Monday, February 16, 2009

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Where do my thoughts come from?
Are they mine or another's?
Are they sole or collective?
I know not from whence they come but I question them everyday

Where do my fears come from?
Are they genuine or perceived?
Are they life or apathy?
Should I be frightened that they may not be real?

Where do my beliefs come from?
Are they natural or forced?
Are they taught or experienced?
Without beliefs I may lose my way

Where do my morals come from?
Are they punished and rewarded?
Are they humanistic or contrived?
If I open open up, what will happen?

Where do my feelings come from?
Are they from the head or the heart?
Are they pain or joy?
What am I feeling as I write this?

Is this what defines me?
Do I take that chance?
Am I a sum total?
Or am I yet to be defined?

I am not a duality
I will not be classified
I am who I am
And strive to be better with each passing moment

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