Friday, July 06, 2007

A comment I left

A comment in reponse to Alex Cockburn - Climate Denier

Firstly, whoohoo, total global destruction in 5 years; gotta mark that down on the calendar.

Second, if it were water vapor, wouldn’t the desertification effect that is been felt in some parts of Africa be reversing itself? More water vapor would create more rains, hence the soil would regain some much needed moisture making it heavier … would it not?

Alex, don’t be saddened by this event. This is the moment that you realize that a pundit is a pundit is a pundit. The illusion that they portray only fools some of the people all of the time. There are too many issues that Cockburn (sounds like he needs a good cream) could never always say what you wanted to hear.

This is their mandate, giving you what you want to hear, unless it is to change popular opinion; this would be propaganda. What could they be pushing? Oil, coal, ethanol, they still want to suck all that they can from the miles of parts and cars that are still not produced. They that make the decisions will suck us dry and the planet too; think about a spacial “Noah’s Ark”.

About fleecing the public, it’ll happen, wait. I can see laws for the public, forcing them to change their water tank for a solar one or a fine for using appliances older than x number of years. This would be something that our beloved Canada would do; all the while taking it’s cut.

The first thing that needs to be done is to take away the power, not only from the polititians and government, but also from the corporations (entities that have more rights than humans) and especially from MONEY (has more power than anything).

We have the knowledge to rebuild “smart”. We don’t have to die from work related stress. Stop all the bullshit; IT’S TIME TO EVOLVE

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