Thursday, January 07, 2021

The Lie

I'm tired of hearing about 'the lie'.

Everywhere you go and everything you do contains elements which reminds you of the lie.

The television reminds you. 

And people are glued to these for they want to be informed, they want to be prepared and they want to be ahead of the spread. They need to be told how to react, what to fear and  when to obey the newly formed and forever changing 'rules' for your protection and the protection of others. Huge responsibility, are you up to the challenge children?

The government reminds you. 

With its alerts, regulations, mandates, suggestions, policing, forever dancing about a whirlwind of fantastically advanced rapid science which works so well that it gets 'settled' in record time. Trust us as your sole source of information.

Big tech reminds you.

 Every time that you want to share that funny cat video, you are reminded to beware the covidian beast at all cost, as well as protected against any 'conspiratorial' questions which may want to grab your attention. When they protect the WHO, who are they really protecting? When they outlaw questions, who are they protecting?

Family, friends and neighbors (oh my) remind you. 

Be it in person or through video chatting, there is always mention and self validation of the lie. Don't kill grandma, stay home and for gosh sakes, use a glory hole.

Strangers remind you. 

As they drive by with their windows rolled up wearing their symbol of obedience. Or as they distance themselves to another location as you are walking towards them while pulling upwards on their muzzle. Or as they glare if you have the audacity to be defiant. 

The signs, the lines, the bottles of gel; the insanity of it all. The amount of resources wasted on this endeavor to perpetuate a fear based on, at best, a rumor is astounding. Truth doesn't need a sustained marketing campaign.

Did you ever think that you would miss the days when you could simply fondle produce as you purchased? 

I'm in Mexico at the moment at this quiet beach town which is mainly frequented by Mexicans. Just this afternoon, I went to say "hi" to a countryman which others (Mexicans) had told me about and I wanted to check out his camping facilities. The look of fear on his face as I got within ten feet of him and the suggestion that a conversation would require him reaching for his mask of obedience was enough to cut my greeting short. He mentioned that he was busy repairing his pool and I told him that I just wanted to look around; what an awkward moment.

This is part of the psychological warfare being sieged upon humanity at the moment; the part which turns man against man, brother against brother, son against father, the part where anyone can be a potential CARRIER; the ultimate xenophobic program. How far would you go to protect yourself from this magical 'virus'? Who would you shun?

There are only two possible camps at the end of this current game of division: the believers and the heretics. And within this new religion, witch hunts are allowed. Scorn, shame and punish the disbelievers; sound familiar? Don't forget to hate me because I fled south of the border while most of you are locked up (down) and sit behind curfews. Do you not tire of being treated, and reacting as children?

While the dramas are being played out and the emotional reactions are fueled, the low sunspot activity and Grand Solar Minimum still haunt my thoughts. The global food shortages which are seemingly being engineered along with the climactic conditions which are predicted (if not engineered) to manifest, spell a dire time awaiting humanity in the ,foreseeable future; every front seems covered for our demise. Perhaps our jaunt into covidia is partly a distraction.

The planned obsolescence of the human race was being engineered right under our noses and we just played along. A nice sounding law here and there to 'protect' something and we all felt warm and fuzzy inside; now punish those pesky law breakers. Remember when cops didn't look like storm troopers?

What gets me is how simple it was to achieve this moment in time. How easy it was to convince the people that they must fear as they have never feared before. How accepting the people were to cover those smiles which they have spent years caring for and whitening. That the essences of culture were removed from society without so much as a whimper. The cry of wolf is taken at face value without question.

The other incredulous aspect is the sheer wickedness behind it all; the levels of evil required to execute such a plan. How dark those hearts must be to view people as they do. It is as if they are somehow 'removed' from us.

Whatever is coming won't be a surprise for everyone. Nor will it be a magical virus which mutates into a crocodile head and bites your face off (took the family to a crocodile sanctuary, predictive programming?). The zombies are not coming in the form which you expect. 

Only you can choose not to accept the lie, nor the fear projected alongside of it. Only you can ask the questions and demand solid evidence. Only you can not believe everything you see on TV and release the shackles of predictive programming. Only you can honestly evaluate your role in the perpetuation of the above points and demand better. Only you can become an intelligent and sane individual; the "I".

Intelligence is not a goal to be reached but rather a journey of growing and accumulation of knowledge and experience. The intelligence required now is the acceptance of our ignorance to shed the defense mechanisms which retard our capacity to accept new information. 

"I don't know" is an acceptable response and a starting point to knowledge when accompanied by listening, which includes observation. Take in as many sources as possible and then begin to discern the information to chip away at the lie. You will see that unanswered questions always remain. 

This is how you free yourself of the lie: you accept that you may have been duped and move forward accordingly. You begin by saying things like "I have some questions", and when you figure out that questions are essentially outlawed, then you form more questions and eventually break free of the lie.

Then you say things such as:

"I will not live like this!"

"I will not be divided from my fellow man (woman)!"

"I will not lose my humanity!"

"I will not comply!"

When the majority of humanity figures out that the "I" holds all of the power when they are an intelligent and sane individual which strives to become better, then there will be some real change for the better.

Until then, hold on, for it's going to be a bumpy ride. 

Just try to hold on to your humanity through the coming years. Use time to release yourself rather than fortifying the program. 

Love thy neighbor, not thy neighbors wife.

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