Monday, May 04, 2009

In A World Of What-Ifs

What-if I can't find a job and life becomes difficult?

What-if I get into a car accident?

What-if my child is kidnapped?

What-if I don't meet that deadline?

What-if I don't get that raise?

What-if I get into debt?

What-if I fall and am not wearing a helmet?

What-if I run with scissors?

What-if I climb a tree?

What-if I ride a bike without a helmet?

What-if I drive without a seat belt?

What-if my baby sleeps on its stomach?

What-if my baby sleeps on its back?

What-if the children's playground has a merry-go-round?

What-if my love is not returned to my satisfaction?

What-if I lose 'myself' when I give my love to another?

What-if society cannot change because people's genes have changed?

What-if I go on holidays without insurance?

What-if the grass is really greener on the other side?

This, of course is but a small list of the paranoia and distrust that we hold in our own abilities and the 'outcome' of whatever we do in life. There is a multitude of others, feel free to add.

Why is it that we allow the 'what-ifs' to control what we do, what we think, what we feel? What is it about giving that we find so foreign and frightful? What is it about a life of true 'humanity' that scares us so much?

Fear is the greatest control mechanism on Earth. If one is frightened of 'change' or of 'spending money' to save the world, then one will never 'demand' that change happens. One will instead 'accept' that this is their 'role' in life and do the best that they can with that limited 'choice'

What-if everyone could see the truth behind money and the society that we have built around it? What-if people started to share instead of closing themselves off from one another? What-if money no longer mattered?

The what-ifs that we should be asking are the ones that can free our minds, our hearts and humanity, not the ones that 'keep us in line' and forever fearful of the consequences. Life should be a wondrous thing, not a prison.

Free yourselves, think for yourselves; to fail is an important part of evolution and life.

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