Monday, June 18, 2007


I heard some people talking outside today and one person had said that maybe someone they were talking about was too intelligent, I said is was a good that they were not there to say that about Einstein.

I couldn't believe it. A person too intelligent? They should have completed it and said that he is too intelligent for his place in life; whether you see it or not or whether they knew it or not, this is what they meant. I guess the schools didn't do a thorough enough job of dumbing down his mind; maybe some drugs as a child would have worked. (note: work on next generation) This is exactly the society that I need to escape from to allow my mind to grow to it's fullest potential, to allow my body to heal itself, to find out who I am.

How do I know? I can just feel it.


Now I don't mean just alcohol, pot and cigarettes; I mean the air I breath, the things I see, the inane conversations I endure, the things I ingest and especially the constant, never-ending stimuli overload that bombards my senses every day. I need to not hear things like: are we going to trade chickens, are we going to barter, that's just the way it is, there's no free lunch, for your own safety, service charge, price plus tax, invest now, property will keep increasing in value, what is your solution, it could be worse, competition is good, you too can be a success ... please make it stop!


I don't believe "sick leave" will cure this. I don't believe drugs or therapy will cure this. This is not a disease, but I do get a sick taste in my mouth living here. I have chosen my country and even a path for this journey. I am not sure on the timeline of this, but probably not more than a year. Eventually I plan on finding a place where I can be of help and check out a different system.

I have struggled to figure out where I fit into this thing we call life and have never felt comfortable in the country that birthed me. I have never believed in this capitalistic system which seems to be fueled by how much we will endure to pay, greed and which pits human against human. I have tried to play the game though. Tried the "find your soul mate", the "get a good job", the "change your career"; I am looking for something else.


At one point in life, some of you may actually think "what is supply and demand?" Is it actually "I will supply, but demand more money"? When did my life become the quest to get as much money out of other people's pockets, to put into mine? When did it become a competition that revolves around something as un-natural as money. (some guy actually tried to convince me that money was made from paper, so therefore a natural thing)

Do it legally, do it ethically and make sure the government gets their cut. ???????
Legally - governments and corporations can legally extort money from you ...
Ethically - It takes 2L of fresh water to make 1L of coke - ethenol raised the price of corn for Mexicans (staple)...
Government gets their cut - Tax breaks, or we leave - R&D money, or we leave - Free rent, or we leave ...
"Don't do as we do, do as we say."

Gone to a hockey game lately? How about a F1 race? A superbowl? The list goes on.

I was at the F1 race in Montreal 2007. Some friends of mine went and got money out of an ATM machine at the grounds. EIGHT DOLLARS!! WTF? Sorry, but when did free enterprise become extortion? Wait a minute, that is the inevivitable conclusion.

I saw people buy t-shirts for $100, pay $4.75 for 500ml water and $5.75 for a beer (granted some of these prices might seem cheap compared to where you are, try to keep up).

The merchandising at this event was pathetic, you found stuff that was made for Montreal 2007, but did not include GPC or GPC merchandise that did not include Montreal 2007; generic garbage that can be re-used, selling for premium prices. And the people just eat it up, "look at me, I'm part of the Ferrari pit crew", huhuh. Then after the race the stock liquidation begins, sale $20, sale $10; consumers, can't be left without it, just in case someone else buys it.

This is what we call "free market enterprise", also know in some grey businesses as "extortion"; the difference, a business license makes it legal. The sad part is that the masses allow it and buy their crap.

How do people not care about the controlled world we live in?

A system that seems to worship people that make money. A system in which "everyone" is special and you too can be worshiped; are you beautiful? Can you sing? Can you play a sport? Or do you just have great big titties. Throw away your brain at the door and here is your great big bag of $CASH$. You won't need that heavy mass of grey matter here; you're popular and you have money.

I am tired of talking to deaf ears that just want an argument and don't even know why.

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