Tuesday, May 05, 2020

It's Because We're Stupid

Sometimes it seems that I just happened upon the planet in the universe with the lowest possible intellect; I must not forget to include my own stupidity for my very inclusion in the 'we' of the aggregate population.

Do you know what it is that I wanted to do my entire life? I wanted to know more, have the freedom to learn and discover and to grow mentally and spiritually. I wanted to explore what humanity is capable of, to discuss the possible outcomes of differing societies and the amalgamation of the human spirit into whatever we are capable of yet hold ourselves back from. I wanted to evolve and have discussions which go way beyond where we have ended up currently through the protection of the egos which have been developed over multiple generations.

I wanted to believe that we were free and desired to be so much more. Instead, what I have witnessed during the course of my life has chipped away at my soul and made me ashamed to be a human; not because of what we do to the planet or each other, because of how we treat our very SELF.

I have written many times about this subject; about getting to the real you through the lies which encase it in the programmed ego. I have spent a great deal of my life seemingly just repeating myself; from the most basic of things to the 'deep' or way beyond the box. There have been a lot of circular discussions which seem to go nowhere but round and round chasing tales. And the 'tales' are 'accepted' and based on 'consensus' so the group mind must bring back those which dare to stray. Picture an image of trying to escape a soul pit and the souls are trying to drag you back down; that's how it feels and even more so now.

Some of the greatest tales which we chase are those of our self (programmed). We sure do like to think highly of ourselves, whilst beating ourselves up, and believe, with great earnest, what we believe; and that what we believe is real and that there is no way to change what we believe unless we are told to believe something else. It really is a convoluted mess in which we believe that we come out intelligent in the end.

I have written about how our arrogance holds us back from truly learning, about how emotionally reactive we have become and therefore controllable and about how the divisions, instilled within us, are ever growing and how we now, simply divide ourselves. There are a great many 'triggers' which seem to exist to illicit certain reactions from the aggregate; I am not exempt from 'snapping' and digressing into a belligerent rage nor feeling emotionally 'touched' by obvious propaganda.

Most of the articles that I have written over the years are not solely for those in the aggregate which are 'asleep' but also to those which claim to be 'awakened'. Most of the readers, over the years, have not been those which are still going through the motions of life without ever questioning, they have been those of an 'alternative' mindset and I have this in mind when the writing begins. It never ceases to amaze me, the amount of people which respond with "Preaching to the choir", when inside I am thinking it would help them greatly.

I figured out that people don't want information which will make them reflect and honestly see themselves so that they may admit their culpability, they want 'New and Improved' information which will let them remain intact whilst directing blame externally to whatever 'foe' makes the most sense. It allows us to create and maintain a great many delusions on how we view ourselves and others. So we repeat the information, try to monetize it and vilify others which do not agree. This sounds vaguely familiar.

So what have we really 'awakened' other than simply another view of the same old problem from another source we call 'alternative'? What is the 'information' used for really, other than to 'debunk' this and shine light on that in order to 'awaken' the masses? Is any of it making us better people or simply pointing out how 'bad' the others are while satisfying our short attention spans?

The biggest con job in history has been to make us believe that any of this is REAL, and I'm not just talking about the current situation. I'm talking about everything which has led up to this point beginning with perhaps the very foundations of what we deem a 'society' and our 'self'.

I will leave this with some reading of some of my past article which articulate some of the things mentioned in more detail.

NWO Manifesto - Condensed Version: An account of how and why the human race is so easily controlled. There is a lot of information towards how the control of the aggregate is achieved in this article. Written in the first person as if I were heading a meeting in a banquet room and discussing the 'Plan' because that is how I heard it in my head. Incidentally, I have a recording in which I tried to best replicate how I had 'heard' this article.

Life Credits: How we have allowed the 'economics' of life to define not only the definition, but the inevitable trajectory of human life.

The Arrogance of Ignorance: Discusses how our arrogance keeps us from learning and simply leaves us defending without growth.

Think They Think: The problem with thinking that you think is that it takes the 'effort' out of it and makes us lazy. More on the issue of learning and thought.

The Perfectly Programmed Ego: More of the ego which I consider to be conditioned over multiple generations and its tenancies which block its growth.

House Slaves of the 21st Century: Visits the delusion that we are free and compares what we actually live to slavery.

The Awakening - The Greatest Psyop in History: The 'Awakening' has been an interesting one as I have seen it stay very still for the best of 2 decades. Round and round chasing tales.

Continuity of Government? - What Happened to Continuity of Humanity?: My last article dealing with our current situation and how the humanity aspect is being forgotten.

Perhaps you believe me to be arrogant for thinking that my writings could bring some 'value' to what is currently happening, perhaps you are correct. I can only go with what I know and have borne witness throughout my life; my experiences and suppositions solely come from my mind but there can never be doubt that every thought can have value. How many thoughts (creativity) are suppressed through the 'society' which we have aided in creating? Sure they can be 'educated' for a price, but do we really know what we are really capable of if set FREE? Or is that too deeply buried among the division and fear?

So back to the title of this article. We have the morality built into us to see what is really right or wrong. This lends me to believe that either WE are immoral or just plain stupid and I'll go with the latter. For if we have lost all sense of morality in the aggregate population, all is truly lost.

It's not about the 'information' in the end, it's about who WE BECOME.


ralphe said...

I have to remind myself of my own brainwashing, thanks for the read. ralphe.co.nz

Andrew Johnson said...

A very good commentary... "If people think you make them think, they'll love you - if you *really* make them think, they'll hate you..." (Don Marquis).

I was involved heavily in 9/11 research for several years and eventually made some progress thanks to Dr Judy Wood. (See http://www.drjudywood.com/) If found that almost no one in the 9/11 "Truth" Movement wanted to know the truth about what happened to the WTC. Indeed, they acted to try and suppress this truth... I wrote 2 books about all that carry on!
http://tinyurl.com/911ftb and http://tinyurl.com/911htb

Hence, I identify with much of what you say and hope I have now become too entrenched in my own knowledge of all that!!! (I might have though!!)