Friday, June 15, 2007

Fun with Dell Chat USA

So I was surfing and reading and looking at Linux, and then Dell, and then ...

I discovered Dell Chat

5:32:04 PM System System Initial Question/Comment: Can I buy a Dell Ubuntu laptop in Canada?
5:34:40 PM System System BE_Rep_Heidie has joined this session!
5:34:40 PM System System Connected with BE_Rep_Heidie
5:35:11 PM Customer hello
5:35:25 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie Welcome to Dell Sales Chat. My name is Heidie. I'll be your personal sales agent today. Give me a moment to review your concern. Please don't go away.
5:35:40 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie Hi.
5:36:15 PM Customer I called Dell Canada and they said only in the US
5:36:23 PM Customer I don't accept that
5:36:26 PM Customer :)
5:36:40 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie No, we dont offer Ubuntu in our laptops in Canada.
5:36:48 PM Customer why not?
5:37:30 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie its not offered there.
5:37:35 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie Are you planning to purchase online today?
5:37:51 PM Customer I know that, why isn't it offered in Canada?
5:38:00 PM Customer online would work
5:38:20 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie we dont have enough info about that.
5:39:00 PM Customer who has the info then that I could contact?
5:39:25 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie check this link Dell Canada Products, Desktops (I had to alter and link this text)
5:39:39 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie Is there anything else I can help you with regarding your concern?
5:40:00 PM Customer you didn't help me yet?
5:40:20 PM Customer that link doesn't tell me whom to contact for the information that I am seeking
5:40:40 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie check the link. there's a live chat in Dell Canada which can assist you.
5:40:48 PM Customer so if you cannot help me, then please direct me towards someone who can
5:41:05 PM Customer but dell US sets the policies
5:41:13 PM Customer oops Dell
5:41:36 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie we dont have concrete info about that.
5:41:51 PM Customer and you don't know who to talk to?
5:42:29 PM Customer and your group leader can't help you?
5:42:45 PM Customer and your manager can't help you?
5:43:01 PM Customer I just want to know whom to contact.
5:44:01 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie or if you want you can contact this no. 1-800-847-4096 for more info.
5:45:15 PM Customer so you couldn't get me to take the web sales page bait and you want someone else to eventually deal with this, what is that number? Who answers the phone?
5:46:00 PM Customer Will the person on the phone be able to answer my question?
5:46:52 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie yes, because its the no. for Dell Canada.
5:47:40 PM Customer alright, I will try it, but I shall return if it doesn't work out
5:47:46 PM Customer :-)
5:48:02 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie ok.
5:48:08 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie Is there anything else I can help you with regarding your concern?
5:48:19 PM Customer and don't change your name to heidi_256 or something
5:48:30 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie no.
5:48:40 PM Customer Thanks for the attempt, have a good day.
5:48:52 PM Agent BE_Rep_Heidie You're welcome, I hope you would take the time to fill out the survey after leaving this chat in order for us to improve our service. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for choosing Dell Chat. Have a wonderful day
5:48:57 PM System System BE_Rep_Heidie has left this session!
5:48:57 PM System System The session has ended!

Filled in the survey, clicked "Yes I will be recommending this" along with the following note.

The medium is a great thing, but the lack of escalation is terrible. I will call the number tomorrow from work some people don't have land lines or cell phones. VOIP works, but Asterix is down)

Ain't I a stinker?

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