Saturday, May 15, 2021

Chasing Tales

 Round And Round, Chasing Tales; I am getting so dizzy.

Within all of this 'awakening', how have we actually bettered ourselves, what have we actually done, where are we actually going?

For years I have read, listened, watched and observed the happenings of this 'great awakening'. I have seen many get lost in the tales of the moment; desperately searching for the 'key' which will unlock the 'chains' which hold so many in a trance. I have witnessed the anticipation of the 'audience' as they wait for the next live 'show', latest podcast, most recent blog post or even better, the next great scandal which will tear the lies apart.

One can easily garner evidence of wrong doing of this police officer or that corrupt politician or those 'evil' corporations, but what does that really bring us? Now, I am not suggesting that information  is not necessary for the betterment of the self, but rather that getting lost in the tales and refusing to move on to the next chapter is perhaps a detriment to one's own progression. 

So now what? We have all of this information but most are still sitting in the same chairs, still waiting for the latest and greatest 'revelation' and still cautious as to how to advance in a 'war', which most, will never admit and are even still awaiting an external 'hero' to lead us into the promised land. Do we use what we have learned to move forward or are we still going round a nd round chasing tales? 

The funny (not the Ha Ha type) thing is, that we know what technologies bind us, yet we still use them. We know what corporations are complicit and we still trade our life credits with them. We know that taxes pay for our enslavement, yet we still keep paying them. We know that government is a lie, yet we keep on voting. We know what foods are toxic, yet we still ingest them (albeit not as much) and we know what distracts us and we still watch, listen and read; are we not yet ready to truly release ourselves and become the free human being we are born to be?

How many of you are still doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result? How many of you are still 'triggered' by certain words or perceptions of an insult?  How many of you still think that you will find that elusive key and save at least those close to you from what is about to occur? How many of you are lost in the tales of 'Infotainment'?

Do you get it yet?

The ONLY this which will create a better populace are better people, and that starts at the individual level. The only way to build better communities, is when sane and informed individuals come together. And the only way to become better individuals, is to be honest with self.

That's it really, it is that simple; everything else is superfluous. Everything else is simply a tale which we have accepted to be part of us and have, in one way or another, refused to let go of and release ourselves from.

There are a great many tales which we chase. There are those of success, those of intelligence, those of awakening and those of the ego, to name a few. Which ones are we bound to? Which ones are hindering our advancement, even while we claim to be 'awakening'?

I realize that it is difficult to view one's self honestly. I know that the 'demons' inside are something which we would rather bury than face and release. But how long can we keep protecting the self which is programmed since before birth? How long can we keep hindering the real progression of self and therefore that of the human race? When will we realize that the things we think, may not truly be ours? That the reactions we have, may actually be expected by those which control perception? That even through our 'awakening', we may have been the 'useful idiot'?

Do you want to move forward?

That is an important question to ask one's self. Then one must decide what they are willing to sacrifice in order to do so and if they are willing to go all the way? 

Now what would be all the way? We all know parts of that really. Drop the cell phone, stop scrolling through useless crap, kill the television, quit consuming their toxic products, don't validate the system which enslaves us, stop contributing to a system without humanity and begin being totally honest with yourself so that you can be with others. Sounds easy enough.

What is my education worth? Where did my ideals come from? What suggestions have led me down certain paths? How intelligent do I actually believe that I am? Am I ready to face my own culpability within the greater context? Can I really identify the greater context? What role do I play in this greater context and is is my TRUE path or simply a 'chosen' one; if the latter, by whom?

All things to consider when one is writing their own tale and that is what sane and informed individuals do, write their own tales. The tales of yore were not written by the one but of the many. They were shared and advance through the generations. What happened to us? Why have we accepted the tales of the so called rulers to be part of ours and to control us so completely? Where is the ancient wisdom which has propelled us forward prior?

Right now the 'owners' have the human race over a barrel, but to give up would simply be an invitation for despair. I have mentioned before that an operation of this magnitude is not launched to fail, but that does not mean that it cannot. 

The time is now to stop chasing tales and to release ourselves of the chains of slavery. The time is now to better ourselves and to come together to build a better way of life. The time is now to rewrite the tale of humanity before the 'end' of this existing tale. There is no more time to dawdle, the human race cannot go around for one more edition of the same old story.

So suck it up princess and move beyond your current limitations because what is coming doesn't care who you believe you are. Stop crying about who you were and become who you are meant to be. There is a 'hero' in all of us but the only one you can really save is your self. Be better people and the world will follow, defend your current 'self' and their tale reaches its abominable conclusion.

The next generations await your decision and your actions. Don't let yourself or them down.

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