Thursday, September 28, 2006

North American Union - no, really

CNN - North American Union - the shock, the horror. Come on, nobody saw this coming?

This was inevitable. North America is getting nervous about the E.U. and about South America.
You see, the E.U. has recently enlarged. It has added 2 new countries (with conditions). Love that. And South America is really leaning left. Oh no, not socialist, aaaahhhhhhh

I have always said, when travelling and confused for an American; "Actually I'm north, I'm America light.". Usually gets a laugh and everythings good. Soon I will be able to go further south and partake of the fine weather.

Getting rid of the borders, allows the Rich to profit by purchasing at will, whatever they want. Think about it.
And if you don't think that life is just someone else's game, you're at the wrong place.

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