Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Have You Noticed?

To live is to learn and one must 'notice' things in life if they are going to learn from it.

Have you noticed any of these things and considered the programming significance in the overall context?

Have you noticed:

That people would rather imagine what you are 'inferring' rather than to listen to what you have to say.

That most fruits one buys, these days, don't smell like anything. Perhaps that is the smell of money.

How many things these days are believed to be 'historic'.

The increasing list of things which could be considered 'creepy' these days.

That all sorts of 'media' these days are really pushing the cock. (Not just your run-of-the-mill "sex sells" anymore).

That in most media which we are exposed to, Trans-Somethings seem to 'play' an ever increasing role.

That people which are fearful and remain 'on edge' don't 'move'. Sort of a like deer in the headlights.

That many people in western 'civilization' seem to be children trapped in adult bodies.

The prevalence of the 'head shot' for our viewing and gaming 'pleasure'.

The perpetuation of the "Shoot first ask questions later" mentality; or perhaps one prefers "Guilty until you prove your innocence".

The fear mongering of the 'unknowns' (known unknown, unknown unknowns - what do I know?)

The rise of the 'kicking ass' female action star. (Lara Croft syndrome?)

That Artificial Intelligence is good, is bad, is everywhere; embrace, encourage, fear it.

The digitizing of everything and perhaps one day everyone.

That "protect and serve" has become 'enforcement' for hire.

The multitude of digital currencies emerging to bring you into the fold.

The intensification of the GAME.

That many people claim to have information which we "need to know" to save humanity as long as you buy the DVD, book, subscribe now...

How easy it is to implant words into society such as conspiracy, extremist, terrorism, security, safety, insurance, hate, bully, alt-right, radicalization, triggered, safe space, etc. All of which are based on fear and a 'reaction' thereof.

That one must ask 'permission' to protest 'public' employees or policies.

That we have all been bamboozled by the importance of growth, productivity, economy, profits. - see Life Credits - only a species of morons would base everything, including life, upon an 'economic' model.

That human 'evolution' is always on the 'horizon' (just out of reach but one the way, really, it truly is, we're almost there).

That if one is trapped in the left/right paradigm one is stuck pointing fingers externally instead of realizing that everyone has culpability in our present situation. (Honest introspection and realignment of moral compass is required by all).

The increase in Anthropomorphism (only big word) - some even call it an innate tendency of human psychology - Disney children's movie syndrome perhaps?

That the funny thing about fake news is that the society itself is based on secrets and therefore built upon lies; it, in of itself, is fake.

That the 'free speech clampdown' is also about the segregation of 'Truthers' and the general public. This is making people migrate to little known platforms in order to get their message out. This, in turn, will make it even more difficult for the average person to 'accidentally' come across the information. (I wonder how many movies mention YouTube or Facebook? Ever heard the 'alternatives'?)

That there is no future for there is only NOW but if we do NOTHING now the 'future' will be written by whomever DOES. (One can live in the now while taking into consideration the past and the future without attachment).

That one can never become extraordinary if one continually measures against 'normal'.

Now this is but a sampling of the things which I have noticed and I have no doubts that you can add many more to it.

So now, what do we do with all this information? Are the majority of people still Buying into the lies? What do we 'want' to realize and how much do we let ourselves be 'Hooked' by?

The change starts with every single one of us; are YOU ready?