Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Beautiful & Stupid - The New Age

I have said now for a while that the society as a whole is getting better looking (thank you chemicals), I have also said that they are getting dumber. Its amazing how the general public does not even see it; like the sheep they are, they accept that the measure of one's intelligence and success, are directly related to one's ability to make money. They also believe that they live in a democratic society and that their current consumer based system is it, so much so that they insist on sharing it with the world (or ramming it down their throats).

Is there any hope for us? Will it take a lot of unnecessary time to realize that “He with the most toys” does not win; in the end your still just dead. “But I took a fortune 500 company to...” What do you think the historians will remember? This fact or that as a society, we allowed the deaths of so many, simply because they could not “afford” to live based on current monetary values measurements.

I can only speak for myself here, but I get bored, I need a challenge, I need something that I can be proud of.

It's not to say that there is no positive affects from this. There have been jobs created from all this great consumer age. Unfortunately a consumer driven society is bound to fail. Think about how the technology these days is being mainly developed in order to provide the latest toy or trinket for the masses to purchase. This then drives the economy and every one involved gets paid. If one thinks about it though, the more that technology will drive the economy in this fashion, the less that the human factor will be required. The short-sightedness of our society never ceases to amaze me, once the technology catches up (eg. Robotics) and allows us to save money by taking the humans out of the equation, we will then fall into an economical abyss. If the technology reaches this then the people (or consumers) are not getting paid, they in turn are not spending, this in turn does not encourage our consumer based economy, hmmm, not a very smart way to do things. We are also at a point that the economics of things are now hampering the development and the technologies from being brought forward or improved upon, case and point for this would be P2P software, the ability to transfer information quickly, this is being challenged because of individuals and groups that are too involved in egoism and self preservation to see any of the potential benefits to developments. Whatever one does, we cannot challenge the almighty dollar, or invent something that would undermine it's power.

I think that in the chase for the buck we have forgotten that information should be free, education is what will evolve our society and essentually help us to overcome anything that threatens us.

It never ceases to amaze me the stupidity that runs rampant through humanity. I read the news and see that it is endless. I love to read comments in the papers, usually referring to someone that is a little too sensitive, like “In this day and age”; what day and age do these people think that we are living in? The enlightened age? The digital age? No, the consumer age, the monetary age, or the whiny f**ks age would be more like it. Let me spell it out, we live in an age where the bottom dollar rules the roost, where people protest because a person that has been kept alive for 15 years by machines is taken off of life support. They call the decision makers in this murderers, yet they have no anguish about letting thousands of people die everyday just for the simple fact that they cannot “afford” to live. People suck, plain and simple. And they have their heads up their ass.

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