Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fear and Perpetual Hope

After a while, one begins to realize that things must be narrowed down for those that can only take one or two things at a time. Those that are so deeply entrenched into a system that they don't even understand but will defend to the death.

Fear - a control mechanism used throughout history to mold and steer society in the direction that some think it has to go.

Daily the masses are subjected to images, sounds, ideas, etc. that convey a message that they should be afraid of something, someone, an act, etc. I found evidence of this the other day when I was confronted by some individuals, simply because I said that I was not afraid of anything. Apparently, I have to be afraid of something in order to be part of today's society. I fear something, that the world and it's inhabitants will not see clearly until it is too late.

Fear of the law & it's consequences is a way that civilized nations control their citizens. Fear of not fitting into the society that is available to you (judgement). Fear of not not having enough money to purchase the items that are necessary for life. Fear of an illness that will suck those same monetary resources dry. Fear that you will lose your job unless you act in a certain way. Fear that someone will steal the material belongings that you worked hard to acquire, making yet another dent in your monetary resources. Fear of venturing too far into the unknown depths of nature. Fear that someone is lurking around every corner to mug or injure you. Fear of people that one does not know. Fear of people that think differently from the "norm". Fear of what other people will think if your children act up in public (great for Ritalin). Fear of facing the world alone and maybe finding yourself. Fear of not finding your soul mate (dating agencies). Fear of not standing out in the crowd and being special (big car, big house, pop idol, etc.). Fear of other cultures (Muslims). Fear that someone will snatch your children. Fear that someone will kill you or your family. Fear of bacteria (how do you think an immune system develops?). Fear of terrorists. Fear of shoe bombs. Fear of shampoo and other liquids. Fear of other religions. I think that the fear message is evident, feel free to add more in the comments.

I will now talk about what I think is the other side of the coin.

Perpetual Hope - This gives the masses something (even though it may be unattainable by the majority) to hope for and look forward to. The greatest of these is America's own "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" (which was on first draft "Life, Liberty and Land).
Happiness - an abstract concept that has no clear definition and which changes with each individual based upon perception.

Hope that you may get into a good school (if you can afford it). Hope that you too can sing, play, etc. your way to the top (the top of what?). Hope that you too can win the lottery, or other gambling methods too make your life easier. Hope that you will find love. Hope that you are lucky. Hope that your boss likes your work. Hope that you can pay off that house and other forms of credit. Hope that you stay healthy. Hope that your government is acting in your best interests. Hope that your crops will go up. Hope that the dollar is strong. Hope that you will be good parents (according to whom?). Hope that if you work hard, you will attain the life that you crave (does anyone realize that that life is manufactured?). Hope that you will be judged fairly (by whom again?). Hope that you will be a productive member of society. Hope that you find a good job (no matter how mind numbing it may be). Hope that you can satisfy the needs and the wants of your family. Fear and Hope - the easiest way to control people's lives. First you make them believe that the things that they crave are really what is important, then you make make them believe that they are attainable to anyone.

I do not believe that I am the only person that sees things this way. Myself, I hope for a positive change; a more natural and human existence for all, not a shit fight to the top (WHICH DOES NOT REALLY EXIST). I also hope for widespread clarity of thought which is the only thing that will expose the beast for what it is and instill change. Don't take my word for it, open your eyes and look around, the signs are everywhere.

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