Sunday, May 02, 2021

The Decade of Death

 In case you haven't figured it out yet, this is the end of the world. The 'owners' are claiming their title and clearing the stables. You've heard the word, I have used it myself, the CULL has begun. Which would indicate, as does the last year, that we are merely dirty beasts full of disease to be got rid of. 

Prepare yourself for the 'Decade of Death'.

Now I was thinking about that as I see many still trying to avoid 'offending' people with their knowledge or questions of the ongoing end game of the 'owners' of the world while still playing the game of political correctness on one level or another. They still, and I am also guilty, are not honest enough in their delivery nor their questioning of their very 'selves'. No one wants to be labeled as a 'fear monger', so we use words like cull, depopulation, genocide or democide when it is really the systemic MURDER of the human race. 

So as the many continue to pontificate and stay 'safe', the 'Agenda' rolls on unabated (Sustaining an original intensity or maintaining full force with no decrease). Mainly because we can't be honest enough to realize that we have been at 'WAR' for all of our lives and to ponder: "What does that make me?".

The death of the human race isn't going to be the cause of some mystery disease (perhaps nano tech), nor the outcome of some grand war (perhaps a vaccine war in the future), but rather that of narrative; the stories which we believe, rule us all; especially those we create ourselves. How many still believe that a return to 'normal' is just over the horizon? Or that they can simply live off grid and 'ride' whatever is coming and survive?

What a tale the last year has produced. That of a magic 'virus' which has the 'symptoms' of so many things and seems to lurk in every human activity save big box stores. One which can only be thwarted by an equally magical, experimental 'vaccine' (gene therapy) which needs to be distributed to the entirety of the global population after a miraculous 7 months of 'development'.

People fail to grasp that the authors of our current tale are a multi-generational bunch. That this 'plan' could very well have been drafted hundreds of years ago escapes the possibility of most minds, let alone the logistical advantage which could be gained over the centuries through passive mind control methods and preparation of the 'battlefield'. 

I have told people numerous times over the the last year that covid ends when we are all dead. They just laugh it off and respond with a "Yeah, could go that way if we are not careful." as they reach for their mask. They actually believe that I was referring to a disease (has it been proven?), rather than the actions of their own governments which are encouraged by the very acceptance of their 'place' in life.

I tell them that I believe the end of the human race will occur in the next decade (how much left?) and that what will remain will most likely not be considered as human if things keep going down this path. This tends to illicit confusion and perhaps a 'climate' response.

I try to explain that this is the most perilous time in all of human history, to which they respond in agreement but it never really enters through their gates of cognitive dissonance to illicit a proper response to the peril. At this point, people are simply lying to themselves rather than looking honestly in the mirror to see where they have allowed the human race to dwell and what is really coming for their children and grandchildren.

People actively hold themselves back from learning anything outside the 'acceptable norm'. There has been no lack of 'retardation' on this planet over the last hundred years. One could think of many things which were held back in order to satisfy the demands of the almighty dollar and wonder how any of it is advancement. The examples of the firehouse light bulb or mandatory education comes to mind. The one leaves us in the dark more often and the other blocks out the creative light and renders us dim.

What sort of species are we that we would accept existence based on retardation as an acceptable form of 'living'? I would apologize to those which find it difficult to stomach such a word but it is time for the human race to suck it up about 'words' because that is part of the spell which has most so dazed, confused and unable to think.

With 'history', which is full of memory holes, the pervasiveness of secrecy throughout all levels of 'society', the weight of monetary existence which keep us busy enough not to notice, question or desire to know and the endless 'distractions' to life, we live in a state of constant 'tension' which retards our capabilities, compassion and desires, to name a few. 

When do we have the time or the mental capacity to reflect honestly and crave the betterment of self? When do we have time to explore what is 'real', let alone 'evolve'? When will we realize, that once you stop believing, all of this can simply go away? You can't stop believing in simply one thing though, you have to dig deep and see that nothing is believable anymore, even what we claim as our 'selves' and certainly not 'consensus science'.

It is time to realize that there are some truly 'evil' people in this world and most of them can be found within the rungs of the ruling; the governments of the world have never been your friend. It is time to put aside the childish naivete which limits our capacity to identify when our existence is in danger. It is time to find ourselves and step into the strength which humanity is endowed with. 

I don't know if it is too late to turn things around at this point but one has to keep trying or go mad with despair. You know when your own mother nods and smiles and repeats "yes, right, I get it" and then goes out and gets the 'vaccine' anyways? Well that is where we are at.

I do realize that this is pure speculation on my part and that it could be considered 'negative' if you need a dualistic label, but I have not had any 'conversations' which have inspired 'hope' in the last decade or more. I have not witnessed an 'evolution' into a 'better human' over the years but rather the opposite. I have not seen anything which will allow us to put to a halt, what the 'owners' have in store.

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Anonymous said...

What a TRUTH BOMB of a read. I am glad to know that I am not alone in my thinking. There is an obvious split is happening. To be honest, I am annoyed as hell that I even have to tell others or explain how wrong all of this "covid" stuff is, because it so obvious, blatant, and intentional to me. It really does seem like their brain just shut off and is only receiving specific info to keep their perception going in such a narrow way as if they have no ability to critically think beyond what they are being spoon fed.

Seeing so called "spiritual" people choosing to play along with this rigged game is probably the thing I struggle with the most. Sovereignty is spirituality. At work we have been bombarded with emails about "encouraging everyone to get the vaccination" and now we are getting emails weekly about coworkers "unexpectedly" dying; just out of the blue. It is so concerning to me. Of course, the reason why or how they passed away is kept hush hush.

Seeing grown men getting the shot is sickening; hearing pregnant women express their relief that the "CDC approved the vaxx for pregnant women" is just maddening. Parents feeling great about sacrificing their children "all for the greater good" is so hard to witness. I am glad I never had children. Listening to my Dad tell me how much he wants to travel; knowing that he will get the jab makes me weep. UGH! And here I am willing to give it all up---NOTHING is worth playing along and I am the one that is "crazy"? I refuse to "put it on" to get in the door and then once I am seated I can take it off. Huh? Whaaaaat? So many people acting like they can tell me what to do. I love when I say: "Fuck that" and walk away. NOTHING is worth acquiescing for. Not for travel. Not for material things. No certain type of food stuff is worth obeying for. Not for any event. Not for any relationship. NOTHING. This is deeeeeeeeeeply spiritual. Did you know that some online dating platforms have an option now to let others know if you have been vaccinated?

I have a tough time looking forward to anything and find myself bored and angry. Not a good combination, I know. I don't even care to socialize or connect with others that are obeying/complying/ and believing this is "real." Plus, I must admit, I am a bit worried to even be in their energy field if they have been vaxxed. It's like some badge of honor to tell people you "got the vaxx" and then the gall so many have when they proceed to ask you if you did, too. My answer is always a shocking, in your face truth bomb. It is all just BONKERS.

If you have landed on any new info or even knowledge that might help to expand my consciousness a bit more, please send it my way. I need a bit of help in raising my vibration.