Sunday, January 24, 2021

What can I say?

The most difficult part of seeing all of this unfold is knowing that the only thing I can really do is sit back and watch. Nothing I discuss, nor write will 'change' the world. I have figured out that the only thing that I can directly change is myself.

What can I say after an introduction like that? What do I 'bring to the table', which hasn't already been written about in one of my mind droppings or by so many others, much more qualified than I, to 'know' of certain occurrences within this obscured vision called life?  

To see the programming take hold within other cultures as it has in my birth country. To realize that the entirety of my life has been encompassed in secrets, lies and programming; that we were always at 'war'. To witness a majority portion of my species devolve based on ignorance, ego and fear.  

Where will it go? How far will the human being allow themselves to be treated like an animal? To what depths will they drag the rest of us down?

As I threatened in a previous article:

I'm just going to start referring to others in the following when I meet them on the street:

"Hello my fellow filthy animals which carry disease so must be muzzled and wash their paws everywhere they go which is outside of their cage."

Now it will include the additional: "Do you have your shots?"

Will they even get it?

I used to take offense when I was simply being treated like a moron child by the 'rulers', now they treat us as filthy animals with the worst part being that most simply go along with it and expect the same from me.

People are simply getting on with their 'lives' while being locked up, oops, down. They get to use their exercise equipment which has been collecting dust for years, read books which may have found their way to the attic and simply forgotten before the time allotted, through incarceration, to 'explore' or simply watch their favorite television channel 'news' to garner a sentiment of 'being informed'.

There is also the fantastic bonding opportunities which families are experiencing at this moment. All sitting down to eat that freshly delivered pizza or simply awaiting delivery of their groceries which they purchased online which effectively disconnects them from their food; how convenient.

All of these poor saps being locked in together but not really knowing each other as life had kept them apart just enough to create some 'longing'. How many 'families' are prepared to live in confinement together after decades of believing that the nest needs to be emptied? Good thing there is the Internet to keep everyone in their own little world and properly distracted while feeling informed and connected.

There are those which do not seek distraction but rather information. For these there is a tidal wave of 'factoids' to swim through at their leisure. They obediently rely upon the 'experts' on the television to make them feel informed without ever thinking that those with control of not just the narrative of the airwaves but that of the mind itself, controls the very thoughts which you form.

How does one explain that what they believe makes them them, is perhaps an illusion based on lies; external and internal? How do you show someone that their 'opinion' may not really be their own? How do you shatter their ego, just enough, without breaking the incredible person trapped behind it? How do you convince someone which believes that they cannot live without their television or cell phone, that those two devices are instrumental in their demise.

How do you converse with those which are actively being programmed to negate any questioning of the official narrative and view those which would dare think differently as the enemy while trying to project intelligence in whatever way possible?

Back to the beginning of this article: What can I write about? 

There is no magical information which will free enough people to reach a mystical number to turn the tide on what may be a plan which spans hundreds of years. There is no meme which will go viral enough to get people to begin to simply question their current situation. There have been centuries of discussion on this very subject, that of freeing one's self, which have fallen on deaf ears time and time again.

The game is rigged, the deck is stacked and the bases are covered; and not in our favor. Who controls what? Education, science, alimentation, energy, finance, technology and many more are consolidated into few hands these days and perhaps from their inception. So what can we really know other than speculation? Who really knows where this is going and how it will end but those which orchestrated it? 

The only thing that we all have the capacity to change is our selves and that is seeming to be an impossible task. Think back a far as you can remember, can you remember any of your programming; can you recognize it? Can you admit it, can you 'break free' or will you defend it to the death and if the latter, who's?

The only thing which I can do is to just be as honest as I have always been. I can just share my observations and experiences which shape my own growth through all of this. I can just share my digressions. I can just shed my programming, one day at a time and become a better human being.

What will it take for the people to realize that what we are living through is not based in honesty but in manipulation? What more can the 'rulers' take away before the people finally have had enough? When will the people decide that they DO want to LIVE? When will they realize that all they have to do is stop believing (en mass) and it all goes away. 

Think about that for a second, think about how 'powerful' an idea can be and create something new from the ashes of our collective confinement. 

What I can say is to go out and shake hands, dance, sing, hug and break the spell before it is too late. Live life again, love life again, love each other again!


voza0db said...

Will they even get it?

Of course not.

voza0db said...

How far will the human being allow themselves to be treated like an animal?

This is the biggest delusion of our entire existence. The self characterization as "human being". A mythical notion of which I can't find a single living animal to which I can tag it.

We're just uman animals. I removed the 'h' to help visualizing our degeneration progress.

I do fully agree with you when it comes to the things we can successfully CHANGE.

Indeed we can only do that to ourselves. The best thing we can wait to happen is that others see the balance that we represent, that's if the CHANGE moved us into a more balanced state.

asd said...

There is no such thing as "can" and "can't". There is will and will not. What we will to bring into manifestation, and what we will otherwise.

Everyone can change everything. By changing ourselves, we change reality.

If you think you "can't", you won't. If you think you're "sort of" gonna do something, you're only "sort of" gonna do it.

However, when I and we know, that I and we always and already CAN and ARE and WILL, then I and we always and already CAN and ARE and WILL.

Freedom is never given. Freedom is never taken.

I and we are all and always free and freedom, imagination, will and intent... infinity, unlimitedness and veyond... among other things...

Everything is always a choice, and the choice is always ours to make.