Tuesday, January 05, 2021


2020 sure proved that we are 'owned'.

You can 'argue' that fact until the cows come home and believe your 'off-grid' life will sustain past the planned obsolescence of the 'gear' which you have invested in (did you know that lithium batteries constantly drain and have an expected expiration?) but you may have to make a 'choice' as to how far you are willing to 'rough it'. We may indeed be thrown back to cave dwellers with no access to communications technologies.

We are owned by our dependencies, our gadgets, our televisions, our sugar addiction, our beliefs in politics, money, debts, career, status, education, papers, ignorance, ego, et al.

How does it make you feel to know that you have an 'owner'? 

Do you realize that the mask symbolizes your obedience and willingness to slavery, not your virtue? How long will it be until the 'mask diseases' (possible covid variant candidate?) start popping up and messing with people's 'herd immunity'?

Our level of acceptance is directly related to our proclivity to slavery.

What do you think is going through the 'owner's' minds as they plan our 'future'? I wonder which 'future' they have in mind 'for' us?

Where do you think this will go? As I have written about prior, this is but the preliminaries to what is in store for humanity. I'm projecting a downward spiral sort of direction which some may label as 'technocracy' or 'totalitarianism' and onward from there if the species doesn't snap out of it. What do you suppose a nice, manageable number of humans would be, five hundred million?  

How do you think this will 'end'? Do you believe that your governments will allow you the 'free' movement and association from the 'Time Before' once every human being on the planet (let that sink in a bit) is 'vaccinated? Are you, one day, expecting a return to 'normal'? 

Are you, perhaps, searching out the 'opportunities' this 'crisis' is generating to advance your own 'position' in 'life' and better 'position' yourself for the 'post covid era'? Buy my DVD (I think I just dated myself).

In this, 'peak stupidity' age, I have seen people get flustered at questions, which should be the basis of knowledge, and fly into a raging cycle of parroting what they heard on their televisions and attacking while never providing any 'evidence' for their claims; round and round defending their precious ego instead of simply letting their minds question. 

Why do you defend against QUESTIONS, or is it about changing your mind? Do you know that you are allowed to be wrong? Do you know that many learning opportunities can occur when one can face being wrong? 

Do you know that truth needs no defending? 

Question everything, even what you 'witness'.

Over the last year, I have witnessed the building of compliance through fear, and animosity towards those which are 'defiant'. Perhaps people simply want to drag others down to their level in hope that 'herd compliance' may be achieved and this nightmare can go away. 

In many of the places which I have visited, I have seen the economies which are dependent of tourism, build, in anticipation of a return to 'normal'. Even some have stated, a few months ago, that this will all be over in a few months. Forever grasping for that ring of hope which requires no 'negativity'.

I have heard many state that they will not be taking the 'vaccine' but are glad, just the same, that it has been released and wear the mask solely to appease others (as they step back during conversation). They don't want to believe the fears but will retain just a wee bit, just in case. Such people are not capable of going the distance and seeing this out the way it should be. The comply out of convenience and convince themselves otherwise.

Some, are the same people which claim awakedness, whilst informing you of all of the 'tales' which they have 'discovered' and stating things such as "...but I wouldn't want to catch it" and "We know this started with a bat in China". Sometimes I wonder which wabbit hole they are stuck spinning their wheels in? Often it is many.

Contrary to what you may believe, KNOWLEDGE, is not a competition. You don't have to have the most subs, be the first with 'information', know more than anyone else, provide your resume of conspiracies upon initiation of a conversation; what are you trying to 'prove' and to whom? 

Intelligence is accumulative and progressive, not a 'goal' to be 'obtained' or reached. Look around, I don't think that there will be trophies awarded at the 'end' of all of this. When I stop learning I am dead - period.

How many deceptions can be hidden within the oceans of 'information' we now swim in? How many wabbit holes, with seemingly no bottom, perhaps placed there for their amusement, must we trod through?

Is it about 'being remembered'? Do you believe that 'history' will show that you 'did your part'? Do you mean the 'history' which is sure to be written by the current 'owners' which would need a recollection of this why? If you have read the 'signs' as I have, you may have noticed a slight leaning towards being forgotten.  

We have failed as a species and put the very survival of ourselves, our children, our grandchildren, all those yet to be born and those of historical significance (apparently history rewrites itself in digital form), in great peril. We have allowed our 'comfort' to nullify our discernment and seem to rely heavily on external prodding based in emotional reactions. 

We have accepted a 'program' which has aided us in 'accepting' our 'position' in 'life'. It is time to shed that program. It is time to chip away at it piece by piece. It is time to see who we have allowed ourselves to be and be better. It is time for an honest look in the mirror.

Some have claimed that I make them 'feel' stupid. I am sorry for your state of mind but if I state information that you don't grasp and you 'feel' stupid, then that is all you. That feeling of stupidity comes from not being able to accept your ignorance and learn from that point forward; that is not me. One simply tried to convince me that I could learn from stupid people while being angry at me for something, the whole time.

When will people realize that the human race is not fighting each other nor for its 'freedom', for it lost that many moons ago, it is fighting for its very SURVIVAL.

You will have to be willing to 'lose it all' to come out of this one, are you ready? If not, there is little time to prepare, let alone bicker about what doesn't really matter and can not be 'proven' one way or the other. NOW is the time to get over yourself and become an intelligent and sane individual.

Stop being owned by your programming, break free and own your LIFE.  

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