Thursday, September 28, 2006

North American Union - no, really

CNN - North American Union - the shock, the horror. Come on, nobody saw this coming?

This was inevitable. North America is getting nervous about the E.U. and about South America.
You see, the E.U. has recently enlarged. It has added 2 new countries (with conditions). Love that. And South America is really leaning left. Oh no, not socialist, aaaahhhhhhh

I have always said, when travelling and confused for an American; "Actually I'm north, I'm America light.". Usually gets a laugh and everythings good. Soon I will be able to go further south and partake of the fine weather.

Getting rid of the borders, allows the Rich to profit by purchasing at will, whatever they want. Think about it.
And if you don't think that life is just someone else's game, you're at the wrong place.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Learn to Consume or Learn to Discover

In my opinion, there are two things that threaten us as a species;
1.What we do to our environment
2.What we do to each other

Are we doomed as a species? I tend to have a little faith left in humanity. I do believe thought that the only way that we are going to survive is to first take care of our own, as a united species, that if cared for by having access to basic human necessities such as food, water, shelter, education (education is an interesting one as our education system is quickly being moulded by the commerce society that we live in. People, rather, are not being educated, they are trained to be productive and to live up to society's measure of success.) We have forgotten to teach how to learn and discover as opposed to how to make money.

"Every single problem you can think of, poverty, peace, the environment, is solved with education or including education," said Professor Negroponte.

We are not really in the "digital "age as-so-much as we are in the "consumer" age. No faster way to destroy our planet.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bank & Insurance for Profit?

Is it necessary for one to have a bank account and be paid by cheque (or direct deposit) in order to retain employment? Seems that way. Why is it mandated that I as a free, private citizen, must have a bank account?

The banks should be paying you to use your money, not have them mandated and charge us monthly fees, ensuring a constant flow of revenue.

It's bad enough that the insurance companies, which are privately owned, are mandated by law.

If something is mandated, it should not be used to generate income other than to cover costs. Maybe the state should own any industry that it mandates.

Saving The Planet For Profit

The climate change issue finally seems to have been accepted. Now they are falling over themselves trying to lessen the economic impacts.
The oil barons know that if there is a sudden new technology that makes oil obsolete, their importance in humanity may also change. Now they are "investing" in alternate technologies, what a surprise, of course they want to own the new and emerging technologies. Just because a technological advancement could save humanity, does not mean that it should be freely available. What is that?

"The development of alternate technologies can be a very profitable business." - Cheeny quote CNN interview for Melting Point.

Don't Mind The Clutter

In case anyone actually reads this, don't mind me if I dump some previous rants.

The meaning of life?

Someone should have made it perfectly clear to me at an early age that the only reason for life is for one to get as much money out of everyone else's pocket to put into your own.
How you go about it, is your choice and what your conscience allows. But is it really? Most of the choices have been taken away before you even choose.

How did we all get involved in someone else's "He with the most toys, wins" game? The fact that we’re not all born with equal access to the tools needed to even play this pyramid scheme of a game is not a concern.

The government does what it wants to, nickle & dimes and controls it's mingnons through fear and media, and the ultimate goal is capitalistic world domination.
And religion has been a way of controling through fear of a natural cause, death, for centuries.

WAKE UP!! Come out of that state induced coma and see what is really going on about you. It is time for change, for our sakes and for the sake of our planet.

Monday, September 25, 2006