Saturday, June 23, 2007

Do you Feel Insulted? or What are you afraid of?

The more I try to understand the society that I live in, the more it disgusts me. I see the society that has been formed into the self-serving, xenophobic, narcissists that it has become. Each one worshiping the god of money. Each feeling squeezed and trapped and trying to protect what little life they think that they can control. "I am free" I've heard them cry. Are you? are you really? What is freedom? Is life not free?

Here are some excerpts from my travels, now put your self in the first person; the other person.

You run a small bike shop in the city and one day a guy walks in to ask a couple of questions. he asks about the size of the pedals 9/16 and as he is leaving asks about counter-clockwise thread. Do you feel insulted?

Reaction in Montreal - You tell the customer "Bring me the bike, I will put the pedals on for $2. I am trying to run a business here, I can't tell you all the secrets"

You are bar tending and a couple of customers at the bar are have a political discussion; you offer your two cents worth occasionally. One says "you don't live in a democracy" and proceeds to explain his statement. Do you feel insulted?

Reaction in Colorado - You confiscate what's left of the jug of beer that the customer had ordered and then proceed to eject him. As the fellow is being escorted out, he says with a smile; "there's your free speech, right there" and walks away.

You are working at an inter-national car rental company and a customer that has lately been renting cars or returning them to you is returning a mini-van that he rented for the day. The van is in good shape and the tank looks full. Then man then tells you that he only put 10 dollars gas in it as he had only gone 72 kilometers. You scold the customer, the man proceeds to then tell you that he worked at car company once and starts to explain that some people will take the van and fill it up, then drive around for 50 kilometers and return it looking full an.... Do you feel insulted?

You cut off the customer and tell him that "this ain't car company" and "someone is getting ripped off then" (thinking it's not going to be you) and the customer leaves after you hand him his receipt (guess it was the man that would get ripped off as they charged him an extra $15 and he put in 10L for his 72km trip; don't buy a mini-van, terrible gas mileage)

You are talking and drinking with a friend whom you know to be very liberal. The subject is the current monetary system. Your friend says that the current system has, shall we say, "over-stayed it's welcome". That it is insulting to think that you can't survive without money (including land - unless someone gives you some, you need money to get it). He also is stating that an alternative way to this predatory capitalistic system needs to be found and may have hinted at monetary limits. He knows no solutions, just points out problems. Do you feel insulted?

You come back with zingers like:
Should we trade chickens?
What about the transportation of all these free goods?
In Utopia land, who dives in the shit, you still need shit divers!
You're just jealous of success.

You are having a conversation with a friend and it gets political (a pattern?hmmm) Your friend is talking about how the current educational system is about training more than actual learning and even how to learn and that this does even go affect the medical field. Do you feel insulted?

You, being a medical professional, tell the friend that you are insulted as an educated person and as a professional.

What are all these people insulted by? What have they taken so personally? How did they develop such tunnel vision? I do not even think they know what they are loyal to or what they are defending. Is it Money itself?

Common sense, PLEASE COME BACK

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