

Thursday, April 02, 2020

The Coro-Nation

I have not had a lot of 'faith' in my species over the years. I have 'tried' but have been left disappointed on too numerous an occasion. This latest turn of events has not been easy on me psychically and I am still sorting things out as many undoubtedly are.

I am still in disbelief as to the ease of success in the latest operation from the 'owners' (psychopaths).

In one fell swoop, the 'owners' have taken all these things away from the peoples of this world:
  • Church
  • Bars
  • Clubs
  • Parties
  • Restaurants
  • Parks
  • Monuments
  • Sports
  • Demonstrations
  • Gatherings
  • Discussions
  • Book clubs
  • Coffee shops
  • Theatres
  • Picnics
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Conventions
  • Lectures
  • Community markets
  • Travel
  • Economic security
  • Job security
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Groups of all kinds.
  • What little unity they had left.
And have reinforced and encouraged the following:
  • Obedience
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Complacency
  • Apathy
  • Xenophobia
  • Suspicion
  • Blame
  • Jealousy
  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Snitchery
  • Panic
  • Division (Distancing)
And still the people do not revolt. Shock and Awe followed by Full Spectrum Dominance on an impressive scale and...nothing.

Instead they cower in fear and await the permission from their masters to 'live' again as they accept the aforementioned as "The New Normal". The beer is still available and Netflix is still up, so life is good when you do what's ALLOWED otherwise there are 'tip lines' to report those which dare not obey as I do. SIX FEET APART DAMN IT!

As I have written about numerous times, this kind of 'conditioning' does not happen overnight and indeed seems to be multi-generational (don't question the 'beliefs' of your parents now, even if they don't know why they believe); which would make us what then (sometimes that line is blurry)?

They have turned people into xenophobes of the highest degree. It was getting more and more difficult creating the illusion of a 'bogyman' possibly lurking within every 'nice' neighbor; now that person could very well be a CARRIER.

When I think about the lists above I see two things which stick out:

1) The prohibition of everything people 'love' which gives them solace or happiness.

2) The encouragement of the most deplorable (to borrow a phrase) traits of humanity.

Makes me wonder WHY? Why is it so important that people are not 'happy' and don't 'love'? Is it the installment of a low vibration environment? For what purpose? To what end? Is this a hundred year plan (longer) coming to its close?

A few couple of articles ago I listed a number of NWO agenda points which are being ticked off at the moment link. Included is the push for Mandatory Vaccines; again, the same question:

WHY? - What is in those 'vaccines' which is so important NOW to inject into every human being? Why do they seem to NEED this?

Other things on that list are obvious, such as the 'Digital Dollar' - total control (allowed/prohibited) and taxation on every purchase and 'income' through life. Which works extremely well on a population indoctrinated to believe that Money=Life (Life Credits).

They have shown with this latest operation that the peoples of this world are indeed OWNED and through their 'feigns', that they care not for the peoples of this world. If the peoples do not stand NOW, there will be no turning back. STOP LIVING IN FEAR - Go and HUG your neighbor, have a PARTY, be in the streets closer than 2 meters, go to parks and tear down the yellow warning tape, have BBQs, picnics, gatherings ... go through the list, do them all.

Remember that They can tell you anything they want and as per every 'operation', there are too many unanswered and unasked questions.

TAKE BACK YOUR FREEDOM (whatever that was) and let's work to BETTER it rather than ANNIHILATE it by FIRING these ASS-HAT PSYCHOPATHS which think they have a right to RULE. The PEOPLES of this world have the POWER not the 0.000000000012% - time to show them who's really the BOSS and have some FUN doing it.