Thursday, April 09, 2020

Ministry of Truth Press Release

I was reading my local newspaper (litter liner) the other day when I came across an article written to help us to spot 'fake news'. In the article, it had stated that if an article or video quotes or features a doctor or professor which I had never heard of, that it was probably fake news.

So I am thinking to myself, what possible motive could the errant doctors and professors have for trying to lead 'astray' the population from the 'safety' of the governments of the world?

I believe that I have figured it out.

Here is the Ministry of Truth Press Release for it:

There is a global cabal of disgruntled doctors, professors, architects, engineers and others from all walks of life which have been 'shunned' by accepted ''science'. They harbor their animosity so much that they have decided to wipe out the entire human race by falsely having people 'defy' the lockdown order put in place by their governments and possibly even encouraging activities such as....HUGGING!

They want to create confusion and distrust of the consensus 'science' which has determined that this is a really, truly, bad bad, epidemic along with distrust in the institutions of 'democracy' which have served us for centuries. (They hate our freedoms)

They want to encourage anarchy (lol), chaos, murder, mayhem; man against man, non-gender against non-gender - a true life, 'Zombie Apocalypse'.

There is no limit to their hatred of humanity.

And one just 'knows' that they are up to no good with the way they are:

    Not manufacturing and profiting on 'test kits' while controlling numbers by knowing full well that the 'tests' are about as accurate as a rectal thermometer (latter could be more reliable).

    Not controlling all the media therefore forming the narrative and essentially controlling thoughts and opinions.

    Not profiting by the "Vaccine Race" which is ongoing thanks to Bill Gates.

    Not adhering or agreeing with the mandates of Social Distancing (echo echo echo).

    Not recommending that people with CV died of CV.

    Not believing that there is really a virus which is not really 'alive' but can 'live' on a surface for (how many days is it now?) and which is airborne but transmits through contact and has dry cough with water on the lungs and... well they just don't believe.

    Just won't let people alone to live in their blissful ignorance protected as they have always been by their benevolent governments - they're just nasty cabalists I tell you so don't believe them.

These people must be stopped and their channels, recordings, liberty, guns, lives taken from them in order to protect the innocently vulnerable.

So stay safe by staying at home and not taking in any other information but government approved 'news'. The good folks at the Ministry of Truth (oops, too soon?) are making sure that you are protected from any 'irrational' thoughts. Carry on and don't talk to your neighbors; remember "Silent Spreaders" and only shop for essentials. Be wary of disgruntled 'professionals' from all walks of life as we move through the austerity portion of our 'rescue package' followed by the 'final bliss' phase.

The only information you need is right here.

Trust Us,
Benevolent Government

(end transmission)

"Do you think they bought it?"
"Of course they did."