Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I Have A Plan

Here's an idea if humanity wants to really create CHANGE; and this is just the tip of the proverbial 'Iceberg'. Since humans are not that keen on 'risk' this may be a nice step in the right direction to something new and exciting.

Open source drawings for all plastic parts of everything and anything.

Any item which is purchased and would have lasted a lot longer if only one still had access to those N/A (no longer available) or prohibitively expensive parts (I wonder who controls that).

I'm sure you know what I am talking about. The parts for cars, power tools, yard equipment, appliances, computers, toys, camping gear, gardening equipment; anything created with plastic.

Then, you 3D Print everything which is needed, when it is needed.

This would:

Create entrepreneurial opportunities which would help to bring things back to 'local' communities rather than multinational corporation control over the spending habits of the consumers; and we are all consumers. This would bring back a sense of 'pride' in the products which are produced and real innovation could truly be spurred through 'forward engineering' by improving on the design and longevity of already existing items and perhaps the 'birth' of exciting new developments (THINK BIG).

Reduce oil consumption which would lower pollution levels, alleviate fears of 'global warming' and bring it back to 'affordable' levels (for the time being) as 'society' can be 'weened' and the oil conglomerates can focus on the future, instead of dragging out a long dead past. Affordable is necessary for the sociological 'habits' to be veered down alternate paths which in turn create different 'stories'.

Stop Wars. I do not imagine a stoppage of all wars instantaneously but I believe there would be a drastic reduction in war and that over time, humanity could stop 'escalating' itself into larger and larger 'conflicts'.

Require fewer raw resources which would eventually change the mentality of 'scarcity' and also eliminate corporate control of production, distribution, manufacturing and the 'forced' upgrade path which humanity has been following for decades. Just say it ain't going to be 'Grreat' for the corporations.

This would be less harsh on the environment (less in, less out) and, of course, HEMP would be included in the equation. So the sky's the limit for one to discover through the great many interwebs to follow about this darling of nature.

If Jesus (insert savior here) came back as a plant - what plant would that be?

For those which believe they are 'trapped'; never be too tired to learn something. And watching T.V. is not learning 'something'; no matter how many times you tell yourself. Read, on the webs, in books; everywhere. Just LEARN. Learn to dance, sculpt, weld, knit, bake, saw, connect, repair...ANYTHING For the more we know, the better we are.

I don't know or want to think of the 'tangents' which could be fear mongered to have an effect on this plan. For this is a 'positive' post, of a 'plan' I had while having a conversation with mary. I believe it would be little risk and at least start to create a 'shift' in the current 'zeitgeist' hence it is here.

Unless we are so vain (punny isn't it), that the projection of whatever is projected (meaning whatever we buy, for whatever 'reason' for ME) is more important than actually creating a new paradigm and perhaps a real start in the NOW for a FUTURE for those generations to come. Or perhaps it is just too UTOPIAN an idea to want to believe in my species.

This will take the work of much smarter people than I to accomplish so spread the word  if you think it has merit. Perhaps it is just an old school man's frustration at not being able to FIX everything which is so simple and which I spent my 'life credits' to purchase simply for the reasons stated above.

And don't forget, this is just a small list of what is possible, add some yourself - keep it open.

My copyright on this is freely given; but be nice about it. And NO copyright of any kind is to be applied to this idea (as if I could 'claim' it myself - what a concept HA). Ideas need to be FREE.