Thursday, July 30, 2015

The 1% - Why Do We Insist On Lying To Ourselves?

Espagnol - Gracias Adela Kaufmann

As I read, learn and live I see the ever increasing number of peoples which claim to be "awake". These people with their research, documents, web links; all "evidence" that they must be "awake". They lament about the 1% controlling the world, poisoning our water and food, wreaking havoc on our financial systems, chem-trails, drugging, killing, torturing, imprisoning... the list is endless. What they don't see is that it is not the 1% but rather the 99% which are the enablers of this catastrophe which we refer to as civilization and which hinders any kind of progression into human evolution.

Let's take the 1%, which we abhor, into perspective: OXFAM had released a report (short lived in the media but hey, Justin Bieber was doing something reckless) that 85 people in the world control over half the world's wealth. A little simple mathematics: 1% of 7,000,000,000 (billion) people is 70,000,000 million people (drop 2 zeros) yet only 85 own half the world's resources making them the 0.000000012 %. So why is it that we make it into such an acceptable number as 1% instead of seeing how utterly ridiculous it actually is?

Now let us talk about the "awakened": perhaps there are 70 million people which are beginning to realize that things are not as they seem and far from optimal in the course of human development (awake). 70 million people seems like a lot but really it would only represent 1% of the human population. Now these "awake" individuals all see that the majority of the population (the 99%) are asleep at the wheel and are not doing enough to keep us from driving over the edge.

The "Sheeple" (as many, including myself, has called them) can be seen accepting laws which remove their (and my) rights in order to feel "secure", they defend the rich because they too aspire to wealth and a life of ease, they defend the system by repeating what they have heard of other systems (the devil you know versus the one you don't), they say things like "That's just the way it is." or "What can I do?"; basically they help to enable everything which the 0.000000012% want to accomplish through their fears, acceptance and apathy.

Now here is the tricky part, how do you blame 99% of the people (including ourselves)? It is far easier to lay the blame externally on the 1% (which is far larger than it should be but acceptable to the mind) than to see our very own complacency within the problems of the our species (not to mention other species and the Earth itself). To see it as it really is would mean that everyone would have to do an honest introspection of their very being; everything that they have learned which makes them believe who they are. They would have to have an honest and moral look at the world around us which we all have helped to shape in one form or another. They would have to delve into the unknown and want "change" (no not the Obama kind) rather than being content and fearful of anything which might upset the "balance" in which they find solace. Sounds like far too much work and perhaps even a bit mamby-pamby.

All I ask with these thoughts is that people stop using the 1% program and at least start using the zero followed by seven zeros followed by twelve - 0.000000012 - percent when discussing the rulers (so we can see how ridiculous it really is), and perhaps to reflect and discern information (even this one) before simply repeating whatever is presented; like calling money what it has become - life credits - but I digress, that is for another time perhaps.


Spanish translation - Thank you Adela Kaufmann


greg dandelyon said...


Enjoyed reading your article - thanks. I have been pondering this question since watching the whole Occupy Movement around the globe. I am an autodidact and learnt very quickly that history has shown that for 1000 + centuries we have a 99% (and the Greek term is "Hoi Polloi" - "the herd"). The opposite of this, I uncovered is Aristocracy (Hereditary Nobility), Plutocracy and Occultocracy (hidden family dynasties).
We know that the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Harriman's, Morgan's and dare I include the Murdoch's and the Bush families are all part of these higher nobility. We also know that the British Empire (in the one square mile of City of London) and Wall street are still today the financial power centers of the world. The West (Europe, Britain, USA etc) still dominate as the greediest and most powerful block at this time in history (take the last 200 years as their growing wealth acquisition.)
No one wants to mention that these wealthy people are all much more wealthier than any individual that Oxfam (via Forbes) state as the richest people in the world). These family dynasties are part of the ruling elite. TRILLIONARES. They own the banks, mining, finance and they have conned the "royalty and monarchy" for the past 200 years - or wiped them out. Most of them (not sure about the Bush family yet) are all from Jewish Ideologies.
The more I looked into this question, I uncovered about the TZaddikim. 36 righteous ones. They are not myth. Look into it and tell me what you also uncover - as I have just started investigating it and you also look like a good researcher.
I also want to clarify that $1 billion has TWO answers. There is a short scale and a long scale answer. MOst in USA think it is 1000 million. In Europe and Latin countries, they have a billion being one million million. The numbers are so largeand the "Hoi Polloi" (me included) do not have the capacity to understand the vastness of the numbers. Imagine a TRILLION? They don;t imagine it - they own it.
Love to hear your thoughts?

greg dandelyon said...

Apologise on my spelling in past comments too (I was in a hurry) ;)