Monday, October 02, 2006

Education? Does it make money?

If you look at todays society, you will see that we are not really into the "digital "age as-so-much as we are in the "consumer" age. With this the current system needs to make sure that it is sustainable. One way is to control the amount of individual though that is acually produced at an early age narrowing their view on life in general. Our education system is quickly being moulded by the commerce society that we live in. People, rather, are not being educated, they are trained to be productive and to live up to society's measure of success. We have forgoten to teach how to learn as opposed to how to make money. Therefore the measures that are in place are based around current socialogical thinking. Intelligence in itself is an ability to absorb everything around you, to learn and adapt.

"Every single problem you can think of, poverty, peace, the environment, is solved with education or including education," - Professor Negroponte

Educational systems, governments and corporations are the ones that are shaping the youth of the world. Easiest way to stop dissent, is to train them young. They use everything from deceit to fear and isolation. With this stiffling of individual thought, original thinking and community (true community, not everyone being nice to each other and trying to impress and outdo each other), this has led to our species not evolving. This cannot be what we will evolve into. The suppression of this is due to the constant quest for cash. Money makes the world go round, no, the world still goes round before and long after the money is gone.

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