Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Save The Planet? - Not Economically Viable

It's funny how a huge chunk of the world's population finally does realize that the planet is in trouble, but there is not a lot of action being taken. There are theories and possible solutions being worked on but some are not viable due to the time or economic constraints.

No-one seems able to admit that the root cause of almost all our woes is too much emphasis on economics. Economics helps to dampen technology and scientific discovery, causing evolution and advancement to slow. OK, let's say that the electric car was quashed to make sure the oil baron's would still control everything; this could be considered cause and effect.
Maybe we should all sue the oil and car companies.

Drop the economics and the world would be a much better place. If it is not economically viable, things will not happen; until it is way too late and then a plan to save the elite may have to be put into effect (hmmm, wonder why space is so suddenly important).

The feeding of the world's population - not economically viable

The world produces over 4 pounds of food per human a day. Where is it not viable? Ah yes a basic human need and right, must have a price, constant income that way and a lifetime dependence can be formed.

Finding alternative energy sources - not economically viable
As mentioned above with the electric car. Big oil does not want to shoot themselves in the foot. They want it gradual, so they can control it and own it.

Fighting pollution - not economically viable
Imagine the economical impact of lowering the emissions for everything that burns a fossil fuel in 5 - 10 years or quicker.

Keep the populous spending, feeding the economy and certain pockets. This is where all the consumerism that is destroying our planet comes from. Does it go unnoticed that everywhere you go and everything you do, someone wants to get money from you, someone wants to sell you something (needed or not)? It is beyond it's intended purpose. Fight back.


This dog eat dog free market economy is driving competition, which can be healthy, but not in this case. The measure of success is "die with the most", let me explain. How does society view success? By their standing in society, their formal education level, their employ, or by the money and possessions that individual accumulated over the period of a lifetime (he with the most toys wins). Now I know a lot of people will be offended by that statement, but look at the facts (some people notice them).

All through your life you are programmed to make money, to become a productive member of society, to help someone else make money, your boss, your corporation. A large portion of all of the worlds finances are controlled by a small percentage. This constant search for money is creating a competitive environment all around us. People don't talk any more, except about money, what they have bought, their job, their education, etc. The top 1 percent of the population (the ones that own the world) sit at the top and collect, thats all they do. It is in fact almost like a pyramid scheme, where there is a trickle down effect. Everything at the bottom feeds the top. As long as the people (corporations) at the top, seem to appease enough people on this triangle on the way to the bottom, everything is accepted. As long as a certain percentage of the population believes that their life is solely about them, (they have enough money to do what they want or at least be comfortable) the world seems to blindly accept everything that the powers that be throw at them.

There are a few exceptions though, right now there is a huge row about the RIAA and their digital music schemes. This would be one of the things that has people thinking (even if it is only briefly) that the powers that be should not control every aspect of our lives. There are the software giants that impose rules and regulations on what we can do with a piece of software that we think that we purchase and own. People are just not ready to see anything beyond their immediate needs, they are oblivious to the corporations that rule our every step in life. Funny how companies pay shit, give shit hours and expect you not have a second job, but to instead schedule your life around their needs. People accept this as the norm, someone is giving me a job, I should bend over backwards to appease them, so what if they treat me like shit, so what if they have no loyalty towards me, I have to give them mine. Bullshit. People need to wake up and smell the coffee.

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