Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Individual What?

When did it happen? Was survivor the culprit? When did we lose every ounce of our own lives?

Are our lives so devoid of stimuli? Are we so desparate for attention that we would do anyting for that moment of glory, or that bag of cash?

We are all special. What kind of sheite is that? We will be a cog in the wheel, we will be a good consumer, we will be patriotic, shall I really continue? You too can have boom-chica-wawa, you too can be a star, you too can be the next moron in history.

What does individualism do? It makes more competition - "and competition is good", really sparky, is that what they told you? Where did you learn that? From your corporate masters? From the pathetic excuse for an educational system? GO DUCKS (for hockey fans) Ahhh, some distraction for you, don't think, go to work, pay your taxes, nod and smile and don't trust anyone; everyone is out to steal your wireless.

What is the point of turning everyone against each other? More sales perhaps? More trust in government? If no one is sharing, and everyone suspects everyone else, then the profits will increase, hmmmm, no brainer, but probably took an MBA to figure it out. Am I the only one to have ethical issues with most decisions made by our governments and corporations?

Outsource everything, what a trend. Bean counters own the world, not really they just make sure the profits are maximized. I have heard from Chinese friends that after a joint venture from the west, the company becomes less human.

I do have to hand it to the entertainment industry though, their H.R. can be done while making money; America's Next Top Model, Idol, Last Comic Standing ... and the masses just think, oooohhh, that could be me, I could be special; back to WTF. And people line up to do it, a moment in the spotlight aarrrggghhh.

I work for a corporation at the moment (the shock the horror) but it is a means to an end. I hope that in a few months, that I will go to Venezuela and will be allowed to join the Bolivarian Revolution. I think that I have taken the "get out" comments to heart; I cannot talk to deaf ears any longer. I must go live a life that I may be able to believe in. Now that may seem bizzare to some, and down-right insane to those at my company (they generally stay there for life; "got a good job, why ruin it"). What is insane about wanting to live a life that is mine? What is insane about not wanting to contribute to something I don't believe in? What is insane about not wanting to be nickle and dimed to death? What is insane about not wanting to feel like a slave to morons?

As real life has taught me, it is time to stop, the world has a short attention span. And you can only insult so many people in one sitting.

What are we trying to be?

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